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  1. Re: What's a good vanilla smell similar to this?

    I am a vanilla junkie- and I can tell you that the best vanilla out there is L'oocitane. It is very rich, very oriental- basically just vanilla- A great price for a big bottle- and the lasting power...
  2. Re: young fragrances that are still sophisticated

    Oh, you want a more grown-up scent? You should try "Youth Dew", by Estee Lauder. But only if you are in your 80's and barely have the capacity to smell anything, any longer.

    --Sorry--- I just have...
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    Re: do women like jasmine scents?

    I dont know if you mean jasmine scents in men's cologne. If so--- a resonding YES!!! HM is sooooo sexy- and all it has is Vanilla, Chocolate, lemon ( I think) and jasmine. It is a sexy, sexy...
  4. Re: Pheremones under perfume? Rip of or great idea

    I just bought " Philosophy"s Falling in Love" pherenomes. I dident tell my husband I had anything on. I put my regular perfume on afterward. He went WILD! He kept kissing my neck andsaying " Awww!...
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