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  1. Re: Has Anyone Had A Fragrance Go Bad On Them Overnight OR In A Very Short Period Of Time ?

    Don't rule out the possibility that it could be body chemistry. Any number of factors can contribute to your olfactory interpretation.
    Put the bottle away and revisit in a month or two. I've had...
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    Re: Do people REALLY care about your scent?

    the only thing people care about is whether you smell good or stink. They don't care how much you've paid for a fragrance or if it's vintage or modern. Slap an Adidas sticker onto a bottle of Creed...
  3. Re: please help with fragrance name. have bottle photo

    That's a very good guess~! It does look like so..
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    Re: Fahrenheit in the Summer?

    Yep, we've had an awfully hot summer here and Fahrenheit has worked wonderful and feels so refreshing to me.
  5. Re: Neroli Portofino - same soapy citrusy but cheaper scent?

    I have actually thought the 'latest' version of Hermes Eau d 'Orange Verte Concentree" was very similar to Neroli P. and at a fraction of the cost. I do say the latest version as the older one is a...
  6. Thread: Guerlain SDV

    by vertatre

    Re: Guerlain SDV

    I'll be the house idiot and ask "what is SDV"? I thought I was familiar with many of the Guerlain offerings, but apparently I'm not.. :)
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    "guerlain" instead of "Guerlain" ?

    I was meandering through ebay looking at various Habit Rouge offerings. I've been on an after shave kick lately as it's been so hot here lately I feel more in the mood for lighter things..
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    Re: Habit Rouge After Shave

    An aftershave doens't necessarily have to be used "after shaving". I enjoy a few AS's from such fragrances like M7 and Antaeus which perform well when I don't want the entire effect. I mean, in...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Cologne 2015 edition

    I've been waiting for this as well. Has there been any publicity / info on this outside of the US? tried to do a google search, but I still seem to always get the ES parfum..
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    Re: Is it worthy to blind buy MONSIEUR BALMAIN?

    I'm a big fan of citruses and believed I should have liked this. I saw a bottle at a shop and sprayed it on me, and the top notes, the original blast, is very fresh and lemony. I thought this was...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    I have to admit I am late to the party on this frag, but I officially sampled Guerlain's Habit Rouge and I am in love. I've known about it for years, but just never paid any attention to it. Finally...
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    Re: Annick Goutal: Eau Du Sud

    This is one I fully expected to love. Much that I read described something that it was going to be a no brainer that it would sit among my favorites, but unfortunately that was not to be. I go back...
  13. Help identifying a vintage (Fahrenheit, Hermes) and a few others? pics included

    Hey all,

    So there's this shop here in Honolulu, where the woman has a boat load of fragrances, many of them old, plus a lot of samples too. She doesn't necessarily know that vintage is sought...
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    Re: New Eau Sauvage cologne

    I ll be eyeing my local Sephora for this, not necessarily expecting a classic, but hoping for the best ... We'll see. I thought someone mentioned a grapefruit note in it earlier..
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    Re: Your favorite Givenchy

    mid vintage
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    Re: What to wear in Maui

    just buy some Monoi Tiare Tahiti oil, slather it all over yourself and lay out in the sun. I buy the one with Iodine, Tiare Rouge, but they have other scents, coconut, vanile and others. It's an oil....
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    Re: Antaeus Vintage Vs Current Formulation

    There are about two 50 ml bottles of vintage Antaeus after shave sealed in the box (Apres Rasage above the Chanel title) on ebay. There was a good article on that Raiders of the Lost Scent blog...
  18. Re: I declare discontinued prices to be ridiculous as of today !

    I think when you look at ebay or amazon, you'll see a range of prices. Some are way too high, but I doubt those sell, because they tend to be continually listed (like that $600 bottle of egoiste. :)...
  19. Re: Chanel Coromandel- Anyone else find its a bit too feminine?

    I do have Coromandel and don't find it too feminine. I'm 6'3" and bearded and I do it well. I don't over indulge myself in it however, especially in my climate, just a dab behind the ears and a tiny...
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    Re: Shipping to the United States

    I know you asked shipping from Canada to the US.

    I have recently (in the last two months) received a 3.4 oz bottle from Toronto, that I bought off of ebay.It was posted from Missasuaga, then it...
  21. Re: Tried the new Dior Eau Sauvage COLOGNE (2015)

    I was looking forward to this. Thanks for the review. I too will like to try this out for myself to see my impressions. Nice bottle!
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    Re: Lets make a list: Your 1 spray fragrances

    I like to put my one spray smack on the chest, between my two.... I like how it meshes into my t shirt, so later on when I get a little hotter, the smell emanates. (I live in tropical environment)
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    As others said, the brown marble box is a good indication that it is at least 'older', but I am unclear as to when the various reformulations took place and in which box. Splash are also more vintage...
  24. Re: Chanel A Gentleman's Cologne: a revised history

    Pics don't work for me (although it may be my system).

    I would imagine the smell would overrule any change in color concerns. I have a vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur "Spray COLOGNE" 95 ml which is...
  25. Re: How often do you wear the same scent two or more days in a row? Which scents are they?

    I do, it's usually Monsieur de Givenchy or Rive Gauche pour homme. Those seem to be my 'reach for when I can't decide" choices.
  26. Thread: M7 Surprise

    by vertatre

    Re: M7 Surprise

    What a great surprise!!

    From what I understand, the mandatory listing of all ingredients came before M7 was reformulated by a year or two. So , you will find some vintage "pre formulation" all...
  27. Re: How much do you think presentation/packaging impact your choice of a perfume

    For me, I think it does effect whether or not I want to give it a try, or if I am directed towards it, at the very least. But just because a bottle is beautiful (someone mentioned BdChanel and I...
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    Re: The NEW Dior Eau Sauvage COLOGNE for 2015

    rather excited about this. Been with ES wince the mid 80s. I totally missed the 100% Glacon version, at least from a collectors standpoint. Love the Fr.Cuir. I wonder if this will be a short lived...
  29. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur: where to buy the pure EDT vs Concentree

    I don't see why you won't be satisfied with the offering of now. It smells wonderful and to me does not in any way smell weak. I had a recent bottle (3.4 oz size) which I used up, and recently found...
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    Re: M7 a must have?

    For me it was a must have, mostly due to historical and legendary status. An Yves Saint Laurent house offering that no longer is produced, and of course a fragrance that was one Tom Ford's firsts. It...
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    Re: What did they say you smelled like?

    "Who just smoked some weed back here?" wearing Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree on a packed bus on a hot day.
  32. Re: On the hunt for a creamy, sexy, coconut fragrance...anyone??

    My favorite coconut scent comes from an oil from Tahiti called "Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coco", which is coconut oil with tiare flowers and coconut. I use it as a tanning lotion to be honest, and it smells...
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    Re: Monsieur de Givenchy alternative?

    I would also say Chanel Pour Monsieur. Not sure what constitutes "vintage", but I am talking about the non concentree version, the one in the tall rectangle 3.4 oz bottle that is technically not sold...
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    Re: What is your 'simple' favourite?

    When I"m not sure what to wear and just wanna leave out the door:

    SIMPLE/CLEAN: Monsieur de Givenchy (just a nice clean smell to me. when I don't want to fuss about)

    A LITTLE MORE: YSL Rive...
  35. Would you say M7 Fresh is a precursor to YSL's more modern frags ?

    I guess what I"m asking, is if you think the M7Fresh is a base or part of the family of YSLs more modern offerings? I say, because I've wanted a new summer'y fragrance, and I have a bottle of M7 from...
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    Re: Ysl pour homme

    I think the older YSL pour homme had the "YSL" running down the front of the bottle, as opposed to the full "Yves Saint Laurent" running across at the bottom?

    I have an older vintage splash. I...
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford Beard Oils

    Incredible suggestion. Never would have thought of that. They do say fragrance lasts better being sprayed in hair, is why many suggest spraying your chest
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    Re: Shave or beards?

    I guess it depends on a lot of factors. I have a well designed beard and I feel just better with it. It suits me far better than when I was clean shaven. . I do love a clean cut guy look too, but a...
  39. Is Portugal some sort of fragrance clearing house? Advice ordering from Europe

    I see quite a few listings from Portugal and was curious if there was a particular reason, or simply coincidence.?

    I am considering getting a particular YSL item and noticed several from Portugal....
  40. Re: Awaiting a $$ shipment from Canada (to the US)

    Thank you all for your comments. I have to admit, I was hesitant coming to this thread thinking I may have overreacted (I read too many message boards and saw so many differing views.. ), but I think...
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    Re: Chanel Antaeus

    I've considered it often, but don't think I could pull it off here in Hawaii. It's beautiful, and I'd have to just dab a minuit bit on me (much like I do with my vintage Trussardi Uomo splash), but I...
  42. Awaiting a $$ shipment from Canada (to the US)

    and oh man, am I sweating it out here. lol. I kept reading all these things about fragrances not allowed on airplanes and these rules etc.

    Bought a vintage fragrance (100 ml) I've wanted and even...
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    Re: • M7 Oud Absolu •

    I"m actually surprised at those who find it weak and watered down. I have a small decant (considering purchasing the bottle) and I sprayed my right arm Monday night, and found it rather strong and...
  44. Poll: Re: Help identifying authenticity and age of this "Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT Concentree"

    There seems to be these interesting 1 oz bottles that I never remember seeing sold, which could denote an older version (vintage) perhaps. Case in point, on the dior eau savage thread, a 1 oz photo...
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    Re: Fragrances that smell exactly like things

    Rive Gauche PH (a glorious scent) somehow reminds me of Fabreze if I spray too much or spray it close to my neck for some odd reason.
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    Re: USPS and mailing fragrances

    Hi. I didn't intend to ask for a refund. I noticed they were selling 2 of the same bottles, so I thought I was being nice to write them a note saying "hey, thanks for the speedy shipping,but just...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage bottle

    In this 1969 ad, you can see the crown-ish bottle. (and the brown marble box with the yellow border around the edge which denotes the most vintrage). Its possible they resurrected the crown bottle...
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    Re: USPS and mailing fragrances

    I recently went through this experience. I bought an eau de toilette (vintage) on ebay from a perfume dealer (good ratings etc.) but the quality was not what I expected, the dealer said return it if...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage bottle

    Im not entirely sure it would be from the 70s. This style bottle (the vertical one with cream cap) was used in the 80s up until at least the mid 90s when I stopped buying. I used to buy ES and ES...
  50. Re: Can I use the aftershave lotion as regular body lotion? How about the balm?

    I do this with the Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert Lait lotion or something like that. It's a white lotion in a tall green plastic bottle and smells heavenly. Actually it smells just like CONCENTREE...
  51. Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    See I see Coromandel as being very masculine. I do like "the Rock" reference. I think he'd smell good in it.

    I never quite understand the 'suit and tie' reference, I mean, I do sort of, but being...
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    Re: Chanel Coromandel and Guerlain Habit Rouge

    Coromandel is one of the FEW that I have ever been stopped and commented how good I smelled,. Some woman at a shop one evening said 'my god you smell good". and this must have been 8 pm and I had not...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Egoiiste Platinum

    Personally I feel PE is suited for the younger set, it's a pleasing smell and few can go wrong wearing it. I do have the 'original' Egoiste and like it, but ca definitely see where some would think...
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    Re: Channel: Platinum Egoiste

    Hey all. I had a curious question on PE..

    at a shop in my town, I found these two different bottles of PE. Both are 3.4 oz, but they are a little different in text on the bottle (or at least on...
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    Re: Trussardi UOMO : it's so dark?

    I love Trussardi Uomo and have that alligator bottle and a much smaller glass aligator inspired sized bottle (without the plastic covering) that is splash. Frankly I don't ever think I could finish...
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel...what a suprise for me!!

    I enjoy a few obscure scents here and there and like to think I am being 'original' to a point, although far fro being like many on this board who have scents from all corners of the globe and far...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage sans oakmoss?

    I"ve been a fan of Eau Sauvage since the mid 80s when an old beau used to wear it in college. I bought it up until the late 90s and kind of went off fragrances for about 8 years and just used up...
  58. Re: Honest Comparison of Dior Homme Vintage and Dior Homme Reformulation

    I never liked the 'original' Dior Homme and wanted to because I like a lot of Dior's and, correct me if I'm wrong, there was a smaller size other than 1.7 oz avail about 2 years ago (at least at...
  59. Re: Cristalle Chanel EDT (1974) is wearable by men?

    Personally for me, when I tried it awhile back, I intially liked it on the first few sprays and then thought it would be great for me, but after settling for a bit, I just did not like it 'on me' at...
  60. Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    thanks all. I guess I am just trying to figure out a way if I can tell which version the one I saw in that chinatown shop is..

    So I take it no CPM bottles that are sold to the public have that...
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    Re: Is the new Monsieur de Givenchy still good?

    thank you guys, Enrico especially for your well thought out response. I appreciate it. I really do like it, didn't want to give any other impression. I think I bought it around Novembe as the...
  62. Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    Hey all. I bought this Chanel Pour Monsieur 100 ml bottle from perfumeemporium dot com about a year and a half ago. As you know, the story is that this version is not sold in stores in the US nor at...
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    Re: Is the new Monsieur de Givenchy still good?

    thanks for your reply. I am going to give it somme serious re wearing starting tomorrow. The weather is getting warmer here now so I think it'll be perfect to give it a further go. I must certify, I...
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    Re: Is the new Monsieur de Givenchy still good?

    I pretty much have a full bottle (non mythique) sitting around that I purchased last year. I wish I wanted to wear it more, but for some reason I dont. And I do have and love CPM, CPMC, Dior eau...
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    Re: Your safest, go-to, anytime, anywhere scent?

    just the simple ones.. chanel pour moniseur (both versions), Eau Sauvage and if I want a little edge, YSL Pour Homme (red cap).
  66. Poll: Re: Tiffany for Men/ Chanel Pour Monsieur/New York

    I must be in the minority here. I own both Chanel Pour Monsieur (who knows which vintage, im sure its been relatively newly made) as well as Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree. They each have their...
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    Re: Chanel Egosite (discontinued) ???

    I just saw it yesterday at the Nordstrom Ala Moana Center. They've been selling it for a few months now (along with Antaeus). Neiman Marcus here has it as well. And of course the two Chanel boutiques...
  68. Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum - Frighteningly Beautiful !!!!!

    I picked up a sample at my local Sephora yesterday,, as I've been a fan of the Original and the Extreme for years. I actually really do like this, but I don't think it needed to be called Eau Sauvage...
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    Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur with muscle?

    I recently marched into the Tiffany store here and sampled the Tiffany for Men. To me, it is very very similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree and not the Chanel Pour Monsieur (non Concentree)

  70. Re: A question for European Basenoters, particularly in France

    I'm not in Europe, but I bought the 100 ml a few months ago from perfume emporium for $80. Ships from California (ordered on Thur arrived in Hawaii on Monday).
  71. Re: Anything else that smells like Colonia Assoluta?

    Love all three. YSL PH is my one scent I can put several sprays and not feel I am offending anyone. Very lemony wth a slight hint of dirtyness to it. I"m tempted but a little afraid to get the YSL PH...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT August 2011

    Today I bought 3.4 oz EDT Guerlain Heritage. I did lots of research, and surmised I had no interest in the parfum, nor had a desire to seek out vintage, I truly loved what I smelled and tested on two...
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    Re: Fragrances that you wear to bed?

    Coromandel. I just love shpritzing it on my neck after taking a shower right before bed.
  74. Re: Eau Sauvage and Eau Sauvage Extreme reformulation

    Maybe suggest buying the ones in the orangish marble box as opposed to the white box? Also, maybe the splash would be older as I have no idea when the last splash bottles were made, but they aren't...
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    Re: Fragrances You Like But Hardly Ever Wear

    Trussardi Uomo. Such a beautiful frag, but strong, and I can only dab a little here and there, no full spray for me. So I haven't bothered in over a year.
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    Re: chanel egoiste vs chanel alure

    I'm wearing Egoiste today. No tux for me though. I live in Honolulu, work downtown and am wearing a light greenish aloha shirt with brown and white flowers, black pin striped pants and black lace...
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    Re: trusted places to order online

    i've bought several from . i've come to trust them since I live across water and I'm impatient. If they ship out on friday, I usually get on Monday, although your mileage may...
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    Re: Your most expensive blind buy?

    I would not take risks usually over a certain dollar amount, but my most expensive blind buy without officially sampling? I 'd have to say $80 for Chanel Pour Monsieur (non concentree, which I do...
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    Re: chanel egoiste vs chanel alure

    You're asking a room full of people who love the art of scent, so the answers are going to be pretty obvious. I love Egoiste. Egoiste harks back to another time. Allure is a scent for today. However,...
  80. Anybody know when Eau Savuage EDT SPLASH was last made? (and available?)

    I see it for sale on a fragrance site in the 3.4 oz splash bottle (not confusing it with apres rasage either, as both are available). Does anybody know when it was last sold at fine stores as part of...
  81. Re: What Do You Wear More Frequently Than Any Other Fragrance?

    Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme
  82. Re: Revisiting frags you haven't worn in a while...

    I think revisiting those you havne't worn in a while is a great idea, or doing something to liven old ones up. Olfactory fatigue certainly plays a part as well. Just try not wearing a fave scent for...
  83. Re: Remember the violet candies wrapped in purple tinfoil?

    I was just at the Hermes boutique last week and sniffed some of their Hermessence line, and one in particular, Paprika Brasil, smelled like those violet candies. The SA even pointed it out to me. I...
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    Re: Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermes

    I think they smell a bit different. I was just at the Hermes boutique a sniffin last week and tried this. Nothing I ever try at Sephora makes an impact on me, but when I go to the source, its a...
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    Re: Chanel Bois des Iles

    'for me', verging on the feminine. maybe in a teeny dose. I do have Egoiste as well.
  86. Re: YSL pour Homme ( original) and Ho Hang similarities

    I think we are in a similar boat here. I just received Wednesday a vintage bottle of the YSL PH splash in 2.0 oz and I too questioned its age and quality 'at first'. I had initially wished I had a...
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    Re: Gendarme EDP fans!

    I remember some time last year, at Macy's (the only place i've seen it here), I received a spray on a card of the Parfum and left it in my bag, For a few days after, I kept smelling this incredible...
  88. Re: Did I receive a vintage YSL Pour Homme splash?

    Thanks for the comments. I went home and decanted it into an atomizer and that certainly turned it around for me. Lovely fragrance. A nice concentrated spray to the neck does wonders vs. a few dabs...
  89. Did I receive a vintage YSL Pour Homme splash?

    I've wanted the YSL Pour Homme (not L'Homme) for quite a while due to my desire to return to the classics, and finally ordered it last week from a I assume reputable fragrance seller (not ebay)....
  90. Re: Yup, Chanel Pour Monsieur died on my skin. Pity!!!

    omg. I haven't laughed all morning, but that is funny.
  91. Re: CHANEL Pour Monsieur vs Dior Eau Savage vs A-D-P Colonia Assoluta.

    See I felt the same way up until a few months ago. I was, for years and years, a big fan of ES Extreme, and after a 10 year hiatus, I finally repurchased a bottle from the Dior boutique here last...
  92. Replies

    Re: Review on Roger & Gallet Pour L'Homme

    I have always remembered this scent from way back in 1986, smelling it at Printemps (dept. store) in Marseille, France. I had arrived in France to go to school for a year and left a good friend who...
  93. Re: Which fragrance would you buy with other people's money?

    Several Annick Goutals. Thats all I can think of.
  94. Replies

    Re: I need a replacement ..... Please

    I have a bottle I bought from 2007 that I just recently resurrected from an old hidden box from a move. I 'd forgotten about it, but remembered why I put it away. Zero longevity too on me. At the...
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    Re: Thoughts on Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree

    I love it. One of my faves.
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    Re: Granville by Christian Dior

    This one I really want to experience. I called the Dior boutique here in Honolulu and they do not have this. They suggested the New York or Los Angeles (I think) store to contact. It's not easy to...
  97. Thread: Bijan is gone

    by vertatre

    Re: Bijan is gone

    I always associate Bijan with the 70's in Los Angeles. I grew up in LA and the late 70s when I was a teen was my age of "awareness" and always remember his ads in the magazines as well as his Rodeo...
  98. Replies

    Re: Les Exclusifs de CHANEL

    See i originally thought Bois des Iles because of the Egoiste connection, but FOR ME, i found it to be a bit more on the feminine side for my wearing comfort. Reminded me of something my mother used...
  99. Re: Does Chanel Egoiste and Platnum Egoiste smell similar?

    I think they're both very different from each other. I dont own the PE, but I do like it very much as a scent. I do own Egoiste and like it very much as well, although CMPC I like better (but I know...
  100. Re: so who else here went thru a fragrance 'phase'?

    I tend to do this every 4-5 years or so. Go on this monthly or twice monthly buying sprees for about 6 months to a year. I find myself on the downswing right now, with very little I want to try or...
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