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    Re: Impulse purchases (women's)

    I always do that!...the latest impulse purchase was Louve by Serge Lutens, I was very busy so I asked my boyfriend to go and buy it for me and I love it so much!
    there are a couple of impulse...
  2. Re: Letter to Hermes (re: Kelly Caleche)

    your opinion is valuable but extreme, believe me if you compare all the new mainstream fragrances to Kelly Caleche, KC is one of the most interesting.
    the other day I was testing Dior Midnight...
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    Re: tuberose fanatic is back!

    Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

    Tubéreuse by Caron
  4. Re: The Man Behind The Hat: An interview with Romano Ricci

    this guy doesn 't capitalize on the fame of the Ricci name in business? what?? it 's mentioned in every single articles I read about him!

    his Juliet is NO Juliette de Lorsange!
    these two rose...
  5. Re: Letter to Hermes (re: Kelly Caleche)

    I 'm also surprised at Kelly Caleche 's exceptional longevity considering how etheral and low sillage this fragrance is. the execution is minimalist which is no surprise coming from Jean Claude...
  6. Re: Letter to Hermes (re: Kelly Caleche)

    Kelly Caleche has NO elements taken from Terre d 'Hermes!

    Kelly Caleche is a fresh etheral floral leather, a very modern, sexy, fun and young fragrance. just don 't expect a classic leather...
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    Re: Santa said...

    Sarrasins gold and platinum collector numbered 1 to 30, 850 euros
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    Re: Ladies...Chanel Problem...

    Daim Blond by Serge Lutens embodies the most Audrey Hepburn natural elegance and as for Grace Kelly just go for Kelly Caleche by Hermes, the fragrance is an etheral floral leather paying homage to...
  9. Re: Something Special for my Girlfriend:Need some good choices please

    let 's face it she likes sexy pretty scents!

    in the same category but classier:

    Kelly Caleche by Hermes

    Fleurs d 'Oranger by Serge Lutens

    Louve by Serge Lutens
  10. Re: Michael Storer.. White Fig or Kadota Fig?

    White Fig is simple and perfect but only if your fragrance execution is not too literal, you mentioned lush I like that, hope this will be the Lutens Fleurs d 'Oranger of the fig scents (never tested...
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    Re: Low Sillage Fragrances

    just dab discretly whatever perfume you like, just don 't spray!

    dabbing extrait de parfum or any edp in your cleavage will stay close to your body. if you want extra low sillage skin scent try...
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    Re: Scents for the winter holidays

    En Avion by Caron - spicy orange, neroli, opopanax, jasmine, carnation, lilac, violet, powdery rose... nothing 's more beautiful and special, a classic that 's very contemporary and intemporal to...
  13. Re: suggestions for a modern, fruity evening scent

    Lipstick Rose, an aldehydic powdery rose violet supported by delicious raspberry

    Tubereuse Criminelle, after the initial narcotic opening the tuberose evolves to orange blossom and passion...
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    Re: Death of a Vintage Caron

    couldn 't you just rescue the bottles from their trash once outside? it should be legal to do so.
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    Re: Death of a Vintage Caron

    You can always put your own hands in their trash once it 's outside!
  16. Re: Finding a signature scent for my mother

    spicy winter suggestions:
    En Avion by Caron
    French CanCan by Caron
    Normandie by Jean Patou

    summery fragrances:

    Kelly Caleche by Hermes
    Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes
    Fleurs d 'Oranger by...
  17. Re: Givenchy's L'Interdit: Re-Re-Re formulated?

    I 've been going through the same re-re-reformulations drama with my beloved En Avion. I have old vintage, mid-90s bottles, early 2000s and post 2005. the old vintages are strong on the animalic...
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    Re: I'm Pissed

    Clair de Musc always gets me tons of compliments.

    you might want to test Sarrasins, Lutens is finally exploring subtle here, the most subtle and beautiful...
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    Re: Recent Compliments

    Putain des Palaces

    Tubereuse Criminelle

  20. Re: Deep, dark, delicious! Perfume(s) for "Bad Girl" Days...

    Tubereuse Criminelle

    Putain des Palaces

    Rose de Nuit

    Lipstick Rose
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