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    Re: Bond no 9 cracking down on internet sales??

    Replies in this thread show a good reason not to support a company which has such practices no matter how good their products are...and in the case of Bond No.9, you won't be missing out much anyway.
  2. Re: Xerjoff Nio - Perhaps the best citrus scent on the planet -

    I am struck by every review of Nio calling it a citrus smells like a soapy neroli heavy fragrance for the same line as creed OV, mugler cologne or TF neroli. And I think thats...
  3. Re: Hidden Gems in plain sight? Store brands worth seeking out

    L'Occitine (though they keep discontinuing their best ones) and Marks and Spencers who have some very cheap alternatives to some best sellers. Neo Intense for example I find to be an excellent...
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    Re: Vetiver Pour Elle

    mr. reasonable is on target here. Vetiver Pour Elle is a somewhat light vetiver accompanied with fresh green notes and a touch of florals. It's refreshing without being very citrusy or whatever else...
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    Re: A great quality of the ingredients!?

    Other than the points already mentioned, I asses the quality by how well blended a fragrance is. For example I found almost all amouage perfumes to be blended very well that the notes work in...
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    Re: Next niche house to explore?

    You can certainly skip bond no 9 if you have tried creed already. As some have said Tom Ford is a good next next step considering it's accessibility. Also Chanel/Dior private lines are pretty decent...
  7. Re: What would you get first, Jubilation XXV or Dia Man?

    Id get dia first because its much more versatile and can be worn. Jubilation smells better though. Both are excellent nonetheless....dont even understand how people think either sucks.
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    Re: Mancera Cedrat Boise: kinda like Aventus?

    They are not that similar but they share a very close skelaton and vibes. Both are fresh fruits on a woody base. Aventus has a stronger contrast between the tart pineapple and smoky woody. Cedrat...
  9. Re: Gimme 3: Your most versatile scents that aren't boring [details inside]

    Designer: Grey Vetiver.
    Niche: Amouage Dia or Aventus.
    Underrated: Meharees (lighter, better version of musc ravageur)
  10. Re: R'Oud Elements vs Royal Oud vs Silver Scent Intense

    I don't think he is lying but my humble nose does not smell any significant amount of pure or synthetic oud oil. I think It would've been a decent fragrance if he named it after the actual main...
  11. Re: R'Oud Elements vs Royal Oud vs Silver Scent Intense

    It's interesting that you managed to list three fragrances that, to me, do not have an oud accord, synthetic or natural. And no I am not acting like an oud snob; I like fragrances that have synethic...
  12. Re: Best yearound upscale unique fragrance for college

    Amouage Dia man: nutty vetiver with a touch of fruit (plum).
    Puredistance M: can work year round, certainly unique and upscale.

    I don't think Tuscan Leather is year round so it's hard to think of...
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    Re: Roja Dove Edp vs Extrait.

    I like danger pour homme but it feels lacking at the dry down, all it smells like is tonka with ambergris. Wonder if the extrait has any more personality?
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    Re: Favourite Kilian - 2014

    Back to black is the only fragrance I have liked from said house, but maybe that has discouraged me from trying their newer releases.
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I have a decant of it. Very fruity pineapple. Sometimes it lasts 8 hours on me, sometimes 2 depending on my body chemistry that I'd say it averages 5 which is on the low side. All in all...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    really? I thought U01 & U02 were.
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    Re: Creed 250 ml flacon

    Depends on how many times you do it and for how long. It's minimal if you do it to refill and atomizer a few times throughout its' life. But if you are going to do it a few dozen times or even over a...
  18. Re: Higher concentrations or straight-up flankers?

    I find it to be a bit complicated. A higher concentration of a fragrance in itself could cause the scent to not only smell stronger, but different. Perhaps has to do with perfume to alcohol ration?...
  19. Re: Confirm the rumors - Frapin changing their design?

    Any pics of the new packaging? I disliked their old bottles...they were weird to hold and easy to leave finger prints on. Some people even complained about leaking. I hope they wont be accompanied by...
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    Re: New Amouage Opus VIII

    This sounds fantastic
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    Re: Is the Intense/Extreme version always superior?

    Of the ones you listed, yes. In general, definitely no, however in the vast majority of perfumes that I can think of the Intense/Extreme is better save for an exception or two.

    For the other part...
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    Re: Thierre Mugler Parfumes

    1. Pure Malt
    2. Angel (women's)
    3. Some of the ligher Alien flankers that are not as cloying but still creamy jasmine (essence or liquor I believe)
    4. Mugler cologne

    I do not remember what...
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    Re: Teenager wearing Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    Well, as a teenager, if you are willing to spend that amoung of money on a perfume, I would recommend that you either spend it on something a bit more wearable, or something a bit more complex for...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    Oh my apologies for my misuse of English vocabulary and expressions..

    I am not throwing false claims around, I was speaking of your tune and how you addressed many replies in this thread. And I...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    Nobody is putting words in your mouth, your attitude is that of not accepting negative feedback and discouraging such posters from posting on your thread. I love your condescending "basenotes masses"...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    I didn't say I would wear them if I didn't like them or something, nor did the posters who criticized the last releases before me. Also, telling a director or perfumers to reconsider his latest...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    Well if you haven't noticed, several people here are pointing the quality drop since memoir, and this is a fragrance forum where educated consumers gather to exchange opinions. If we are going have...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    This is exciting news, despite me finding every amouage release after memoir being disappointing...I havent given any of them a proper wearing but their prior releases woild catch my attention...
  29. Re: Recommendations for a good quality typical ARABIC/EASTERN type of men's scent

    Oh I totally forgot to mention...arabs loooove the tom ford line. Black Afgano was highly sought at one point as well.
  30. Re: My GF dislikes all of my stronger fragrances, should I get rid of them ?

    As some people said, is the woman really someone you want to keep to ditch your hobby all together for her? Most girls come and go, ridding yourself of your passion for one is ridding yourself of a...
  31. Re: "Basenotes members aren't qualified to give their opinion on fragrances."

    I've had a similar experience with a Creed SA, where he kept telling me about how creed only uses 100% natural ingredients, real Mysore Sandalwood and how deep the whale dives for ambergris and gave...
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    Re: Xerjoff Nio Vs Creed Virgin Island Water

    Nio is a soapy get mugler cologne.
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    Re: Where to buy Cedrat Boise?

    Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics is legit, but their problem is often the owner goes on holidays and he does not announce it, which means delays. MiN New York however are willing to order fragrances...
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    Re: How to best wear a .7ml sample

    Aside from control, don't you think some scents smell different if dabbed or sprayed? One difference at least is that a sprayer applies perfume on a larger area in lower density which in my opinion...
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    Re: How to best wear a .7ml sample

    0,7 ml samples are useless for me for a "wearing". I just dab a bit on my wrist and test's enough for 5+ tests. But its very hard to wear that little of an amount, especially without a...
  36. Re: Creed Aventus or Tobacco Vanille - Can only buy 1 this spring

    which batch?
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Ahh, thanks. Maybe I should sell my bottle and replace it with that afterall. Does the pineapple last?
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    Re: All Roja Parfums prices going up

    Roja Dove mainly sells the idea of luxury rather than perfume. His perfumes were too accessible at those prices! They are not made for us commomers. I have been curious about a few creations, but at...
  39. Sticky: Re: Recently Discontinued/ Due To Be Discontinued Fragrances......???

    I have read in several places that amouage has discontinued their entire attar line. You can not order them from Amouage website anymore as it appear. I am not sure if they are being completely...
  40. Re: Recommendations for a good quality typical ARABIC/EASTERN type of men's scent

    I would have to begin the post by making the somewhat redundant statement that perfumes in the middle east are generally considered unisex; masculine versus feminine scents is largely a western idea....
  41. Re: Can I get a recommendation on fresh lemon fragrance?

    This is a question that has been asked many times yet there aren't really many solid answers for it as citrus does not last.

    Allure Sport/Blanche and all those sporty variations; are known for...
  42. Re: Creed Aventus or Tobacco Vanille - Can only buy 1 this spring

    Aventus, which is reasonable all year round.

    Tobacco Vanilla is a dense perfume of a simple linear composition. Even if you love it at first it's the kind of perfume that you can grow sick of very...
  43. Poll: Re: Similar to BtB - TF Tobacco Vanille or SL Chergui?

    Chergui is much better. As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, Volutes by Diptique falls in that category; it smells a lot like Tom Ford without the dense sweetness.

    Xerjoff Mamluk is a...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I have a sample of aventus (C42B13W01) and it opens up with a lot of pineapple, with a moderate amount of smokiness emerging later. Has very good longevity as well. So I decided to purchase a bottle...
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    Re: samples from

    I strongly second that notion. Some perfumes do not fully survive the process, no matter how professionally and efficiently it is done, so they wont smell as rich as they do from the bottle. However,...
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    Re: Tom Ford noir de noir vs GIT vs Tonka imperiale

    3 totally different fragrances...

    GIT...a violet heavy aquatic. Safe as everyone said...and somewhat decent. I wouldnt pay retail for it since you can get it for much cheaper.
    Noir de...
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    Re: Jubilation XXV smells different

    For me, countless perfumes smell different when transferred to an atomizer. Is it the contact with air for a few seconds after you spray them in the atomizer and before you seal it? or reaction to...
  48. Re: The Different Company - L‘Esprit Cologne Four New Fragrances?

    Wow...I should start my own line.

    But I am waiting for reviews on them, I am like TDC lately...just toooooo fleeting, so I can only imagine how light their "colognes" will be, since that seems...
  49. Thread: Best Musc scent?

    by Ekove

    Re: Best Musc scent?

    Absolue Pour le Soir
    Hammam Bouquet

    ***I would not consider MR to be one of the best musks because it doesn't feel musky to me.
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    Re: • M7 Oud Absolu •

    How come I wasn't told? I hope they don't make it too different, just stronger and more complex than the new formulation.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    All those serge lutens are making my fingers itchy to add to my collection. He should at least make them available in 50ml to order from Paris.
  52. Re: I need to pick your brains - closest fragrance to Clive Christian X for men?

    Maybe Costume National Homme? Not much though...not many alternatives really. I'd say get the real thing if you really like it, I personally found alternatives to be a bad investment since they never...
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    Re: Chanel Bleu is my replacement for Amouage Dia

    well, I guess I am just surprised that a couple of people actually prefer bleu over it.
  54. Re: Can I go wrong blind buying....Chergui, Tom Ford

    I'd say Chergui is safe. TV is not, twice the price and half the appeal of chergui. Still fanastic but Chergui is waaaay up there.
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    Re: Chanel Bleu is my replacement for Amouage Dia

    Wow so much hate for Dia. I don't see the similarities though.
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    Re: $1700 bottle of Creed huh?

    The funny thing is there are probably much more than 300 stores that will carry it....I wonder if it's legal to claim something is limited to 300 bottles when there are probably thousands of it made.
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    Re: Define "transparent"

    Transparent for me simply refers to density; so it's the opposite of a thick perfume (think L'Artisan Ambre versus Keiko Mecheri Loukoum). It's also to distinguish between low-density and...
  58. Thread: Reformulations

    by Ekove

    Re: Reformulations

    I don't understand the question. Fragrances are reformulated much more often than we know. The only ones we find out about are the ones that are either clearly different smelling or announced by the...
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    Re: Sephora is killing the NICHE market?

    That's like a Chanel SA saying Coach is killing their market. I Don't see what this has to do with anything.

    If it's not sephora it's going to be someone else. Also, Many sephora locations carries...
  60. Re: Reflection Men Amouage....Why so many negative review??

    It's a combination of the fact fans of the amouage house find it too broing compared to their other fragrances and the fact it smells mainstream: a word typically used negatively here.
  61. Re: Would it matter to you if other people couldn't smell your perfume, but you still could?

    Well yeah. I've never gotten a compliment from a stranger (well, except one negative one from a rude neighbor), so I just wear them for myself to begin with.
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    Poll: Re: What season fragrance do you enjoy the most?

    Winter for sure...

    If you live in a place as hot and as humid as Miami you'll hate how you can't use 90% of your fragrances, unless you don't mind everyone thinking you're obnoxious.
  63. Re: Post office burglary to shipping NEWB. Please help.

    I would not ship a bottle in an envelope. Maybe if it was a small decant nicely wrapped, but not a bottle for sure. It is not worth the bottle getting damaged and losing it's value as well, right?
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    Re: Alternatives to Iris Poudre by Malle

    I have not personally. Iris Poudre is just too perfect.

    But to try:

    Chanel No 22
    Aldehyde 44
    Silver Iris Mist (or so I hear, yet to try it)
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    Re: Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz Blow Out?

    Thanks for buying all of them guys >.>
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    Re: Is selling fragrance decants allowed on ebay?

    It seems like a gray area more or less. As JiveHippo said, while there are people selling decants on ebay, their numbers have went down and they almost never use the word decant.
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    Re: Niche blind buys that you were happy with

    well, I've had three blind buys:

    Nassomato Duro: like but don't wear often. One of the few leather scents I enjoy

    Menthe Fraiche: My most recent. Doesn't smell like toothpaste, but reminds me...
  68. Re: Which one of these flankers/version would you buy if you had..

    That's tough. I'd skip La Nuit Parfum for sure. Midnight in paris EDP while very nice is too similar to the edt as far as I Remember. So I'd go for NR EDT as well. But it might me best if you get...
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    Re: Great Fragrances You Own But Never Wear

    Guerlain Tonka Imperiale and MFK Absolue pour le soir
  70. Poll: Re: What is your favorite type of oud in fragrance?

    I don't know where to apply that in any oud perfumes I know. They seem to have a typical synthetic oud note (Montale, Tom Ford, M7) that is not similar to any of those oud types. Maybe closest to...
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    Re: why would someone dislike Chergui ?

    Good sir, your loaded vocabulary is impressive. However, Is it just not possible for Chergui or Musc Ravageur to be good because they are actually good? No offense, but if you're going to criticize a...
  72. Re: A&F blatantly rips off the Big Pony line then creates the dumbest bottle in the history of bottl

    I never entered any of their stores, and I am 23. I know some of my friends are addicted to them, yet those are usually my least stylish friends. But yeah...too many topless men. Women would help,...
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    Re: Nassomatto Black Afgano being discontinued?

    I know someone who sold a bottle for $500 of this thing...another fragrance with a hype I simply do not understand. It seems this "once it's gone IT IS gone" marketing strategy is doing wonders...
  74. Re: A&F blatantly rips off the Big Pony line then creates the dumbest bottle in the history of bottl

    why are there topless guys everywhere?
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    Re: why would someone dislike Chergui ?

    Longevity and silage. And considering it's a sweet oriental, over-spraying makes it worse, for those around you at least.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense in Singapore

    I've traveled around a lot lately, and many countries don't carry DHI, even in Dior boutique. However, ALL of the airports I've been to had it. Maybe that's where you'd find it; duty free at the air...
  77. Re: There is nothing worse to a fraghead than (thread)

    Allergies and other illnesses for sure.

    The second is SA's they really can't understand the concept of a customer who just wants to browse on his own. Sometimes summer really bothers me as well as...
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    Re: Refreshing Vanilla? - Is there such a thing?

    Diptyque Eau Deulle
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    Re: Absolue Pour Le Soir - Dirtyyyy

    Yep it is so dirty. Smells sweet and hairy....if that doesn't turn you off then great.

    My girlfriend actually got it for me, she loves it. Sadly I never wear it because most of my friends find it...
  80. Re: Le Male and Versace Pour Homme - anything < $25 smell the same?

    Cubana Gold is probably the best Le Male substitute, some would even argue it is better than Le Male. I have Cuba Gold as well, and it is no contest. Cubana Gold And Cuba Gold almost look identical...
  81. Re: What fragrances are you surprised few people like on BN ?

    Everything by Frapin.

    several guerlain exclusives that don't seem to get as much love as SDV; Tonka Imperiale, Cuir Beluga, Gourmand Coquin, Oriental Brulant, Vetiver Pour Elle and even Derby.
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    Re: What is considered a modern Vetiver ?

    MPG seems like a house that has died down in general in these forums...their distribution is so screwed up, their bottles leak 50% of the time when shipped. And some of their reformulations were...
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    Re: help me extending my TOP CHEAPIES LIST, Bang for the Buck

    Body Kouros and Encre Noire. I still can not believe how cheap they are for what they offer.

    Cubano Gold is very nice for the price. I'd also add the generally YSL older fragrances (and some...
  84. Replies

    Re: What is considered a modern Vetiver ?

    I really wouldn't interpret Sycomore as modern myself. The whole Chanel Exclusive collection has a classic feeling to it.

    I'd add Vetiver Tonka and Vetiver Oriental to my initial list (2 of my...
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    Re: I need an insane jasmine

    Than A La Nuit and Alien, the other Jasmine I can think of is Nuda. At least those the ones I've worn is a guy.

    EDIT: Oh and if you can find it, Amouage Tayba (or was it toyob?) Which is actually...
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    Re: What is considered a modern Vetiver ?

    Grey Vetiver and Vetiver Extraordinaire. Maybe Fat electrician, but I don't enjoy it.
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    Re: Young scent for old man

    well, there are the modern-classics. GIT, Terre d'Hermes, Guerlain Derby, SMW, etc..

    My dad wears quite a few interesting fragrances himself and he received more compliments than I Do for some...
  88. Poll: Re: A Poll: Pick your favorite western oud fragrance

    No M7? No Kalimantine either? And homage almost has zero oud to my nose.

    I am between the Le Labo and the Tom Ford from your list. I like Montales but they get a little boring for me.
  89. Re: Where does this hobby end? Need words from the wise

    I used to buy about 3-10 bottles a month since I joined basenotes, I have about 70 bottles now and dozens of decants and samples. But that rate slowed a lot in the last few months. In fact, I have...
  90. Re: Best designer fragrance of the last decade or so question about it.
  91. Replies

    Re: New Fragrance: Mercedes-Benz

    the bottle is disappointing, expected more from Mercedes. Sounds incredibly mediocre though...They're going to ruin their reputation for me when they put their name on such a bad product, but I might...
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    Re: How versitile is Derby ?

    it is versatile. My only gripe with it is that it's one of those fragrance with a very strong opening, yet fades away a little too soon....So I struggle deciding to wear more or less...

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    Re: What's the ultimate Alpha Male scent?

    Guerlain Derby for me.
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    Re: Fake Encre Noire around?

    Well, from traveling around a lot, and being on many perfume markets that sell fakes, I can tell you that pretty much every designer fragrance out there is faked. I've even seen victoria secret...
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    Re: Black Afgano a good buy ?

    I've felt pressured to purchase black afgano whenever I come by the rare bottle. Almost entirely due to the over-hype and rarity to be honest with you.

    As far as the scent goes however, it is a...
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    Re: Was Ambre Narguile discontinued?

    I browse the hermes website a lot, and I have to stay they update it extremely regularly. Ambre Narguile keeps going out of stock, and coming back in, and they make sure to keep their website...
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    Re: Musc Ravageur or Tonka Imperiale

    I love both but I find Musc Ravageur much easier to wear. Tonka can be too almondy/powdery/sweet...and it is also one of those fragrances that chose to either disappear in two hours, or project like...
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    Re: Niche frags - where do you yours ?

    Niche fragrances are everywhere. I don't think I understand your question...

    As far as creed, their prices are niche. But their "abundance" puts them at the lower end of niche. Also if you want to...
  99. Poll: Re: CHERGUI: PRE vs REFORMULATED - Is the Jury out yet?

    I got both the dark brown bottle with the beige label, and the very dark green/brown juice and black label older bottle. I am not sure if there's a 3d formulation.

    They smell reasonable similar....
  100. Re: Anyone else realize they probably have too many fragrances and should sell but at the same time

    If you're a collector, there's no harming in having more bottles than you can use. That's the point of being a collector. If you don't consider yourself a collector, but someone who just enjoys...
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