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  1. Re: 2nd Creed Aventus & Green Irish Tweed 500ml splits - $66/50ml

    PM sent for payment instructions. Thanks Dullah!
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    Re: Pure Malt Longevity Issues.

    I purchased the latest batch of Pure Malt, and also had some immediate concerns regarding longevity. I had just opened my bottle of Pure Havane in order to decide if I wanted to make this purchase...
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    Re: Any fake L'Instant de Guerlains?

    I purchased the same set from for around the same price and was wondering the same thing!? but now that you have mentioned it is on Amazon, I am guessing that it may have been a set...
  4. Re: Angel B*men Availability and Pricing going forward.....

    Thx all for the advice!! I have made some major purchases this month and am waiting for all of them to get delivered, so that I can decide if I will be swapping or decanting any of them. The next...
  5. Angel B*men Availability and Pricing going forward.....

    I have done some research on purchasing this fragrance and find that at a time it was dirt cheap. Now I seem to find it for around $55 at respected online vendors. Since I am fairly new to...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Found A*Men Sunessence for $39.99 at TJ Maxx today and did a blind buy. Hoping that it will be a keeper!
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