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  1. Re: IFRA Standards - a summary

    But apparently not as dangerous as galbanum, in my case!
  2. Re: IFRA Standards - a summary

    Perhaps the Supernatural Perfumers could use a guild as well, seeing as the IFRA hasn't placed any restrictions on mojo, fairy dust or ectoplasm (yet). [CUE the theme from X-Files.]
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    Re: Galbanum overload...

    Thanks everyone -- especially you, Chris, for the info. I've been trying to work with exclusively with botanicals, but I think I may have to trade in my white cowboy hat for a cooler-looking black...
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    Galbanum overload...

    Send. Oxygen. Quick. [Insert gasping sounds.]

    Galbanum overload.

    How did I manage to screw up yet another blend?

    I've poured so many screwed up potions down the drain at this point...
  5. Re: DIY Suppliers List

    Thanks, Chris. It looks like Hermitage Oils has the absolute -- I think you've mentioned them in other threads. I hadn't been to their site before, but they look wonderful. I think I'm about to go...
  6. Re: DIY Suppliers List

    Does anyone know a supplier for regular, garden variety mint EO (as opposed to spearmint/spicata, peppermint/piperita, wintergreen)? I've checked Liberty, New Directions, Eden Botanicals to no...
  7. Re: IFRA Standards - a summary

    Thanks, Chris. You rock!
  8. Re: IFRA Standards - a summary

    Thanks so much for all the great information. I spent hours on the IFRA site yesterday and came away with a bigger headache than the time I sniffed too much eucalyptus oil.

    My next challenge is...
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    Re: Verbena / Lemon Verbena / Verveine

    Was disappointed to see the IFRA's prohibition on this. Is it really that much of an irritant?
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    Re: Cepes (mushroom)

    I got some of this from Liberty Natural -- strong stuff. Wasn't sure what to pair it with -- thanks for the suggestion.
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