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    Re: New Oriza L. Legrand - Violettes Du Czar!!

    I got this yesterday. I'm a woman and I really like it. Its elegant, a little soapy but perfectly dry and with a touch of anise. The violets burn off pretty quickly, I'm waiting to see if they come...
  2. Re: Eau de Madeleine -Au Pays de la Fleur D'Oranger sold out!?

    No, its a rose, frankincense, sandalwood combo
  3. Re: Eau de Madeleine -Au Pays de la Fleur D'Oranger sold out!?

    They will be at Beautyhabit at the end of April. I can't wait!:2vrolijk_08:
  4. Re: Eau de Madeleine -Au Pays de la Fleur D'Oranger sold out!?

    Weeeee!! Thank you :)
  5. Eau de Madeleine -Au Pays de la Fleur D'Oranger sold out!?

    Hello friends, I am very interested to test and smell..Nay, purchase the new perfume from Au Pays de la Fleur...etc. which is called Eau de Madeleine. Have any of you European fragrance hounds...
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    Regime Des Fleurs

    Bottle of Regime Des Fleurs - Turquoise for sale (best offer) or swap

    Pictures available upon request. Shipping or selling only within the USA.
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    Re: What smells "gothic" to you??

    Tubereuse Criminelle
    Lou Lou
  8. Re: How do you react when people tell you you're wearing too much fragrance?

    I used to do 4-5 sprays when I started getting into perfume, but I can't anymore. I do 2 sprays max because ironically I found I'm very sensitive to scent and I get sick of myself by the end of the...
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    Re: Most worn in October 2013

    L'Heure Bleue, Messe de Minuit, L'Occitane Amber, Secret Garden -Aftelier
  10. Re: Candied oranges / fresh mandarin oranges scent

    I found candied oranges in the new Oud Assoluto from Valentino. Really nice if you don't mind a woody underpinning to your candied orange :)
  11. Re: I tried Maison Francis Kurkdjian newest Amyris Homme

    Thank you for this. As an iris lover I've been quite curious about this one!
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    Re: SotD Monday, 13 August 2012

    Iris Ganache here. Its finally cool enough to wear it!
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    Re: you know you're obsessed when....\

    When you wait impatiently for a bottle to arrive and when it finally does, you're already onto the next "must have" bottle.

    When you can't go to bed, wake up, do lauundry, sit and stare, or do...
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    Re: Looking for a fresh, green, rose...

    Thank you everyone! I have some testing to do :D
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Alien Taste of Fragrance

    I just got Angel TOF, and I have to say that its amazing! Only in small doses though.. I like Womanity best of all the Mugler fragrances, and the regular Angel was my least favorite, but this version...
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    Looking for a fresh, green, rose...

    Hello, this is my first real post here. I'm looking to round out my collection with a rose fragrance. I love rose and have tried several, but finding just the right one can be tricky. I would like a...
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    Re: Where is The Perfumed Court?

    I'm still waiting on part of an order I placed in March...No communication from them after I asked either. On the other hand Surrender to Chance has been prompt in delivering my samples and always...
  18. Re: My new Bulgari Rose Essentielle has a "use by" guide on the box!

    I used to own that one and it turned on me, so maybe there's some truth in it...
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