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    Re: Alternatives Virgin Island Water?

    Spray Navy in your desired spots, then follow with sprays of Coco Extreme. Less of a hassle, and would also prevent caking, and clumping if blended in decants.
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    Re: Royal OUD is

    Andnext on my buy list a ye olde flacon of Royal Oud!
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    Re: What to buy in London

    I had no idea they had a mouthwash line! The ingredients that Dental Elixir is enriched with makes me want to tinker with my Scope, and make my own niche mouthwash. *GARGLE GARGLE*
  4. Re: Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche - your thoughts?

    I don't like it.
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    Re: Alternatives Virgin Island Water?

    Try mixing Navy for men and Bomptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Extreme. Poor mans VIW.
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    Re: What do you think of Gucci Pour Homme?

    It's a nice scent. Gucci by gucci however smells like something a failed rapper would wear.
  7. Re: Crown Perfumery Crown Imperial, Angel For Women, Cambodian Amber Oud, Etc. Free Shipping!

    New items
  8. Re: Fake counterfeit Terre D'Hermes from Amazon (perfumeworlduk)

    As true as blue. Legit bottle. Not a fake.
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    Re: Lacoste yellow

    This one really is a special subtle scent. Wears like an EDC. The best offering from this house since Lacoste Pour Homme (2002).
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    Re: What is your The Most Unique Fragrance?

    Probably Boss in Motion, and anyone from my Al Haramain collection.
  11. Re: Jil Sander...any men's scents worth owning?

    Jil Sander Bath & Beauty
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    Re: Ethical Hypothetical

    Wise words from a very wise man! :D
  13. Re: Nautica Voyage caps change or do I have a fake?

    Not to get off track here but I have a 1oz Nautica Voyage distributed by Coty, and a 3.4oz distributed by Lancaster. Does anybody know which one is older/better?
  14. Re: What scent would R.P. McMurphy sneak into the "Cuckoos Nest"?

    Might I add Contradiction, and Bad English. R.P. would give these to his comrades. Because he's a nut case who's as cool as Fonzi!
  15. Re: All 3 Coach Leatherware Mens Scents on sale for $48 each (95ml EDP) (soon to be discontinued)

    I love the presentation of the 3. Hope I'm not greeted by notes of poached eggs, and stagnated "lemony" water like their first release.
  16. Re: Let's be frank: spring is time for frankincense.

    Can't go wrong with Encre Noir in the spring time! That fresh Polaroid picture inky note is so addictive!
  17. I layered Montale Red Aoud, and Animale Animale and it smells like Pinot Noir and Godiva chocolates!

    Have you created any interesting combos? What do they smell like?
  18. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Lolita lempicka "L" and Fleur Defundue got them for a steal at $19.99 at Marshalls. Cute bottles! :D
  19. Re: Which Is The Most Coveted Of The Classic Kouros Flankers ?

    The one that wouldn't be worn by Bebop & Rocksteady.
  20. Re: Counterfeit CREED Aventus... now in 2.5 oz bottles!

    Sounds like the seller who was selling gallons of fake DKNY 6 years ago.
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    Re: Vintage Gianfranco Ferre For Man

    I was under the impression that if it doesn't have the "pitch-in" "garbage can" De Silva decal at the bottom it isn't officially vintage.
  22. Fragrances that you believe in, but just don't seem to wear as often as your other scents.

    With me it is Aramis. Such a beautiful list of notes. I really want to like this fragrance, and know that it will one day get as much play as the others in my rotation. Until then it remains in the...
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    Re: les exceptions thierry mugler

    Too dark, and too sweet. I owned Alien Parfum de Liqueur, and let it go on the boards.
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    Re: KOUROS Tom Ford.

    Yes! Clean public toilets, and basements in the Yunnan Province of China!
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    Re: Classic vibe men's scent

    I'd go with Lalique Pour Homme Lion. Ambergris, Calone, and a touch of Salem cigarettes for an older gentleman vibe.
  26. Out of all your fragrances, which ones do you find yourself wearing with a hat?

    I tend to gravitate towards my aquatics when dawning a hat (baseball cap).
  27. Re: Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 - Oumma: My Interpretation

    Tipping my hat to you for an excellent interpretation.
  28. Re: Blind bought Havana, on the fence; what other Aramis to try?

    Exchange it for New West. Tuscany is lighter than Havana too, however it might be harder to find.
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    Re: Recommendations from Micallef

    Not impressed by the fragrances put out by this house.
  30. Re: Let's have an intelligent discussion about... The GAG Reflex

    Every new release by Dolce & Gabbana since By Man.
  31. Poll: Re: Platinum Egoiste vs Terre D'Hermes Pure Parfum

    Simon says Platinum Egoiste (middle-run formulation)
  32. Re: Could you guys please catch me up on what I've missed?

    Xerjoff Nio is a winna!
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    Re: KOUROS Tom Ford.

    "Scent of the Gods?" More like the scent of a Neanderthal!
  34. Re: If you had to sell your ENTIRE collection, how much would you ask for it?

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    Poll: Re: Hanae Mori HM v Edition Blanche

    Hanae Miori
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 11th March 2015

    Also wearing Platinum Egoiste (Vintage). This one has the sillage of fumes from of a 767, and the longevity of powder that emits from a 367. Shame on Chanel for altering the formula and bottles on...
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    Re: SOTD Thursday 12th March 2015

    Santa Fe
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    Re: Blind buy mistake? Hermes Bel Ami

    Don't forget the up and down test.
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    Re: Your Top Subtle Fragrances.

    Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Colognia Russa

    Max Deville Camera
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    Re: waiting is the hardest part...

    I wish your next purchase to arrive faster than a speeding woodpecker with a weasel on his back!
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    Re: Bill Blass Mr Blass

    $4 Dollars shipped!? This must be the Amazonian "Blue Light Special" of the year! Amazing!
  42. Re: Pick one of your favorite colognes and describe it to a "newbie" in one sentence

    Dior Homme- Smells like the bottom of a make-up purse, complete with clumps of old butterscotch, and rustic pennies.
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    Re: Bois Du Portugal 4oz bottle

    Yes, I know, my vintage bottle will do just fine, it gets a lot of compliments. The stuff is so elegant, I feel I need me a Beamer in order to wear it.
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    Re: Bois Du Portugal 4oz bottle

    My '88 has a brown tint.
  45. Re: Strange limited Guerlain Habit Rouge - Does anybody know more about this?

    Not gonna hassle trying to find this one, probably one of the reformulations that smells like "old man dust" and "wine."
  46. A scent of Innovation: Nautica Oceans

    No alcohol was used in the making of this scent, and still longevity is at 13+ hours on my skin. It smells like talcum powder, dirty sand from a beach club, and (ironically) drinkable alcohol. Not...
  47. The drugstore cheapie known as Preffered Stock.

    Recently went to Wal-Marty and smelled it. Smells the same as when I first discovered it in '95. I now can confirm with some of the reviewers that it is indeed a close-cousin of Giorgio Beverly Hills...
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    Re: Bois Du Portugal 4oz bottle

    Might I add that it was awfully powdery.
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    Bois Du Portugal 4oz bottle

    Why is the fluid green? Also, there is no birthdate on the back. Was about to buy it, but clearly it's nothing but a fake. Smelled like shampoo.
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    Re: New Dollar Tree knockoffs

    Dancing all the way to the BANK to pull out chump change for these!
  51. Re: Nazareno Gabrielli pour homme - Anyone knows?

    Some say it's similar to Lacoste Land. Released in 2014 concocted in '93.
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    Re: Phone App to detect fragrance

    It's the illegal Dashboard Confessional app. You'll go to prison.
  53. Has anyone seen Nautica Boating EDI at a decent price?

    Searching everywhere, can't seem to find it.
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    Re: Seeking 70's, and 80's powerhouses!

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    Re: SotD - Thursday, 19 Feb 2015

    Giorgio Beverly Hills Red (Vintage)
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    Re: SOTD Monday 16th February 2015

    Ralph Lauren Purple Label
  57. Re: Chanel Antaeus - Primary source reference for gay cult rep?

    And when it finally took off, Lagerfeld coat-tailed it's success, and cut into Eternitys sales by offering free shirts with Photo.
  58. Re: Any problems going through an airport with a bottle of Spicebomb?

    Depends on why your flying. If you're being exiled, then damn right they'll confiscate it. :D
  59. Re: Imagine a men's club in the Seventies...

    I put my money on something by Faberge, or perhaps even Jovan.
  60. Re: Males! You wrote a love poem, now what do you spray on it?

    For my Valentine I would have gone with Jivago and an added sprinkle of 24K Gold. She'll love you forever.
  61. Re: Nina Ricci Phileas was composed by none other than Vincent Marcello.

    True. I believe with Phileas he replaced the pine note with a celery note. They're nearly identical.
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme...

    There is no discernible tobacco accord in Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme, those who say there is must have their "wires-crossed."
  63. Nina Ricci Phileas was composed by none other than Vincent Marcello.

    Just thought I'd mention it since the directory urges us to "Let Us Know."
    A fine scent indeed.
  64. Re: Is there any fragrance you use exclusively at home?

    Real talk!
  65. Re: Mysore sandalwood oil (from the Year 2000)

    I would love to here Bigsly opinion in this thread. Sadly his account has been taken over by criminally insane hackers, hasn't been him for about six months. I believe he diluted his strong...
  66. Re: Goofiest thing you've seen on Ebay (men's fragrance category).

    An auction for Halston Unbound. Disclaimer read WHOLESALERS NOT WELCOME.

    An auction for a pack of batteries. Disclaimer read TOYS NOT INCLUDED.
  67. Re: Is this what heaven actually smells like?

    This is the only scent worth purchasing from Prada. Reminds me of showering in purple rain underneath the clouds from the movie "What Dreams May Come."
  68. Re: Micallef Sashka Man is a Lapidus Pour Homme Clone.

    And there it is. Mine came from eBay direct from Kuwait. Seller was extremely hospitable, and sold many discontinued fragrances.
  69. Re: Rochas man..but less sweet..suggestions please

    Thallium White.
  70. Re: Rochas man..but less sweet..suggestions please

    Hugo Boss Dark Blue.
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    Re: What is you favorite Amouge and why?

    Dia. The one that smells like a lit candle.
  72. It seems as one needs to step up their intellectual capacity to decipher the label on....

    Le Labo bottles. The fragrances inside them are pretty bad smelling as well. I'm I the only one on the boards that has no love for this house.
  73. Imagine Gene Frenkel the character from Saturday Night Live having a favorite fragrance.

    I'm going with a heavy application of Brut.
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    Re: I don't get the love for Azzaro Visit.

    I have scrubbing bubble maniacs who do those tasks for me.
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    I don't get the love for Azzaro Visit.

    To me it smells like Tilex, Resolve, Mr. Clean, and Cedar.
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    Re: Anyone wear fragrance oils?

    It seemed to be a knock-off of Aventus according to the description given by the seller. Weird names, one of their other ouds was named "PAULIEWANTS2STEELEKENNYORTEGA"
  77. Males! You wrote a love poem, now what do you spray on it?

    I would spray Aramis.
  78. Do you have a scent that takes you back mentally to the 60's, 70's, 80's etc.?

    The first day I wore Calvin For Men I was immediately taken back to the mid-80's, and played Freestyles music non-stop for the whole day. It was a great day that I will always remember. those of you...
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    Re: 2014 XMAS Day Scent

    Ungaro II
  80. Need assistance in remembering the niche house whose perfumes came in spray paint cans

    Clever concept. Worth purchasing?
  81. Re: Concerns about authenticity with my Creed MI

    Looks legit. You should try finding the Gold bottle. Better projection.
  82. Re: On the hunt for "Five Star" fragrances. All because I bought a book! HAIAHA!

    He's deemed Musc Ravageur as "hippie musk". I think we can all disagree with him on that.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, December 24, 2014

    Dressed to the 9's on this wonderful Christmas Eve, and wearing......

    Hugo Boss Spirit
  84. Re: What cologne would Buckaroo Banzai wear?

    Japanese Cherry Blossom
  85. Re: Wall Street by Bond No 9 gotta be the worst smelling fragrance ever

    I know what you mean. I believe this particular fragrance doesn't have a good shelf life. When purchased, initially, it smelled very similar to Creeds MI but just a tad bit better. A couple months...
  86. Why does the current version of Davidoff Zino smell like an emergency room?

    I was expecting more of a powerhouse, with oakmoss ETC. Does the vintage smell like this?
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    Re: Anyone wear fragrance oils?

    There was a fragrance oil on eBay that was called "POLYUandTHECRANKSTERSDIDPEARL" it's dissapeared.
  88. Re: On the hunt for "Five Star" fragrances. All because I bought a book! HAIAHA!

    I can understand your point of view. Parts of the book are making me wanna toss it in the fireplace, and use the clumpy soot as a "stocking-stuffer" for the sinners. HOHOHO HAHAHA
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    Re: Create a flanker

    Creed Erolfa: Pearls Of The Sea edition. Each bottle would contain several pearls.
  90. Re: Santas helpers are in their workshop concocting your most wanted/desired fragrance.

    I have a feeling some of us are going to use our unwanted samples as "stocking stuffers." BLAME IT ON SANTA.
  91. Re: On the hunt for "Five Star" fragrances. All because I bought a book! HAIAHA!

    Amen! I hear you Franco!
  92. Re: Fragrance went from "I like it well enough to buy it" to "get this off of me!"

    It happened last night, the SA was adamant about spraying Bvlgari Aqua Amara on my wrist. Was loving it at first, but it's become pretty dreadful and shows no sign of leaving my wrist. Fortunately, I...
  93. Re: Two fragrances that have me constantly smelling my wrist. YSL Rive Gauche, and Azzaro Pour Homme

    Yes! Calvin for men does it to me too!
  94. Two fragrances that have me constantly smelling my wrist. YSL Rive Gauche, and Azzaro Pour Homme.

    Ironically they're often compared to one another too. Do any of your fragrances have you this addicted? Haha
  95. Re: Bone-dry niche fragrance to add to my collection?

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Dzonghka nor Timbuktu yet.
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    Re: Lush - what are your favourites???

  97. On the hunt for "Five Star" fragrances. All because I bought a book! HAIAHA!

    Perfumes The Guide. Do you own all of the four or five star fragrances mentioned in the book? If not, Do you plan to?
  98. The tsunami of a spray that emanates from a Creed bottle.

    Any other houses with this type of sprayer?
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    Re: Diesel Battle

    Get ready! there next fragrance will be in a open hand shaped bottle instead of a closed fist, and will be called Diesel Fuel Pumped.
  100. I don't understand the repugnancy for Grey Flannel. Best smell of a soap bar out there!

    It's the shining star amongst my "Soapy" scents. I declare this the Grey Flannel lovers thread.
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