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  1. Re: Help! Agent Provocateurs "Strip" reminds me of something...

    It could, actually, be play-doh. I haven't been able to go online and check your answers until now, but now, I'm definitely going to try it a third time and compare it to play-doh, if I find any...
  2. Help! Agent Provocateurs "Strip" reminds me of something...

    I really need help with this! Yesterday I tried Agent Provocateurs "Strip" at the department store. Since I sprayed it on until this morning, when the last notes faded away, I can't stop wondering...
  3. Thread: The Poisons

    by MahaKali

    Poll: Re: The Poisons

    I used to wear Pure Poison a lot when I was eighteen. I got tired of it, so I didn't wear it for a couple of years. When I wear it nowadays it reminds me a lot of my first trip to Rome, which off...
  4. Re: Looking for a respected version of Intuition

    If you think it smells good, then you think it smells good, and that's the main reason for wearing it, right?

    I know all about your feelings about this. When talking to perfume-experts,...
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    Re: SotD Monday 23 February

    Caron's Parfum Sacre today. Didn't like it the first time I tried it, but I thought I have to give it a second chance. Like it better this time, but I don't think there'll be a whole bottle-purchase....
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    Re: SotD Thursday 19 February

    Worth - Courtesan. Really like it. At first it smelled like bubble gum, but that only lasted for a second or two. At the dry-down it really smells warm and sweet, but not in a girlygirl-way, just...
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    Re: Recommendations and help.

    Thank you for all recommendations! I'm getting really curious at Muscs Koublai Khan, if I dare to trye it :). My next order from The Perfumed Court will definately contain Black Cashmere and Bulgari...
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    Re: What Perfume makes Men take notice?

    I've received most compliments for a Nivea-lotion I used to apply after showering :).

    I have a male friend that loves loves loves Chrystal Noir. He can't stop sniffing me when I wear it, but he's...
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    Recommendations and help.

    I read that BaseNoters are glad to recommend fragrances for newbies like me :). Right now I'm trying to find my path in this jungle of fragrances, but the more I read, my list of must-tries grow...
  10. Re: Will I really smell like sex if I wear Jasmine or Tuberose?!?!

    I've never heard that about jasmine and tuberose. I like white flowers, especially tuberose and especially Fracas, and I think at least that one (Fracas) is very suitable for daytime use. I use it to...
  11. Re: How many sprays do you apply to yourself when sampling a fragrance in a store?

    Two sprays on the wrist. I don't dare to spray more since people might think that I'm just freeloading (on the other hand I'm always nervous about what people might think :)). I never try more than...
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 4 February-09

    Just when I was about to spray some Chrystal Noir on my wrist my samples from The Perfumed Court arrived with the mail :thumbsup:, so today I'm wearing Parfum Sacre (Caron). I like it a lot so far,...
  13. Re: Synesthesia and Color Associations with Scent

    What an interesting discussion!

    I actually didn't know about the condition synesthesia before, I just knew that it's very common that autists (is that the correct word in english?) usually...
  14. Re: Which fragrances in your wardrobe will you definitely repurchase?

    I always have a bottle of J'adore ready in my wardrobe :).
    When my bottle of Fracas is empty I'll repurchase that one too.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    23 year old teacher-student from Sweden. I just registered here, and I hope to learn a lot about the world of fragrances by reading all the interesting posts from all those great perfumeexperts :)....
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