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  1. How do you know how to pronounce designer names?

    These names are mostly Italian or French. Obviously a brand name like Gucci is easy to pronounce since it's very well known. But how do you know how to pronounce the other ones? Has this ever made...
  2. Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Your thoughts?

    Just tried it today. I didn't like it much at all. Smelled very inexpensive and one dimensional to me. I know it's very popular on basenotes. So what do you guys think of this fragrance?

    By the...
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    @ those with 10+ bottles

    I, like you guys can't stop buying fragrances. But one thought is bothering me. I heard fragrances expire in a year or two meaning their contents get dissolved and they just don't smell the same....
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    scent doesn't stay on skin?

    Maybe my body temperature is too high I don't know. But fragrances that people get 8+ hours out of barely get me 2-3 hours. why is that does anyone know?

    I've tried all kinds of different ones but...
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    what to wear at summer nights?

    During the the day when it's hot I usually wear something fresh/aquatic. What about the night? I don't exactly want the strongest winter scent but I think summer nights deserve a little more...
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