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  1. Re: Article: Yankee Candle Company create Sound of Music inspired candles

    This sounds incredible!! Can you buy them outside of the USA?
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    Re: Is it worth me buying?

    That's what I did.. I used the DKNY tester in the store (they didn't have any take-home samples) and sprayed it on one wrist, but the scent was gone after about 2 minutes, so that's why I'm thinking...
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    Is it worth me buying?

    Hi everyone!

    I've been looking around for some nice fresh perfumes to wear through an Australian summer to add to my collection. About a week ago, I bought Burberry Brit Sheer and love it!...
  4. My absolute favourite advert for a perfume is the...

    My absolute favourite advert for a perfume is the new one for Valentina by Valentino, which really only has the dim lighting (in its defence, it is set at night). It's actually the reason I went out...
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