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    Bond No. 9 & Jo Malone

    $150 - Bond No. 9 New York Oud 3.4 oz. (90% full, no box)

    $90 - Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - 3.4 oz (90% full, no box)

    Both are priced with shipping within U.S.


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    Poll: Re: POLL: Best Blu Mediterraneo

    Fico d'amalfi is my favorite
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    Re: Best designer lemon for summer days

    Eau d'hadrien is probably the best designer lemon fragrance
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    Re: complaining about longevity

    Price is not reflective of longevity. It's valid because other fragrances that are more and less expensive have greater longevity. It's a legitimate complaint.
  5. Re: Hermessence Gift Set - Which four should I get?

    Vetiver Tonka
    Ambre Narguile
    Osmanthe Yunnan
    Poivre Sarmacande
  6. Re: MFK APOM Pour Homme - Gorgeous Heaveny Orange Blossom Amber Fragrance

    It is a very nice fragrance although, there's a musk note that ruins it for me. Kobe is similar and longer lasting (and unfortunately for expensive) and I prefer it overall.
  7. Re: Something similar but better than Bvlgari Pour Homme extreme?

    Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne
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    Re: The best neroli?

    Neroli is my favorite so naturally, I have a lot that feature that note predominantly and have tried many as well.

    L'occtaine Neroli EDP (although discontinued, it's amazing!)
    Eau De...
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    Re: Best vetiver

    It all comes down to taste because there are plenty of excellent Vetiver fragrances.
    Some of my favorites are...

    Grey Vetiver
    Vetiver Tonka
    Sel de Vetiver
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    Re: What is your favourite Oud?

    Harrods Oud
    Dark Aoud
    New York Oud
    Red Aoud
    Mona Di Orio Oud
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    Re: Serge Lutens

    Serge Lutens has a lot of great fragrances. A lot have to be aligned with your taste and some from their house are unwearable. Here are some of my favorites;

    Jeux De Peau
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite vetiver?

    I don't get much if any vetiver out of Sel Marin. It's mainly salty lemon citrus with seaweed to me!
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    Re: Egoiste and DHI.

    I much prefer Egoiste as I found it worth owning while DHI wasn't interesting enough for me. A sweet gourmandish fragrance where there are countless other fragrances that are much better in the same...
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    Re: APOM pour Homme - Alternatives?

    Kobe is APOM done a lot better
  15. Re: Just recevied Dior Homme Intense and I don't think I like it.

    Don't believe the hype
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    Re: Extreme Oud - by Kilian

    This whole Oud craze really needs to move on.
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite tea?

    Gucci Pour Homme II, Oolang Infini, Silver Mountain Water, Bulgari Black, Bulgari Eau the Vert Extreme are my favorites.
  18. Re: Best 'designer' beach scents for men...

    Bronze Goddess or Azure Soleil.
    Don't let the name fool you, easily worn by a man and one of the best designer beach scents.
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    Re: Top 5 Rose scents

    In no particular order

    Portrait Of A Lady
    Noir De Noir
    Rose 31
    New York Oud
    Sa Majeste La Rose
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense or Chergui

  21. Poll: Re: Frederic Malle - poll - please pick your 2 choices only from the listed

    En passant
    dries van noten par
  22. Re: Jardin D'Amalfi (my impression of Creed's exclusive)

    Extremely overpriced for the mediocre scent it is. You could do much better for a quarter of the price.
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille or Back to Black?

    Tobacco Vanille is much better
  24. Re: Need Italian summer scent advice....

  25. Poll: Re: Help me choose a bond frag. (all thoughts welcome) POLL!

    New Haarlem is probably my favorite Bond and New York Oud is next from your list. Bleecker Street is nice but that's really all that it is. It's nothing special really.
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    Re: Trouser droppers?

  27. Re: Heeley Sel Marin is probably one of the worst aquatics out there

    "Wall Street by Bond No 9 is a Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for women and men. Wall Street was launched in 2004. The nose behind this fragrance is David Apel. The fragrance features leather, lavender,...
  28. Re: Heeley Sel Marin is probably one of the worst aquatics out there

    Wall Street on the other hand was gross. Cheap smelling and pairing a seaweed/cucumber aquatic smell with leather resulted in super projecting nastiness.
  29. Re: Can You Name at Least 10 Really Good, Underrated, Designer Fragrances That Are a Must Try?

    Dune Pour Homme
    Bronze Goddess
    Bulgari Black
    Narciso Rodriguez Musc
    Bulgari Au The Vert Extreme
    Live Jazz
    John Varvatos
    Bulgari Soir
  30. Re: Heeley Sel Marin is probably one of the worst aquatics out there

    I don't see it as an aquatic, it's more of a citrus/marine fragrance. I can see how it doesn't appeal to people while also seeing how some see it as fantastic.
    I don't see any dead fish in the...
  31. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    The only one that is somewhat close to Neroli Portofino mentioned so far is Grand Neroli. It substitutes vanilla for amber.
  32. Re: If I like Xerjoff 1861, what else from Xerjoff will I enjoy ?

    They're better citrus scents than 1861 for me, although Kobe isn't a straight citrus like 1861.
  33. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    Trolling is getting old brah
  34. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    Called a few Tom Ford stores. It's not discontinued and Italian Cypress only comes in 250ml or 50ml. I can't comment on the large bottle but it's offered in the 50ml if you're interested.
    The only...
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    Re: G'bye Itlain Cypress

    So you decided it was discontinued based on rumors some sales associates told you. How often are they wrong?...

    Edit: Called a few Tom Ford stores. It's not discontinued and Italian Cypress only...
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    Re: G'bye Itlain Cypress

    Italian Cypress has only been in the 250ml and 50ml.
  37. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    Pics or I'm calling shenanigans.
  38. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    Hey just wondering since last time few times I was at Saks I was told it wasn't in the 100 ml, Tom Ford's website doesn't have it listed and so far I've never seen it.
    I'll give them a call and...
  39. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    They really have them in 100ml!? Are you sure?
    They don't sell them on Tom Ford's website and I really want a 100ml to replace my 50ml in the future.
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    Re: The Aquatics and Mainstreaming

    Since there is recurring theme of "people with higher standards and discerning taste" (thanks for proving my point is such a short phrase by the way) in your words completely dismissing any sort of...
  41. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    Unfortunately Italian Cypress only comes in 50ml.
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    Re: The Aquatics and Mainstreaming

    Honestly I think it has to do with some snobbery. The mainstream and "fragrances for the masses" are far more abundant in the fresh and aquatic category than niche houses. With a forum dedicated for...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I agree with this. Add on the fact the owner has been sued for racism as well as colorful bottles and there's more fuel for the fire. I think people fail to realize the perfumers make the scents.

  44. Re: Chanel Coromandel and Guerlain Habit Rouge

    100% agree. If Habit Rouge didn't have the name 'Guerlain' on it, it wouldn't be nearly as praised as it is(which it shouldn't be anyhow).
    Coromandel on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous and...
  45. Re: Today I wore Acqua di Gio Essenza to work. I know this is not a heavy hitter on BN, but...

    That seems odd since they're very close.
    I do enjoy Essenza, it's very well done and an upgrade to the original in scent and longevity. I do prefer other fragrances over this one during the ocassion...
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    Re: Autumn/Winter niche

    I love my winter scents and wear them year round but, they really seem to come out during the colder weather which stifes their tenacity.

    Tobacco Vanille
    Pure Malt
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    Re: Prada / Chanel

    Egoiste and Prada Amber. Own and love both
  48. Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    I really enjoy it and have no problem wearing it. If you think it's feminine, then it is feminine.
    I find it quite unisex.
  49. Re: Any high quality coconut scents similar to Creed Virgin Island Water from Amouage, Bond No. 9, e

    I don't get any coconut in that to my nose.

    I think women's fragrances probably have more prominent coconut notes than men's. I'm with you as I'm not a big fan of fit yet I enjoy coconut and I...
  50. Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    After Midnight is my favorite of the four. Although, their longevity is very bad so they were a pass for me.
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    Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    Ambre Narguile is probably my favorite.

    New York Amber
    L'air Du Desert Marocain
  52. Re: Bigarade Concentree not so concentree.

    Yeah that's rather odd. I've sampled it multiple instances over time since I was debating on whether to buy it since it was competing with Concentre De Pamplemousse Rose, and it's always lasted a...
  53. Re: Bigarade Concentree not so concentree.

    20 minutes seems like a bit dramatic.
    I get 5-6 hours of longevity, it's last quite a while for a citrus.
  54. Re: Fragrances you like that noone's talking about...

    It's one of my favorites for sure. Violets, leather and a lovely mimosa note.
  55. Re: Fragrances you like that noone's talking about...

    Cuir Pleine Fleur
    Unknown Pleasures
    Dune Pour Homme
    Italian Cypress

    All fantastic and deserve more attention than they get
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    Re: Any love for Creed Erolfa

    Bland and mediocre in my opinion. I didn't dislike it or love it, it is such an ubiquitous fresh fragrance. Easily passable as a designer much less at niche prices for both performance and scent.
  57. Re: Tom Fords Italian Cypress - So Impressed I Purchased It On The Spot

    I don't get any smoky aspects of the fragrance either. It's green, barely minty, spicy and very woody. It's more of a dark heavy green than anything light. Absolutely fantastic and I hope Tom Ford...
  58. Re: FREDERIC MALLE: Which one is the best?

    En Passant, Portrait Of A Lady and Bigarade Concentre are my favorites. Portrait Of A Lady is probably the best one overall.
  59. Re: Original Vetiver by Creed (compared to Thierry Mugler Cologne)

    I find them somewhat similar although, I love Mugler Cologne and I can't stand Original Vetiver so they're definitely different enough.
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    Poll: Re: Pure Coffee x Pure Malt x Pure Havane

    Pure Malt and Pure Havane are close, but I find Pure Malt more interesting and less sweet. I myself don't find both worth owning unless you are a collector.
  61. Re: Whose Got the power: Chez Bond vs. Green Irish Tweed

    As far as longevity and projection, Chez Bond wins.
    As far as what scent is better, the one you like more.
  62. Poll: Re: Bois D'Orage vs Bois du Portugal. Who wins?

    Then why vote?

    I vote Bois Du Portugal. While not my cup of tea, Bois d'Orage was very forgettable.
  63. Re: A pina colada fragrance... anything like that exist?

    I love Virgin Island Water so these two intrigue me.

    So far I haven't found a better pia colada type smell that does it better than Virgin Island Water.
  64. Re: What is your favorite aquatic fragrance?

    Millesime Imperial, Sel Marin and Montauk.
  65. Re: Tom Fords Italian Cypress - So Impressed I Purchased It On The Spot

    This is one of my absolute favorite fragrances. It's barely minty, spicy, woody, green and the quality is clearly high. It smells reminiscent of older times yet doesn't have a dated feel like many of...
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    Re: TF Grey Vetiver, a major let down

    +1. I agree with everything here. There will usually be plenty of fragrances from each house you will dislike. Not to mention blind buying isn't that smart. It satisfies a mystery and impulse desire,...
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    Re: Soapy Citrus

    If soapy and lemon is what you're primarily after, here are some good ones.

    YSL Pour Homme
    Allure Homme Sport Cologne (clear bottle)
    Acqua Di Parma Essenza
    Fleurs De Citronnier

    As for other...
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    Re: Smelled Reflection Man today

    I agree as well.

    I think it gives off a similar vibe but, I get plenty of jasmine and not hint of vanilla. Lovely stuff and pretty underrated in my opinion.
  69. Re: Hermes Santal Massoia and varying experiences

    I'm excited to try this one and my sample should be in this week.
    I have my doubts on the claims on how bad the longevity really is. I think a better way of really determining longevity is another's...
  70. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    I notice and pick out certain individual notes a lot more. I'm more critical overall and like to compare more and more fragrances rather than just settling on purchasing something out of a several. ...
  71. Re: Orange Sanguine - is Orange the only note you smell?

    The background notes are pretty light so you have to really try hard to notice them. Apart from orange I get a faint geranium and soft woods, a slight sweetness and soft florals. So apart from the...
  72. Poll: Re: Which would you choose? Prada Amber Intense V. Dior Homme

    Dior Homme wins here for me. I didn't find the Prada Intense to be all that interesting while Dior Homme is pretty unique and of great quality. Although, between a choice of the original Prada Amber...
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    Re: GIT vs SMW for Work

    Silver Mountain Water is one I'd pick. Better longevity, sillage and gets more compliments for me. I find more interesting and really enjoyable to wear while Green Irish Tweed loses its appeal for...
  74. Re: If you own both Italian Cypress and Devin, please raise your hand...

    I own and love Italian Cypress so I'm curious about Devin. I've also never sampled Halston Z14, but since italian Cypress is the only one in the line not to be made in 100ml I'm worried maybe it...
  75. Re: New from Atelier Cologne - Mistral Patchouli

    The vetiver one was quite good although, nothing that hasn't been done before. A very natural lemon citrus with a somewhat restrained vetiver.
    The rose one is one of my new favorites from the line....
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    Re: This is really irritating me!

    Then why send something in the mail?

    Not too mention his posts are on this thead only. Same account and trolling.
    Some people really need attention apparently...and on a fragrance forum!? LOL...
  77. Re: Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Egoiiste Platinum

    If you're hoping to find Egoiste to be in the vein as Platinum Egoiste, you'll be disappointed. It's a completely different scent altogether. It's rosey, stewed fruits, vanilla and sandalwood. It's...
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    Re: This is really irritating me!

    Don't let the name of the fragrance fool you, it has more than two notes. Here are just the ones given..
    Tobacco, tobacco leaf, spice notes, tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit,...
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    Re: This is really irritating me!

    Tobacco Vanille has no mint and I'm not sure what note in it could be mistaken more mint. It lasts forever for me as well.
    I think asnomia could be the problem here.

    The One lasts forever and...
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    Re: Best Vanilla/smooth, creamy scent?

    A very good vanilla and very vanilla prominent. I find it a bit too sweet though for my tastes.
    DHI isn't a straight forward vanilla scent at all, in fact it's more a part of the background. If...
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    Re: pure malt back in stock

    I think the whole limited edition is more of a test of which ones sell the most and those will be in their rotation completely.
  82. Re: Do you think that Kouros is the ultimate best male fragrance ever?

  83. Replies

    Re: Which fragrance for beach feelings?

    Virgin Island Water
    At the Beach 1966
    Bronze Goddess/Azure Soleil
    Sel Marin
    Fire Island
    Profumum Neroli
    Bobbi Brown Beach
    Set Sail St Bart's
  84. Re: Calling All By Kilian Fans (And Haters): A 100% By Kilian Thread

    I have no tried Clive Christian V, is it similar to Straight to Heaven? On another note, I refuse to buy any Clive Christians due to their snobbish and pretentious marketing ie "the world's most...
  85. Poll: Re: Which Acqua di Parma is your favorite?

  86. Replies

    Re: Chergui

    If Pepsi smelled of incense, tobacco, hay and was very powdery I could understand. Since its not, I have never heard anyone thinking Chergui smelled like Pepsi! I don't know what Pepsi you drink.
  87. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Voodoodanny will be short Feminite Du Bois and Dior Homme Sport !
  88. Atelier Cologne Sous le Toit De Paris

    I haven't really heard much about this fragrance probably due it being an exclusive for the house. Although, the notes sound very promising with it being a fragrance about violets and leather. It...
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    Re: Creed - Quality or Con

    I'd say its pretty simple. Massive marketing coupled with exaggerated claims of quality and luxury, as well as easy to like fragrances. A small niche company may come out with the best fragrance, but...
  90. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    I'd snatch up Parfums De Nicolai New York and Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan and those little trex arms wouldn't be able to snatch them back.
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    Perhaps they're getting rid of as much stock as they're able? They may not be producing anymore, but they may try to still sell them all while they can.

    Saks Fifth Avenue has the new bottles on...
  92. Re: Millesime Imperial vs. Allure Homme Sport & Bleu de Chanel

    I much prefer Millesime Imperial to the others. Bleu De Chanel is too fruity, screechy and just annoys me. Allure Homme Sport just comes across as uninspired and umbitqotous to me.
  93. Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - your thoughts ?

    Don't let others dictate what you buy, let your nose do that.

    Many say Vetiver Extraordinaire and Guerlain Vetiver are amazing, but I don't like them at all while I really enjoy Grey Vetiver. The...
  94. Poll: Re: Gucci Pour Homme II or Allure Edition Blanche

    As do I.
  95. Poll: Re: Gucci Pour Homme II or Allure Edition Blanche

    Gucci Pour Homme II without a doubt.
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    New York Amber
    New York Oud
    New Haarlem
    Eau De New York
    Silver Factory

    These are my favorites from the line.
  97. Re: Recommend a tea based fragrance for under $80

    Try Bulgari Soir and Bulgari Soir Extreme. Most seem to think they're too similar to own Oolang and the Bulgari.
  98. Re: Which is your favourite Frederic Malle & why?

    Portrait Of A Lady, En Passant and Bigarade Concentre are my favorites from the line.

    Portrait Of A Lady- Rose, patchouli, incense and raspberry with other spices. Long lasting, very balanced and...
  99. Re: Aventus Royal Bleu, Coming this summer!

    Jokes are usually meant to be funny.
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    Re: Your 10 Modern Masterpieces?

    Invasion Barbare
    Portrait Of A Lady
    Tobacco Vanille
    Pure Malt
    Bulgari Black
    Rose 31
    Orange Sanguine
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