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    Help me pick a signature

    I'm looking for a signature scent, or just something new to try. Perhaps you can hp me. I like sweet, spicy orientals, sugar and spice, vanilla, amber, rose, honey.

    My all time favorites:
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    Re: Job Interview Fragrance?

    I think a clean iris scent is perfect for interviews. It's nice but not sexy or flirty , which is what you want. My go to interview perfume is Hiris by Hermes.
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    Re: Wedding day fragrance suggestions

    Beige by Chanel, White Flower by Creed.
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    Favorite fall fragrances

    Fall is my favorite season -- great food (apples, and pumpkins) and fresh, cool weather. When it's time for fall, I reach for my warm, spicy orientals (Chanel's Coco and Coromandel are my favorites)...
  5. Re: What have been some of your favorite blind buys and why? What made you take the risk?

    Vanille Molinard was very very nice. I don't like to blind buy, but this was so cheap, and how bad can a vanilla really be?
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    Re: Fresh vs. Woody

    As a female, I prefer sandalwood, cedar, and oud on men. Citrus is so common in most modern women's perfumes that I immediately associate citrus with the feminine.
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    Re: What smells "gothic" to you??

    I would say Dior's Hypnotic Poison smells very gothic. Many modern patchouli fragrances give me that gothic vibe. On some people Lolita Lempicka can seem gothic.
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    Tea Rose Layering Ideas

    Picked up Tea Rose from the Perfumer's Workshop this week. Lately, I've been in love with Rose, and have been alternating between Stella and Jo Malone's Red Roses. I prefer the depth and the...
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    Comparison of Coco Formulations

    About to run out of my Coco EDP bottle. I got this one from my mom, and I think it's about 4 years old. I've ever only used the EDP of Coco, but I wonder if there are any differences between the...
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    Need help finding something like Coco

    I love the sweet, spicy dry-down of Chanel Coco, but the explosive opening is a bit too much for me. Can you recommend something else (sweet, spicy, but a bit less loud and less artificial than...
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    Re: Help me find a new fall fragrance

    I'm definitely willing to venture into niche territory. In fact, I prefer it, since I don't really want to smell like everyone else!
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    Re: Coco Noir de Chanel

    I tried it at Macys yesterday, and I absolutely did not like it. It's not very oriental and not very spicy. It definitely has more in common with Coco M than with Coco. The bottle is gorgeous, but...
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    Help me find a new fall fragrance

    Hi guys and gals! I am hoping you can give me some suggestions for a new fall fragrance that I would love. You've been so right on with your advice in the past, I hope you can hit another home run...
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    Re: Favorite cheapie & favorite costly...

    Favorite cheapies: Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, La Vanilla (the whole line), L'Occitane Lemon Sugar, Molinard Vanilla.
    Favorite costlies: Creed Love in White, Chanel Coco, Chanel No 5,...
  15. Re: Please help me find a scent to buy for my girlfriend

    I've never tried Burberry London for Men, but Burberry makes a London for women (known simply as Burberry London) which is a very sweet (almost candy-ish) floral. I sniffed it last week at the mall,...
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    Re: What "mens" fragrances do you wear?

    I like Hiris. It's about as masculine as I can get away with (generally prefer sweet, girly fragrances). It's a nice Iris fragrance, and one of the few florals that I own. I think it smells pretty...
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    Hypnotic Poison!

    I finally bought Dior's Hypnotic Poison, based on the recommendations that I received here. I absolutely love it. LOVE love love LOVE it! It is the only thing I want to wear, especially going into...
  18. Re: Looking for a pleasant lavender, please help

    Oh, I just found it -- answers my questions perfectly! Sorry for the redundancy, I'll remember to search before I post.
  19. Looking for a pleasant lavender, please help

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for a nice, soft, sweet (vanilla based) lavender fragrance. Something simple and feminine and soft. A lot of the "artisan" lavender scents (like various lavender...
  20. Re: What should I buy (based on what I love and like)

    Right you are! Poison was her staple in the 80s, not Hypnotic Poison, which sounds like my cup of tea. I'll definitely check it out this weekend! Thanks very much for the other suggestions, which...
  21. Re: What should I buy (based on what I love and like)

    Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions, everyone! Cacio, I don't think the leathers would work for me. For example, I can't stand Chanel's Cuir De Russie, and I know that it's basically the...
  22. Re: What should I buy (based on what I love and like)

    Thank Lilybelle - I've never even heard of those two. I will definitely add them to my list to try.
  23. Re: What should I buy (based on what I love and like)

    No 22 is a bit too strong for me. It kind of falls into the No 5 category. I admire the scent, but just can't pull it off (I love No 5 Premiere, since it is so much more wearable than the original...
  24. What should I buy (based on what I love and like)

    Hi Everyone!

    I am a long-time lurker, but finally decided to join and chime in. I love the wealth of expertise on this forum, and I was hoping that you can make some recommendations for me, based...
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