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    Re: Desiring True Oriental, Spicy and Rich

    I really want to try LaMome. It sounds beautiful.

    I recommend Gucci Eau de Parfum, 2002 version. The one with the brown juice in the clear glass bottle. It is so spicy and rich. Definitely one of...
  2. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    Weegee, you are such a kind and thoughtful parfumista!!

    I was actually very surprised that there was so much left in the vials in my box. I would say all of them were almost full!
  3. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    The Box for Group #2 is on its way to CBStarker.

    I have to say out of all of them my three favorites were:

    #1 - Ellenisia
    #2 - Amaranthine
    #3 - Castille

    This was fun!
  4. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    Thanks, kbe! I knew I didn't get that quote exactly as I was going from memory, but I have always loved it for it's descriptiveness. Makes me see shades of gray and lavender with small hits of bright...
  5. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    Yes, 30R, I agree that the warmth helps my scents develop when I wear under my clothing. I also catch myself lifting my shirt and sniffing through out the day and I fear I will get caught and taken...
  6. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    I received the box for Group #2 today! Woohoo...

    I won't be sampling today but probably over the weekend. Does anyone have any tips on how they would go about sampling so many different scents? I...
  7. Thread: The best green

    by MsMaryO

    Re: The best green

    Niki de St. Phalle...I don't see this one mentioned yet. It is similar to Chanel Cristalle Vert, which is another great green.

    Niki is a dark green with a leather base. Very earthy and mossy but...
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    Re: One Step Behind?

    What great input on this thread! I love hearing how everyone views their hobby and their collection.

    One thing that I have learned over the last several months is that my tastes are cyclical. What...
  9. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    KDM, if you read this and you have the box for Group #2, please don't forget me!!

    I am still patiently waiting.....
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    Re: Recomend me great female gourmands

    Another vote for Lolita Lempicka. It might be in the same vein as Angel but there's really nothing out there like it. It's one that everyone should at least try once.

    And Hermés Ambre Narguile is...
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    Re: The essence of sex

    This is pretty hilarious....and it's all so true.

    My sexiest is Gucci Eau de Parfum. It is a little masculine but oh so dark and spicy...
  12. Re: Your Favorite Two Pierre Balmain Fragrances Are and Why?

    Ivoire de Balmain! So classy, "French", and has incredible longevity on my skin. A floral green that I can actually wear and love.

    Second would be Ambregris, although it's not my favorite amber,...
  13. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    30R, thank you so much for that chart. I appreciate the effort, believe me. I would have made up a similar chart for my personal use, but I would have had to look up each one and it would have taken...
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    Re: Suggestions as to leather

    I recently found a 50 ml bottle of Cuir de Lancome on Amazon for $35 and free shipping! Great buy for a truly great, classic leather fragrance.

    This Cuir is leather from opening right on through...
  15. Re: 24 members invited to sample Penhaligon's samples, USA only first post on basenotes and I'm begging for a freebie. How pathetic....

    Anywho, put me down for Group 2 if there's still room...
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    Re: Talk to me about Bvlgari...

    Jasmin Noir and BLV Notte pour Femme are the only two that I care for. Even though Bvlgari does amazing scents, they just don't seem to work with my chemistry. I can't do green or aquatics, they seem...
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