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    Re: Zara's fragrances

    Black XS came to my mind as well when i smelled it briefly
  2. Fragrances you've received negative comments on..

    Yesterday I was wearing YSL's M7 in a friends car and he told me I smelled like dirty laundry and cologne (as if I was trying to mask dirty laundry with cologne). What fragrances have you gotten...
  3. Re: Terre d' Hermes, Aramis Havana, Issey Miyake and Diesel Fuel for Life up as a combo swap

    hi, let me know if youre interested in these, thanks

    Boss Bottled (Boss #6) 3.3 oz 99%
    Versace Eau Fraiche 3.4 oz 99% (swapped)
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme 4.2 oz 99%
    212 Men (Carolina Herrera)...
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    Re: Scents hated at first but now loved

    something to think about...
    if it takes us "x" number of wears and "y" number of hours to start to like a scent, is that really something that you want to wear when trying to make a good impression...
  5. Scratch & Sniffs Swap Thread (Designers)

    Below is what I have for swap/sale. I started getting into fragrances last year and ended up making a ton of blind buys. As a result I don't even wear most of them. Ones that say 99% are virtually...
  6. Re: Are those little neighborhood fragrance shops legit?

    I'm in brooklyn New york and I can tell if some frags smell like they're real but I'm sure if u were to be selling fakes in a store front u wouldn't be selling anything easily recognizable as fake....
  7. Are those little neighborhood fragrance shops legit?

    Do they sell real fragrances? Im hesitant to buy frags online for fear that I wont like what i smell. There are a few perfume stores by my work and before I spend my money, I'd like to know if they...
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    Re: Tommy Bahama house?

    i finally blind bought the original and just sprayed it on a hour ago. By reading the reviews and my impression of the bottle i pictured smelling something similar to the scent of sunscreen/sunblock...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage - What a great scent...

    voyage is a pleasant scent but im surprised to hear people talking about its projection and all cause I feel like it doesnt project well at all. Its a light subtle smell and i use more sprays of this...
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    Re: legit?

    wondering how exactly u found out your bottle is from 2005?
  11. Re: Is it true that when you niche, you wont go back?

    100 out of 100 people will choose a bugatti over a corolla, how many people will choose the niche over the designer, blindfolded is the question
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    Tommy Bahama house?

    Which is the best of the three?:
    Tommy Bahama
    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts
    Tommy Bahama Very Cool

    Are any of them worth buying? Id go for a sample but being that they're relatively cheap...
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    yeah, i was just wantin to get others feel for them as i had just applied them and didnt wanna jump at something only to wonder what i was thinking when i first tried it. youre right, i was kinda...
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    Re: The Niche Version of lacoste Booster?

    is it cause you want to spend more for the same scent? lol
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    i was able to get samples of each of the 3 and just applied a little to my wrists. i didnt get the best idea of how they smell yet (maybe i should put a little more on, being that im just applying...
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    Re: legit?

    im wondering if this is the case. i bought a bottle of versace eau fraiche, just sprayed it and it doesnt seem sharp and crisp as i think it should be, smells kind of like a sticky sweet smell
  17. Re: "Armani Diamonds" - can you help identify this bottle? [pictures]

    Prob doesn't help you much but my bottle doesn't look like that. Is he suspicious of the smell because he's familiar with the scent or because it doesn't smell good?
  18. Re: when shipping samples... so you say to the post office what you are shipping?

    if we cant send liquids how come these companies can mail us fragrances?

    i was thinking something similar this morning cause i had to return something to "". glad she didnt ask me...
  19. Re: Is there a frag that we all (or most) can agree on that smells great?

    Is it really that good or is it getting these high marks because its a "classic" and respected by fragrance lovers? does it smell dated or for older people? if it came out today under a different...
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    hmm im not sure why but everytime i try to order samples from them the charge for shipping shows up
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    ive been trying to but i cant really find a good place to get samples from, (without paying $5+ just for a little vial)
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    paint thinner? lol odd, Ive heard that it was like a cross between JPG (i think it was) and d&g pour homme, both of which i like. Also that it was vanilla/creamy, so its weird since paint thinner...
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    The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    I'm sure they smell nothing like the other but I am about to blind buy one, just cant decide which (also considering Burberry London). What do you suggest? why? which do the females like more?
  24. Re: I doubt I'll ever stop looking for "that" fragrance...

    how long have you been "searching" and how many bottles do you own?
  25. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    i dont have too much experience with fragrances but ill go with chanel allure homme sport a few months back
  26. Re: Light Blue vs Aqua Di Gio vs Boss Bottled - Longevity and Siliage

    to me light blue smells very much like a much lighter version of acqua di gio. im surprised i havent seen that comparison made (or maybe i havent looked). so yeah adg is easily stronger than the d&g...
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    Re: Tested and Purchased POLO MODERN RESERVE

    bumping this old thread. i am wondering if i should purchase this EDT. i see this fragrance has a lot of positive reviews, but for the most part they dont seem to be "glowing reviews" and most of...
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    Re: Le Male vs Cuba Gold vs 360 White

    so was the difference between cuba gold and cubano gold ever figured out? from the looks of this thread it looks like theyre 2 difference fragrances. if thats the case, did we ever come to a consesus...
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    Re: Fragrance has changed my life

    5 lbs due to lighter pockets
  30. Re: If you could have one super-popular male frag in your wardrobe, what would it be?

    with that said however i can understand wanting to avoid the extremely popular scents that a lot of the general public may have been exposed to (ie to avoid smelling like someones ex, etc)
  31. Re: If you could have one super-popular male frag in your wardrobe, what would it be?

    True, I dont smell fragrances on men very often at all. Being on this forum you kind of get the impression that everyone wears this or that scent and if you wear a "common" scent everyone is going to...
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    Re: Buying and selling on EBAY

    agree. i bought something unrelated to fragrance from someone with little or no negative feedback who guaranteed authenticity and it turned out to be fake. im hesitant to buy fragrances from ebay but...
  33. Re: I finally made my first full bottle of niche purchase

    wow.... that was exhilarating. Lol
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    Re: 212 vs Lacoste Essential

    i went with the 212.. it came in the mail yesterday but i havent had a chance to open it yet. ill you know how it goes!
  35. Re: Scents that smell similar to Rochas Man/Pi/1 Million/La Nuit/Gourmands?

    nope, and i dont like A men (if it smells like the knockoff angelus which the guy said smelled the same). La nuit smells very heavy and too sweet for me (similarly with A men). i feel like itll...
  36. Re: Scents that smell similar to Rochas Man/Pi/1 Million/La Nuit/Gourmands?

    hmmm, the dreamer and body kouros were actually on my want list, though i have never smelled either. thing is i dont like La Nuit and ive smelled a knockoff of A men and didnt like that either(does...
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    Re: What is the best inexpensive fragrance?

    where do some of you get these prices?:angry:
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    Re: Blind buy that turned bad

    im just getting into this whole fragrance thing, but i feel like i gotta blind buy most of the time because its tough to go into a fragrance store and not buy anything and just sample a bunch of...
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    212 vs Lacoste Essential

    I am looking to pick up something and a couple that ive smelled lately were 212 and lacoste essential. i smelled them at different times (212 was sprayed on my wrist about a week ago) and i picked up...
  40. Re: what was your first legit bottle purchase?

    first "legit" one i bought was a blind buy a few weeks back of YSL's La Nuit De L'Homme (disappointed). others ive had prior were Ck one, Cool water, ADG (gift), lucky no 6. Also picked up kenneth...
  41. Re: brit vs. code vs. la nuit de l'homme vs. le male

    im a fragrance noobie, but i find it hard to believe how la nuit is so well liked and reviewed. i blind bought it a few weeks back after all the positive things i read about it and was very...
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