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  1. Re: summarize your fragrance journey from birth to now

    My own early years’ exposure to the scented world revolved around my parents.
    Homemaker Mom:
    makeup powder, lipstick, vanilla essence and kitchen spices (she’s a great cook)
    Mechanic Dad: ...
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    Re: How has Malle Fared, Post-Lauder?

    I like the improvements in availability and size options. As for the quality I don’t see why EL needs to tamper all that much with the formulas since ingredients /materials aren’t exactly a major...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    ‘Missed opportunity’ for what exactly? More sales? :wink: Having established a great track record, ALD’s doing fine even without all these blog/video reviews. Their pre-launch social media marketing...
  4. Re: Fragrance Industry Secret Revealed.. is it true?


    Yes, not exactly news to fragheads. There’s always been some overlap between the % concentration for EDT and EDP, and between EDP and Extrait (parfum). And whoever believe EDPs should always...
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    Re: What should this guy wear? (Round 2)

    Whatever he wants. He’s the captain.
  6. Re: Artist Anicka Yi’s debut fragrance collection, Biography

    Zen-inspired bottles kinda remind me of Kenzo. But for these to be FBW the fragrances must go beyond the artist’s narrative and wear well as a uniquely attractive personal fragrance. Otherwise they...
  7. Re: New to Basenotes but collecting for a while....

    Welcome to Basenotes! Wherever your nose takes you on your scented adventures enjoy the ride!
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    Re: Opinion: What should this guy wear?

    Burberry London

    or perhaps

    Penhaligon’s Eau du Portugal
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    Re: Partner shared perfumes

    The missus seems to have developed a taste for MDCI Invasion Barbare. And on a recent business trip she took along my Cartier L’Envol. Most of my Chanels were left untouched save for her No.5 L’Eau...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    Here’s my current take on War and Peace in the reviews section:
  11. Re: NEW: La Collection Celine Haute Parfumerie

    They look good too. Are these only available directly from Celine boutiques?
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    Re: My Tom Ford Private Blend Collection.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photo. Have you by any chance tried Noir de Noir or Tuscan Leather?
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    Re: Does you nose know $$$$$$

    I can smell quality regardless of price points.

    What a fragrance house charges for a bottle is often about market positioning than it is about fragrance artistry and construction. It’s also good...
  14. Re: Help me find a Wedding Scent out of these....

    Great weather for Royal Oud IMO. Solid looking collection btw. :thumbup:
  15. Re: Francesca Bianchi: The BLACK KNIGHT & LOST in HEAVEN

    I second this opinion. In fact ‘animalic’ is probably not the first word I’d think of when it comes to those. ‘Sensual’ gets a lot closer IMO. Lost in Heaven is one of those head turner of a scent...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    Lol. I hear ya. Personally I’m getting a little more of this impression:

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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    First world problem lol. I’d usually ask myself if I have the ‘bandwidth’ to take my time to appreciate what I anticipate to be the more nuanced or complex compositions. If I don’t have that spare...
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    Re: Mysore Sandalwood

    Here’s my usual cut-and-paste answer to similar threads:
    SAMPLE THE REAL THING FIRST and then see which sandalwood fragrances stand up to the test.

    Preferably aged Mysore > 10 yrs. From...
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    Re: Classic vintage colognes

    ‘Classic and not old mannish’ in the same sentence? Wow. Only reason why these became classics is the fact they grew old with the young men who used to wear them and still wear them well into their...
  20. Re: Francesca Bianchi: The BLACK KNIGHT & LOST in HEAVEN

    Indeed. Thank you @Ashfaque.

    I wore a spritz before the commute home last night and was pretty sure many of the passengers sharing the carriage caught the rare whiff of heaven. The composition is...
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    Re: back-ups storage question

    Humidity may rot those cardboard boxes over time but I doubt it affects the bottled content.
  22. Re: John Varvatos artisan Pure performance....

    Typical of the house. I believe it’s done deliberately. Loading up on the fixatives and performance enhancers will probably overwhelm the delicately constructed tops and eat into the profit margins....
  23. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Relax. Everyone’s entitled to his opinion, even if it’s worded somewhat provocatively. But it does seem of a stretch. When I think of mediocre crap I think along the lines of Nautica, Juicy Couture,...
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    Re: Tom Ford - Top 5?

    Not in any particular order:

    Moss Breches
    Tuscan Leather
    Beau de Jour
    Noir de Noir
    Sahara Noir

    Glad to see Tobacco Oud in this thread btw. It IS a good release.
  25. Re: Fendi by Fendi sadly discontinued but I found an identical frag!!

    I still own a vintage of this from the ‘90s. Good stuff.

    It seems to me with gas chromatography nailing that first impression isn’t too hard for certain fragrances though getting the persistence...
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    Re: Common n Cheap

    Cheap & available here:

    A couple from Jovan (Musk) & Dana (Canoe) that I often spot even in neighbourhood sundry shops although I have never seen anyone picking one up to test or even to buy....
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

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    Re: Cuir Soyeux by Francesca Bianchi?

    I know. Was actually thinking of blindbuying it myself but that shipping overcharge had me at knifepoint, it felt more like an extortion than an online purchase.

    Btw I’m willing to bet my bottom...
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    Re: Cuir Soyeux by Francesca Bianchi?

    I’d like to know too. Apparently it’s a limited edition crafted exclusively for the 10th anniversary of Perfume Lounge and drew comparisons to Caron Tabac Blond: coverage here.
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    Re: NEW: Zoologist (?)

    Not sure if they come in limited edition boxes though.
  31. Re: My Aramis collection and Gentlemans club bottles

    Sweet! Are you looking to complete the collection?
  32. Re: Frederic Malle - Bois d'Orage / French Lover Appreciation Thread

    While Bois d’Orage doesn’t crack my top 10 I certainly enjoy its woody herbal aspects. IMO it’s the best masculine entry in the Frederic Malle line up.
  33. Re: Article: Barneys explores bankruptcy filing

    The end of the retail era as we knew it. Sobering...
  34. Re: Best "Medicinal," "Ascerbic," "Clinical" Fragrance?

    I believe Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne qualifies with its herbal hemlock-infused notes. Potent stuff.
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    Re: NEW: Zoologist (?)

    I’m not a big fan of honey notes but based on ClaireV’s account Bee sounds really good. The artwork is as spectacular as usual. I think Zoologist has to be one of the most collectible houses around.
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Again. :smiley:
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    Re: Tauer Les Années 25 BIS

    I’m so down for a split! Had missed out on the original... :smiley:
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    Re: Fragrance destination

    What a thoughtful son! Wherever the destination might be I’d be mighty proud. :smiley: Enjoy your trip!
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    Re: GOLD by Puredistance/Antoine Lie)

    Sounds like a terrific scent. I don’t care for the brand’s naming convention though for it tells me nothing. I’d like to sample this of course but unlikely to get a bottle. The brand evokes some...
  40. Re: Is it worth chasing vintage Azzaro PH or just get the current?

    It depends on how hardcore you get as a vintage fragrance collector. IMO the non-vintage versions of Azzaro Pour Homme still smell great. But the drydown may feel a little diminished though sometimes...
  41. Re: Top Ten Weak Fragrances You Wish Would Last Longer

    Eau Noble by Le Galion
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    Re: Azemour lost more than its luster

    Chypres typically get the royal end of the shaft. More so than fougeres IMO. There were fears of reformulations following the latest repackaging. I guess those fears weren’t unfounded.
  43. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    When you’re overthinking your wardrobe/approach for a date that you had to seek opinions on the internet, that in my books qualifies as ‘trying too hard’. Good jibe lol but I’m not offering the...
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    Re: Need some advice..

    Don’t get too attached to stuff you no longer use. Those bottles of fragrances are money already spent. You need a PC now. You don’t need those fragrances. Keep a couple of hot favorites for daily...
  45. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Wow Jack. Lol. That must have been helluva experience. Btw I thought Dmitry used Kabarga deer musk. Not Kasturi. I’m no expert on deer musks but is there a possibility you’ve bought the erm......
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    Re: How to pick black dress shoes

    The more shoes you have to rotate with the longer each pair will last. Take your time to build a good shoe wardrobe and set aside at least $200-300 for a pair of full grain leathers. I agree with the...
  47. Re: I hope Neimans isn’t the next one to close

    With that insane level of leveraging, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they take Barney’s route sooner rather than later. It’s akin to treading water with cramps in your legs
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    Re: Best beginner oud fragrance

    Start off on the right footing and sample real oud oils. I used to get mine from Feel Oud, Agaraura, Rising Phoenix, etc. You might also want to post in this in our Oud forum where oud fans...
  49. Re: Kingdom Scotland Perfumes: any UK BNers sampled from this line?

    Interesting notes. These could be good. Edinburgh, Scotland is such a gorgeous place btw.
  50. Re: Arnault beats Bill Gates to second richest in world

    Maybe he had. Chances are he hasn’t or we’d have heard of it by now. He’s not exactly the type who shuns the spotlight.
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    Re: Fragrance for A Grandson?

    Man, I wish I had a grandpa like you... :smiley:
  52. Re: If YOU were in-charge of a NEW & UNIQUE fragrance

    I’ll just let my inspiration drive the final outcome. Much like music, it is the arrangement of familiar notes and accords that will create uniqueness and originality. Just don’t expect everyone to...
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    Re: Sahara noir

    Epic Man for me. But Sahara Noir’s not far behind.
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    +1. Probably my 2nd favorite from the 5th collection after Antiquity. I still find War and Peace a little too powdery and animalic at times while Plumeria de Orris smells like an expensive bar of...
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    Re: Fragrance for A Grandson?

    IMO it’s best to start one so young with something ‘easy’ that won’t attract ridicule from his peers such as:

    Bvlgari Pour Homme
    Voyage d’Hermes
    Cartier Roadster

    Introduce the classics only...
  56. Re: Men that wear Chanel No 19 and Cristalle EDT or EDP?

    Edt for both. Gonna convert my No.19 EDP as a car fragrance lol.
  57. Re: Has Dolce & Gabbana - The One lost its relevance among fragrance enthusiasts?

    An attractively balanced but subtle (read: weak) fragrance. What else is there to this juice that warrants more conversation? It still shows up on fragrance recommendations for date nights, among...
  58. Re: Does the band Train have a problem with cologne?

    At least they’re ‘consistent’. You have to give them props for that. :wink:
  59. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    No, I wouldn’t. They seem too obvious. I have never tried anywhere near that hard on first dates. But I’m probably not a good example as typically I was always the one who got asked out. Not to brag...
  60. Re: Any amazing Camphor-centric fragrances out there?

    +1 on Siberian Summer. Wonderful stuff though I wish that camphor note has longer legs.

    Also Serge Lutens Serge Noire has that camphoraceous opening but it seems to be something I’ve gotten...
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    Re: A Tribute for deceased members.

    Here’s to our dearly departed BNers :beer:

    Somehow every BNer’s departure ( from BN or from life) made me question why I’m still spending a lot of time here...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    $45 iirc. before shipping. They’re long gone, I’m afraid.
  63. Re: Francesca Bianchi: The BLACK KNIGHT & LOST in HEAVEN

    Lol. If that’s the case Christmas must have come early for me with these 2 plus a backup of Black Knight.

    Unexpected. That’s the word. I was half expecting an innocent floral oriental but not...
  64. Re: Arnault beats Bill Gates to second richest in world

    When is he starting a foundation for a socially worthy cause?
  65. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Sir Winston is the big winner from the last trio. I wore it a lot last week.

    As for the Autumn ‘19 duo, I don’t think they’re meant to be exact replicas of the originals as there will always be...
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    Re: Creed: Get a decant or bottle?

    Full bottle worthy IMO. But if you don’t particularly care for the presentation or flimsy cap, a good sized decant isn’t a bad idea. I’ve done so plenty of times with satisfying results.
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    Re: Casual fragrances for teenage boys

    Acqua di Bergamotto by Ermenegildo Zegna
  68. Re: Hey Basenotes, is there a beef with Byron Parfums?

    Hey, OP. Feel free to make a review thread if the fragrance /house moved you that much. Let’s not make a meal of it, or do you still have a bone to pick? :wink:
  69. Re: Top 10 Smalll American Artisan/Niche Houses

    What I love most about these smaller indie artisanal houses is their unique and highly personal approach to perfumery. While some across as a little rough around the edges most have their own voices...
  70. Re: What color would Amouage Memoir Man be?

    Shadows, greys, greens, bit of browns, textures. Seems a consensus is fairly building up... Most interesting Amouage IMO but also one of the hardest to wear.
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    Re: Change at top of Dior parfums

    You’re a card-carrying BNer. You don’t need excuses to buy backups... :smiley:
  72. Re: NEW: La Collection Celine Haute Parfumerie

    Sounds fantastic, especially that mossy woods part I’m such a sucker for.
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    Re: Sample Pass: Rogue Perfumery

    Count me in among Le Canotier fans. Derviche is could well be the 5th Rogue to join my wardrobe.
  74. Re: Need Advice about Sending Large Amount of Samples within US Securely!

    What the perfume decanting sites would do to get hold of this motherlode. It may take a lifetime to wear these samples out.
  75. Re: Hey Basenotes, is there a beef with Byron Parfums?

    Eh, get back in line. Just like everybody else. :wink: You created a new account just to post THIS??
  76. Re: The Problems with 'Sexy' Fragrances, Seeking Compliments, & the 'Sweet Spot' (LONG READ)

    Hey thanks for taking the time to write this. Ignore the jibes from anyone with the attention span of 5 year olds, lol.

    I think the blokes are probably overthinking this. Sure, women like it if...
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    Thank you for updating this thread, Italia. Glad to know the formulas retain their originality though I suspect minor batch variations will be inevitable, even back when Laurie was running the show....
  78. Re: Sycomore EdT or EdP ?? group preference

    Prefer the original EDT by a mile. If I’m hankering after creamy sandalwood undertones there’s always Bois des Iles or Egoiste.
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    Re: What makes a scent feminine?

    Typically, pretty fruity or big white florals and candy-like notes. Ultimately it boils down to personal associations and beliefs one holds over certain notes, no doubt influenced by culture and...
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

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    Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Can you not use a Travalo to decant the contents out?
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    I notice it too. Somehow I don’t think it’s the orris butter. I suspect it is the combination of deer musk amplified by the ambergris.
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    Re: Arquiste EL- Awesome release!

    Thanks for the posts. [bEl[/b] has been on my ‘to try’ list for a while now. Think it’s time I hunt down a sample.
  84. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    IMHO Oud Maximus is a cut above.
  85. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    Well said.

    I’ve personally backed fragrance projects before. The lack of classical training is not that great a hindrance especially when they have strong points of view /inspiration. We have...
  86. Re: A question about Haitian Vetiver (performance)?

    First time I’m hearing this about Haitian Vetiver. It may not project as strongly as you expected but it’s no slouch; I could easily catch whiffs of it throughout the day. Longevity is excellent on...
  87. Re: What kind of man can pull off Dior Homme Intense?

    Let me make an educated guess here.

    What kind of man can pull off Dior Homme Intense?
    - The kind of man who wouldn’t think of posting the question to a bunch of strangers on the internet. In...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    It is. And I agree with Oud Dude over Antiquity’s high ‘distraction factor’ especially over the first hour. If you see me with a goofy grin on my face, you can make a good guess which particular...
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    Re: Francesca Bianchi Etruscan Water

    Hmm. Somehow I never experienced it that way. Different strokes for different folks I guess. It’s probably just not your bag. I don’t enjoy Sea Neroli nor The Dark Side so this house is just like any...
  90. Re: NEW: La Collection Celine Haute Parfumerie

    Dang! New car smell, cigarette smoke and last night’s perfume?? I want to smell this!
  91. Re: Francesca Bianchi: The BLACK KNIGHT & LOST in HEAVEN

    Yes you have to. Cuir d’Ange and Tuscan Leather happen to be among my favourite leather scents. Even so The Black Knight has them beat, or ‘put to the sword ‘ so to speak. :wink:
  92. Re: Dan MyMickers (YouTuber reviewer) has died.

    If this is indeed true, my heart goes out to the family he left behind. Unless they’re overtly expressed it’s really hard to know if anyone is entertaining thoughts of suicide.
  93. Re: Akro's 'Awake' is the best gourmand & coffee scent on the market

    I love the scent of coffee in general but don’t wish to smell like a cuppa. But thanks for this. Will sample along with ‘Dark’ if given the chance.
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    Re: Favorite ‘warm-spicy’ fragrance

    Oh this is definitely a great option. I don’t find it overtly feminine but I’m more familiar with the vintage. Never tried the current edition.
  95. Replies

    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    There’s already lot of feedback on it, guys ...starting from Page 127 of this thread lol. I LOVE it. A couple of guys thought it works better as a room candle. Most detailed (& glowing) review is...
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    Re: Beginer what path to choose?

    If you don’t like Guerlain Heritage because it smells like ‘sweet leather’ you really shouldn’t be buying that DHI which has a similarly sweet leathery/suede-like vibe, irrespective of what the...
  97. Re: Hello I'm a fragaholic and my name is....

    Nice collection. Welcome to Basenotes!
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    Re: Favorite ‘warm-spicy’ fragrance

    Serge Lutens Serge Noire
    Fragrance Du Bois Sahraa Oud
    La Via del Profumo Balsamo della Mecca
    Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods
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    Re: Which fragrances asked too much of you ?

    The last few times I wore MDCI Chypre Palatin it wore my nose out instead. This stuff is beastly.

    What’s much more relaxed and easy-to-wear yet classically masculine:
    Armani Eau Pour Homme....
  100. Re: Dan MyMickers (YouTuber reviewer) has died.

    “Aventus - a killer fragrance which got me sent home early from work. ”

    Lmao. That brutally honest review was hilarious. Thanks for that, Dan. May you rest in fragrance heaven.
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