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    Your Worst Batch of Samples?

    When I started to become more enthusiastic about fragrances, I became more willing to sample and roll that dice! More often than not, I ended up with something I enjoy even if I didn''t intend on...
  2. Re: Strong Aftershaves As Hand Sanitizer During Coronavirus?

    Sure, but frequent hand washing with soap and water should be sufficient as long as you're being very thorough!
  3. Re: Please suggest good frankincense fragrance

    Wait did someone mention Heeley's Cardinal? It's interesting to see how many people on Basenotes seem to appreciate frankincense / olibanum-- I personally cannot stand the note! I will gladly take...
  4. Re: Fragrance Similar to OLD Bvlgari Black?

    I don't think there's anything like the original Bvlgari Black on the market right now! The original was a masterpiece--I feel like the rubber and smoky tea were more prominent. I don't know how to...
  5. Re: Please suggest good frankincense fragrance

    Please please try Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

    You might not find it cold enough however!
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    Re: A song, a drink, a perfume.

    I love Americanos...a starless midnight sky :')
  7. Re: Who are some of the most important/greatest perfumers to know?

    Daphne Bugey, notably for Le Labo

    Bergamote 22
    Lys 41
    Neroli 36
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    Re: A song, a drink, a perfume.

    Beethoven Sonana No. 8 (H.J Lim) -- I guess we're all fans of classical music here??!
    Americano -- filled all the way up
    A La Rose Maison Francis Kurkdjian
  9. Re: Perfumes to keep people 1.5 meters away from you

    No need because I'm quarantined in my bedroom (not a joke!)--the United States government has failed its people tremendously and the worse is yet to come

    but if I had to choose--Le Labo Oud 27 is...
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    Re: Mangled: names of your favorites

    Bros 31

    It does kind of fit that body odor cumin thing going on lol
  11. Re: Are there antiviral fragrances in the market?

    I hope to God you are joking

    -Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds (regular soap is fine)
    -Do not touch your face with dirty hands (mouth, nose, eyes are access points)
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    Re: Salted Green Mango

    The quality is there, but I had to scrub this one off--not for me! I think I don't like overripe fruit. It reminds me of the decaying melon in Frederic Malle Parfum de Therese, which makes me nauseous
  13. Re: What's the best way to build a collection?

    Patience. The willingness to sample one perfume multiple times. Do you REALLY like how it smells, or do you just want the dopamine release of a new bottle? You place the order, receive said bottle,...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Are the Slumberhouse fragrances available on Lucky Scent right now not the most desirable ones, hence the frustration of the customers? Is it Kiste? I'm not familiar with the house, but I've heard of...
  15. Re: Why do you love the funk/skank/barn/dirt?

    lmao I aspire to be confident enough to quote myself
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    Re: Sex and fragrance

    I was joking !! It's a good question--for me perfume has the same impact as jewelry. It adds something to a person in a positive way and can be perceived as good or bad. When good I would say...
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    Re: Sex and fragrance

    Right??? I don't understand this question!
  18. Thread: Death

    by morning light

    Re: Death

    I can't believe this but I recently smelled L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme and it is absolutely a funeral home in a bottle--never realized how somber the flowers were in this fragrance.
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    Re: Sex

    NO!! i have no carnal knowledge, therefore my heart is pure and i have a stake in god's kingdom--i only smell like figs. FIGS ONLY!!! MAYBE FRANKINCENSE
  20. Re: Waft From The Loft - Sarah McCartney 4160 Tuesdays

    A lot of ugly homophobic white men in here--can someone just delete my account? I hate this place
  21. Re: Waft From The Loft - Sarah McCartney 4160 Tuesdays

    bro wtf

    Feminine mannerisms, gestures, or behavior in men make you uneasy? It puts you on edge? Ask yourself why do those traits in men bother you and also what does that mean when women have...
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    Re: Luca Turin Cult

    Luca I hope your cat is doing well!!
  23. Poll: Re: Spraying perfume on your neck: Yay or Nay?

    I used to! But I wear a chain now--inner elbow is my absolute favorite. The fragrance stays away from what I touch (which might be food I'm cooking or anything I don't want perfume to transfer to),...
  24. Re: Suggestions for a masculine and feminine scent, both not neither.

    Try a sample of Rose 31 please!! I know it's expensive but it might be the one
  25. Re: As of today, Creed is no longer a family owned brand

    just maxed out my credit card !! future me will be so grateful for having 6 bottles of aventus before reformulation
  26. Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home - Men's Giveaway Thread 2017 - 2018 - 2019

    YO!! Danny, it's yours! Please message me your mailing address and I'll try to get it out to you this week. Thanks so much
  27. Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home - Men's Giveaway Thread 2017 - 2018 - 2019

    CONUS only! I'm paying for shipping

    Hello! I have a nearly full 100ml bottle of Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct (2016)! I would keep it, but I'm wearing Fierce a lot more. This one smells like...
  28. Re: What are your most controversial fragrance opinions?

    I think that Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce (2002) is actually really elegant and respectable--suitable for all ages, not just teenagers
  29. Re: Frederic Malle Perfume by season, I need your recommendation

    Just buy Carnal Flower--wear it all year! It is really beautiful
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    Re: Luca Turin Cult

    Just wanted to say I gave The Noir 29 and Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce a try because of your reviews! I love them both--especially Fierce because it really is a nice masculine perfume that was a victim...
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    Re: First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch

    I'm gonna bring this thread to life! First Instinct was one of my very first blind buys because I was growing weary of sampling niche fragrances and I just wanted something that can work year round,...
  32. Re: What fragrances do YOU find backup bottle worthy?

    If I could somehow offer up my current perfumes as sacrifice in order to go back 12 years, I would buy Bvlgari Black and Rose 31 with back ups for each. These days I try not to lament discontinued or...
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    Re: Which, for what do you do?

    I'm a cook at two restaurants! Perfumes that stay very, very close to me or nothing at all is the right choice. Bathing and deodorant is not optional of course.

    Ambrette 9 was nice when I had the...
  34. Re: good fragrances that smell like lime..:)

    I think John Varvatos Artisan Pure is very strong with the lime!
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    Twisted Lily Closing

    I got this information from Reddit. There's 30% off regular priced items and a bunch of other perfumes already marked down. :'(

    It was a little peculiar how they weren't restocking anything. I...
  36. Re: The scent of Umami(“savory”), anyone?

    Gallivant Amsterdam too!
  37. Re: The scent of Umami(“savory”), anyone?

    Have you tried Parfums Satori? It's the namesake signature perfume. There's also Gallivant Brooklyn that has this savory, broth note
  38. Re: How much should you spend on my fragrance collection?

    You should enjoy yourself at least once a year I think. Huge collections turn me off--no curation, no personality. Owning perfume you never wear is sad. No more than two bottles. Always being on the...
  39. Re: Who loves Lush but is a bit snobby about perfume?

    There was a viral thread on Twitter too but the original poster has made their account...
  40. Re: Who loves Lush but is a bit snobby about perfume?

    Dirty and Sikkim Girls (um...that title is not the best) from Gorilla Perfumes is nice, but I don't buy anything from them because they treat their employees like trash.
  41. Re: What are some fragrances which are sexy, but not obvious?

    Carnal Flower
    Musc Ravageur
    Rose 31
    Flower of Immortality
  42. Re: Alcohol free perfume spray recommendations

    Omar, there's no need to explain yourself. You do whatever you're comfortable with--I don't know what Diamondflame's problem is.
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    Re: Summer flankers release

    John Varvatos Artisan or Artisan Pure

    Both are really lovely...and I usually stay away from men's designer!! I'm a bit nostalgic for the original release.
  44. Re: My (past and) current collection and what do add next?

    bro you need some aventus obviously
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    Re: Byredo longevity and silage?

    Well, I guess you gotta keep it moving! There are so many perfumes out there that if a house isn't to your liking or isn't giving you what you want (performance), you'd be better off sampling...
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    Re: Byredo longevity and silage?

    Price or concentration is never indicative of lasting power or projection in my experience. I get five hours from La Tulip, Rose of No Man's Land, and Rose Noir. I love all three.
  47. Re: Alcohol free perfume spray recommendations

    Buly 1803 has water based perfumes that are fantastic and beautiful! They are the only brand that I know of that sells water based fragrance in a conventional spray bottle. Since you are in the UK,...
  48. Re: Does metal (jewellery/accessories/etc) affect the smell of your fragrance?

    I try to avoid my perfume coming into contact with my precious metals. Not worth the risk. I'll apply perfume to my neck if I'm wearing my rings. I do believe that behind the ears and inner arms are...
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    Re: 36 and still no signature scent

    Yes! It's Rose 31 right now! I have a 50ml that I'm going to finish. And when I recycle the bottle, I decide whether I want to stick with said perfume, go with another rose perfume, or something else...
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    Re: 36 and still no signature scent

    I think I'm in that rare group of people who used to have a collection but now only wear one fragrance, or one fragrance at a time. It's like people who only wear black clothes! It's not for...
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    Re: FAVORITE CHANEL perfume men ?

    Still going with Eau Premiere!!
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    Re: Do you wear perfume for workouts?

    No, because the smell my leather boxing gloves is very nice when I hold them up to my face; actual perfume would be a real distraction during sparring
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    Re: What About Pop by The House of Oud

    Some fragrances just sound too niche for me at times, but I'm very glad you took the gamble and it paid off!
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    Re: Keep Getting Logged Out Repeatedly

    Yes, same here! I'm using Mozilla Firefox.
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    Re: Macy's Closings

    Empty department stores are pretty depressing--where unwanted clothes go to die
  56. Re: Do you wear fragrance even at home alone?

    Oh yes, it helps me relax and sleep actually! I like having hot tea, fountain pen, and notepad in front of me while I write about what I'm smelling.
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    Re: Your top 5: aldehydic florals

    Le Labo Aldehyde 44
    Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    I see the best juice in this whole thread...Crown Royal!!
  59. Re: "Your Mean Grandma" perfumes - can you recommend me some?

    Iris 39 or Ylang 49
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    What I usually smell like these days! I'm planning to purchase the water based perfume Mexican Tuberose as well. The only notes Buly 1803 lists are Mexican Tuberose, cloves, and vanilla. It's...
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    Re: Fucking Fabulous for high school?

    I don't see why not! Sauvage would be a bit strange on a 16 year old in 2020 to be quite honest.
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    Re: What is your ideal perfume longevity?

    4-5 hours is enough for me to be honest. I won't turn down a beautiful and haunting fragrance just because it doesn't last 6-8 hours.
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    Re: If you like a leather perfume...

    I absolutely have to try this apothecary brand! I've only tried their wonderful body milk Acqua di Colonia Fresia.

    Why leather? My favorite things are usually leather!

    Combat boots
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    Re: What do I get? Fragrance beginner

    Any John Varvatos fragrance! I like the original and Artisan.
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    Re: Centauri Perfumes

    I can feel my brain rotting just by reading this thread lmao
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    My favorite is The Decay of an Angel from Timothy Han. That title is actually the name of a novel from Yukio Mishima
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    Poll: Re: Which one best describes you?

    Great thread! I chose Signature Rotator because this is what I aspire to.

    It is true that I am usually wearing one perfume for a stretch (for the past year it has been Le Labo Rose 31). If I find...
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    Re: 36 and still no signature scent

    I feel almost grateful to have at least two fragrances that I'll always have as long as I have the money!
  69. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    Awful bottles and in poor taste.
  70. Re: which fragrances work really well along with eating dinner or lunch?

    I'm always wearing a subtle rose perfume and I haven't had any trouble! I've never been distracted from my meal or drink.
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    Re: just one more .... more if I were to hang up the gloves? Maybe Le Labo Aldehyde 44--pretty aldehydes and flowers
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    Buly 1803 in San Francisco, CA?

    Can someone tell me what the deal with this shop is? Is it inside the church? I can just walk in during business hours right? I was confused because there's not much information about this Buly 1803...
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    Re: Help Me decide

    Check out The Perfumed Court! They've been around for a long time for samples. You can definitely sample designer men's colognes there! I like the Le Male but you should definitely explore some more....
  74. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Absolutely! I remember trying Cartier Declaration and it was very nice for the first 10 minutes...and then I realized I was emanating this warm sweet sweat vibe. I read that it was cumin and resolved...
  75. Re: Looking for the Allyear round signature scent. Suggestions?

    John Varvatos Artisan or any John Varvatos really! They're very nice, but I think they might disappoint in the performance category.

    Out of your list I like Calvin Klein Eternity the most and Le...
  76. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    I'm absolutely going to try Black Opium Intense at Sephora today! Sounds perfect for a bar. And yes, I saw that cute chunky apple bottle, I did not know they came out with this! LL Mon Premier still...
  77. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    guys i'm scared
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    Re: Best chanel for men

    Eau Premiere, easily!
  79. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Alice--this was definitely a fantastic year for you! I'm very happy to hear that you've had more than one revelation about your perfume tastes. I actually really loved Lolita Lempicka, but it was...
  80. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Have you tried Aldehyde 44? It's gorgeous
  81. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Bergamot 22 was the one that made me pay attention to this common but fantastic note. Too bad about the price though
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    Re: J'Adore starring Mr. Bean

    I think this is better than the original actually ahahhaha
  83. Re: Bulgari (Bvlgari) Black - Luca Turin disagreement

    Sometimes I still have hope that they'll bring this one back from the dead, an absolute gem (original formulation)

    But it's good that you tried it! On to the next one...Luca Turin's taste is...
  84. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Oh my gosh, same here! The patchouli that changed my mind was Diptyque Tempo, it's actually really wearable and not aggressive at all!
    These are lovely thoughts everyone--it's so cool to see where...
  85. Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    If so, what are they? Towards like or dislike? Maybe a particular material hasn't moved the meter in favor of personal taste, but you've realized its importance or contribution to a composition...
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    Re: In 2019, I expect to finish...

    Good luck! Video game backlogs are tough. I remember wearing Byredo La Tulipe while watching a full play through on YouTube and every time I smell it I can't help but remember the town cemetery and...
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    Re: Funeral Fragrances: Royal Oud

    I'm never gonna sample these fragrances y'all got me spooked--Royal Oud is now the funeral frag thanks a lot guys
  88. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    umm sir please
  89. Re: Luckyscent's Astrological Guide to Fragrance

    Oh I hear very good things about Commes des Garcons Black!! Definitely one for the Pisces
  90. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    Performance is my favorite term that I've heard and it definitely reminds me of car reviews haha
  91. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    I agree that language is an evolving, living breathing thing. Thinking about it now, I'm certain that these terms are used mainly by the men who talk about fragrances on YouTube (not the everyday man...
  92. Re: I'm bored - what's everyone asking for for xmas/holidays?

    No perfume, just a beautiful Gucci ring in sterling silver :') --my friends and family don't get me anything, which is how I prefer it. I prefer to give gifts on birthdays!!

    Omg I'd rather wash...
  93. Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    I think it's cute, it makes perfume tough, ya know??
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    Re: Funeral Fragrances: Royal Oud

    I would wear perfume as long as it's a skin scent! Other than that, perfume is no different to me than putting on a ring or bracelet
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    Re: Audacious by NARS

    Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews covered this rare one! Lovely bottle, I might have to try it if samples become available on Perfumed Court
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    Re: Sample of the Day - November 2019

    Rose 31--You know, I've been wearing this one off and on from a decant for the past few years. This is mostly spices and cedar with the ghost of a rose to me. Just a touch of animal notes. There is...
  97. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time. (Feminine fragrances edition!)

    Chanel Gabrielle--Hmm..let's see, it's not bad! It could be a very nice hotel soap. I can see why people were a little underwhelmed by it. I would rather have Eau Premiere

    Armani Si--Very sweet...
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    Re: The NonBlonde :-(

    My condolences to her loved ones. I read so many of her thoughts about perfume and each entry that I was interested in was a joy to read. Her blog absolutely made perfume more fun for myself. I can...
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    Re: Fumerie Parfumerie in Portland

    lol just go inside jesus
  100. Re: Tryin out new fragrances before bed .

    I love perfume before bed, but definitely not something new. What if you hate it?? And then you gotta get in your bed?
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