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  1. Wanted: Chanel Allure Homme Sport Travel Edition


    I'm looking for the black holder specifically, if anyone has it and is willing to part ways. Mine broke & I haven't had any luck online.

    I'd be willing to purchase with juice as well....
  2. Re: Hermes Ambre Narguile - $60/20ml, Creed Himalaya, Silver Mountain Water - $66/50ml

    I'm waiting on a PM from him. Hasn't replied yet.
  3. Re: Hermes Ambre Narguile - $60/20ml, Creed Himalaya, Silver Mountain Water - $66/50ml

    BTW Dullah -- my payment was made for SMW. Wanted to make sure you got everything ok so it can be updated on here!
  4. Re: Creed Aventus 500ml split - $66/50ml

    Got the last smw. Payment sent
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    Bonds & Creeds

    Looking for:

    Creed Aventus (prefer pineapple strong batches)
    Creed SMW

    Bond no 9 Coney Island

    Will entertain other offers from these two as well!
  6. Re: What is the ideal skin care routine for men?

    I'm having difficulties with finding stuff good for really dry skin. Some days I am completely normal, but others I am flaky. My derm recommended I tan for 5 or so minutes a week, and when I do, my...
  7. Re: Which one if your favourite Chanel Allure Homme : Original or Sport or Blanche ?

    agreed. I like Blanche alot as well, but I could never find a time to wear it.
  8. Re: Burberry London for men: Elegance, refinement and greatness.

    I love London, but it screams boozy, christmasy, and almost naughty to me... kind of the opposite of the thread starter :D
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    Re: Azzaro visit

    I've been complimented on it numerous times, but I often find times to wear it difficult.
  10. Re: Best fragance for men of Yves Saint Laurent

    Opium and L'Homme series are my favorite.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    Almost everything was stolen out of the boxes at the Marshall's across the street from me. There was Hugo Boss Blue and Zirh Corduroy that weren't taken yet though.
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    Re: Out of curiousity - a personal question

    I'm straight.. and my convo with my guy friends is typically "Dude, chicks love it"... "Ya, smells good broseph." End convo :D
  13. Re: If you had to pick 1 cologne for a high school boy (15), which would you choose?

    Best post. Sadly enough I've owned every cologne mentioned :D

    Givenchy Blue Label and Allure Sport are lady killers. Blue in particular is ridiculous as getting compliments.
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    Re: 212 or l'eau d'issey

    212. Issey is okay, but makes me sick to my stomach.
  15. Re: If you had to pick 1 cologne for a high school boy (15), which would you choose?

    Hugo Boss Energise is a good recommendation.

    Please thread starter DO NOT get A*Men.. Your classmates will hate you. And you will NOT be able to wear it in summer.
  16. Re: Best In Fragrance - GQ (English) 2010 Grooming Awards

    I'm actually looking for La Nuit, is it widely available? Perhaps on the sale forums as well?

    Pretty decent list. I really like Italian Cypress and Tom Ford makes a great scent, so I can't...
  17. Re: If you had to pick 1 cologne for a high school boy (15), which would you choose?

    When I was 15, I remember wearing Avatar and Curve :D

    Curve was a huge hit with the ladies, but I'm sure cologne is more popular with your age then it used to be.
  18. Re: If you had to pick 1 cologne for a high school boy (15), which would you choose?

    If Fierce isn't common.. GET IT! Not going to lie, it's a perfect compliment getter and you'll stand out since no one wears it.
  19. Re: Geir by Geir Ness -- underrated Fragrance?

    Geir Ness is a scent that needs a GREAT atomizer. It needs to be spray in a fine mist that is pretty wide to get the right application. That's just me though, does anyone else agree? If it isn't...
  20. Re: Fragrances you like, but your partner...

    Yeah, most girls I've talked to don't like Prada Amber or Infusion, and I love both. They just say it smells like soap (both of them). Which is a shame because I enjoy both! I still wear them though...
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    Re: A Fresh, Clean, and Soapy smell

    L'eau Par Kenzo
    CK Be
  22. Re: Geir by Geir Ness -- underrated Fragrance?

    It gets plenty of credit on here. I'm not sure if it was newly added to the major perfumery stores or not, but I remember a few years back that some guy was marketing from his website. Someone...
  23. Thread: ****

    by Regis Philbin

    Re: ****

    ¿¿pɐǝɹɥʇ sıɥʇ uı uo ƃuıoƃ sı ʇɐɥʍ
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    Re: La Nuit de L'Homme - What is the verdict?

    If anyone is uninterested in their bottle, I'll gladly swap it out for you :D
  25. Re: Himalaya sample -- The Review.(in progress)

    Yeah, and to me Creeds are very unique.. they all smell different on the individual person, more so than other houses in my opinion.
  26. Re: Himalaya sample -- The Review.(in progress)

    Hmm I definitely don't get Mambo, at all. Maybe I had a fake batch that was unbelievably good smelling! I certainly don't much of a cloying factor as well.
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    Re: colognes that are too popular

    I tend to like colognes that are too popular for class and work. People are never really offended and they can be conversation starters. Cute girls always know their colognes :D

    Dior Homme is...
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    Re: Burberry London for Men Special Edition

    Ooh. If anyone can find out around you area I am willing to swap a couple of the bottles below in my signature(or just the Creed) if you could get it for me! I'll pay shipping!
  29. Re: ***Fragrances That You Like, But Chemistry Doesn't Agree With You***

    Dior Homme.. smells great, but all I get is make-up on me.
  30. Re: Newbie needs help with alternative to Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

    If I may suggest, ask for a gift card to Sephora or something similar. This way you can still check out other available scents without making a final purchase!
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    Re: Lighter than Opium PH?

    Thanks I'll have to get an Iceberg Twice and Eau d'Orient sample.
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    Lighter than Opium PH?

    I am a big fan of Opium -- although I am younger and it's summer time. Are any of the other versions fresher and suitable for warm weather yet still retain the qualities of the original? Are there...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Of all things? Chicks love Reaction..
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    Re: Kenneth Cole Reaction T-Shirt

    I've been wanting to try it. Some beautiful friend of mine told me it made her 'excited'.
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    Re: My wife think i have an obssesion.

    If you're a member of basenotes, it may be an obsession ;)
  36. Re: Boss in Motion White Edition new Fragrance!

    Not the biggest fan of the Boss in Motion line. The original is sickly sweet and smells good enough - but would be better suited for a little child or girl.
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    Re: Flakes in the jus?

    Gucci Envy does this well in my case.
  38. Re: Dior's Poison - an unexpected new love...

    To be completely honest, there are so many scents that I LOVE on the cards after they settle. I loathe them, and fiend for them... only to test drive the frag to realize I can't pull it off. I still...
  39. Re: The most classy of Terre and Platinum?

    It may not surpass it, but everyone has it! AdG, Curve, Fierce, TdH, and Code.... EVERYONE AHHH! I still wear Code though because it's nice in cold weather.
  40. Re: Allure Homme vs. Edition Blanche.Which one lasts longer?

    Blanche is not weak... i don't know how people could possibly think that. They must have skin of leather and not respond to scents at all. I wore 1 spray yesterday for class and it was too much for...
  41. Re: The most classy of Terre and Platinum?

    I'd wear Platinum. To my nose, it seems as if Terre d'Hermes has surpassed AdG in terms of popularity. Almost EVERYONE has it! That's not a necessarily a bad thing. I mean look at the frag...
  42. Re: A*Men Pure Malt - I received my bottle

    It could be called A*Men Regurgitated Feces and still get praise on basenotes :D

    I definitely want to smell this, although I'm highly doubtful I want to smell like a malted version of bug...
  43. Re: Any Love for Canali? New Blind Buys...

    Don't like the original Canali. I've never been a fan of that 'permanent marker' (unless it's from a freakin' permanent marker) smell that some scents have. The Dreamer is another that shares that...
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    Re: Geir knockoff on eBay???

    a 'bit' of sweetness is an understatement. it's a lovely scent, but SWEET SWEET SWEET, with a floral note reminiscent of windy mountains - but i still get mainly SWEETness :D
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    Re: Dior Homme vs Infusion d´Homme

    Dior Homme is the ONLY scent out of about 50 where I had multiple negative comments. I've had "old lady", "grandma", "funeral home" thrown at me. I stopped wearing it after that! I enjoy the scent,...
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    Re: What is amber?

    Whoa.. never noticed that in either :D
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    Re: Do you ever finish a bottle?

    I've finished:

    Essenza di Zegna
    Gucci Envy
    and Hollister Drift (which is going for over $100 on e-bay :D when people don't realize that Fierce is the same thing and 8oz of those...
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    Re: The smell of 'success"....

    I always thought Must de Cartier smelled like "success" mixed in with some cinnamon rolls :D
  49. Re: Name a fragrance you own but no other Basenoter does...

    Certainly not the only one but the rarest I have is:

    Davidoff Relax.
  50. Re: Okay I figured out Diesel Only The Brave

    I find Fuel for Life quite linear. It's opening notes are essentially the dry down - is the opening different?
  51. Re: Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Eau D'ete Summer Edition

    Does it retain any of the florals from the original?
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Nope. I am in college and frequent bars, classes, etc filled with thousands of young females. Half of the time I get "Someone smells REALLY sexy.. who is it?" And they confirm it's me. Other...
  53. Re: Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    Of course I'm serious. Others reviewers have said the same thing, so I'm not the only one. I certainly get a strong, soapy smell as well - but the headshop smell still lingers.

    [qupte]An hour...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Silver. Allure Homme Sport Cologne is the clear bottle.

    18-Mid Twenties, college town. Bars.
  55. Re: Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    The men's.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Got a bunch of comments on Chanel Allure Sport last night. Trying out Prada Amber tonight.
  57. Re: Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    I read some reviews which said it smells like a head shop and I feel the same. I may associating the head shop smells with nag champa. Either way I really enjoy this fragrance!
  58. Re: Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    Haha funny as it is - that probably happened! :D

    It is. I wish I was the only person who had my colognes ;)
  59. Re: Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    Yeah, I've sampled Infusion and loved it. Decided to gamble and get Amber blind. Not sure if I'll keep the Amber and swap it for Infusion.. but I know I'll have one of these Pradas in my wardrobe!
  60. Prada Amber arrived... Nag Champa anyone?

    Maybye it's just me - but this scent at first blast strongly resembles those old Nag Champa (sp?) that used to be oh so popular. I got this blind expecting it to be a bit more soapy since that's all...
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    Re: L'eau D'Issey too heavy? Try Eau D'ete

    I'll have to try it out. I like L'ea d'Issey but can't really find a time to wear it to fit my 'style' if that makes scents ( ;) )
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    Re: Water sign scorpio fragrance

    I'm not sure why anyone is actually correlating their astronomy sign to scents.. REALLY weird if you ask me! But people call me crazy for having so many scents haha..
  63. Poll: Re: Dior Homme - Why Is It So Beloved By BNers?

    I get more make-up and grandma's lipstick than actual chocolate. Maybe my grandma should become a basenoter - because she smells like dior :D It's a scent that I REALLY enjoy wearing, just not in...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Oddly enough, I've never received compliments on GIT or Millesime Imperial. Not one. Scents like Fuel for Life, Fierce, Issey Miyake, Gucci Envy, Givenchy Blue, Armani Code, etc are the REAL...
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    Re: Today I bought (March 2009)

    Ed Hardy
    Love & Luck

    and through trades:

    Prada Amber
    Dirty English

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    Re: Gucci PH II

    I only smelled it briefly but I barely got any spices. Very sweet and cloying to me.
  67. Poll: Re: Dior Homme - Why Is It So Beloved By BNers?

    A lot of basenoters automatically associate "different" with being "good". Most of the loved scents on basenotes - I hate. Dior Homme smells good enough - but not on a human. I wore it a few times...
  68. Re: Okay I figured out Diesel Only The Brave

    Which smells similar to Pi Neo... hmm a new trend?
  69. Re: CSI:Givenchy - help me crack the case on this scent!!

    It does sound very irresistable... like a pi you just want to dive into. Sounds like a scent a gentleman would wear ;)
  70. Re: Prada’s new Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger

    I want to try this our for sure!
  71. Poll: Re: How successful are you at selling your unwanted fragrances?

    Not very. I figured Davidoff Relax or about 5 other well known/liked fragrances would be gone by now. :( I'm just going to e-bay the rest in a couple days. Most of the stuff listed is around 50% off...
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    Re: Which Tommy Bahama's to buy blind?

    I love the original. I feel it can work anywhere anytime.
  73. Re: Canali Men by Canali and its pineapple note

    I heard great reviews so I went out and tried Canali. It's ok but all I get is that permanent marker type note which I HATE. It's almost like black licorice or something, It really puts me off. I...
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    Re: Newbie looking for some advice?

    Love & Luck by Ed Hardy
    L'eau Par Kenzo
    Millesime Imperial
    Yves Saint Laurent - L'Homme
    Chanel Allure Homme Blanche

    Put those 5 scents as your daily rotation and you will always smell good and...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    I was just at Marshall's today. They used to have a whole area dedicated to scents but took it down for PURSES! Anyways.. I noticed about HALF of the boxes were empty. I'm assuming people just opened...
  76. Replies

    Re: Obsession Night...

    Obsession Night has a nice pear/suede feeling, that can mimmick coconut. It's a pretty competent scent. I just don't really know when to wear it!

    IMO it smells nothing like Code. A scent that...
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    Re: Daddy Yankee is launching a fragrance...

    Cute dog in the avatar. What mix is he/her??
  78. Thread: Testers?

    by Regis Philbin

    Re: Testers?

    Apparently not if you look at my sales list. Not one tester :D

    I've just NEVER had problems with them! If I find a cheap tester online and I'm interested, I'll give it a go!
  79. Thread: Testers?

    by Regis Philbin

    Re: Testers?

    I've never actually purchased a used tester though. So, for whatever it's worth - testers have NEVER failed me.
  80. Thread: Testers?

    by Regis Philbin

    Re: Testers?

    Yeah, no cap/box isn't really a problem with the juice - only cosmetic. If that is what you were wondering Texican - you have your answer.
  81. Thread: Testers?

    by Regis Philbin

    Re: Testers?

    I don't see why there would be problems with testers. The purpose of them is for people to TEST the scent. If anything - they have a higher concentration of oils. The last thing a company would do is...
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    Re: Awesome freebies from a dear friend

    I want your Love & Luck :( I've been desperately trying to trade for it!

    Check out my signature if there is anything interests you.. I NEED IT AHHH!
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    Re: Fragrance with dominant melon note

    Paris Hilton for Men
    Millisime Imperial
    Love & Luck
    KC Reaction

    - Melon notes are pretty much my favorite :D
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    Love & Luck by Ed Hardy

    I never thought I could like this scent due to the tacky clothing line and 'tattooed' bottles - but I do! It smells like Unforgivable and Millisime Imperial mixed. It has pretty darn good longevity....
  85. Replies

    Re: First Purchases

    IMO of that list get the following:

    Gucci Envy - perfect for parties or more dressier occasions at your age.
    Fuel for Life - Pretty much anytime/any season and girls LOVE it. More so then any...
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    Re: BMM09: Support A*Men!

    Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better :D
  87. Replies

    Re: BMM09: Support A*Men!

    Can't do it :D A*Men smells like bug repellent to me and I've never received a compliment on it :(
  88. Re: Versace Baby Blue Jeans or Azzaro Chrome?

    I'm not a fan of Baby Blue Jeans AT ALL. On the other hand Chrome will illicit comments and the longevity is great.
  89. Re: First dates: How do you and how much time you spent deciding on a frag?

    I always pick what scent I wear depending on what I wear and how I feel. Haha... even the colors I am wearing I relate to scents!
  90. Replies

    Re: Dior Homme

    I like Dior Homme - but it's not for everyone. It smells like my Grandma, so I can't muster up any use out of it. The few times I did wear it, my college friends said I smelled like a funeral home.....
  91. Re: Social Creatures: New Line at Luckyscent

    I'm excited to how you like them! The bottles are pretty cool.
  92. Replies

    Re: L' eau D' issey

    If you want to know what it smells like, go to Hawaii and smell a Flower Lei. Almost identical. I love the smell, just not on me. I have a bottle I use sparingly.
  93. Re: What do you recommend for a 14yr old boy/lad?

    Yeah... check e-bay!
  94. Re: A dead beat, foul oceans, bad men, and a real Ikon

    Must be skin chemistry. If I spray ANYTHING 8 times, I will smell like Sephora literally ALL day. I usually spray 2-4 times and get compliments almost everytime. I can't believe people actually spray...
  95. Replies

    Re: What should I get next?

    IMO Unforgivable Black would be the most versatile for a 22 year old and the ladies like it.
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    Re: Armani Code Summer

    Nice bottles.
  97. Replies

    Emporio Armani Diamonds and Pi Neo...?

    I just smelled Diamonds - although only from an ad.. but Pi Neo seemed to smell very similar.
  98. Replies

    Re: Armani Code Summer

    Didn't hear about it until now! Thanks I will have to try this when it comes out.
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    Re: Diesel's Only The Brave is now @ Macy's

    Will it not work in warm weather? I tested and liked Pi Neo - but shipped it off. I want to find something similar but less synthetic. It's amber base is really sweet and fresh, yet I'm sure it would...
  100. Replies

    Re: Diesel's Only The Brave is now @ Macy's

    I think this is my next purchase :D Probably blind buy - but oh well.. Any similarities between Pi neo?
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