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    Re: Combining spray vials. Thoughts?

    I agree that samples seem to go off faster than bottles. If I were in this situation, I'd put all the samples in a zip bag in the fridge, and use them one by one. That doesn't mean that's the right...
  2. Re: How worried should I be about reformulated fragrances?

    I agree that you should sample the scents, and never buy without having given the scent a good long try. Don't do those blind buys. With a blind buy, reformulation is a much smaller issue than the...
  3. Re: Rose perfume - Theperfumedcourt packing ? hows my list ?

    Aftelier Wild Roses?

    I know, it's all natural and therefore very expensive and with limited projection and lasting power. But it's so, so beautiful...

    Shiseido White Rose is also beautiful, but...
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    Re: When is niche really niche.

    To me, niche isn't about quality, it's about being weird. Now "weird" could be rephrased as unusual or creative or distinctive or any number of other more positive-sounding words, but since I like...
  5. Re: Niche vs. Designer Fragrances. I Want To Believe.

    If niche fragrances took over the fragrance market, then more or less by definition (at least, my definition) they would cease to be niche.

    As I see it, niche fragrances are fragrances that don't...
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    Re: Let's talk business

    Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan is very pretty, completely inoffensive, and shouldn't be too hard on your head. The possible down side is that it's pretty weak--I very rarely spray more than a...
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    Re: Job Interview

    Terre d'Hermes. It's calm and intelligent, confident but not aggressive.
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    Re: Miss Dior or Miss Balmain?

    Hasn't Miss Dior not only been reformulated, but Pod Peopled? That is, the reformulated version of the original Miss Dior is now Miss Dior Originale, and the thing called Miss Dior is the...
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    Re: Most desired discontinued fragrance?

    How discontinued? What if it's older than me?

    'Cause I want original Vent Vert. But nice and fresh.
  10. Poll: Re: Returns -- Which way does your moral compass point?

    If the source made a special point of "Just try it! You can return it!" I wouldn't see a big moral issue - I would assume that they did the research and that they're taking the bet that the increased...
  11. Re: I have 15 samples in front of me. How do I try them out quickly?

    That sounds counterproductive. The top notes are the least lasting part of the fragrance. A fragrance might give you hours and hours of pleasure in the heart and base notes, but you're throwing it...
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    Re: Decant Combo Suggestions

    If those are the only two choices, then go with the decants - don't spend $200 on a giant monster bottle of a fragrance that you've never sniffed. There is no such thing as a safe blind buy.
  13. Re: What scents do you trust in extreme circumstances?

    a) Dressy evening: Chanel No. 19 extrait. Not so much to feel comfortable in my own skin, as to change that skin to have teeth and claws, so that I feel beautiful but formidable.
    b) Casual evening:...
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    Re: A good fig

    Another vote for Jardin de Kerylos. All of the others that I've tried have been too sweet and too coconut-like for me.
  15. Re: Question for the group? decant or whole bottles?

    Decants are the most sensible way to buy. Especially for someone like me--I wear very little per wearing, and I have so many fragrances that even if the bottles last my entire lifetime, I'll never...
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    Re: I don't smell Aventus on me whatsoever.

    Can you smell it on anything - on a cardboard strip, a handkerchief, anything? It's always possible that you're anosmic to it, though I'd be surprised if you can't smell _any_ of the no-doubt-several...
  17. Re: Thoughts on Signature Scent: Good vs Bad?

    I would be bored with it, but I do find it an appealing concept.

    The only "bad" thing that I can imagine about it is the risk of becoming gradually anosmic to the scent from smelling it every...
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    Re: Absolute fruit bombs?

    Another vote for Byredo Pulp.

    I also find Din Dan to be by far the most satisfying citrus, but like all citruses, it fades away.
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    Re: To Creed or not to Creed

    In my view, Creed scents are:

    - Perfectly Adequate
    - More interesting than many department store scents.
    - Less interesting than most niche scents.
    - Wildly overpriced
    - Not overpriced enough...
  20. Re: Shop forbidding (private) re-sale of samples

    I think that I disagree. Doing business with someone is not, IMO, the equivalent of signing a contract to fulfill whatever whimsical conditions the business wants to set.

    Imagine, say, that a...
  21. Re: Do you feel guilty after testing and not buying in shops?

    As long as you are willing to buy from that store if you do find something suitable (as opposed to sampling there and _always_ buying elsewhere), you're a customer. Unless you're dominating a lot of...
  22. Re: It looks like the maintenance man had a fun time with my cologne collection.

    Yeah, that's what I've been wondering. That would be far less creepy, and it explains the fact of _every_ bottle being moved. Someone sneakily sampling the collection would, I'd think, take more...
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    Re: Hi and could you help?

    Jumping in on the fig fragrance list, Parfumerie Generale Jardin de Kerylos is my favorite fig. I mention it because you're unlikely to just run into Parfumerie Generale; it's generally necessary to...
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    Re: need some niche recommendations

    Yet another vote for Parfumerie Generale. Good quality, interesting, and they don't stray far into "weird" territory. I think that they would generally be pleasing to non-perfume-freaks, but...
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    Re: What size colognes do you normally buy?

    The smallest available size, including minis. Even one ounce is too much; half an ounce is my ideal, 10ml will work, but I do prefer a manufacturer's bottle. The only exception so far is Osmanthe...
  26. Re: For those with small collections (less than 20, preferably 10 or less)...

    Is it wrong to explain why I don't have a small collection? :)

    I've discovered that my tastes veer wildly every time the seasons change from warm to cold or cold to warm, and that they don't...
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    Re: Do you keep your boxes?

    I used to keep them, flattened when possible, in, as mentioned earlier, large Zip-Locs. I recently got rid of the vast majority, started tossing new boxes immediately, and I only keep a couple of...
  28. Re: Philosykos for a female professional in her 60's?

    My first thought was Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan. It's beautifully floral, sweet, and completely lacking in animalic or aldehydic or other scarey notes. The tea's main job is to counter all of those...
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    Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    Original Vetiver is a mild, friendly fragrance with no vetiver "bite" at all. So I'm not too terribly surprised.
  30. Re: Le Labo, are they any good outside of Rose 31?

    Another vote for Patchouli 24. I like Jasmin 17 too, but it's just in the Perfectly Nice category for me, and I'm not willing to spend Le Labo prices for Perfectly Nice.
  31. Re: Is There a Perfume for Me??? Please Help!

    I agree with spraying away from your nose. I apply to my stomach or the back of my neck; my upper chest is far too much perfume.

    My first semi-random thoughts are:

    - Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan....
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    Re: Bois 1920 half off at. Dillard's

    Sutra Ylang is also lovely.
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    Re: Back up bottles...any thoughts?

    I doubt that I'll ever empty a bottle again, and my space is limited, so I'm firmly opposed to backup bottles. I admit that I recently had to suppress the temptation to buy a backup of Tea for Two,...
  34. Re: I don't care for the majority of fragrances I've tried

    And you didn't like these, right?

    Looking at that list, my first reaction is that there are a lot of warm, sweet, honeyed, enveloping, possibly claustrophobic notes there. I'm seeing a heap of...
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    Re: Too Young?

    Yes; I was going to strongly suggest that you not blind buy. If you're having trouble finding samples, you could post to ask for advice and sources; there might be a source that you're not aware of.
  36. Re: I don't care for the majority of fragrances I've tried

    Which niche fragrances did you try? I don't claim that niche fragrances are inherently better, but they are _different_, and it may be that you don't like the most common current non-niche fashions...
  37. Re: I want to buy another Creed, and why I think people love Creed

    This would, indeed, explain why some people like Creed and why I don't. If I'm going to spend a lot of money on a fragrance, it had darn well better be _weird_. I can get "nice" much, much cheaper...
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    Re: Suggest a floral for a gourmand lover

    Aftelier Cepes & Tuberose. Tuberose, mushrooms, forest floor, and browned butter. At least, that's what I get.

    Edited to add: Parfumerie Generale Tubereuse Couture is also worth a sniff, though...
  39. Re: serious question: convincing your loved ones you are not crazy

    It appears to me that you have friends or family that have serious, _serious_ issues, perhaps to the point of a phobia, about fragrance. Because the above is certainly not true of anyone I've ever...
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    Re: How do you store you scents?

    I store most of my spray botles out of the boxes, in tilt-top breadboxes that are on shelves out of direct sunlight but exposed to artificial light and indirect sunlight, in a room that's kept at...
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    Re: Best "non-perfume" fragrance

    For what it's worth, White Jasmine and Mint is by far my favorite Jo Malone, and one of my favorite fragrances. (It's not like me to have a "pretty" favorite, so it's sort of in the guilty pleasure...
  42. Re: Nice, mild, casual, not too common fragrance for everyday wear suitable for a 15-year old boy? 7

    Bvlgari Black.
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    Re: Best "non-perfume" fragrance

    I've never been unhappy with the longevity, but I'm _extremely_ un-demanding in that area. I do recall taking the little solid tin with me and re-applying, so odds are that it wasn't great.
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    Re: Best "non-perfume" fragrance

    Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange solid perfume. Unchallenging but not boring. The bar soap is nice, too; all of the other products in this scent are too fruity for me.

    I've been putting Thymes Agave...
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    Re: A fraghead's worst nightmare!

    A quick comment that probably isn't relevant, but just in case: I've read that those zinc sprays for colds have been known, in a very very small number of cases, to _destroy_ one's sense of smell. I...
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    Re: Miss Dior cherie help!!

    A warning: My understanding is that the reformulation of Miss Dior Cherie happened some time before its renaming to Miss Dior. So (as I understand it), there were bottles of:

    - The original Miss...
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    Re: Miss Dior cherie help!!

    Definitely sniff before you buy. I like what was Miss Dior and is now called Miss Dior Originale. But it does have what some would call an "old lady" vibe and I would call a classic perfume vibe....
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    Re: Can you smell your own scent all day?

    I avoid chest, front of the neck, and unless I'm wearing the scent specifically so that I can track its development for a review, wrists and upper arms. When I spray in those areas, the scent is so...
  49. Re: Help me find new scent for the wife -- please :)

    Considering my favorites for bright and clean options:

    Parfumerie Generale l'Eau Rare Matale: Tea, burned wood, and clean flowing water. At least, that's what I get.

    Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale:...
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    Re: The $100 Rule

    In my case, the price (below a certain point) isn't the main issue; the main issue is "space". By that I mean both literal physical space, and space in time--there's a limit to how many fragrances I...
  51. Re: pleaz halp - CREED fakes are getting BRILLIANT

    Side question: Why does no one want a 2.5 oz Creed? Apologies if I missed the answer in the thread.
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    Re: Tested tons of perfume this week and...

    While we're listing houses:
    Parfumerie Generale
    Bois 1920
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    Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    I bought a bottle of Miss Dior Originale less than a month ago, and I like it very much. (Though I'm ashamed to have given LVMH my money.) I suspect that it's probably a pale imitation of the true...
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    Re: Smells like orange and chocolate

    Aftelier Cacao
    Ayala Moriel Guilt

    I love 'em. But I can't promise that the chocolate/orange combination lasts terribly long in either of them; they both dry down to very nice but less orangey...
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    Re: Ava Luxe...thoughts?

    Huh. I don't see any samples on the site, only smallish sizes - is that what you're seeing too? That's a difficulty.

    I have an old decant of Moroccan Mint Tea from long ago, that I love. I seem to...
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    Re: Taking a Break From Wearing Fragrances.

    Well, it's not the same thing, but recently I realized that I had so many fragrance samples in my den that I could smell the fog from the room before I entered.

    I moved them all to Ziplocs or...
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    Re: Creed -- the great sexual divide

    Ah, but women don't dress for men. :) When they aren't dressing for themselves, they're dressing for women. Oh, sure, they may want to be attractive to men, but the specific details intended to...
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    Re: The CREED saga...

    Yep; except for a few rare fragrances where the ingredients actually cost a significant amount, I generally consider the price of a fragrance to be the ransom that I'm willing to pay for the...
  59. Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    As the daughter of a hoarder, this does worry me, and I would suggest that you start taking some actions to alter this situation. Not huge, life-changing actions, just small actions to reduce the...
  60. Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    My first question is, how soon are you likely to use up these fragrances? Soon enough to justify extra bottles? In my case, I don't use a lot of sprays per wearing, and I have about seventy different...
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    Re: The CREED saga...

    Before you spend a bunch of money on Creeds, I'd suggest that you sample several niche houses. I find Creed to be one of the least interesting of the niches, and would value them at a much lower...
  62. Re: If i do not like Chergui by Serge Lutens, will i not like their other scents?

    Keep sampling. Lutens has some of the scents that I love the most, and some of the scents that I hate the most. Every single one of them is worth trying; they're that different from one another.
  63. Re: wth? how is Drakkar Noir still a top selling frag?! this entire top selling list on amazon makes

    I tend to buy only inexpensive designer fragrances from Amazon. The more expensive stuff, I get from other sellers. I didn't even realize that Amazon sold Creed. (I don't buy Creed, but if I did, it...
  64. Re: Is there a way to find out how much you are projecting without asking?

    I agree with applying fragrance well away from your nose, and I'd also suggest eliminating the wrists, especially if you're sitting at a keyboard or otherwise have your wrists at table height - when...
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    Re: Female's Perspective

    I'd avoid words like these, which have their own associations and might influence the results. I'd just call them Group A, Group B, etc.
  66. Replies

    Re: Female's Perspective

    Unless these women actually smelled the fragrances, I'm not sure how much you can rely on these results. I suspect that they'd have trouble truly understanding the categories.

    "Fresh" is a...
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    Re: Best fragrance for a dentist

    Nothing. People feeling pain, tasting various dental preparations and their own blood, fighting a gag reflex, do not need to also contend with a fragrance.
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    Re: Malle Coffrets

    Want. Want. Want. And I'm in possession of a modest windfall. Temptation is strong.
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    Re: Creed -- the great sexual divide

    I find Creed, especially the feminines, to be rather bland and excessively tasteful; there's a "realtor beige" vibe about them for me. I want something weird, something a little bit improper, or...
  70. Re: Perfume compliments from strangers - not really a UK thing?

    In my experience, it's not a US thing, either. In roughly three years since I started the perfume obsession I've had precisely one compliment from a stranger, and even then it's not as if she...
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    Re: Can you get used to smelling "feminine?"

    Eew. I'm a woman, and with the possible exception of Lovely, I wouldn't wear any of those either. Not all women's fragrances are celebrity-scent pink-powder fluffballs.

    No. 19 extrait. _That's_ a...
  72. Re: pleaz halp - CREED fakes are getting BRILLIANT

    Which is why my guess would be "..or new stock." In other words, reformulation.
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    Poll: Re: cologne at a job interview

    The difference is that once you _have_ the job, you can find out whether fragrance is OK or not, and comply with the answer. But asking that question before the interview suggests a weirdly skewed...
  74. Re: Tuberose Question about Serge Lutens Cedre

    Don't don't don't buy Cedre blind. I adore tuberose. I adore many Lutens fragrances. I hate Cedre with a fiery passion.
  75. Re: Please help me buy my wife some nice perfume

    I went on a note hunt:

    peony, water hyacinth, sandalwood, musk, pepper, vanilla and green mango.

    Red Fruit, Iris, Violet

    Coco Noir:
    Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rose,...
  76. Re: How do people who wear many different fragrances....

    I'm puzzled. My fragrance rarely gets on my outerwear, and when it does the cause tends to be obvious - I spray it on the back of my neck and wear a sweater over a collarless shirt, for example.
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    Re: Thoughts on Longevity/Projection;Sillage

    Longevity is really the only one that I care about at all, and even there I don't care much - four hours is plenty for me, and a shorter survival time is perfectly acceptable if I love the fragrance....
  78. Re: Buying habits; do you get hauls or space it out?

    I've concluded that:

    1) I get a big lift from the imminent prospect of buying something.
    2) The lift is no bigger if I buy more than one thing.

    So I try to make a point of spacing out...
  79. Re: ideas for daughter, based on what she likes?

    And maybe a nice artisan-made glass perfume bottle to put her favorite in? I'm too old and too far from that age to guess whether that would be enjoyed, or if it would be uncool because it would be...
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    Re: What is it whith Creed?

    I see Creed as a bit more interesting than most department store designer fragrances, but not interesting enough for the price. But that is, of course, just my opinion; you'll have your own.

  81. Re: ideas for daughter, based on what she likes?

    The bottle has more "toy" appeal than glamor appeal (I love the bottle), but Rochas Tocade might be nice as a second fragrance. It's a nice friendly rose-vanilla, and hey! Luca Turin gave it top...
  82. Re: Something's nose or the fragrance...please help!

    I'd bet that it's a combination of the smoke in the other fragrances, and the season change. My perception of fragrances changes enormously with the season.

    I'd recommend putting the Aventus away...
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    Re: Few quick qs

    Heh. Half an ounce of any fragrance will last me the rest of my life. It would last some people a week. How many different fragrances do you rotate through, and how many sprays do you generally use...
  84. Re: I'm thinking of opening a decant website [UK]

    This sounds more like a split service--which is just fine, but you might want to use the term split instead of decant, because "decant" is likely to suggest a substantial selection, whereas "split"...
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    Re: what makes you try new scents?

    Because they're there.

    I'm not sure how I'd choose between A and B. If I could only try the B scents once, and they were gone forever, I'd go with A, because there's too much chance of heartbreak....
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    Re: Feminine, soft leather/suede scent

    Just chiming in to say that for me, Daim Blond isn't sweet. It has a complete lack of any harsh notes, but I still don't actually read it as sweet. And it's the softest leather I know, so I'd really...
  87. Re: Trying to corrupt my wife, since she thinks I am crazy. Need some help.

    Parfumerie Generale Tubereuse Couture

    Other white florals that aren't tuberose:
    Serge Lutens Un Lys
    Serge Lutens A La Nuit
    Parfumerie Generale Gardenia Grand Soir
    Andy Tauer Carillon Pour un...
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    Re: Soft, sweet, yummy/warm perfume rec

    Some thoughts:

    Ayala Moriel Film Noir. I know the name doesn't make it sound soft and friendly, but that's how I read it, especially in the drydown.
    Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere - a lightly...
  89. Re: Best 1st And 2nd Niche Fragrances For Newbies

    I agree with the houses being l'Artisan and Lutens. But if I had to choose two specific fragrances, and I were staying unisex, they'd be Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale and Serge Lutens Daim Blond. If I...
  90. Re: Do you use less perfume from a splash bottle vs. the stock atomizer?

    I believe that do I use less from a splash bottle--I think that your scheme is worth trying. And, a pretty stopper bottle also makes application more fun, IMO. Accessories for Fragrances has one...
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    Re: Slips -- a thing of the past?

    I've been sewing lately, and have recently realized that all of these skirt patterns that call for a lining wouldn't need a lining if I just made one or two linings that are separate from the...
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    Re: Rootbeer float fragrance?

    Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale.
  93. Replies

    Re: New designer release let down...

    Not all niche fragrances are all that expensive. I just ordered several samples from Sonoma Scent Studio, for example; for several of them, one ounce bottles of _extrait_ strength are less than...
  94. Re: Which of these French perfumes do you like best?

    I'm disconcerted that the vast majority of your choices are what I think of as "acquired taste" fragrances - fragrances that are lovely but that don't immediately appeal to a nose that isn't already...
  95. Re: serious question: convincing your loved ones you are not crazy

    It's my money; I'll be crazy if I want to.

    But, sure, you could point out that smell is one of the five senses and that humans are constantly pursuing ways to make themselves happy through those...
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    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    If the "whatever reason" is that it was there in tiny, trace amounts then it makes perfect sense. If a big dose of lavender oil were wrapped in a big dose of something so strong-smelling that it...
  97. Replies

    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    For what it's worth, this one didn't happen the first time I ate kiwis - I used to buy a bag of five or six kiwis and kill them off over a day or so, and be just fine. I love kiwis. That's why when...
  98. Replies

    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    Well, no, it's a reaction to a certain level. Me, I can eat a fruit salad containing kiwi and skip the pieces of kiwi, and be fine even though I've obviously ingested some kiwi juice. I can eat a...
  99. Replies

    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    But I thought those were contact allergies, rather than allergies triggered by breathing the scent? Am I wrong? Edited to add: I'm asking seriously, not debating. :) I'd very much like to know if...
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    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    I ramble:

    A few years ago I was exposed to strong levels of cigarette smoke for several hours. Starting the next day, I had cold symptoms so bad that I was out of work for several days - and I...
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