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    Re: Suggest a fragrance for me!

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Bleu De Chanel, Platinum Egoiste would all be great choices but they are out of your price range.. For ones that do fit in your budget, Versace Pour Homme and Love and Luck...
  2. Poll: Re: HM Vs. Eau Fraiche Vs. L'Eau Par Kenzo Vs. Versace Homme

    I have owned all four.. I like all 4 of them... If your considering HM , I would not suggest blind buying it.. Its very different and not as safe as the 3 others.. Although I like it and consider it...
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    Re: Aventus - What am i looking for?

    yea its a beautiful fragrance ... Masterpiece in my eyes...
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    Re: Your top 3

    La Nuitt
    Pure Malt
  5. Re: What are you itching to buy, before this winter comes ?

    a few of these 3 or 4 . Might need your guys help to determine.

    Pure Havane
    Tobacco Vanille
    Musc Ravageur
    Original Santal
    Play Intense
    Midnight in Paris
    New Haarlem
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    Re: YSL: La nuit de L'homme vs L'homme.

    I own both and believe both are great fragrances.. L homme is more versatile , great for everyday wear even classy affairs. It smells very good. Only downside is it may not last long... La Nuitt on...
  7. Re: What are the best "swiss army knife" fragrances?

    L homme, prada amber, platinum egoiste, Gucci 2
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    Re: jean paul gaultier le male

    does anyone know if the Le male testers come with the grenade pull like pin that hangs down like the actual bottles do
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    Re: la nuit de l'homme v Spicebomb

    La Nuit without a doubt my man
  10. Poll: Re: End Perfume Sexism - Should Basenotes Merge the Male and Female Sub-Forums?

    I totally disagree. I think things are fine the way they are and more organized ... Changing this would not be a good idea.
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    Re: Chanel Allure line

    Allure seems more of a mature smell. A scent I would wear on a special occasion more geared to cooler weather in my opinion. Allure Homme Sport is awesome. Its very versatile and can be worn...
  12. Re: Creed AVENTUS & Millesime Imperial 50ml $68, Offsite- Dior Oud Ispahan

    email sent
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    Re: Bleu de chanel vs allure homme sport

    allure homme sport
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    Re: The Basenotes Fragrance Championship

  15. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Malt!!!

    Pure Malt is so much better than amen in my opinion... None of the overpowering tar note that is found in amen.. People describe pure malt as boozy , whiskey and berries..
  16. Re: perfume night time that make girl comfortable lying at your shoulder?

    la nuitt.....then Rochas man or original santal
  17. Re: Creed Virgin Island Water- FULL

    If you get anymore Virgin Island water or Aventus I would be interested
  18. Re: Need Help! Leaving for Mexico , which scents should I take?

    thanks for all the feedback guys, really appreciate it.. I'll let you know what I decided
  19. Need Help! Leaving for Mexico , which scents should I take?

    Going to Cancun next week for vacation/ wedding and not sure what to take. Out of my collection, I've narrowed it down to these 10. Pick the best 4 or 5

    D&G The One
    Creed Aventus
    Aqua Marine...
  20. Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather....Bond#9 NY Oud

    Received Creed Millisime Imperial and Silver Mountain splits ! Very happy and pleased.. Fast Shipping and am looking forward to future splits!
  21. Poll: Re: Creed Aventus or Millesime Imperial or Silver Mountain Water or Green Irish Tweed

    another vote for MI and Aventus!
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    Re: Recommendation from my list

    warm weather: allure homme sport, edition Blanche
    cold/cooler weather: Rochas Man, La Nuitt

    Although YSL Lhomme is very versatile
  23. Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather....Bond#9 NY Oud

    Got my musc ravageur yesterday.. Super Fast Shipping! Smells great!
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    Re: Great formal scents

    looking for a type of scent as well. How would platinum egoiste do for this?
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    Re: Buy from Amazon or Sephora?

    probably sephora. Perfumaina and Fragrencent >> Amazon in my opinion
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    Re: Which fragrance for taking a shower?

    wow seems like a waste of a fragrance... Could never do that
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    Re: What IYO is the most...

    Thierry Mugler
  28. Re: Creed Original Santal...Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather...Bond#9 NY Oud

    I am also interested in getting in on a split of Millesime Imperial as well as Silver Mountain Water! Let me know
  29. Re: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather....Bond#9 NY Oud

    Received my Aventus split yesterday.. Awesome packaging .. Looking forward to musc ravageur as well this week
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    Poll: Re: How long does your bottle last?

    I've only finished 3 bottles of cologne . Chrome, Acqua Di Gio and Unforgivable ... This was before I had any other bottles and each of these were my everyday scent
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    Re: Need help buying cologne

    la nuitt is a winner... Can't got wrong with it!
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    Re: Burberry Touch is Wonderful

    haha goat piss... Burberry touch is good.. Women like it and seems good for spring.. I've heard so much about London, I need to try that out
  33. Re: Musc Ravageur.....Jubilation XXV....Tom Ford TV, Tuscan Leather...Creed SMW & MI $66...Bond#9 NY

    I'll take some musc ravageur as well.
  34. Re: Musc Ravageur.....Jubilation XXV....Tom Ford TV, Tuscan Leather...Creed SMW & MI $66...Bond#9 NY

    I'll take some musc ravageur as well
  35. Re: Need Help with my next 3 purchases from this list

    I might get Dior homme sport first. Found a really good deal..
  36. Re: colognes like smw and millesime imperial?

    unforgivable original is great.. Smells great and girls loveeee it!
  37. Re: Top 5 Crowd Pleasing Designer Summer Fragrances 2012

    Blvgari aqua marine
    acqua Di gio
    allure homme sport

    to name just a few
  38. Re: Top 5 Crowd Pleasing Designer Summer Fragrances 2012

    designers my man
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    Re: what's is you're date/romantic scent?

    La Nuitt
    Pure Malt
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    Re: Help with Fragrance Website

    More like Miss Cleo
  41. Re: A nice family get together at a restaurant tonight which fragrance from my collection should i p

    1 of these

    Marc Jacobs
    I am king
    Pure Malt
    La Nuitt
  42. Re: Need Help with my next 3 purchases from this list

    thanks guys really appreciating the feedback and any other advice you guys have given me... So far the top 2 are Creed Aventus and Millesime Imperial. The third will be between Silver Mountain Water...
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    Re: Is this Chanel Homme Sport Real?

    don't buy it. I brought an allure homme sport off ebay a few years ago for around $ 50.. Bottle definitely looked real and smelled great, but was a fake. Save your money and hit up Macys or sephora...
  44. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water & Millesime Imperial $66.......Bond No 9 New York Oud $73.........

    I originally emailed you a few days ago about both aventus and musc ravageur . I emailed you again this morning about Aventus.
  45. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water & Millesime Imperial $66.......Bond No 9 New York Oud $73.........

    i emailed you this morning about aventus
  46. Need Help with my next 3 purchases from this list

    Hello All,

    I became interested in colognes and fragrences last year and have found both Basenotes and Youtube to be quite informative. I am undecided about my next few purchases. Since Spring and...
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    Re: YSL's L'homme, or La Nuit De L'homme?

    I like both! but if I had to pick one it would be La Nuitt.. Better longevity and gets me compliments whenever I wear it.. I love it!
  48. Poll: Re: Ed Hardy Love & Luck for Men vs Nautica Voyage vs Chrome Legend vs Sean John Unforgivable

    in terms of overall smell I'd say unforgivable.. All the ladies love this stuff!

    In terms of projection and longevity , Nautica Voyage easily
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    Re: Your Top 5 As Of: October 2011

    Hey I am new around here. This year i started getting into the fragrance game. before that I owned 2-3 max..

    As of right now my young top 5 are

    1) La Nuitt De Lhomme
    2.)Chanel Allure Homme...
  50. Re: help me choose 3 fragrances from the list?

    la nuitt and terre d hermes are both good. not sure on a third
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