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  1. I just tried these at the OdlR boutique at Wynn's...

    I just tried these at the OdlR boutique at Wynn's in Las Vegas, and the two least feminine were Santa Domingo and Saraggaso, though the whole line seemed more feminine than unisex. If you like...
  2. Re: Article: Mont Blanc launch Legend pour Femme

    LOL! I agree, but perhaps now that the personal computer is pushing 25, people are not buying fine writing instruments as often as they used to and Mont Blanc is looking to diversify and what better...
  3. Re: Serge Lutens - Une Voix Noire: new fragrance (gardenia perfume)

    Where on the West Coast? Barney's has a presence up and down the CA coast and a store in Las Vegas; none in Oregon and one in Seattle.
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