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  1. Re: Best Cologne For A Teenager + General Cologne Starter Advice?

    I think the comment about "smelling like a man" really just means that you smelt like you wear cologne. In her mind, wearing cologne, is the sign of a man. Since, even though Fierce is not popular...
  2. Re: I want to make two blind buys: A good floral or aquatic Spring, and a good citrus Summer.

    Insense extreme???? I think you meant Insense Ultramarine?

    The original Insense is very floral. Might be what you are looking for. It's in a yellow bottle, not a blue one.
  3. Re: I am wearing Troisieme Man often. What should i try next?

    3rd man is one of my favorites. I do think that Heritage has some relation to 3rd man. Here are some more:
    Nicolai Pour Homme

    I would also suggest Caron Pour un Homme. Others might...
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    Re: Best cologne for a 14 1/2 year old?

    I was going to recommend something citrus based and then I saw this. I think this is a great idea as high school brings to mind two things:
    1: kids overapplying cologne
    2: early morning rising
  5. Re: suggestions for elegant, sophisticated yet youthful frags

    I think with a truly great sophisticated fragrance, the wearer brings the youth to the table.

    My Votes:

    Caron Third Man
    Nicolai Pour Homme
    Dior Homme
  6. Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste - Longevity/Projection issues...

    I just wore P.E. the other day and received a compliment from a girl who "kept getting whiffs of it" long after I could detect the scent without smelling my wrist. For me, the longevity can be...
  7. Re: Which designer brand creates better fragrances than the rest?

    are caron and guerlain considered designer or niche?

    For the super big designer names, I would say it's between Dior and Chanel.

    I feel that Dior tends to have a bit more ingenuity in the...
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    Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    So even as I wrote the title I really don't believe it's possible.

    I got a bottle of Kenzo Power from ebay... very cheap... like 16$ . It arrived. It's got all the packaging(not shrink wrapped...
  9. Re: If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragra

    Hmm I would agree that something with a fougere type structure might be most conventionally versatile, so from what I have, maybe Platinum Egoiste? Also I never find my Bulgari Pour Homme...
  10. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    I first liked Citrus, moved to gourmandish stuff. Now I'm into scents with floral elements.
  11. Re: EDT vs EDP - Not what it says on the bottle?

    Eau De Toilette is generally considered the most potent, long-lasting for of men's fragrance as Eau de Parfum is rare enough in men's scents that is doesn't exist to the common buyer. So while not...
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    Re: Yin and Yang... is it all about balance?

    Well, I don't know about "gravely" . I've read, for instance, that grapefruit notes give the person wearing them a sense of freshness and vitality and cause other people to perceive them as younger...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Egoiiste Platinum

    There are, I believe, NO aquatic elements to PE . I would suggest OP just smell both scents. They are drastically different and I imagine he won't have a hard time choosing one of the other after...
  14. Re: Which scents/perfume that trigger your memory?

    When I "first" smelled Le Troisieme Homme by Caron(blind buy based on reviews here), I instantly remembered seeing the box, on the nighstand of my uncle's house and the smell of my uncle, many years...
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    Re: Your Favorite or Best Citrus

    I agree, particularly on the basis of it as a citrus, simply because all other "citrus frags" that I have tried really just have the citrus notes on the top. Edition Blanche, for me at least,...
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    Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    On the contrary, I also find that most scent do not "smell their best" when projecting at large volumes. I find that perfumes smell best when you can feel ever so slightly the body heat of the...
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    Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    Because, to me, at least, the point of a nice smelling fragrance is at its most flirtatious, an invitation. When you spray enough to compete with "the mass market guys" you are advertising. ...
  18. Poll: Re: Please help me pick a scent for tonight (friend's 22nd bday)

    Edition Blanche... I think it's really safe, the safest on your list, which makes it kind of boring, but it is a beautiful scent still. Also I can't imagine a lady not liking it.
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    Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    Well then I get a bigfoot sighting just about every day at the gym. A man I can guess somewhere in his 40s wears enough scent to be smelled around the corner from the elliptical he is on.

  20. Re: Givenchy Insense - how to identify original vintage ?

    It really does not smell similar to Dior Homme at all, but the most common criticisms of both scents are the same i.e. that some people feel the scents are too "feminine". I believe with Dior...
  21. Re: Givenchy Insense - how to identify original vintage ?

    To my understanding both of those pictures are first release bottles. That's what I have and I really really enjoy the scent
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    Re: Any good tasty night out scents?

    If you love Le Male, I might suggest Caron Pour Un Homme. To me, Le Male is really just adding a strong Mint Note to Pour Un Homme. Le Male is sort of the loud younger brother of Caron Pour Un...
  23. Re: Recommend a tea based fragrance for under $80

    Another vote for just about anything Bulgari: Pour Homme and The Vert come to mind immediately but Tea Notes are sort of the signature note of the house I believe.

    Also, Tommy Girl was famously...
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    Re: Please help me identify a scent?

    I assumed it was a joke guess given these forums and the cracks at Aventus!

    Go figure. I would have guessed Dior Homme.

    As a side note: I am a twenty something and Caron's Troisieme Homme...
  25. Re: Shrill note at top of GIT & Guerlain Vetiver?

    I remember reading somewhere that Green Irish Tweed is quite synthetic in construction.

    One review of GIT lists these elements that appear in the top notes:
    Ambroxan (metallic amber),...
  26. Re: Will i still be smelled with these clothes on?

    If I were to wear fragrance to a class it would be for two reasons:
    1) For myself. A pleasant smell can help to refocus on the job at hand I find (I do this at the gym as well).
    2) To ensure that...
  27. Re: What's your maximum amount of sprays on low projecting/lasting fragrances?

    Fair enough, but what I was refferring to, and perhaps I am maybe self-conscious about how much cologne I wear on account of this observation, is simply the fact that since you are wearing the scent...
  28. Re: What's your maximum amount of sprays on low projecting/lasting fragrances?

    I find that one cannot not really have to objectivity to know if they are presenting the effect that they want when it comes to perfumes. Olfactory fatigue and all that. I have Bulgari Pour Homme. ...
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    Re: Could you wear Le Male to class?

    I agree with one spray on the chest... I honestly have never dared more than one spray(of Le Male), but I dab my wrists on my chest and then dab my wrists on the sides of my neck... I like to have...
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    Re: Best light, close to skin perfumes for men

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bulgari Pour Homme. I would call it maybe the most polite scent I've ever smelled. It's got a sort of tea scent haze over a delicate floral scent. Really a...
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    Re: What is your #1 head turning scent?

    The very first day I wore Chanel Allure Edition Blanche I got multiple compliments at work.
    Eaux Des Baux the same and continued all through winter.
    Also, Caron Pour Un Homme
    and Dior Homme gets...
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    Re: Do your wardrobe match your scent?

    I think the "formality" of scents is about as subjective as the "age appropriateness" of a scent... so very. Having said that though, some guys can wear an italian tailored dress coat with jeans and...
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    Re: Chanel Bleu or Allure Homme?

    I think Bleu right now is very "on the money." It's a very well made fragrance that is all about whats "safe" and "current". Almost sporty but not quite. You really can't go wrong wearing it,...
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    Re: Macy's Cologne Preferences

    Keep In Mind that a lot of Frags you could buy at Macys you could find somewhere else at a significantly better price. For this reason alone I would stick to shopping maybe Chanel and Dior since...
  35. Re: Had to choose two fragrances from this Dior and Chanel list

    I think... if I were to pick the two scents from the list that I think are the "finest" as works in themselves, I might say:

    Dior Homme

    HOWEVER, if I had to own Just two from the list,...
  36. Re: Besides New-York, what Parfums de Nicolaï frags are worth checking out?

    I haven't tried anything from Parfums De Nicolai that I didn't like to be Honest.
    My favorites: Nicolai Pour Homme, which i bought. Patchouli Instense, which I plan to buy. L'eau Chic would be...
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    Re: What Chanel is the best for which occasion?

    I'm pretty familiar with the ... "pedestrian"...? Line of chanels: so basically The Allure + flankers, Egoiste, and Platinum Egoiste. I havent smelled Antaeus, but my guess is that, along with...
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    Re: Spring Summer Gourmands???

    The only scent in my collection that I plan to wear all through summer that has close to a gourmand aspect is Allure Homme Edition Blanche. It may be more of an oriental, but I think it has a a...
  39. Re: Recommendation from the house of Amouage, Creed or Guerlain

    For the last question. I believe Amouage was founded with the idea that the house perfumer could use any materials he wanted in the fragrance, so it is believed to be of the highest quality...
  40. Poll: Re: Green Irish Tweed, Millisime Imperial or Aventus?

    L'eu D'Issey is sort of an aquatic. Burberry Touch is a very powdery scent to me. I think all three you mentioned would be quite different. If I were to own a Creed, it would be GIT. Certainly...
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    Re: Spring Fragrance

    I live in New England, credited for really getting to experience the seasons, and for me, spring is about florals. I just nabbed a big Bottle of Givenchy Insense which I am really excited about...
  42. Re: Recommendation from the house of Amouage, Creed or Guerlain

    Of the three houses you mentioned, I am most familiar with Guerlain. Almost anything from that house would work for your circumstance. You really can't get any more "classic" and "conservative"...
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    Re: Patchouli Intense/ Parfums Nicolai

    true, but patchoulli homme is listed as eau de toillette and patchoulli intense as eau de parfum. they charge more for the parfum as wells o I expect some difference between the two, no?
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    Re: Patchouli Intense/ Parfums Nicolai

    I only have a sample at the moment. I got with that sample many of scents from PdN and patchoulli intense seemed, from the small amount sampled, far more powerful than any of the others, including...
  45. Re: what fragrance smells non-chemical (natural) to you?

    Nicolai pour homme
    ... actually most of the stuf I sampled from Parfum de Nicolai smelt really natural.... to me at least
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    Re: aqcua di gio vs light blue

    I think Aqua Di Gio is the better scent. Lesser of two evils sort of thing. I think if women find you attractive they will like either scent as well.
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    Re: Gourmand - alcoholic beverages

    Some people compare Cerruti Image to an appletini
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    Re: Top 5 Spring Fragrances

    I've been collecting scent with strong florals recently and it will work out quite well with spring I think!

    My favorites of the moment and I think perfect for spring :
    Nicolai Pour Homme by...
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    Re: Suggest a formal evening scent

    I think Dior Homme is a great contemporary addition that could work. But I also think something with more of a classical inclination would be great for a dressed up night out as well as just giving...
  50. Thread: Vanilla?

    by sroreilly

    Re: Vanilla?

    Note vanilla ice cream. it's not that we all might love it at every point in our lives, but who can really say they don't like it? even the pickiest kid will eat vanilla ice cream. I think now...
  51. Re: Azzaro Chrome or Versace Pour Homme for this summer

    Chrome was one of those scents that I really liked when I first got colognes... ya know back when I really didn't like perfume and the worst thing was to be tagged as the cologne guy. I could really...
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    Re: Channel: Platinum Egoiste

    ummm I don't get anything aquatic out of platinum egoiste. I could see it as a fresher scent, being part of the 90s movement, but mostly I get a fougere structure with a minty lavender and geranium...
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    Re: I'm Loving Guerlains Heritage EDT

    I got a sample of the EDP and liked it so much I just bought the EDT online.... I couldn't find the EDP anywhere!
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    Re: Channel: Platinum Egoiste

    It got me wondering the same thing... would YSL's competition be Rive Gauche maybe? Platinum Egoiste has some Fougere qualities to me...
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    Re: Help: a fougere for Spring?

    Of the on'es mentioned I prefer Troisieme Homme by far, but I wonder if it classifies as a fougere? Dior's Dune has some semblance of Platinum Egoiste but I would say without any harshness; there is...
  56. Re: Now that its pretty much spring what are you planning for your spring rotation?

    I'll use a lot of the same stuff for winter, but more use out of stuff with floral notes I think
    Nicolai pour Homme
    Troisieme Homme
    Allure Homme
    Caron Pour Un Homme
    I'm hoping to pick up...
  57. Re: creamy vanilla or caramel frag for the warmer weathers

    chanel allure edition blanche has a lot of vanilla in the base
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    Re: Winter fragrance for high schooler?

    I think coacoa or vanilla bases would make for good winter scents:
    Eau des Baux
    Dior Homme/Intense
    L'instant de Guerlain/Eau Extreme
    If you like Licorice Lolita Lempacka Au Masculin
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    Re: Help with finding a great Lavender frag

    I can't imagine you not liking Caron pour un Homme if you like lavender and aromatherapy. It's basically a big lavender note that very slowly melds and fades into a big vanilla note.

    If you do...
  60. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    I can't claim familiarity with the Creed, but Platinum Egoiste is a something I have and quite like, but at this point I would say its not really a modern fragrance... or at least I would say not the...
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    Re: everyday easy to wear frag

    Caron Pour Un Homme
    comforting scent, quallity stuff, and as far as every day goes, if you search a bit you can get a lot for not many dollars.
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    Re: The perfect Insence/Woody/Vanilla parfume ?

    Your Title is just about exactly how I would describe this one.
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    Re: Favorite Guerlain Fragrance?

    I've liked every guerlain I've smelled. My favorite right now is the Heritage EDP, which might be the best option if you only want one from the house. Heritage certainly isn't Guerlain's biggest...
  64. Re: Which scents gets you the most negative comments?

    Escada Sentiment. College Friend said it was piercing. I used two sprays. In hindsight, it is pretty screechy.

    Edit: That was the only negative comment I have ever received.
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    Re: 17 year old respectable spring/summer scent

    For spring or summer I second this!
  66. Re: Help: need something fresh with elegant character

    L'eau Chic parfums de nicolai
    Givenchy Insense
    Nicolai Pour Homme
    Guerlain Heritage

    A lot of the other suggestions have been (mostly) more fresh than elegant. These I would say have the...
  67. Re: 5 must have fragrances for any mens fragrance enthusiast

    Caron Pour Un Homme
    Caron 3rd Man/Guerlain Heritage/Givenchy Insense
    Dior Homme/LIDG
    RiVe Gauche/Paco Rabanne PH/Azzarro
    Habit Rouge/New York

    I think that gives some great works in most of the...
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    Re: Shipping Perfume

    As an update, I got my package from Germany just yesterday!
  69. Re: Good starter cologne for 18 year old college student

    A lot of stuff is great and could work for you. In my opinion though, on young males that are looking to please the peers theres really two genres with lots of choices that are great.
    One is the...
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    Re: Shipping Perfume

    Hmmm... on the 8th I placed an order from Germany to the US. I have the tracking and they used DHL... should I be worried that it hasn't arrived yet? Also according to tracking it hasn't scanned...
  71. Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme Batch Code Problem!

    Thanks for the heads up, although my understanding there are quite a bit of fakes or later formulations all that. If it doesn't sell the first time though, I guess I'll ahve to get comptetitive...
  72. Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme Batch Code Problem!

    Hi there,

    so I am selling my DOlce and Gabbana pour homme bottles on ebay. To my understanding they are the vintage formulation, they have the sticker and all that, and most importantly: I have...
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    Re: Great Masculine Florals?

    Hmmm... I'll try. I suppose that when I think of 3rd man for example, it seems to progress in a sort of classical way? classical perfumery if that makes sense? As in, I get citrus in the front,...
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    Great Masculine Florals?

    Hi folks,
    this is my first post here, but I must admit to lurking quite a bit. Actually to the point that my tastes in scents has swayed a bit, perhaps on account of this site, who knows. Anyhow,...
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