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  1. Re: TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND SPLITS - 50ml $125 Shipped (US) Worldwide Available


    I'm in for a Tobacco Vanille split.

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    Re: Bond 9 Amber: am I crazy to like it?

    30% perfume concentrate vs. 18% for Harrod's amber. Very nice, powerful, with a modern snarky bottle compared to the old guard Chanel and Guerlain, etc. Pushes the envelope in design and scent.
  3. Re: Looking to buy spring/summer fragrance at Neiman Marcus.

    Mugler cologne. Fresh and light...but very fleeting.
  4. Re: AVENTUS - First thoughts after wearing, not a review!

    Hi Akahina,

    I have the exact same experience as you do. I bought the C42B11X02 decant from heperd and have noticed the initial sweet pineapple top note which dissipates fairly rapidly into a smoky...
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    Re: Help me choose my next big buy.

    Tom Ford Noir de Noir - a chocolate rose garden.
  6. Do you prefer fragrances in the factory bottling...?

    As opposed to a split bottling in a generic atomizer. To me the experience is mostly about the scent, but I also enjoy the look on my counter of the designer bottle the fragrance normally comes in...
  7. What sort of training do parfumeurs undertake to ply their craft?

    Are there schools that cater to this or do they learn on the job from other masters?
  8. Re: Gentle People -- Your Expertise is Required

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    Re: Bonds at Nordsrom!!!!

    Nordstrom Bellevue Square(just East and across the pond from Seattle) is also carrying the Bond No 9, Multiple Diptyques, and Tom Ford. I'm sure that a renewed interest in men's fragrances is...
  10. Returned cologne bottles to the retailer...What happens to them?

    I read here about the occasional return of a purchased perfume because the bottle did not not meet the buyer's expectations. Do these bottles get recirculated to the next buyer or are they returned...
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    Re: Scent for a Funeral Service

    Domenico Caraceni 1913.
  12. Any good way to convert splash bottles into sprays

    I'm curious if any of you have found a good solution to this.
  13. Re: Just exactly who is IFRA...And why do we need what appears to be over-regulation?

    Thank you Chris for your clarification.
  14. Just exactly who is IFRA...And why do we need what appears to be over-regulation?

    Fragrance and its application for many of us here is an enjoyable pasttime and added pleasure in our daily lives. When government intercedes and regulates in what appears to be some arbitrary manner,...
  15. Re: Will Creed ever re-release Vetiver 1948...

    Scentsitivity, perhaps among fragrances at large I can agree with you, but among the vetivers, I often see the Creed 1948 version mentioned often and widely as desireable compared to other vetivers....
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    Re: The iris in DHI = warm bread??

    Hey, if they want to appeal to men, say that it smells like warm bacon sizzleing in a pan.
  17. Will Creed ever re-release Vetiver 1948...

    It is so desired and widely popular that there seems to be a pent-up demand for this fragrance. Might they succumb to this demand and create a new batch?
  18. Re: Things suggesting that fragrance is an art form on Basenotes.

    If we insist upon specificity in the definition of art, we lose some of its enjoyment by overly categorizing it. Much of its enjoyment comes from the titillation of our senses in its immediate impact...
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    Mine is 2011.
  20. Re: Things suggesting that fragrance is an art form on Basenotes.

    My head is spinning.
  21. Is it necessary to take a fragrance holiday occasionally...

    to restore both the nose and the skin's ability to detect and project fragrance. I'm wondering if a day or so every couple of weeks might help.
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    I just received GIT batch # A3211P03 from Absolutely amazing deep violet beginning scent that lasts well, especially compared to a A3210K02 batch I had that was terrible.
  23. Re: Discontinued l'Artisan's ? Tea for Two, and strange website doings.

    Perhaps they are expressing a political viewpoint.
  24. What scent, purchased today, will increase in value the most over 5-10 years?

    Not because I want to do it, but I'm curious what your crystal ball says.
  25. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought a backup bottle of and why?

    Domenico Caraceni 1913. The first one I purchased was the original Forester Milano version; unfortunately the second bottle was not.
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