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    Re: Got my first ever Compliment. YIPPY!!

    That is really nice, isn't it? I got into the whole perfume thing because my great-aunt was an avid collector and I spent an enormous amount of time with her growing up. My great-uncle had been an...
  2. Re: S o t D, Friday - 13th of Feb 09 - TGIF !!!!!

    Cuir de Lancome. Someone on the forum recommended it when I was asking about leather scents. I love it. Subtle, warm, leathery and pretty or elegant, depending on your take on it. My wife likes...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Chene

    Dense, dense, dense, super-dense. I bought it on the basis of the wax sample. Wrong. The wax sample is a faint shadow of the real thing.

    I will say this: it is all about the wood. But, to me,...
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    Serge Lutens Chergui -- ooo, la la!

    No really, I kid you not: the stuff is wonderful.

    On impulse, I dropped into a local shop today, ostensibly to check out Daim Blond. Well, I did, and it is fine. But my SL collection is getting...
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    Re: Sweet/Sugary/Gourmand Scents

    I second, in a big way, Dior Homme. Don't much like it myself but, then again, I don't much like A*men either. Still, both feel right at times.

    Double-second Black! That was my first thought. ...
  6. Re: Allure Homme Edition Blanche or Guerlain Homme

    Neither. L'Instand Pour Homme. Guerlain Homme is a thin thing and Allure, well, doesn't cut it.
  7. Chanel Cuir de Russie: a new day down the leather road

    Okay, I really apologize for my initial post where I went on about "dung" and not tolerating the scent. But, perhaps, there is something to be learned from that post and this one. Here goes:
  8. Re: Chanel Cuir de Russie: thoughts and looking for suggestions

    You're right, you're right -- I need to give it another go. It's huge, expensive bottle (a quick buy at the boutique), so I've got a lot to use. It could just be that it's different enough from the...
  9. Shopping this weekend: Daim Blond or Prada No. 3

    This would be in shops a few blocks apart. No experience with either. Currently into a leather thing and have been enjoying Knize 10, Cuiron, S-eX (lowest longevity in personal experience). Having...
  10. Re: Today I Bought - January 2009; HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS :)

    Total impulse of the day: Passage d'Enfer. It's really nice, actually, and I liked it better than expected. Even better was stumbling into a shop that sells L'Artisan. This will suck out my Euros...
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    Re: Any love for A*Men ?

    Not for me -- it sits, gathering dust. This thread got me curious so I applied to wrist and...same reaction. Then again, I don't like gourmands in general. Far prefer Dior Homme and I don't like...
  12. Re: Which scent originally meant for women gets you the most compliments?

    Hard question, really, because I have stacks but have mostly been wearing masculines lately. Having said that:

    Jicky, Bulgari Black, TDC Osmanthus, Mitsuoko...a few others. I need to decide...
  13. Chanel Cuir de Russie: thoughts and looking for suggestions

    Okay, I should probably post this in the women's corner, too, but what the heck. I am a male, after all, and a male who's wife likes him in Habit Rouge, M7, things of that nature -- but is also fine...
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    Re: SOTD Sunday, 11 January 2009

    Serge Lutens, MKK.
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    Re: Buying Blind

    Chanel Pour Monsieur is a good lost island fragrance. Day, night, can't go wrong. Not "clean" and all that, but great. Actually, I kinda like L'Instant Pour Homme lately, too, but not as much as...
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    Fragrance Prices, US and Europe


    I'm asking/discussing this out of frustration. I'm an American, living in Europe -- Italy, to be exact -- and continue to be bewildered by the cost of fragrances (and many other things) in...
  17. Re: How many dollars did you spend in fragances on 2008?

    Beats me. $1,500-$2,000. Mind you, that includes what I have purchase for my wife.
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    Cuir de Russie: Chanel, Creed


    So I've been going after leather scents, for whatever reason, and I'm looking to round out my collection. The regular rotation now are Knize 10 and Dzing! and Cuir Mauresques.

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    Re: Your ONE best purchase in 2008

    It's been a good year -- and I bought a lot (like almost 30 bottles). Things that make me happy: Knize 10 and Dzing! and Serges Lutens, CM and MKK, now that it is winter. Kept me happy in fall:...
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    Re: what is your favorite perfume house?

    Guerlain and Chanel. Bases covered.
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    Re: Creed for sale at Vatican store

    Okay, speaking as a Catholic, although one of dubious faith and greater belief in people like Dorothy Day than in any pope, I can only say this is appalling.

    Then again, as a friend of mine -- a...
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    Perfume museum/Workshop in Paris?

    I hope someone can help me with this. We're planning a springtime trip to Paris and hoped to take in a fun perfume workshop. I read it about it somewhere, a year ago, but have since lost it. I...
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    Re: Rochas fans - what to try next?

    Asked my wife. Fracas.
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    Re: Can you offer Ava Luxe Recommendations?

    My wife has Madame X. It's simple and nice but nothing to get worked up over. For the price, though, it seems like a steal -- and it is lovely. Only one from the vast -- how does she do this and...
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    Marriage and Mixed Media


    Actually, this applies to people in married or partnered relationships, straight or gay, green from Mars and purple from Saturn. This is just about two people, both perfume enthusiasts,...
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    S-eX Interruptus

    Really, that says it all. Based on Turin's review I ordered S's S-EX. Here's my quick take:

    Love at first smell. More love at second smell. It is just delicious, complex, not "in your face,"...
  27. Mother's Day Help for a Juicy Couture fan

    So, here it is:

    My wife has been using Prada Infusion d'iris (perfectly nice) but, based on a review comment, I bought her Juicy Couture a few weeks ago. I've never seen her light up like that --...
  28. Thread: decanting

    by highdudgeon



    I thought I'd post this here as perhaps my brethren in the male section might not have enough experience. Here's the thing: I have a few fragrances, including five Lutens bell jars (I live in...
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    Juliette has a Gun

    So, I'm wondering -- how many of you have tried it? I live in Italy and, whilst looking for something else, noticed their initial two offerings in a small shop. Typical. Anyway, after all the talk...
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    Re: Desert Island Perfume

    Chanel PM Concentree. It does everything right even if it is not excellent in particular areas. From tee shirt at kid's soccer game to suit to bumming around antique stores to a romantic dinner. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female compliments?

    My wife and I nearly gagged on Kouros Body. I actually threw it away after three attempts at wearing it. Out the door. I think it is one of those love/hate fragrances.
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    Jicky and Jicky Classic?

    Okay, so I'm going to pony up for Jicky. It's about time. Thing is...

    1. I can order Jicky 1.7 EDP spray for around $100, OR
    2. The cool Parfum Classic 1 oz bottle for $300.

    Obviously, one...
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    Re: Mitsouko and Jicky for Men

    My wife wears Shalimar from time to time and I love it. I love it on her. The thing is, my mother ALSO wears Shalimar (let's not go there; they both have good taste!) and I grew up around the scent...
  34. Re: Concerned about overspraying.... and especially underspraying...

    You've got me on that one -- 3 really isn't enough with CW. I said "3+" but, being inherently a bit introverted, that really is three and a half or so. And it vanishes in no time.
  35. Re: Concerned about overspraying.... and especially underspraying...

    I never use more than three sprays -- neck and chest. Usually just two and, with some fragrances, one is enough. Example: I find that with any of the Serge Lutens fragrances I own (MKK, CM, AS, LM,...
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    Mitsouko and Jicky for Men

    Okay, I know this is totally subjective, but here goes:

    Some men won't wear anything remotely "feminine." Others will a bit and others will a lot. Some people associate vanillin with women's...
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver vs. Habit Rouge

    Bromo said it right -- vanilla, sweet, etc. Yes, a bit androgynous. Personally, I really like it. Lots of warmth but still wearable, as I said in another post, in warm weather. Not overly sweet...
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    Re: SotD - Tuesday, 22 April 2008

    Habit Rouge. Man, is it nice! And at the price! It might be SOTW if not more. I get a lot of what I like from some heavier fragrances (Lutens MKK, say) -- warmth, glow --- without the heaviness...
  39. Re: dzongkha -- celery, cucumber, vinaigrette; salad, anyone?

    Interesting note. People write about L'Artisan fragrances not lasting. Well, it's 10:12 where I am (Italy) and it has last 24 solid solid. And, here's the really interesting thing: this morning,...
  40. dzongkha -- celery, cucumber, vinaigrette; salad, anyone?

    So, I just took a shower and, for the hell of hit, hit myself with dzongkha. All this talk of L'Artisan and all. I've only worn it one other time and wasn't impressed. Still not.

    Basically, I...
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    Your Fav. Leather Scent for Men?

    Just wondering -- it's not an area of much experience or expertise for me. I've been wearing Lutens CM a lot and like it. It is subtle and the leather comes out more with time -- half an hour or...
  42. Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    Okay, so I'm a confessed Lutens fan. I own four fragrances, plan on more, and love the thickness of the scents. So, something crazy happened on the way to the forum.

    I've been wearing CM off and...
  43. Re: Eau d Guerlain -- what happens when you listen to critics

    All, all, all subjective!

    Okay, so now we're six or eight hours into the fragrance. Results: I am surprised by the staying power. It reminds me of Creed in that sense (think REL). However,...
  44. Eau d Guerlain -- what happens when you listen to critics

    So, this is what happens: quite often, not good things.

    I bought EdG some months ago, largely on the notes about how Turin thinks so highly of it, and I've tried to like it. It failed. I...
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    Re: Exhorbitant fragrance prices

    Couldn't agree more. Serge Lutens? All pushing $200 a bottle. I have a bottle of Habit Rouge ($45 on the Internet) -- why is Derby $240??? I have a few over-$100 bottles, all of which are...
  46. Lutens Ambre Sultan and Tom Ford Amber for Men: anyone know both?


    So I really like the richness and depth -- as I see it, anyway -- of Serge Lutens fragrances and think AS is one of the best. Unlike Chene, with which I have been experimenting, I don't...
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    Shelf Life, Temperature, etc

    Okay, so here's one:

    I've read (, Chandler Burr, other places) that the longevity of a perfume at home is around one year. I've read that it should be in the fridge when not in regular...
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    Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Really? You need to try it out of the bottle...
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    Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    So, a while back I ordered a bottle of Chene from Paris (I live in Italy) based largely on enjoying a sample. Let me get this out of the way: it's a great, if eccentric, fragrance and I like it. ...
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    Michael by Michasel Kors

    Okay, I hate it. Really. As in dreadful.

    The story is this:

    I grew up in a social circle of very elegant women who wore fragrances that projected status, refinement, that sort of thing. ...
  51. Re: Advice again, LOVE YOU, but...T. Different Company, C. d. Garcons

    All excellent advice. The bottom line is always, of course, to get what you like. I just wanted to bounce around some ideas and hopefully find some folks with more experience with these fragrances....
  52. Unisex Question: TDC Osmanthus or L'Artisan Timbuktu

    Okay, so I was a little bit surprised to see Timbuktu as one of the "top ten" fragrances on the Turin list. Right now, I'm wearing TIM on my right hand (testers!) and TDC Ostmanthus on the left...
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    Re: Bvlgari Black -- men?

    Interesting! I guess I've been playing with several "female" concoctions lately, all of which I like. TDC Bois d'Iris, which I wish I could like, TDC Osmanthus, which I LOVE but my wife tells me it...
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    Bvlgari Black -- men?

    Okay, it feels silly to bounce between the male and female threads, but here goes.

    Based only on reading about it, I recently bought Black -- and really think it's gorgeous perfume. Made Turin's...
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    Re: SOTD - Friday 28 March 2008

    Chanel Pour Monsieur
  56. Advice again, LOVE YOU, but...T. Different Company, C. d. Garcons

    Okay, first things first:

    I've been on all sorts of forums, as a professional writer and enthusiast of all things from collecting music to sailing, and this is the friendliest forum I have ever...
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    Re: Turin's List: gender?

    Nice, thanks for that! I suppose the "clean rubber" smell is something I can detect, but the overarching thing for me is this blend of vintage and modern and beautiful, ineffable freshness. I think...
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    Turin's List: gender?

    I find the gender separation thing in Turin's list a nod to marketing. Okay, there are fragrances that are more feminine (I won't be wearing Miss Dior anytime soon) and some more masculine, some in...
  59. Re: New Fragrances: The Wife Report (Dzongkha and Musc Ravageur)

    Funny you mention that! I applied MR this morning. And, indeed, it smelled like "musk." I actually liked it -- didn't love it -- but my wife was totally indifferent.

    Well, it's been ten hours...
  60. Re: New Fragrances: The Wife Report (Dzongkha and Musc Ravageur)

    Good point. I need to make an effort to wear both several times -- really, in life, that's the only way to get a feel for something. I'm wearing MR right now and it feels fine. Not worth the...
  61. New Fragrances: The Wife Report (Dzongkha and Musc Ravageur)

    So, this is odd. I ordered MR on the basis of being impressed with Vetiver Extraordinaire. And D? Based on reviews. I ordered a sample of it from Lucky Scent, along with a dozen others, and it...
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    Re: Having A Creed: A Biased Judgement

    Well, here's a nutty thing:

    A. I like BpP and Himilaya -- especially the latter. But...
    B. I sometimes think they're just good colognes at nutty prices and...
    C. Have an astringent opening,...
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    Why no Unisex Forum

    Also posted in "male" forum:

    Okay, I don't like the word "unisex" -- because I grew up in the '70s and in places where even ice cream was "unisex" as a marketing device -- but it is fair to say...
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    Why no "Unisex" Forum?

    Okay, I don't like the word "unisex" -- because I grew up in the '70s and in places where even ice cream was "unisex" as a marketing device -- but it is fair to say that some or most of us wear...
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    Re: SotD .. Monday 24th March 2008

    Creed Bois du Portugal
  66. Re: Guerlain's Vetiver.... more pepper please?

    Not to paraphrase Burr, who's become my fragrance demon, but I'll do it anyway: I don't care for the scent of vetiver when it is dominant. It's just too strong for me. I bought Malle's Vetiver...
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    Re: Bad Experience with The Sultan

    That's an interesting experience! Most cigars, maybe 95%, are truly mediocre and smell bad from beginning to end. Some, at the top end -- Cohiba Esplendidos -- are phenomenal but you pay something...
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    Re: Bad Experience with The Sultan

    Yes, but you can't really expect everyone else to feel the same way, can you? I enjoy a quiet home and expect quiet and considerate neighbors. We're not in our 20s (or 30s, mostly) and don't look...
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    Creed: HLA and REL

    So, today I stopped by one of the many boutiquey perfume shops in my small Italian town and tried REL on one hand and Himilaya on the other. Hmm. I tried Bois du Portugal, too, which I have coming,...
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    Creed Leather Scents


    I'm having this thing where I'm really enjoying Luten's Cuir M. But, I want something tending more toward cologne, something lighter, etc., and I'm nowhere where I can try Creed's Cuir Russie...
  71. Re: Creed Bois du Portugal: EdP or Cologne

    Argh, foot in mouth -- thanks!
  72. Creed Bois du Portugal: EdP or Cologne

    Oh, the question. So, I haven't tried a Creed product in years, but, based on reviews, I feel like trying Bois du Portugal. The question is, EdP or Cologne? Thoughts, experiences?
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    Chandler Burr and Commes des Garcons

    Okay, forgive me, but I'm thrown for a loop.

    After reading Burr's account of how Jessica Sarah Parker used Incense d'Avignon and how niche and cool and wonderful it is, I broke down and bought...
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    L'Artisan, to buy unsmelled

    Okay, I give up: I am very intrigued by what I've read about L'Artisan scents and I going to pull the trigger on one, nose unsmelled, as it were. So I'm feeling a it impulsive.

    It will be either...
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    Re: Perfumes with Endoles

    I stand corrected: indoles, not endoles. Blame my addled mind and too-quick typing.

    Anyway, this is all really great -- I appreciate it. To get a handle on things I'm going to order some of...
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    Perfumes with Endoles

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback from this great community. And I mean great! My wife and I are Americans but live in a remote town in northern Italy. Except for trips to London,...
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