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  1. Home Fragrance Enthusiasts!!! Candles! Fragrance oils! Let's talk!

    I love a scented room. It sets the mood. Warms my soul. Relaxes me.

    Which scents/products do you love? Which candles do you enjoy?

    What sets the foundation for your room/home environment?

  2. Thread: Cedar

    by Scentsamillion

    Re: Cedar

    Terre D'Hermes, Bulgari Black, or She Wood by Dsquared
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    Re: Are You a Hoarder?

    Hello fellow fragrance addicts and hoarders.

    The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, but I definitely don't want therapy or a cure.

    I'm a fragrance addict. It started when...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de CHANEL

    I have no. 22 & Bois des Iles. I think Bois des Iles would smell great on a man. It's a spicy oriental. Not sure how no. 22 would smell on a guy, maybe a little too light and powdery.
  5. Re: Which scents chicks dig/females love/blah blah blah

    Terre D'Hermes - drives me absolutely mad!
  6. Re: Chanel Bois des Iles Eau de Cologne (EDC) and Cuir de Russie EDC -- vintages

    I have Bois des Iles (not vintage) I got it from It's something I prefer to wear at night or when the weather is cool because it is too heavy to wear when it's hot. I don't wear it very...
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