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    Re: Euphorium Brooklyn

    I love this house, and your assessment is spot-on!
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    Re: Sigilli - Athunis

    I've been curious about this one also. It sounds like it could be similar to Profumum Fumidus ... anyone have experience comparing the two?
  3. Re: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend) - 2ND BOTTLE NOW OPEN!

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    Re: Free Sample of my creation American Oudh

    I'd love a sample if still available. Sounds great!
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    Re: Is my new Aventus fake?


    I always scratch my head over comments on the 13Z01 batch. There was nothing special about it ... just another solid 2013 batch that happened to have the same letter in it's batch number...
  6. [US + CANADA] Re: Creed 1849, TF Venetian Bergamot, Bond 9 Shelter Island, Bvlgari Aqva, Gap Natural, Spare Boxes/

    Bump, with some new bottles!
  7. Re: Do people exaggerate the amount/nature of compliments they receive on this forum?

    These stories are often from people who wear 10-20 sprays at a time -- which is clearly overkill, and will make sure that everyone in a ten foot radius can smell your scent. Many compliments, in my...
  8. Re: Got a message from another Ebay seller threatening to report me for decants

    Correct, it's against their policies to sell fragrances that are out of the original bottle.
  9. [US + CANADA] Re: Amouage, Bond 9, Tom Ford, Nasomatto, Regime des Fleurs, Prada, Bvlgari, Spare Boxes/Caps++

    Weekly update with new bottles added!
  10. Re: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend) - 2ND BOTTLE NOW OPEN!

  11. Re: Wood and smoke recomendations - note, not incense!

    Some great ones mentioned already. I'll also add a few more that haven't been brought up:

    Union Celtic Fire
    Imaginary Authors A City on Fire
    Profumum Fumidus
    Comme des Garcons Black
  12. Re: Epic Man non magnetic version or Tobacco Oud

    The ironic thing with Epic Man is that it was reformulated long before the house changed their caps. Don't buy into the Amouage bottle cap hype.
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    Re: Tom Ford private label

    *shaking my head*

    3 years is nothing in the lifespan of a perfume...
  14. Re: Website recommendations for decanting equipment? Bottles, funnels, etc

    All of the best websites for buying decant bottles (most of which have been mentioned here) have very high shipping charges. Some also have minimum order thresholds to boot. They're really only...
  15. Re: 25% off ANY order including AVENTUS at Ends Today

    So ... you know they offer that discount everyday, right? They just tell you that it "ends today" to get you to buy more quickly.
  16. Re: Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi or Le Labo Bergamot 22

    Berg, by a mile.
  17. Re: People that purchased from the perfume court .

    So slow, that I canceled by last order after waiting two weeks and they hadn't even started preparing it yet.
  18. Re: Alert does anyone have royal Mayfair that would give up a decant for a decant of any thing I own

    Wow. I've actually got a small decant that I have no use for, and I likely would have sent it to you for simply the cost of shipping if I saw this post in the Wanted forum. However, seeing you...
  19. Poll: Re: Which of These Basenotes "Masterpieces" Do You Prefer to Wear?

    I agree 100%
  20. Re: Annick Goutal Fier, Roja Diaghilev, O'Driu, Older Slumberhouse, Creed Bayrhum Vetiver & Others

    Removed a couple items that I got a hold of ... bump!
  21. Re: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend) - 2ND BOTTLE NOW OPEN!

    Still several slots available for the second bottle. Shoot me a message if you want in.
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    Re: Split delivery to UK not arrived

    The Customs number should work for tracking the package. It's part of the Customs form that's required for any international shipment. Did the seller provide you with that info?
  23. Re: What to layer Costa Azzurra with,and help adding to collection

    I concur that Costa Azzura is fantastic, and it works great for me. However, if you feel the need to layer it with something in order to make it work, then maybe it's simply not right for you. I...
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    Re: Help with minty unisex fragrance

    Heeley Menthe Fraiche.
  25. Re: Posts: counter and New Threads - question for Grant
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    I think you just answered your own question :wink:
  27. Re: SPLIT: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend)

    Bottle #1 is closed ... #2 is now open!
  28. Re: SPLIT: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend)

    Sure thing! I'll PM you RobinHelsing...
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    Re: 2nd Cumming by CB I Hate Perfume

    Correct. That was discontinued many years ago and is now relatively hard to find. Ebay is your best option.
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    Re: Amouage Reflection and Ciel being discontinued

    Yeah, I noticed that about a month ago. I'm thinking that Sunshine is taking its place.
  31. Re: SPLIT: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend)

    Still some available of this discontinued gem :happy:
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    Re: Alternative for Le Labo Vanille 44

    I concur. I think Memoirs is actually better, which is the reason I didn't buy the Labo myself.
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    Re: Rania J. Samples

    They're 1ml samples, so I assume they're not sprays ... I've never seen a 1ml spray sample.
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    Re: Empty fragrance bottle diy

    Pliers, patience, and a little luck. You'll likely crack the neck on the first one or two you try, but then you'll start to get a feel for it...
  35. Re: A good fall earthy oud fragrance . My thoughts dior leather oud vs pure oud by kilian vs oud imm

    I'm a Pure Oud guy, myself...
  36. Re: I bash Bond No 9 but Eau De New York is something special

    Agreed ... one of the best, if not THE best, from the house. It's a solid citrus scent, but what really sets it apart from the rest of the genre is it's performance. Lasts all day, if you let it...
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    Re: Got my Amber absolute today

  38. Re: Goutal Fier, Norma Kamali, Roja Diaghilev, O'Driu, Slumberhouse, Lutens ISM, Creed Bayrhum Vetiv

    Added Annick Goutal Eau du Fier...
  39. Thread: Luckyscent

    by naylor

    Re: Luckyscent

    Yeah, I always get my orders within a reasonable time frame.
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    Re: Green Tabarome Millesime?

    There were some batches of this scent that were a very bright green color. There's nothing wrong with it -- looks fine to me.
  41. Re: SPLIT: Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend)

    Just need 100ml more to fill this baby ... who else is in?
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    Re: Industrial Fragrances

    Revolution, by Lisa Kirk ... a limited edition scent that was very under the radar.
  43. Re: Digging Bond Great Jones, should I get vintage Paco Rabanne, current PR, or buy GJ?

    I concur!
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    Poll: Re: Byredo for Birthday

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    Re: Another Creed price hike???

    Here's a link to the Creed website from July:

    Here's a link to the Creed website today:
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    Re: Tom ford amber absolute pre order

    There is no link to buy it -- it's not released yet. Call your local Neiman Marcus sales associate an ask if you can pre-order one for the upcoming re-release, if you really want one.
  47. Tom Ford Black Violet (Discontinued Private Blend) - 2ND BOTTLE NOW OPEN!


    Hi, everyone! Many of you know me as an active seller in the Marketplace (see my feedback here). I haven't been splitting much lately, but I recently found...
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    Re: Sorry it was enough

    It's important to know what you want out of a scent, and if big projection is the most important quality to you, then by all means you've got a good plan.

    And for what it's worth ... 4 sprays of...
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    Re: Lets Talk About Imaginary Authors

    It's a one-man show ... Josh Meyer is the perfumer, and he basically does it all himself. He's really an all-around great guy.

    This is one of the best indie houses out there right now, in my...
  50. Re: ISO: Roja Diaghilev, O'Driu, Slumberhouse, Lutens ISM, Creed Bayrhum Vetiver & Others

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    Re: A peach of a fragrance.

    This is the one I was going to suggest. Very strong performing scent, also.
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    Re: Amouage Opus II Question

    Yes, this is the original packaging for the Opus line. Notice how the bottle is more squared-off, also. The current bottles have more rounded, sloped shoulders.
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    Re: Parfumerie Du Soleil D'or Lille. Online Store

    Neiman Marcus already has it, both in-store and on their website. However, Macy's doesn't carry Creed scents, so they'll never get this one.
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    Re: Byredo favorites

    M/Mink is probably the one you want, then.

    I also highly recommend Pulp. Those two are the only two from the house the I decided to buy bottles of.
  55. Re: A fragrance that encapsulates a spring/autumn drive in a sports car in rural UK?

    Yep, this is the one that you want.
  56. Re: Royal Exclusives from Creed ~ can the spray head on the bottle be remove for refill?

    Couldn't you say the same for any of the Creed flacons that don't have sprayers, though? Which is every other one, other than Spice & Wood and Pure White...
  57. Re: Royal Exclusives from Creed ~ can the spray head on the bottle be remove for refill?

    It's permanently attached. It's only available on the two retail bottles that you mentioned, which were considered the men's releases. But all of the tester bottles come with the sprayers.
  58. Re: How do you compare Dior's Leather Oud to Black Tourmaline ?

    Hednic is correct ... nothing alike.
  59. Re: super you beat hednic lol

    Be careful with this company. Myself, as well as others in this community, have gotten ripped off by them. They refuse to respond to any correspondence when something goes wrong and leave you hung...
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    Re: Tell me about Puredistance M

    Man, I just don't get the comments about weak performance or lack of projection. 1-2 sprays last forever on me, and it projects almost too much to be comfortable for me in a social setting. ...
  61. Re: Rose perfume - Theperfumedcourt packing ? hows my list ?

    The Perfumed Court's shipping speed and communication are absolutely terrible. I've had numerous bad experiences, and actually canceled my last order with them after two weeks of non-responsiveness....
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    Re: Tell me about Puredistance M

    Very true. But personally, I sprang for the 60ml size and have barely made a dent in the bottle. Just keep in mind how strong this juice is, and how long a bottle will last you.
  63. Re: Where do you think those ebay sellers get their bottles from ?

    He has also sold 100ml Amber Absolute bottles, which are also fake. That scent was never released in a 100ml size. I've seen numerous red-flags with this particular seller in the past...
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    Re: Tell me about Puredistance M

    It's a fantastic scent, and also very strong (as noted above). One spray is enough for most wearings, I find. Two sprays max. You can buy the 17.5ml size for just under your $200 blind-buy limit,...
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    Re: Chypre Suggestions Please!

    MDCI Chypre Palatin is among my favorites.
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    Re: Amouage Silver Man

    Eh, it's a matter of opinion. I sold both of my vintage bottles, due to them being mostly unwearable for me. Much too potent and off-putting. It wasn't until I got a bottle of the more modern...
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    Re: Amouage Silver Man

    For what it's worth, there have been several different releases of Silver of the years. Silver Cologne was the original release, which was a counterpart to Amouage's 1980s Gentleman's Cologne (an...
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    Re: Smokey marshmallow

    THIS is the one you're looking for.
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    Re: Amouage magnetic vs non-magnetic cap

    Yes. Interlude is very much worth buying, regardless of the cap variety and ingredient listing on the box.
  70. Re: Has anyone tested the new Amouage Extrait for men? Lyric and Jub XXV?

    Those are mis-labeled as extraits, likely due to a translation mistake. They're actually the same EDPs as in the standard bottles. You can find these, as well as some others, on the Amouage website...
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    Re: Recognize this Creed MI bottle?

    That's the older style bottle for MI.
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    Re: Is my Creed Aventus fake?

    What makes you think it's fake?
  73. Re: By Killian boutique - Wonderful customer service!

    The refill bottles are legit and available through a lot of Kilian retailers. Luckyscent carries them, for example. Both the 50ml retail bottles, as well as the 7.5ml travel bottles, have screw...
  74. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Honestly, if I had to choose, I'd pick the "vintage" Private Collection version over TM. It's a richer and more old-school smelling scent. But they're both nice, and I wear them mostly in the fall.
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    Re: Profumum Roma - long term storage?

    You have the bottle standing up with the sprayer on, and it's leaking as it just sits there? That shouldn't be the case, even if the seal isn't very good. That makes me concerned that you could...
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    Re: Profumum Roma - long term storage?

    A few points:

    - I currently own, or have previously owned, numerous Profumum bottles (probably about 12 total). Never an issue with leakage or evaporation with the sprayers. I've even shipped...
  77. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Hahaha ... well, we're both free to believe whatever we'd like. No big deal to me. I have bottles of both Tabarome Private Collection and Tabarome Millesime, and I enjoy them each as the individual...
  78. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Because they both have a tobacco note? Just like they have multiple scents with the words "santal," "leather," and "vetiver" in the names, but they are not the same scents. Not that it's a big...
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    Re: I tried creed Royal Mayfair

    If you read his entire post, you'll see otherwise...
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    Re: I tried creed Royal Mayfair
  81. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Well, the difference is that Creed is saying upfront that this is a newly named Windsor, and claiming that the two scents are identical. They never stated that with Tabarome and others, which were...
  82. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Very true statement. Private Collection Tabarome and Tabarome Millesime are two different fragrances. Just the same way that Vetiver EDT and Original Vetiver are two different fragrances. And Bois...
  83. Re: Do you see anything wrong with this Erofla bottle ?

    That is the older style of bottle ... but the cap is wrong. It should have a blue cap, not a gold one.
  84. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    So, Creed officially re-releases Windsor as part of their regular lineup, at a fraction of the price that people have been charging on the secondary market for the past several years ... and yet,...
  85. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    I think the plan is for it to be part of the regular line, but the initial launch is only through the boutique. I'm sure it will branch out soon enough.
  86. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    The release is exclusive to the Creed boutique. Neiman won't be selling it or receiving any testers at the present time.
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    Re: SOTD Saturday 27th June 2015

    Nasomatto Silver Musk
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    Re: Is this GIT Real or Fake?

    All good :thumbsup:
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    Re: Fake or Tester? Creed Baie de Genievre

    With the vintage bottles, only the testers had the sticker across the front of the bottle with the name. Retail bottles had the sticker on the bottom of the bottle, like this one. As for the box,...
  90. Re: When a reseller turns up as your bidding competition

  91. Re: Are there inferior versions of designer scents for poorer markets?

    Ha! Same thing I was thinking when I clicked on this thread...
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    Re: Favorite YouTube Reviewer

  93. Re: Ever have a new fragrance make your old ones seem not-so-good.

    Yep. That's when you know that it's time to sell those older bottles and keep the newer one.
  94. Re: Plan C: Not scrapping the Marketplace, but making it better instead

    Good point ... it's not visible in the Split forum for some reason, unless you drill into the person's profile. In the Sale and Swap forums, the number is visible right under the person's name, and...
  95. Re: Plan C: Not scrapping the Marketplace, but making it better instead

    I agree with allowing decant sales, but I also think it would be nice to have them in their own forum (as mentioned above). That would help avoid the confusion of having them all mixed in with...
  96. Re: Selling on BN - Anybody else frustrated with it ?

    Well, it looks like this thread is no longer very relevant. Grant announced today that the BN Marketplace will be shut down permanently in two months. A very sad day, indeed...
  97. Re: Selling on BN - Anybody else frustrated with it ?

    A lot of new threads I've seen popping up in the Marketplace lately are from members with little to no feedback, listing a bunch of used bottles, all of which I could buy BNIB elsewhere for less than...
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    Re: Plastic decants?

    I've had decants in glass atomizers that evaporated away in just a few months, while ones in plastic lasted for years. Nothing to be paranoid about ... particularly for smaller sizes, like 5ml, I...
  99. Re: What's with the new Creed coming out this fall?

    This is correct. Mayfair comes out in July at the Creed Boutique. Neiman Marcus has an exclusive scent coming out in August. It's supposed to be named with a date, like the Harrods exclusive 1849...
  100. Re: Selling on BN - Anybody else frustrated with it ?

    This is very true. With online auctions, it's the losing bidder that actually determines the selling price ... not the winning bidder.
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