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  1. Re: Aventus Test: Fake vs Real (Personal Experiment)

    That is the old myth we need to dispel. Everyone assumes fakes will be obvious fakes. They make very good copies of both juice and packaging these days.
  2. Re: Aventus Test: Fake vs Real (Personal Experiment)

    I admire Matkinson's gumption. It's about time somebody did some actual testing of fake versus real. Give us the facts. These boards are full of assumptions of what fakes must look and smell like,...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Max has a great take on his personal experience with Aventus: Life is too short to hunt down Creed batches.
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Where did you buy the Z01?
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I Tweeted Luca Turin to ask if he had a theory about Creed batch variations, particularly Aventus.

    His response? "Unquestionably a quantum fluctuation."
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Just purchased from Fragrancenet 4 oz Aventus batch A42B13W01. Very disappointed. Smells like an ashtray start to finish. Subdued pineapple in the background. Can't detect any fresh fir smell at all....
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    Real vs Fake Bleu de Chanel

    There are a lot of fakes out there.
  8. Re: What's a good fragrance to spray on your sheets

    +1 a light lavender for the relaxing aromatherapy benefits.
  9. Re: Article: Black Friday Perfume deals and beyond

    Pretty pathetic offers. Not motivating at all.
  10. Re: If there's no stamp of "creed" on the atomizer cap is the fragrence fake?

    Price is only part of the equation. Buying a fake can also expose you to harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and your health. They aren't bottled under regulated sanitary conditions like...
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    Re: Where to buy Creed SMW or GIT

    Fragrancenet often sells the same fragrances at greater discount on EBay. However, be aware that Fragrancenet has 170 negative feedback comments in the last year, with some buyers alleging they...
  12. Well done. Persolaise, you deserve your fame.

    Well done. Persolaise, you deserve your fame.
  13. Re: Recommend me a nighttime, going out type fragrance

    Bois du Portugal - Woody oriental, powerful but not over-powering. Projects an appealing confidence.

    Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille might also work. As might - dare I mention its name - Aventus.
  14. Re: Gucci pour Homme II - Possibly Discontinued?

    Gucci is apparently in the business of discontinuing good, distinctive scents (Rush for Men, Envy, Pour Homme II) and introducing obnoxious, vile fragrances (Gucci Guilty, etc.).
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    Re: Most desired discontinued fragrance?

    Gucci Rush for Men, the lost Tom Ford masterpiece. Woods and incense. Bring it back, Gucci. It's better than any other men's fragrance currently in the Gucci line-up.
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    Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    Very good fragrance with decent sillage and all day longevity on me. Works well at the office or on a date. You can dress it up or dress it down. Every bit as versatile as Green Irish Tweed. Makes me...
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    Re: Bonds NEW alternative to Aventus???

    There's a very interesting article about Bond No. 9 founder Laurice Rahme when she was president of Creed USA (at No. 9 Bond Street) and visited by Olivier Creed titled "Monsieur Creed Sniffs Out A...
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    Re: Bonds NEW alternative to Aventus???

    Affirms my impression that Bond is just a knock-off house.
  19. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    Really? Where does this come from? I'm not aware of any time in the last 50 years when pink was primarily considered a masculine color and blue was primarily considered a female color. Toys and...
  20. Re: Fragrances you like that noone's talking about...

    1903 by J. Peterman, obscure because it's only available one place on earth. It will always be a hidden gem.
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    Re: Fragrance for business conference

    Coin toss between Gucci Pour Homme II and Silver Mountain Water. With the others I think you run a greater risk of being perceived as frivolous, on the prowl for seduction, or the cologne guy.
  22. Re: Which scents gets you the most negative comments?

    Must have been quite a wild bus ride. Are you sure it was the fragrance and not your Tom Ford-like appearance?
  23. Re: Which scents gets you the most negative comments?

    Never date insane women.

    For me it was Michael Kors for Men. One spray and people would wince when I approached them. Stopped wearing it. Tossed it out. Only decent thing to do.

    - - - Updated...
  24. Poll: Re: Bois D'Orage vs Bois du Portugal. Who wins?

    Where do you find sweet in Bois du Portugal? It's dry spicy woods.
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    Re: favorite ginger scent...

    Five O'clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens
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    Re: Creed GIT or Aventus or?

    Geranium pour Monsieur by Frederic Malle.

    I love Bois du Portugal, but it does not sound like what this gent enjoys. I never heard BdP described as "flowery" before. It's more strong woody and dry.
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    Re: Help with finding a great Lavender frag

    Well, what were the results?

    I just read that Frank Sinatra's favorite fragrance was Agua Lavanda by Puig, according to his daughter Tina, who said he always smelled of lavender.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, March 30, 2013

    Enchanted Forest

    by Vagabond Prince
  29. Re: Article: The Vagabond Prince's Zoran Knezevic on their debut fragrance [Video]

    Enchanted Forest is a truly beautiful fragrance: natural, earthy, uplifting. Congratulations Zoran and Elena!
  30. Re: If you had to choose 3 colognes to wear for the rest of your life....

    Mark Birley for Men by Mark Birley
    1903 by J. Peterman
    Bois du Portugal by Creed
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, March 23, 2013


    Green Irish Tweed
  32. Re: Best light, close to skin perfumes for men

    Mark Birley for Men
  33. Re: What has a strong black pepper note but not sweet?

    Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, March 11th, 2013

    Green Irish Tweed
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, March 8th, 2013

    Enchanted Forest by the Vagabond Prince
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, March 7th, 2013

    1903 by J. Peterman
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    Re: Recommendation requested

    Some good suggestions. I'd just add Vetyver by L'Occitane and Norne by Slumberhouse (actually made in Portland).
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    Re: Help with finding a great Lavender frag

    You have found the holy grail with Gris Clair if you want dominant lavender throughout the fragrance along with good projection and longevity.
  39. Re: Was Le Male reformulated in the past year?

    We can only hope.
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    Re: L'Artisan Timbuktu Initial Review

    Timbuktu is the first fragrance I really found magical, other worldly, hallucinatory, like stepping into a panoramic waterfall in a rain forest.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, February 14th, 2013


    Enchanted Forest
  42. Re: Does it exists any great or even a masterpiece "sport" scent?

    Although it's not labeled as such, I think of Green Irish Tweed as the ultimate sport scent.
  43. Poll: Re: which fragrance is better as a date scent?

    I wouldn't consider loud projection a positive for a date scent. You're going to be close to one person all night and Bleu de Chanel, especially, is going to be overwhelming at close range. Unless...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, February 4th, 2013

    1903 by J. Peterman
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    Poll: Re: Bleu De Chanel - Longevity

    Too long.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, February 2, 2013

    1903 by J. Peterman
  47. Re: Should I buy Bleu de chanel or D&G the one?

    There are much better choices out there. Buy Bleu de Chanel if you want to smell like a lot of other guys or a just cleaned locker room or be labeled "the cologne guy". You might want to sample...
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    Re: Help Me Choose!

    Gucci Pour Homme II
  49. Re: What fragrance was so bad you HAD to wash it off?

    Bleu de Chanel. I was out on the town yesterday and every other guy on the street and in restaurants seemed to be wearing it. Nauseating. Tried it twice. Immediate scrubber both times.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

    Enchanted Forest

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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, December 30th, 2012


    Enchanted Forest by the Vagabond Prince
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    Re: uh oh Duchaufour

    It always helps to have as many facts as possible and all sides of the story before rendering judgement. Bertrand Duchaufour has said that he was not approached to do a vanity perfume project for a...
  53. Bertrand Duchaufour's Latest: Enchanted Forest

    Enchanted Forest, created by Bertrand Duchaufour, is inspired by blackcurrant and the mystery of Russian forests after rain. Herbaceous green notes mingle with aromatic balsam fir, tart and tangy...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, December 21st(!), 2012

    Enchanted Forest by Vagabond Prince

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    Enchanted Forest

    I just received a pre-launch sample today of Enchanted Forest by Bertrand Duchaufour from a new fragrance company called the Vagabond Prince. Has anyone else tried this? The inspiration was...
  56. Re: Ody's Christmas list: scents for the season

    Tobacco Vanille
    Five O'Clock au Gingembre
    Incense Avignon
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    Re: Polo Big Pony collection

    I thought #3 was the best of a bad lot, but really this collection is a complete waste. There was a time when Ralph Lauren oversaw the creation of fragrances, but now he just licenses the Polo name.
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    Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Au contraire. Since the original poster asked, I find Bleu de Chanel an overbearing synthetic headache. Vastly overrated by the same people who love Terre d'Hermes because both scents have the same...
  59. Re: You people realize that real smells are infinitely better than fake ones, right?

    +100%. Walking over the grass and smelling the trees and leaves on the breeze, or inhaling fresh ocean air, these are the best fragrances in the world to me.
  60. Re: Solid, Versatile, All-Season Designer Fragrances

    +1 Platinum Egoiste
  61. Reformulated Eau Sauvage is a Masterpiece!

    Look on store counters and you will see Eau Sauvage EDT in the same bottle and same box, but the juice has changed. The oakmoss has been removed due to IFRA (European regulations) which Dior has...
  62. Re: pleaz halp - CREED fakes are getting BRILLIANT

    Colombo is your reference point for detectives in 2012?

    The only way to be sure is to break your bottle in half. If you see an engraved image of Olivier Creed's thumb at the bottom giving you the...
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    Re: Christmas 2012 fragrance

    Christmas Eve = Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    Christmas Day = Slumberhouse Norne
  64. Re: First Creed. Aventus bought online. Is it real?

    Lot number: 42 is the Creed code for Aventus. 12 represents the year 2012. The final 01 indicates it was manufactured in the first quarter of the year. Creed caps are often loose. The bottles spray a...
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    Re: Gucci Rush for Men Smell Alike

    I think you're looking at after shave, not the EDT.
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    Poll: Re: cologne at a job interview

    I thought that was the purpose of deodorant.
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    Re: Which Chanel?

    If South Africa is very hot in spring and summer, Bleu and Platinum Egoiste will become cloying. Allure Sport isn't much of anything. So the winner from your list would be: Allure Homme Edition...
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    Poll: Re: cologne at a job interview

    Whatever happened to just take a shower before the interview and that way you'll be fresh and clean?
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    Re: Gucci Rush for Men Smell Alike

    For a new bottle on Ebay you're looking at $249+. I've seen used or leaking bottles go for $167. Gucci should bring back Rush for Men. It's a Tom Ford creation and the quality shows.
  70. Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    People who say Green Irish Tweed smells just like Cool Water have: a) Not smelled Green Irish Tweed recently, b) Not smelled Cool Water recently, or c) Never smelled either.

    If you can tell the...
  71. Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    The birth of Green Irish Tweed (from Vogue magazine):

    A hunting trip to Ireland in June 1984 yielded an iconic formula for sixth-generation perfumer Olivier Creed. Notebook in hand—“I always carry...
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    Best Sage Scents

    From your experience, what are the best male fragrances where sage (clary sage) plays a prominent role?
  73. Re: What cologne smells exactly like "cool water" for men and is cheap?

    I hear Aspen smells like Cool Water and may be cheaper. There's probably no "exactly".
  74. What fragrance would Julian Fellowes wear?

    Julian Fellowes is the creative force behind "Downton Abby", the musical "Mary Poppins", the new "Titanic" series, "Gosford Park", author of two novels,and from his acting days, Lord Angus Kilwillie...
  75. Re: If you had to pick Creed GIT vs MI? Why?

    Green Irish Tweed - a classic, smells like confidence, more versatile, any season, takes you from the gym to the office to a night out, better for dress up occasions.
  76. Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    Where you buy the fragrance is one of the variables that can determine how good it smells. I wonder how many of the complaints about Creed's "poor quality control" come from people who bought fakes....
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    Re: Help me spend $500! :)

    Jack Black does make fantastic skin and body care products, but unfortunately they need to go back to the drawing board on their fragrances. Black Mark is the most successful of the bunch, but to my...
  78. Re: Green Irish Tweed vs Allure Homme Sport vs Bleu de Chanel (Summer)

    On me, at least, Green Irish Tweed doesn't project much after the first couple of hours. Given your youthfulness and the desire for top projection/sillage and your fondness for Chanel, I would...
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    Re: AHS or Bleu which one for winter?

    Bleu is unsuitable for any season, but that's just me.
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    Re: First Cologne for a Teenager

    At 15, he's probably going to be as interested in the bottle and brand image as the scent itself. That's why Fierce would be a great choice. Then Armani Code, Acqua di Gio, or even Gucci Pour Homme...
  81. Re: Need a Scent For Someone Who Does Not Typically Wear Cologne

    Dior Dune is a light happy clean scent.

    Gucci Pour Homme II is a subtle fresh and spicy fragrance.

    Mugler Cologne if he wants to smell like soap.
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    Re: 3 sprays of aventus too much?

    From the people who brought you "my cigarette smoke is so good people will want to smell it." LOL

    Nothing against Aventus, but I've learned never to confuse my personal enthusiasm for a fragrance...
  83. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    Two examples most people on this site would know are Creed's Bois du Portugal and Chanel's Platinum Egoiste.
  84. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    With the disclaimer that I haven't tried Derby, all Guerlain's fragrances that are marketed as masculines strike me as very feminine. Is it possible that Guerlain doesn't know how to make a...
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    Re: Eight & Bob ??

    And what about the magical ingredient from the Andes that the original formulator called "Andrea", not an actual name of a plant, just a nick-name so it's impossible to trace or verify? Andrea (or...
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    Re: your favourite scent from Serge Lutens?

    It's a toss up between Five O'Clock au Gingembre and Gris Clair, depending on the season.
  87. Re: Looking for suggestions. Something dark for 20 year old.

    I think you're not going to have much of a future working alongside doctors if you wear fragrances that project. It's usually frowned upon, if not strictly against hospital rules.
  88. Re: Is Platinum Egoiste anything like Paco Rabanne XS?

    +1. Platinum Egoiste is very different from Paco Rabanne XS. You would never confuse one with the other.
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    Re: Best Creed for the Summer?

    Personally, I can't see Aventus as a summer fragrance. It's too heavy, smoky, leathery and oak mossy with lots of musk. In the heat this will be over-powering and cloying. There's also a note or...
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    Re: Bottle sizes you regret getting..

    I deeply regret the single sample sprays I took of Dior Homme and most designer scents, but I am pleased with the 15.5 gallon millesime kegs I purchased of Green Irish Tweed and Bois du Portugal.
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    Re: The Wealthy Sailor

    What drove you to that madness? Was it living in the witness protection program?
  92. Re: How many of you (non-beginners) keep a small wardrobe?

    I only buy fragrances I absolutely love (not just like) and can see myself wearing in specific situations. Consequently, I own 5-7 bottles at any one time. Each fragrance plays an active role in my...
  93. Re: Article: Chanel unveil Brad Pitt campaign

    This spot was produced in-house by the fragrance company because Chanel apparently doesn't need any stinking ad agency to make their commercials.
  94. Re: what vintage discontinued fragrance would you like to see back available

    Gucci Rush for Men from the mind of Tom Ford.
  95. Re: Any Frags that have a Rasberry note other that fuel for life?

    Charles Street
  96. Re: What are your thoughts on Mark Birley's offerings?

    Understand that Mark Birley for Men is chamber music in a world full of rock bands. It causes some people to automatically dismiss it, while some of us embrace it for that very reason. Any longevity...
  97. Intriguing idea to have a male celebrity endorse...

    Intriguing idea to have a male celebrity endorse a fragrance targeted for women, but the execution is dreadful. This sounds like a hack writer's attempt to compose something poetic and profound. It...
  98. Re: Looking for a new frag thats very masculine but also modern!

    Chanel Platinum Egoiste is an all around winner. Appeals to young women? Check. Masculine? Check. Staying power and projection? Check. Extremely versatile (day/evening, all seasons)? Check. Fits your...
  99. Re: Name a fragrance that you wish you would have purchased prior to it being discontinued.

    Gucci Rush for Men - A Tom Ford meditation on woods and incense.
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    Poll: Re: Bleu de Chanel vs BN

    +1. I wonder if Bleu is Chanel's take on Terre d'Hermes? Both have a big grapefruit opening and plenty of pepper. Unfortunately for me they are both iso e super flame throwers (i.e. headaches in a...
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