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    Re: Opinions of Yankee Candle

    Cheap, synthetic, and cloying – especially all the umpteen variations on vanilla, sugar cookies, and pumpkin spice.
    That said, I've been gifted a few over the years and have found them useful for...
  2. Re: good decant website other than perfumedcourt?

    That, and the fact that it reminds me of a title of a bad Harlequin Romance knock-off: "Lucrezia thought she was sure of what she wanted in a man ... but would she let herself Surrender To Chance?"
  3. Re: good decant website other than perfumedcourt?

    Yes, they're two separate companies now as far as I can tell. I continue to order from both depending what I'm looking for, but noticed that Surrender to Chance (dreadful name, btw) often has...
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    Re: Help with finding a great Lavender frag

    Etat Libre d'Orange "Antiheros" is my go-to perfume when I want Lavender With A Capital L, and lots of it.

    Caron Pour Un Homme is wonderful, though it's more than "just lavender".
    Caldey Island...
  5. Re: If you own 50+ bottles: imagine you were to start from none now: what are the first 5 you would

    (Double posted, sorry!)
  6. Re: If you own 50+ bottles: imagine you were to start from none now: what are the first 5 you would

    Wow, this is tough ...

    • Chanel Sycomore
    • Nasomatto Black Afgano
    • Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan
    • CB I Hate Perfume Patchouli Empire
    • CDG Avignon

    (I'd probably pick five different frags...
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    Re: Incense for everyday use

    +1(000) for Avignon, which is the ne plus ultra of incense perfumes as far as I'm concerned ... but if you're looking for something a little more casual, Heeley's Cardinal might fit the bill. Same...
  8. Poll: Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver vs. CREED Original Vetiver

    TF Grey Vetiver gives me a headache, and Creed OV doesn't smell much like vetiver to me.

    I'd go with Encre Noire, Sycomore, or CDG Vettiveru instead, or Guerlain Vetiver if you want to stick with...
  9. Re: NEW ORLEANS MEET-UP: Nov. 11-13, 2011. Bourbon French, Hové, Saks, & Avery Fine Perfumery

    Green Goddess is AMAZING - creative and delicious food in a charming tucked-away alley in the Quarter. (Assuming you can get a table outside, since their indoor seating is a bit cramped, and don't...
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    Re: Wow, now PENGUIN is getting into fragrance ...

    My thoughts exactly. I received a carded sample (the card was shaped like a wee penguin, even!) of this from a friend who works for Original Penguin and wanted to like it a lot more than I did,...
  11. Re: NEW ORLEANS MEET-UP: Nov. 11-13, 2011. Bourbon French, Hové, Saks, champagne reception, goody ba

    The streetcar really is fun to ride! Just don't call it a cable car (in the same way you're never supposed to say "Frisco" in the presence of a San Francisco native ... people here in NOLA tend to be...
  12. Re: NEW ORLEANS MEET-UP: Nov. 11-13, 2011. Bourbon French, Hové, Saks, champagne reception, goody ba

    I'm very happy to help! Glad you're enthusiastic about the Avery recommendation - it's a wonderful place, though I have to say that I was a little concerned when I first heard about it since a friend...
  13. Re: NEW ORLEANS MEET-UP: Nov. 11-13, 2011. Bourbon French, Hové, Saks, champagne reception, goody ba

    Alas, it looks like I will be out of town that weekend (I'll be away for most of November, actually) - but if my plans change I'd love to join everyone! Being around a bunch of like-minded perfume...
  14. Re: NEW ORLEANS MEET-UP: Nov. 11-13, 2011. Bourbon French, Hové, Saks, champagne reception, goody ba

    I'm a bit late to the party here but as a New Orleans resident and long-time Basenotes forum lurker I couldn't resist chiming in with at least one tip for y'all ...

    I didn't see it mentioned on...
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    Re: Best Place to buy Bond no. 9?

    Bond No. 9 is notorious for not allowing sites like Perfumed Court to sell decants or samples of their product (search here on Basenotes for more background), and they also crack down on folks trying...
  16. They're opening a store in New Orleans this...

    They're opening a store in New Orleans this weekend!
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    Re: Ask for Vetiver Lovers

    I love all the ones mentioned so far, and would recommend CDG Vettiveru if you're inclined towards a fresher, more cologne-type vetiver, and either Encre Noire or Sycomore (or heck, both!) if you're...
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    Re: Any quirky, lighter suggestions for summer?

    Hermes' newest, Voyage d'Hermes, might fit the bill - it's light (maybe almost excessively so) with a sparkling citrusy topnote - perfect for hot weather, and just interesting enough to be quirky...
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    Re: 2 nice Vetivers. O-V vs V-E

    Vetiver Extraordinaire, no question - mainly because it, you know, smells like vetiver.
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    Re: Ouarzazate Comme des Garcons

    I love all the CdG Incense Series scents, but Ouarzazate is my favorite (and the only one I own a full bottle of); to me it's more complex than the others and reads as more than just an "incense"...
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    Re: Fragrance while wearing all black

    Bulgari Black is the first to come to mind (for obvious reasons), but for me wearing all black is more of a "mood" sort of thing rather than something that requires color/scent coordination. So for...
  22. Re: parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons --Are there cheaper alternatives?

    There are no cheaper ones, but there are many more expensive ones (e.g. Heeley Cardinal, as mentioned above - and even that, to my nose, is a pale imitation of Avignon.)

    I feel your pain re: a...
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    I'm not anti-Bond per se, but can someone who...

    I'm not anti-Bond per se, but can someone who likes their juice enough to shell out these kind of prices for it explain to me what the appeal is, exactly? Because I just don't get it.
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    Re: Commes Des Garcons 2Man

    I love it, but it is a very particular fragrance - one of those "love it or hate it" kind of things. I would try to sample before committing to a full bottle.
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    Re: 2nd Cumming by CB I Hate Perfume

    Just got back from a holiday trip to NYC, where my husband and I made the snowy, slush-filled trek out to Williamsburg earlier this week to visit the CB I Hate Perfume shop. I came back with bottles...
  26. Re: Escentric Molecules 03 Comparable to CdG's Vettiveru?

    Vettiveru is not only comparable to Molecule 03 - it is much, much better. I find Molecule 03 to be very flat and artificial-smelling; Vettiveru is in a similar register, but somehow more natural and...
  27. Re: Please help me find something similar to Bvlgari Black

    I think perfumenut means she can't find Bulgari Black Deodorant, not Bulgari Black EDT.

    I've never seen it for sale anywhere except online. eBay currently has several listings for it at what seem...
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    Re: Your ultimate white shirt fragrance?

    Chanel Pour Monsieur or Frederic Malle French Lover/Bois d'Orage
  29. Re: Finally an ANSWER to the ?: how many sprays per mL?

    Very interesting! Now the only question is determining which particular atomizer is used by each frag in my collection, so I can obsess even further how many spritzes are left per bottle ...

  30. Re: First impression of L'Air Du Desert Marocain and some questions.

    The only thing that gives me more of a headache than this is Tauer's Lonestar Memories.

    I realize they're both held in high esteem by certain perfumisti (*cough* Turin *cough*), and I can...
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    Re: My latest News. Need comments on this...

    +1 for Encre Noire, plus ...

    Tom Ford Private Collection Oud Wood
    L'Artisan Al Oudh
    Nasomatto Black Afgano
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    Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    I couldn't agree more - and this especially applies to a pricey line like Bond No. 9, which is rife with mediocre/actively unpleasant scents.

    The only Bond fragrance I've sampled and really...
  33. Re: Escentric Molecules 03 (and yet another vetiver)

    I've been trying out a sample of Escentric Molecule 03 (yes, I know it's not a "proper" fragrance - but if they're charging $140 for a bottle, it may as well be treated as one.)

    It is indeed an...
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    Re: Where to buy Tobacco Vanille for not $200?

    I would be interested in 1 oz. of a Tobacco Vanille split at (or near) that price - please feel free to keep me in the loop!
  35. Re: Alternatives to CDG 2 Man (looking for a f/w frag)

    To me, Gucci Pour Homme (1, not 2, and DEFINITELY not the dreadful Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme) is indeed a kind of softer, gentler CdG2Man. It's still a smoke- and incense-heavy fragrance, but not as...
  36. Help! Alternatives to Flowerbomb / D&G Light Blue?

    While I have no trouble at all deciding which fragrances to buy/sample for my own enjoyment, I am somewhat at a loss when it comes to choosing scents for gifts, especially for the women in my life.
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    Re: Reformulated MPG Route Du Vetiver

    I'm not familiar with the pre-reformulated version, having just bought a new bottle of RdV a few months ago. But I can say that the version I have is indeed a formidable beast of a fragrance, in a...
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    Re: Zombies and Perfume

    Yes, I wanted to mention A*Men too but didn't want this thread to succumb to the A*Men-related curse of getting shut down prematurely ...

    But Chanel! That's just heresy! (Unless you're talking...
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    Zombies and Perfume

    Last night on AMC's new weekly drama/gorefest "The Walking Dead", we learned the helpful tip that zombies are attracted to the living by their scent - i.e., if you're not a zombie then you don't...
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    Re: Which fragrance from this list to buy next?

    Another vote for Vetiver Extraordinaire, which is a wonderful warm weather scent (and one of the best all-around scents on your list, IMO). Happy buying!
  41. Re: Do you think Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Men is generic?

    Short answer: Yes.

    Longer answer: Yes; the phrase "perfume counter smell" describes it perfectly. It's not especially offensive - just not distinctive or memorable at all.
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    Re: Your favorite powdery masculines

    Another vote for Habit Rouge, and a vote for Bulgari Black.
  43. Re: need help with deodarent/anti-prespirant spray

    Mitchum makes both an unscented anti-perspirant and an unscented deodorant that are effective and long-lasting ... and I say that as a frequently sweaty male who lives in a part of the US with an...
  44. Poll: Re: How much $$ do you spend on fragrances each year?

    An average of $75-$100 a month, including samples and decants - but also averaging in the occasional big ticket (e.g., $150/bottle or more) splurge.
  45. Re: Sample Collection : Overwhelmed and could use some insight!

    Wow, that is an amazing collection. I'm envious!

    Of course, I'm going to narrow it down to my favorites, which include the following:

    Azzaro; Pour Homme
    Chanel; Sycomore
    Chanel; Pour...
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    Re: Underrated frags that you wanna push.

    CDG Vettiveru

    MPG Parfum d'Habit

    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin (one of the only male gourmands that doesn't make me gag)

    Frederic Malle Bois d'Orage (has its share of fans, but tends to get...
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    Re: Suggestions as to leather

    Another vote for Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, which is the most straight-up leather of any frag I've tried.

    I also very much like Parfum d'Habit, Cuir de Russie, and Bandit. But they're all very much...
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    Re: Beyond Paradise for Men...What do you think?

    I love The Guide and find myself in agreement with Turin and Sanchez about 75% of the time ... but the five star review of BP for Men remains a complete mystery to me.

    When I was first embarking...
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    Re: Pronunciation of French perfumes and designers

    Frag Name of the Day has been one of my favorite frag resources ever since I found it via The Dry Down ( several months ago. Thank you so much for doing what you do!
  50. Re: If I hated Fumerie Turque, will I hate Chergui?

    I don't know Fumerie Turque, but if your problem with it was that you don't think it smells "masculine" enough I don't think you'll like Chergui for the same reason. While it's an extraordinarily...
  51. Re: Who is Lui and why do they make fragrances for him?

    He must be related to that Monsieur dude I keep hearing about as well.
  52. Re: Creed Green Irish Tweed smells similar to Cool Water!

    Sorry Cologneist, forgot to add my "sarcasm" icon for that post.
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    Re: Finally have tried frederic malle

    While some of the fragrances in the Frederic Malle line are more to my taste than others, I haven't smelled a single one that I didn't at least admire for its quality and artistry. It is truly an...
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    Re: do you wax your hair?

    Unless one is a professional swimmer and/or has other issues of aerodynamic drag (or other kinds of drag) to worry about, there is absolutely no reason why any man should have to wax or shave his...
  55. Re: NEW RELEASE: Thierry Creed introduces Pure Windsor

    I just saw a bottle on for $575.69 (plus shipping but I have a coupon).
    Do you think it's real or fake? REALLY want to try this!!!1!
  56. Re: Creed Green Irish Tweed smells similar to Cool Water!

    Wow, I never noticed this before - but you're right!
    Wouldn't it be totally crazy if they were designed by the same person?
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    Re: Vintage Guerlain Anomaly: Shalimar

    No insights, but that is incredibly beautiful. Congratulations on your purchase!
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    Re: Your Current Sleeper Fragrance

    MPG's Parfum d'Habit. Got a sample ages ago, forgot about it, recently unearthed it and loved it so much that buying a FB became a priority. Luckily there was one for sale right here on BN, which...
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    Re: Tom Ford 4ml to get them?

    I think it's better trying to score TF samples in person at a Saks or Neimans if there's one near you, or if your travels will be bringing you to a city with either of these stores. I haven't had any...
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    Poll: Re: M7 vs Silver Factory

    M7 is a much more interesting and finely crafted fragrance, no question.

    Silver Factory, while one of the better frags in the Bond line, suffers from the same lack of dimensionality that most of...
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    Re: Worst/Best name for a fragrance?

    Best: Emeraude, Shocking!, Bandit, Bois d'Orage, Encre Noire

    Worst (and with all due respect to the OP): Pure Malt - it sounds like something that should come in a 40 oz. bottle instead of a 3.4
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    Re: what is the WORST smelling fragrance

    Hate to pile on the A*Men hatewagon, but ... yeah, it's pretty dreadful.

    This past summer, I interviewed someone who reeked of it. Needless to say, they did not get the job.
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    Poll: Re: Guerlain Vetiver or Terre d'Hermes ?

    Guerlain, because it was the first FB I bought when embarking on my scented journey; it's one of the all-time classics and one I keep coming back to again and again (it's my SOTD for today, as a...
  64. Re: Best magazine for the most male fragrence Samples/Ads?

    I've never found scent strips in magazines to be useful, mainly because I find they all smell exactly the same to me - the word "gluey" is an apt description, though rationally I realize that the...
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    Re: Oldest Bottle You Own?

    A huge (like 200ml), barely used tester bottle of Angel from its original launch in 1992 and an (unfortunately) much smaller bottle of pre-reformulation Fahrenheit from around the same time. Both...
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    Re: Help needed, where do i go next?

    I would consider picking just one of the niche houses you're not familiar with to start with and limiting yourself (if you can!) to one batch of 4 samples a month from them, ordered from somewhere...
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    Re: Your Process for Purchasing New Perfume

    Some good advice in that article (especially the part about asking questions and avoiding clueless, spritz-crazy SAs), though there are two things I'm curious about:

    1. Can perfumes really mix in...
  68. Re: Sorry, but i just need to vent for a second...

    I can't say Redneck Perfumisto took the words out of my mouth because I never would have thought of describing these two fragrances in such terms ... but this pretty much sums up my feelings exactly....
  69. Thread: Pure Malt

    by JacquesD

    Re: Pure Malt age group?

    I agree with everyone who says to wear it if you like it; I don't completely understand why certain fragrances are "supposed to" be worn only by people of a certain age. (I don't completely...
  70. Re: I need help from Bleu de Chanel likers, and others may chime in as well.

    Keep the Bleu. You enjoy it enough to list it as one of your top five frags, so giving it up would be rather like choosing quantity over quality, which is rarely a sound decision.

    Also, of the two...
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    Re: your top 5 vetivers

    Actually, I don't find l'Occitaine's Vetyver especially dark or mysterious - it's actually one of the "lightest" vetivers I've sampled (though I suppose it does lack the pronounced citrus topnote of,...
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    Re: Most masculine scent?

    Yatagan or Aramis if you want to go full-tilt, hairy-chested manly; Gucci pour Homme for something more polished but still very masculine. Both can be found for under $40.

    The above are in the...
  73. Re: Great Scents for fall/winter? College Student

    Fall/winter always mean more smoky, incense-type scents for me.
    Gucci pour Homme is a classic of its kind.*

    Also seconding the M7 recommendation, for similar reasons - it's a deep sweet woody...
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    Re: your top 5 vetivers

    There can never be too many vetiver threads as far as I'm concerned!

    In no particular order, since they're all wonderfully distinct to me and I wear whichever one suits my mood at a particular...
  75. Re: HELP: BOND NO.9 - Silver Factory or West Side?

    "Better" is a relative term with Bond No. 9, since IMO they're all consistently mediocre.

    But yes, based on the samples I've tried these are two very different scents you're comparing. Silver...
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    Re: The most disappointing fragrance house

    Bond No. 9. = overpriced, overmarketed, and not very interesting scents.

    I'm not much of a Creed fan either, but at least there are a handful of scents that I think (almost) justify the hype.
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    Re: Musc Ravageur. It`s unisex, but...

    Hmm, and here I am thinking it's more feminine due to its intense sweetness.
    When it comes to scent, masculine/feminine really is in the nose of the beholder, I guess ...
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    Re: Vetiver--Does It Just Not Work for Some?

    Considering that it's one of the most common notes in perfumery, I'm not sure how "hyping" vetiver is supposed to make people feel "different". But it does seem to inspire strong reactions in people,...
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    Re: HELP: LE LABO - Labdanum 18 or Oud 27?

    In that case, you may indeed love the Oud 27! I see what you mean about the Band Aid-y note in Al Oudh - it's a property of ouds in general, I suppose - but something about the attendant notes in Oud...
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    Re: HELP: LE LABO - Labdanum 18 or Oud 27?

    The Oud 27 smells nothing at all like Musc Ravageur. And if you're put off by the cumin in Al Oudh, something tells me the "meaty" aspect of the Oud 27 won't be much to your liking either.
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    Re: HELP: LE LABO - Labdanum 18 or Oud 27?

    Oud 27 is a very, very "difficult" fragrance. My first reaction upon testing it at the Le Labo boutique in NYC was "Oh my, it smells like Band-Aids!" - which did not amuse the sales rep, though she...
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    Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    I don't really understand why this would be a problem ... unless you're worried about other people getting turned on by it too and mistaking you for the kind of beautiful woman you associate the...
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    Re: 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser

    Yes, 4711 and its attendant products (soaps, body wash, etc.) are all cheap enough where buying a "vintage" on eBay isn't worth the trouble ... and may even end up costing you more than a new set,...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs: 75ml Now Available

    Wow, I never realized the samples go for $40 on eBay. I scored two (Sycomore and Cuir de Russie) from the lovely SA at Bergdorf's in NYC last month and the die-cut packaging is indeed lovely. Guess...
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    Re: Do you try to finish a fragrance?

    @volley2: That is exactly what I do, which is why my bathroom generally (if incongruously) smells like Opium pour Homme ...
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    Re: Unsolicited Compliments.

    I've gotten compliments several times (o.k., maybe twice?) while wearing Bulgari Black, and just yesterday I got a "Well, you smell nice today!" from a coworker at the coffee machine while I was...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs: 75ml Now Available

    I guess this also means the the Les Exclusifs collection is now available at Saks; I was under the impression that they were previously exclusive to Chanel boutiques and Bergdorf Goodman only.
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    Re: Les Exclusifs: 75ml Now Available

    This is seriously the best news I've heard all day. Best news all week, even. Maybe even EVER*.

    (*Yes, I am only slightly exaggerating :)
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    Re: Post your 3 favorite Frederic Malle's

    French Lover/Bois d'Orage
    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Cologne Bigarde
  90. Re: My wardrobe needs to be improved! help my find something unique!

    I agree that an oud and a vetiver are indispensible to a well-balanced fragrance wardrobe. (But these are by far my two favorite notes, so maybe I'm a bit biased.)

    My recs: YSL's M7 or L'Artisan's...
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    Re: Morbid fragrances

    I guess it's an obvious one to mention, but ELdO's Secretions Magnifiques heads the top of my "morbid fragrances" list. I don't get the semen or even blood part as much as I get the stench of that...
  92. Replies

    Re: Etat Libre D'Orange favourite...

    I am still trying to find an ELdO frag that's as interesting as its name.
    Fat Electrician and Tom of Finland have come the closest so far, but neither have completely wowed me.
    Will probably try...
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    Re: Age group for Opium by YSL

    I was given a rather large tester of this several years ago and rarely wear it; in my head I've always connected it with the women's version of Opium, which I have always found rich to the the point...
  94. Re: Guerlain Vetiver and F.Malle Vetiver Extraordinare

    Well, the first time I tried VE the first thing I thought of was "Hey, this smells a lot like Encre Noire!" VE is perhaps a touch more "bright"/less woody than the EN, but for me the two overlap to...
  95. Replies

    Re: Looking for something 'Sprite-like' refreshing

    Givenchy Pour Homme has an intensely bright opening citrus blast that falls somewhere between "refreshing" and "lemon Pledge" for me. However, it has its fans, so might be worth considering.

  96. Re: Anyone knows what 'Cabochard'(Gres) is like?Substitute for Chanel Cuir de Russie?

    Don't have anything to say about the seller (though I wish you luck!), but I own minis of both of these and can say that while both of them are gorgeous, they're in no way substitutes for each other....
  97. Re: Guerlain Vetiver and F.Malle Vetiver Extraordinare

    Love them both, though the VE does overlap considerably with Encre Noire, which is my favorite vetiver of them all.
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    Re: Seeking Scent Closest To Musky Male Armpits

    Interesting thread (quite!), but to me most of the frag recommendations miss the mark. As some of my fellow posters have pointed out, nothing - nothing! - smells like bona fide musky male armpit, and...
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    Re: Bang! Kinda like it!

    I really like it too - that opening blast of hot pepper is almost literally mouthwatering to me - but get what you say about a vague "artificial" buzz somewhere in there as well. I don't find it...
  100. Re: Frederic Malle French Lover, and Gucci Pour Homme

    BTW - Vetiver Extraordinaire is wonderful too, though if you're looking for a dry vetiver in that vein you might want to try Lalique's Encre Noire as well if you haven't already. I think it's even...
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