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    Re: Empty fragrance bottle diy

    Hi Arctos,
    I've written about this before but can't find the thread. The idea is to use a pair of pliers to bend the metal neck back and forth enough times that it breaks. Then you can take out the...
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    Re: Favourite Frankincense Fragrances?

    If you're OK with a rose accompaniment--which strikes me as unisex--I can heartily recommend
    Regina Harris Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc

    It is a serious perfume oil. Not to be worn with white...
  3. Re: Is the sprayer on the tall Chanel Exclusifs bottles removable?

    Sharing is great! I wish I could do more.

    I guess I see a couple of issues here:

    1/ Spraying to fill a decant can shoot a lot of fragrance into the air--unless you've worked up some kind of...
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    Re: Midwest Warm-Up

    For what it's worth, I wore Dior Granville today and, with its herbal and, to my nose, slightly salty base, it performed well, though there's little evolution of the scent.
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    Re: Midwest Warm-Up

    I'm in Minneapolis and it's been in the upper 80s with higher humidity on and off now for a couple of weeks. Unless one is in the A/C all day, finding a fragrance that works involves some risk. I...
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    Re: Is Knize Ten still great?

    In the past year or so, I've come to like leather more and more. Lucky me! Now I'm ready for K10 after having first sampled it around 5 years ago. But I am loathe to buy new, for obvious reasons. If...
  7. Re: [US Only] Creed - Bois Du Portugal

    Sure! Here's the whole thing:

    Dear awayalonealong,

    worldcomingdown has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - [US Only] Creed - Bois Du Portugal - in the Fragrance Splits...
  8. Re: [US Only] Creed - Bois Du Portugal

    Not sure why, but the message for mneil97, came to me, awayalonealong.
  9. Re: Ever have a new fragrance make your old ones seem not-so-good.

    Yes. Nicolai Bal de Match is far outmatched by Czech & Speake Citrus Paradisi. I find them to be very similar grapefruit fragrances, but the former pales in comparison. BdM is a little like (if I may...
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    Re: Never enough

    I agree with my fellow BNers: Novelty is exciting (with fragrance and with many another pastime, passion, obsession). I love it when I have something en route in the mail (and try to keep 'em...
  11. Re: [US Only] Creed - Bois Du Portugal

    Thanks for getting back to me. I did not know about these rules, but have no desire to circumvent them. So I checked the relevant thread and see that on 21st October of last year, Grant wrote the...
  12. Re: Help identifying different labels for rose notes

    Some answers to questions on Basenotes are, of course, better than others. Your answer, Mumsy, stands out as one of the best I've read in a long time--clear, methodical, expansive, illustrative,...
  13. Re: [US Only] Creed - Bois Du Portugal

    Any chance I could buy just 10mL?
  14. ISO decants: Dhofar, Douro, Trumper, Profumum Patchouly

    I'm looking for 5 or 10mL decants of the following scents:

    Xerjoff Dhofar
    Penhaligon's Douro
    Profumum Patchouly
    and samples of the Trumper line.

    I'm also interested in other samples in...
  15. Re: Decants and samples: Agar Aura oud/muhkallat, GF Trumper, T&H

    Have you perhance still got the Trumper samples?
    Tim (awayalonealong)
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    Re: Atomisers, decanting and travel.

    Online you can buy from Best Bottles what it calls "Refillable Metal shell perfume atomizers, travel size purse atomizers." I have several and they're great. The cost is around $3 each. They...
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    Re: Cold and Dark...

    I'm all for preserving my fragrances, whether bottles or decants or samples. I use the small closet in the coldest room in my house (aside from the basement). These are the scents I use every day;...
  18. Re: Weak spray pressure in a bottle of early 1970s Chanel, should I decant?

    Over the years, I've decanted many bottles by plying off the crimped-on metal. Once you get a sense of the metal--and have a very good grasp of the bottle (perhaps wearing rubber dishwashing...
  19. Re: The phenomenon of "olfactive branding"

    If these two fragrance designers can make millions designing fragrances for products, never having released a bottle fragrance to the public, why would old masters not do the same? I would hope that...
  20. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    Exploration. Novelty. I know that's a factor in the pleasure I take from this pursuit. And thanks to Basenotes and its ultrasavvy members across the world, I can sample new juice soon after a new...
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    Re: Luca Turin Reviews Chanel Misia

    After reading his review, I just had to smile in deep delight. That guy Turin is a treasure--an exceptional scientist with an exceptional nose and a pen to go with them. In all of seven sentences, he...
  22. Re: The monster which became a beauty, love on second sight!

    A timely thread! Of late I've repurchased samples of several scents that did not appeal to me at first. What a delight! And a reminder to be patient about saying No to a new frag. Time + olfactory...
  23. Re: What is your strategy/structure/system...?

    Amber/patchoulis, leathers, citrus, incense, greens, and so on. But then I have section where I've put all my favourites, regardless of type. It may not be fair to the rest of the frags, but these...
  24. Re: New house Zoologist Perfumes launches Panda, Beaver and Rhinoceros

    I've got the sample set of 3 (with a total of one spritz missing) if anyone wants it.
  25. Fracas, Bandit, Carnal Flower, Amarige, Tuberose criminelle

    Looking for small decants of the following scents:

    Tuberose criminelle
    Amouage Arcus
    Ayala Moreil Grin
    Tauer Orange Star RSV
    Carnal Flower
    Crown Fougere
  26. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    I cannot speak for the fragrance, Slumberhouse Zahd, but Darvant's review (here on BN) seems noteworthy. I've highlighted a couple of words in boldface. Good luck!
    "Beyond the concept of fragrance...
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    Re: "Unisex" a misnomer?

    I have a feeling that, for most people--primarily those who are not aficionados of fragrance, as we are--scent is automatically "gendered." We are taught about our gender practically from Day 1 and...
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    Re: Why do we do it?

    Ah, one of the best questions I've seen in a long time!
    I see my Fragrance as an emotional and aesthetic experience. As mentioned earlier, it can be compared to a valued work of static art, except...
  29. Re: New house Zoologist Perfumes launches Panda, Beaver and Rhinoceros

    I, too, got my trio of samples the other day. And as I noted in another thread, Zoologist's graphic design work is impressive. Alas, that appealing quality was the only one I found. I won't beat up...
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    Re: "Unisex" a misnomer?

    +1 hednic

    from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All...
  31. Re: Pinterest channel pinning all Luca Turin's 4 - 5 stars perfumes

    Well, I just clicked on the link, thinking this a fun idea. But I confess that I'm disappointef: These pins are all under the auspices of a new fragrance house, Zoologist. Now, don't get me wrong:...
  32. Re: New Canadian perfume house "Zoologist Perfumes"

    Perhaps it's the preposterousness of these fragrances' names; perhaps it's the shape of the bottles; I certainly heard naylor laud Victor Wong. Maybe it's because I love animals. [So, yes, I dove in...
  33. Re: Any LA folks planning to attend this Scent Bar event ?

    If you're intrigued, SP, and if you're a manageable hour away, I'd like to second Knit at Nite and encourage you to go. I can see how you might feel out of place, but from what I've read and the...
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    Re: Fragrance related blogs?

    Perfume Shrine

    And there are, of course, many other worthies.
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    Re: Perfume on watch straps

    I concur that leather is quite happy to absorb scent and that if you wear an absorbent band (of any kind), the wrist is an ill-advised location. Here are two other reasons against using the wrist:...
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    Re: Advantages of rollerball vs. spray

    While I have many many small vials that I apply simply by tipping onto my wrist, as with a rollerball, I lose the oxygenation that comes with spraying.
  37. Re: Gift and curse of liking a fragrance you sampled

    Sampling, in and of itself, can be a disappointment. But when I'm struck by a scent, I always want more.
    It may be that the only route is a full-price FB, but I've had good luck buying smaller...
  38. Re: Drydown phase - vintages seem to win easily over current...

    I can't disagree with that--it is a different experience. But more than that, it begs the question: What is the nature of a fragrance. So far as I know, "all" fragrance has three components:...
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    Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    I think you've got a good idea, but I fear the original atomizers won't cooperate with it. Even when you get the top off, will the seal be good when you put the top back on? In my experience (Le...
  40. Re: Style Arabia - Beauty Guide - Luca turin reviews Tom Ford Velvet Orchid & Givenchy Dahlia Divin

    Thanks much, Mr. Turin, for your insightful, colourful reviews of another two perfumes. I look forward to further delights with your forthcoming book. Meanwhile, I was wondering how you choose which...
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    Re: Very first fragrance

    Another child of paternal Old Spice. (Shulton should claim royalties of all other perfumers for having initiated so many of us to the rest of the fragrance world.) Oddly, my father did not say, "Ahh....
  42. Re: New Installment of Luca Turin's Reviews - September 2nd

    Great writing is its own reward. But what greater delight when the writer is illuminating, with words, a "smell-over-time"? I could not help but laugh when I read (of Narciso):
    "All of this feels...
  43. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes...Without The Sweet

    Great question, HM. I say that because I had no idea there were so many tobacco-based frags available. In my collection, I have but two: Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris and Meerschaum by...
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    Re: How did you get into perfumery?

    No surprise: my father. You watch him shave and then he slaps on a couple of mLs of Old Spice (what else in the 60s)? (He said he liked the way it burned his skin.) Then he slaps a little on your...
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    Re: vintage minis of Antaeus?

    I, too, am a big fan of this fragrance and I bought a bottle when it first appeared on the market. Yes, I think Chanel, like other houses, takes pains to make their minis look just like the big...
  46. Re: An aromatic, herby perfume with lasting power

    When I read your description, an odd word came back to me, thanks to another wonderful Basenotes member, Odysseusm. The name he'd give to your description would be "garrigue." Now, there are other...
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    Gosh, I thought I was keeping up with announcements, but I have little idea (apparently) of what all will be released in Winter 2014. Or maybe I'm not unaware of what's soon arriving, I just don't...
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    Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    There are those, of course, who collect the bottle sans scent. Maybe they don't feel frustrated.
    I must admit, this kate spade is a knockout of a bottle; as we're told, it's the bottle that gets the...
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    Re: Puredistance black

    I've got only a 5mL atomizer, but I'll ship it for a total of $30. But that may only be enough to whet your appetite!
    cheers, tim
  50. Re: Just bought my first Creed Flacon need a solid atomizer and advice.

    Were I to buy an atomizer to honor a special fragrance (something I've done a handful of times), I would have a look at the
    Metal Shell, Refillable Perfume Atomizers on Best Bottles. The price is...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for great label printer

    My very same quest. Just bought the Dymo Label Manager yesterday and, as feared, the type looks awful. The smaller the worser.
    In the past I printed beautiful labels from sheets, three columns of 10...
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    Monsieur Lubin

    This fragrance was discontinued some time ago. Please PM if you have any available.
  53. Re: What Do You Use To Pour Fragrance Into A Tiny Atomizer ?

    Sorry...did you mean "crimped"? According to Wikipedia: "Crimping is joining two pieces of metal or other ductile material by deforming one or both of them to hold the other. The bend or deformity is...
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    Re: Wardrobe - Sample/Decant/Full Bottle

    This is all good news:

    1. Decants may be swapped here without a problem,
    2. Everyone should create a wardrobe and list all their fragrances there.
    3. Anyone seeing a listed item can PM others...
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    Re: Erik Kormann -- Sample Pass

    Please count me in!
    Tim (awayalonealong)
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    Re: What's the "skank" in fragrances?

    I didn't really know what skank was until I got a sample of one of the older versions of Chanel 19. It was, to my nose, amazing. I felt like it smelled. But I suspect that this was a fluke in Chanel...
  57. Re: Penhaligon's to launch "Tralala" in April

    While I've tried most Pen's fragrances, I do not own a single one. Nevertheless, based on the notes listed for Tralala, I am looking forward to trying it. Provided it's a decant.

    The notes on...
  58. Re: How to decant from a broken 120ml creed bottle?

    Perhaps by now you've succeeded in getting all the fragrance out of your Creed, but if not, here's a thought. Hold on, because it going to sound crazy. (Yes, I am making some assumptions here.)
  59. Re: Deal-breaker notes, What are your least favorite perfume notes?

    What an unexpected, happy thread. ;-} It's so nice to know I'm not alone in the notes that curl my toes--and when smelled in the wild make me want to run the other way.
  60. Re: How do you buy, store and organize samples of perfume?

    I love my samples. I just wish I'd kept more of them over the years for reference--even when I didn't like the scent. Whether purchasing them from LuckyScent (my primary source) or swapping them, I...
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    Re: Amber as the main event

    I might suggest, gingerly, Profumum Roma's Fiore d'Ambra and Ambra Aurea.
  62. Re: Hermes launches Classic Collections; first out Bel Ami Vetiver

    It can seem like a lack of respect to mess with the classics. The only way to become a classic is to exude quality AND remain unreformulated for a certain amount of time.
    Yet, if change is the only...
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    Re: Looking For a Signature Scent

    [QUOTE=SereneGreen;3006662]you cant look for a signature scent, it has to come to you!
    I have to agree with SereneGreene. And I would use these analogies:
    Can someone tell you how to sign your...
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    Re: 'Cult' Perfumes

    Cult versus niche. Hmmmm. Cult would refer to those people who hold the fragrance on a pedestal. Niche would refer to the fragrance's position in current scheme of offerings. From where I sit...
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    Re: Small But Perfectly Formed?

    A couple of thoughts...
    Perhaps imagine those frags that remain acquaintances, those you got closer to and then rejected, and those that have become friends--some close, some very close, and some...
  66. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    Well, that's a wonderful explanation and description! Thanks very much.
  67. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    May I ask if you have tried the EdT? And if so, how it compares?
    When Chandler Burr held up YSL Paris as a great rose, I thought one day I'd try it. Turns out the EdT is easy to get and not...
  68. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    You're right: Many sellers are not savvy. THe short answer is yes, the what's called the "diamant" contains pure perfume. Here's what Perfume Shrine just wrote the other day:

    Paris eau de...
  69. Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    I'm feeling naive, but could someone kindly tell me if the juice in this bottle contains an older formulation? Based on Monsieur Guerlain's collection, it looks like the late 80s. Or perhaps I'm just...
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    Vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq bottle

    I'm feeling naive, but could someone kindly tell me the age of this bottle? Based on Monsieur Guerlain's collection, it looks like the late 80s. Or perhaps I'm just being hopeful.
  71. You know you're famous when they ask about your signature perfume

    In an unsigned article in today’s edition of the Belfast Telegraph, in a section called Woman, we learn what shampoo the contemporary pop singer, Lana del Rey, uses. Then, much to my surprise, we...
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    Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Good news! Thanks for posting, dougczar. Can you say how prominent is the rose? Or whether it strikes you as left or right of unisex?
  73. Thread: Sen 7

    by awayalonealong

    Re: Sen 7

    I can't say I have any experience with the Sen7 atomiser, but I think it would be worth comparing to other travel-safe atomizers. For example, there's a series of them at this website:...
  74. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    Alas, I had to pay for mine.... :(

    - - - Updated - - -

    And now I wish I hadn't. First, it was about a week before they sent out the samples and they were another week in arriving. Second,...
  75. Re: Taking a Break From Wearing Fragrances.

    Atomizers may work more in favor of the perfume house. ;-}
    While I miss seeing the bottles in which the fragrance came, all my frags are in small spray decants, 1-30mL, mostly around 5mL. When I...
  76. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    If it weren't for Basenotes, I'd have no idea what was new--or worthy. BN helps me sort it out.
    Alas, the industry's growth has often left quality behind. But I'm hoping that quality still...
  77. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    A Twitter message said to just send them an email for samples. I used this address from their website: [email protected]
    cheers, tim
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    Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Thanks for this, Trebor. Though I don't always like what I smell of Profumum, I am always excited to smell what they've released. What strikes me here is the trio of less-than-common notes "in...
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    Re: oral syringes

    Basically, yes, provided you know your meniscus from your [fill in the blank].
    Truth to tell, I used a syringe to measure and mark 5, 8, 10, 15mL in a given vial. Then I just used the plastic...
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    Re: oral syringes

    For what it's worth, I bought a large box of pipettes from Kosmetech:

    They come in two sizes. Only one of hundreds has ever leaked a tiny...
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    Vintage Dior Eau Sauvage EdT

    Looking for most any size of Eau Sauvage EdT, vintage only.
    Please PM if you can help.

    Hi Nayana,
    Thanks for getting back to me. Can you confirm that your Eau Sauvage is vintage...
  82. Re: Where to buy Molinard in Minnesota?

    I think many of the niche frags are going to be tough to find in the Twin Cities. (I live right in the middle of the two.) There's one fragrance shop in Wayzata, but Molinard was not on their...
  83. Re: How and when did your obsession with fragrance begin ?

    I love this question because the memories it brings up are so pleasant. Local drugstore, about 1965, I remember spritzing Royal Regiment. There was something fascinating to this 12-year-old about the...
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    Re: fragrances are not good as gifts

    In high school, I bought a girlfriend a bottle of Jean Philippe Intimate. I wonder if she poured it down the sink. (I just saw her again after a brief interval of 40 years. Maybe I should ask her.)...
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    Poll: Re: How do you organize your collection?

    I actually do have my vintage frags (and other FBs) in a box at the bottom of a dark, cool closet. The rest are in small atomizers on a table top with small risers, in that same dark, cool closet,...
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    Re: In support of Liz Zorn and Soivohle

    I had trouble voting too, Mimi. But no, FB is not needed. Just click on the URL in my posting and at the lower right of the page, click Log In. Then, at the bottom left of the page that pops up, type...
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    In support of Liz Zorn and Soivohle

    This afternoon I got Soivohle's latest newsletter and read the following bad news from its director, Liz Zorn, although there is a ray of hope. She writes:

    Over the past month we have closed our...
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    Re: Netflix of Scents

    As suggested already, it's the algorithm. Here, I suspect there's bias; let's call it the bias of The New. I say this because the site's "recommendation engine" is "up-to-the minute" and that it...
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    Re: Why aren't all niche EDP?

    I like what gandhajala writes. I'd agree that it gets down to whether the perfumer's idea works best in which style of fragrance: cologne, EdT, EdP, extrait. I use the word style advisedly, but I'm...
  90. Re: How our perfume choice is influenced by the way our body odour smells

    Very well put, Asaskian! Thank you.
  91. Re: Glass-stoppered bottles or no? Bottle size?

    Hi Mr Storer,
    Thanks for consulting us. I, for one, am happy to offer my two centavos.
    1/ I am entirely comfortable with decanting juice into small atomizers.
    2/ I agree that stoppered bottles are...
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    Re: What was the first fruity floral?

    I like your question, Nukapai. And I'd be keen to hear opinions on the perfumers' rationale. If what I read is correct, these frags have their source and biggest audience in the US. They, reportedly,...
  93. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    I felt flush after taxes this SPring and so I popped for some samples from Ayala Moriel and some from Soivohle (Liz Zorn). While their regular bottles are cheaper, I paid $12 and $10 per millilitre...
  94. Re: My disappointment for houses who don't produce samples

    At the other end of the spectrum is Sephora, whose SAs happily stand there and fill 2mL plastic atomizers from any given fragrance, just for the asking.
    I do wonder what, for example, Profumum is...
  95. Re: A bottle from Montale leaked in transit

    I'm glad that there's a strong sense of confidence in Montale's willingness to fix its mistake. What a shock and disappointment. I hope Montale are willing to expedite the replacement.
    Given the way...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - May 2011

    Thanks to cello and rogalal for piercing the fog with sharp rays of light. Me and my nose don't feel so stupid any more. If I'm recalling my recent reading correctly, not only can a given synthetic...
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    Re: top vs mid notes question....

    As saripatates wrote, "the actual natural stuff is not and can not be in perfumes." How very very true, as we all know. But it came home to my nose in spades yesterday when, trying to teach my nose a...
  98. Re: What do you do if you hate the BOTTLE?

    I agree that the bottle can make a nice difference in my appreciation of a fragrance, even if it's not all that gorgeous itself. Alas, to protect the contents I've mostly decanted small amounts and...
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    Re: Fragrance Spritzers Hold Their Fire

    Nice to hear that the industry is, to some degree, waking up. Perhaps that SA at Sephora (Minneapolis) I spoke with a couple of weeks ago is in the avant garde. She listened to my comments. She asked...
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    Re: crowdpleasers that I hate!

    I have a question and a comment:
    1/ I wonder why there are more positive reviews than negative reviews. With respect to fragrance, which reaction might be more motivating?
    2/ I think it would be...
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