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  1. Re: Suggestions for fall/winter scent for office

    Thank you all, checking all the suggestions as they are being posted!
  2. Suggestions for fall/winter scent for office


    Im looking to get one or two new colognes to round up my fall/winter collection. These will be for use at work/office, so it must be something relatively discreet, not owerpowering, yet as...
  3. Re: What fragrance was so bad you HAD to wash it off?

    Kenzo L'Eau Indigo PH. It was a really disappointing blind buy. Too bad, because I love all of the other Kenzo "L'Eaus" for men.
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    Re: Today I bought: January 2013

    Dior Homme
    Bleu de Chanel
    Givenchy Pour Homme
    Azzaro Chrome

    A nice way to start 2013 :)
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    Re: Kenzo L'Eau Indigo - Terrible!!

    I suspect its the ginger. Will have to do some more tests. Too bad where I live there is not a lot of places for me to sample fragrances, so sometimes I have to blind buy. Guess we all have some...
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    Re: Kenzo L'Eau Indigo - Terrible!!

    Yeah, i understand you, it just hit me as really strange that it can smell so intense and "weird", and yet no opinions or reviews emphasize this particular characteristic. Thats why I thought I...
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    Kenzo L'Eau Indigo - Terrible!!


    First of all, I need to say I love Kenzo PH and the original L'Eau. Blind bought Indigo and received it yesterday. Oh my gosh, what a terrible, terrible smell! I sprayed it on my arm, got a...
  8. Help deciding for summer: Colonia Assoluta or Givenchy Blue Label

    Hello fellow forumers!

    Im in need of help. I want a fragrance to wear while at work during very hot summer days. Having to decide between Givenchy Blue Label or Aqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta,...
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