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  1. Re: UK perfumers and EU Cosmetic Regulations post Brexit. Now What?

    One of this issues is that consumers with allergies don't know what they're allergic to. They often assume it's synthetics, when it's the chemicals produced by plants to defend themselves, which...
  2. Re: UK perfumers and EU Cosmetic Regulations post Brexit. Now What?

    For the moment, yes, as they are too busy to set up an entirely new regime, the UK is planning to copy all the EU ones straight over. However, it's not yet in place. There are some vociferous UK...
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    Re: UK Meet-Up

    I can work out a route for you. Total transport nerd.
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    Re: Clarification on density and volume

    The other problem is that 50ml bottles usually hold around 55ml, so despite all the calculations it won't look full.
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    Re: Right/Left Nostril

    Writing as a yoga person with a scientific background and approach, we learn to change nostrils. If you concentrate hard enough you can feel which one is taking in the most air at one time (it feels...
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    Re: Mixing Ethyl Maltol powder

    I buy it undiluted as a powder from Sigma Aldrich, and generally use it directly in finished blends. I had no problem at all diluting it in perfumer's alcohol from Mistral for experimenting. Does...
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    Re: Becoming a professional perfumer

    That's us, nice but busy. :-)
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    Re: Olfactory illusion and the list of notes

    Don't encourage me! I might have to write more.
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    Re: Olfactory illusion and the list of notes

    Glad you enjoyed it.
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    Re: Olfactory illusion and the list of notes

    Thanks a lot, David. I appreciate that.
  11. Re: Great piece, not sure if the title does it justice

    Thanks. Punk, I almost forgot. I'm not at all bothered about big shops - much rather sell directly to customers and I'd not sure that I'd feel comfortable in Harrods even if they did want mine. Very...
  12. Great piece, not sure if the title does it justice

    "Interesting" is a tricky word.

    As someone who spends her days making perfume - actually creating it, mixing it up, bottling it, boxing it and posting it to customers - you might expect me to...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays help ?

    Actually finding it quite unsettling to hear that people think the brand is cute and I'm way too old to be a hipster.

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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays help ?

    I don't think any rich teenagers have ever bought any of my fragrances. Most sales are through my website and I know lots of my customers on social media and in person.
    Cute? Well, the name was...
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    Re: Looking for a Nose/Perfumer to Consult

    The problem is shipping the samples to Australia. We can't even make deliveries to our own customers, unless their friends happen to be making the journey home. Good luck, guys.
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    Re: Perfume Making Workshops

    Just thought I'd drop in to tell you about a phone call I got last month. A woman called to ask if she did a one day workshop (you know, a fun - with cakes - sort of a workshop) would I give her a...
  17. Re: Article: The story behind the story of 4160 Tuesdays

    Thanks :-)
  18. The Swedish Chef wears Bois Farine by L’Artisan...

    The Swedish Chef wears Bois Farine by L’Artisan Parfumeur.
  19. Oh yes, they were the labels on the bottles I put...

    Oh yes, they were the labels on the bottles I put in the Naughty Box and sold off quickly. Didin't realise they'd been picked up and used worldwide. Zatarain, it stands for In High Mumble Opinion.
  20. Re: Article: Starting the New Year with A Perfume Course

    Hi David,
    See if you can get hold of Liam at Odou Magazine @odou on Twitter. His partner is from Canada and might have some ideas for you.
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    Re: Saying hello

    Hear hear! Vanilla82 I think we might have been on the same course. Did we meet at the Queens Square week with Karen?
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    Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    That's accurate enough. A drop weighs about 0.03g, depending on viscosity so that should do you.
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    Re: DIY Perfume Bar - ?

    I ran a perfume bar last week with Liam Moore at the W Hotel London. I made up six accords for the different themes, took six harmonisers and twelve stronger variations to customise them. I spent two...
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    Re: A sad day at Pell Wall

    Sorry to read the beginning of the thread, but loving the end of it.
  25. Natural versus synthetic musk - back to the topic

    I generally go for fixolide and galaxolide. I'd use more ambroxan, but I'm still saving up.
    For me there is no discussion to be had for and against. There's no smell in the world good enough...
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    Re: Splitting raw materials- please read!

    It seems that I dropped in at just the right (wrong) time.

    I'm not a senior basenotes contributor, but I'm around a bit, and I'm a perfumer. (And I know Grant, and he knows I'm not about to run...
  27. Re: My first post in DIY, seeking some advice, answers and hints :)

    I'd add that you can get scales (not expensive) that go down to 0.01g, although they start to be accurate at around .05 if you've got the $10 ones. You can spend thousands on your scales as you get...
  28. Thanks. I'm so looking forward to getting stuck...

    Thanks. I'm so looking forward to getting stuck into a good old blending session.
  29. Re: Article: Indie perfumer, Sarah McCartney, crowdfunds ten unique scents

    Grant, you are my Cheers chum.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ought to have said, "you are my hero". Oh dear.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ought to have said, "you are my hero". Oh dear.
  30. Re: The Search for Green Tea Givco! Humbly Needing Help

    Count me in too.
  31. Re: Article: Interview with Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays

    Hi Josh,
    Just dropped in to answer your questions below. Sorry it's taken me a whole but I've just kicked off a new project, of which more later...
    1. Absolutely. At Lush I had to learn to...
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    Re: Ignoring IFRA regulations.

    Being in the partly fortunate position of being asked to supply my scents to a shop, I can maybe shed some light. I've had to look at all the legislation and make my scents legal, or some of...
  33. Hello, Thought I'd just drop in to say hello....

    Thought I'd just drop in to say hello.
    Nosebud, where are you? Maybe I can visit.
    Hi Nukapai, you lovely talented creature. Cheers Francop.
    My dear MichailG. Don't get your knickers in a...
  34. "Addictive vanilla nuances". What an...

    "Addictive vanilla nuances". What an extraordinary display of old codswallop. These press releases are such an overblown pile of trip. Give it a rest, children.
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    Re: Where to start with vintage?

    You're right, it's difficult. I started with scents that I knew I loved from years gone by (then again, I'm quite old and started buying posh scent at 16), which had changed: Diorella, Eau de...
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    Re: Guerlain Apres L'Onde

    Mr Bartlett, you are a hero. (Did you see that I met your mum on Twitter?)
  37. Re: Experience of Tolu balsam and peru balsam needed please

    I got mine from Hermitage Oils, very sticky and I had to put it in the sunlight to melt it sufficiently to get it out of the bottle to dissolve in alcohol, but nice.
    Peru Balsam is now banned by...
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    Re: UK Basenoters...

    In London, so I go to:
    Les Senteurs
    Miller Harris off Westbourne Grove
    Harrods (if I really have to fight my way through the place)
    Jermyn Street for the original Floris shop...
  39. Re: Niche in Bucks, Berks, Oxon, Herts, Middx - Rich Perfumerie, Old Amersham.

    On my way!
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    Re: UK Fragrance Stores

    If you could get the train to York and visit Burgin's I'd recommend it. They have Etat Libre D'Orange and many other interesting niches. Really lovely people, packed from floor to ceiling with scent,...
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    Re: UK Niche Decants

    Hello Gmacman
    I do some but at the moment I'm specialising in rare vintage not the new stuff (1950s Mitsouko, 1930s L'Heure Bleue...). That said, my collection is scarily enormous so if you're after...
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    Re: Decant Without Atomizing

    Atomising is very hard work on the thumbs...
    Most of my vintage decants are from bottles with a screw top, so fortunately I've avoided this pain in the backside. Can't wait to try the extraction by...
  43. Re: What makes a scent "college" or "for college"?

    Did you read about the young man in New Zealand who ended up with serious burns after he sprayed the inside of his car with Lynx (Axe)? And there have been teachers complaining that so many students...
  44. Re: Natural organic fruit flavors in perfume-making?

    PS I just got 500g of C14 gamma undecalactone from Perfumers World in Thailand and they'll sell smaller quantities. I do love its peachy creamy scent. (Not exactly natural organic though...).
  45. Re: Natural organic fruit flavors in perfume-making?

    Well, the raspberry leaf absolute story. Yes, tricky.
    I have a very small electric blanket that the cat sleeps on. It's technically a pillow warmer. I found that if I roll it around the jar to warm...
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    Re: Materials Safety Data Sheets

    Well then, here we go.
    Hermitage are getting the info from their French supplier. He's not that organised but his wife is on the project, and I hope to get them soon.
    New Directions have all their...
  47. Re: Natural organic fruit flavors in perfume-making?

    I'd like to recommend Hermitage's raspberry leaf absolute as the jammiest fruity scent I've found. I don't really want to tell you all, because I want it for myself, but since you ask...
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    Re: Toothpasty colognes?

    Dirty by Lush is the exact smell of my dad's tooth powder: mint mixed with clay. Love it for that reason. So although it's not exactly toothpaste, it's tooth cleanser.
    It sounds as if you need not...
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    Materials Safety Data Sheets

    I've just "stepped into the IFRA minefield", as Chris Bartlett so aptly puts it, as I'm in the fortunate position of being invited to sell my scents in a real live shop. (Something I wasn't sure I...
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    Re: Ambergris oil

    I wander beaches with my fingers crossed looking for ambergris. Nothing in Scarbough this weekend, but that was a long shot.

    I first met Roja Dove in Dickens & Jones in 1990 when he sold me a...
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    Re: Should I purchase New Harlem by Bond 9

    I love it, I bought it, I wear it and I don't give a stuff about whether it's summer or winter. I'm not a man so I don't really care what the laydeez think, but my husband likes it on me. If you...
  52. Re: DIY Suppliers List

    I'd like to add a bottle supplier to the list for people in the UK. They supply worldwide, but the UK permission to deal with small orders.
    Amazingly, a division of Pochet - the people who make...
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    Re: Breath of God by Lush

    Funny about the melting motherboard. Breath of God is the sum of Inhale and Exhale, created by Simon Constantine, and inspired by his trip to Buddhist temples in the Far East. Inhale is the more...
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    Re: Has anyone else tried Trophee Lancome?

    I was wearing Diorella all the time, then on a trip to Paris I discovered Trophee Lancome when it launched. (I think they gave me a free bag too.) I don't care that it's supposed to be a man's scent...
  55. Nice work.

    Nice work.
  56. Re: Help with finding chemical free fragrance

    There's an issue with the word chemical, of course. We're all made of chemicals, water is a chemical, all organic essential oils are made of chemicals. What I think you mean is a synthetic chemical:...
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    Re: List of best selling fragrances?

    I had a look at Amazon's perfume store, arranged in bestselling order. That changes ever hour so it's up to date!
  58. Can't help thinking that a shoe company should...

    Can't help thinking that a shoe company should only make scents that smell of leather. Sometimes a brand extension just seems wrong for me. Like Mont Blanc pens putting their names on perfumes....
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