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  1. Re: Article: "Like Joni Mitchell’s alternate guitar tunings" - An interview with Dr Ellen Covey of O

    Thanks! I really love Tropic of Capricorn. It reminds me so much of the old Patou fragrances that Ellen loves so much. It's just amazing and alien to smell genuine animalic bases and genuine floral...
  2. Re: Article: "Like Joni Mitchell’s alternate guitar tunings" - An interview with Dr Ellen Covey of O

    Conducting this interview, we were treated like family by Ellen and her husband. It was a fantastic experience.
  3. Re: There is No More Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne

    I am a huge fan of the current Habit Rouge EDT, EDP, and parfum, but the Eau de Cologne is still my favorite. I bought up the last of the EDC from an eBay seller and paid almost $80 a pop. I have...
  4. Re: Rochas Moustache or Monsieur de Givenchy

    Moustache is insane. Only purchase it if you can handle a strong animalic presence.
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    Poll: Re: How do you feel about Ambre 114?

    Am I the only one that thought it just smelled like vintage Shalimar parfum (of which I have nearly a gallon)?
  6. Re: 4 colognes to live with for the rest of your life. Niche and Designer.

    This list is certainly subject to change at any point.

    Norell by Norell - Original formula Parfum:
    This one is just so easy to wear and always makes me feel good. Hyacinth is my favorite flower...
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    Re: Puzzle: Help me identify these bottles

    3 - Dior purse parfum
    4 - Je Reviens purse parfum
    5 - Ysatis parfum
    6 - Madame Rochas parfum
    8 - Ysatis
    10- Ma Griffe
    11- 4711
    12- Fidji
    16- L'Air du Temps
    17- Roger & Gallet Cologne
  8. Re: Got scammed on Aventus...Sent Fresco (Not by anyone here) - Need advice

    Aventus is a terrible fragrance.
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    Re: Smell of iris in fragrances

    "Iris," the vague description of the note that is typically represented by various synthetic ionones and/or blends, is a tough one to pin, but is almost always earthy, powdery, and redolent of...
  10. Re: 001 Coty - has anyone smelled (or seen) this scent?

    I own this. I actually really like it. It has some strange hissy synthetic freshness with a great marigold up top and a nutty white floral below. It is very strange.
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    Re: Vintage Magie Noire issues and questions

    The bottle on the inside of the flat black plastic EDT is remarkably plastic as well. It's ridiculously shitty and is totally useless at actually preserving fragrance. Avoid these bottles - they're...
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    Re: Question about Gucci Envy for men

    The one on the left is precisely the same color as my bottle from 2003.
  13. Re: Thoughts on the new formulation of Fougere Royale

    It's really good, IMO.
  14. Re: Guerlain Vintage Packaging Question ???

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    Re: Vol de Nuit

    I just got a vintage EDT and I am burning through it. Fast. Those Habit de Fete sprayers are as generous as my trigger finger.

    I get excellent longevity from it, though.
  16. Re: Poorly reviewed fragrance that you like?

    Tricorn by Caswell-Massey. An amazing amber fragrance.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell like a ghost.

    Jacques Guerlain seemed to capture my personal idea of the scent of ghostly encounters with Vol de Nuit IMO.
  18. Re: Which Coty perfume smells very similar to Chanel No. 5? Need your help please

    It's pretty close.
  19. Re: What makes Guerlain's Derby reissue so expensive?

    Just cause. It didn't sell very well before, and they don't really expect it to now. The fact that they have a set price for the collection to which it belongs is really what sets the price exactly.
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    Re: Axe....seriously??!?!?

    I have to agree - wear fragrance for yourself. Deodorant companies market test the hell out of their fragrances even more than the perfume companies do. They don't smell better at all, but they are...
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    Re: Is civet a dated note in fragrance?

    Yes! I love Moustache!
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    Re: What "womens" frags work great for men

    I can't really even make a distinction anymore. I'm wearing Miss Dior (the 1947 one!) today and I struggle to find anything feminine in it. It smells like an old library.

    Some of my standbys:
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    Re: alternatives to Chanel No.5

    There are many - here's a list off the top of my head.

    Miss Dior
    Ma Griffe
    K de Krizia
    Madame Rochas
  24. Re: Whats the most common central note in your wardrobe?

    Realistically bergamot. I like a lot of notes, but I seem to have more than my share of leathers.
  25. Re: I think I found my mom's "good" perfume again...

    Modern Joy is a joke. The real stuff is luxurious beyond all reason. It's completely ridiculous, actually. It's like fur on fur on fur on diamonds. The stuff today is rosewater with fake civet.
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    Re: Chanel no5 help

    Though my favorite is the EDT, it's a bit butch for today's women(I wear it as a man in public and nobody thinks it's a woman's fragrance!). The EDP is hideously dated(which to me means anything from...
  27. Re: Which of these French perfumes do you like best?

    If only because it's so different from the others you decided to sample, I strongly recommend Diorella. It might be the most beautiful chypre ever.
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    Re: Yatagan and smoke

    Kinski is this
  29. Re: Should I get Dior Homme Intense (the curret one)?

    The vast, vast majority of people will prefer the new one. Judging by your user name, I'll say you should go for it.
  30. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    I don't hate them, but I doubt that I'll ever own one of their fragrances.

    It's not just that they're overpriced crap. They're absurdly overpriced crap. Nonetheless, some of their fragrances...
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    Re: Have you already found it?

    Nothing is as perfect to me as Habit Rouge by Guerlain, which I stumbled upon quite early on in my fragrance searching.
  32. Re: Which two scents are the closest to identical?

    Tom Ford's Italian Cypress and Halston Z-14 are exactly the same fragrance.
  33. Re: What is the best leather fragrance on the market?

    I don't think I can make up my mind. I own and enjoy Cuir de Russie, Knize Ten, Cuir de Lancome, Derby, Jacomo de Jacomo, Aramis, Bandit, Giorgio Red, and many others I'm sure. I can't really decide...
  34. Re: What Are the Most Under-Hyped Fragrances in Your Opinion?

    Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse series, Lancome Sagamore, Different Company De Bachmakov, Paco Rabanne Metal, CB I Hate Perfume Black March, Guerlain Sous le Vent.
  35. Re: Unabashedly, boldly, in-your-face masculine fragrance? Any recommendations?

    My votes would be for Yatagan and Rochas Moustache. I can imagine a woman perhaps pulling off Yatagan, but never ever Moustache.

    Of course, Old Spice was originally a fragrance for women and...
  36. Re: Al Rehab Silver vs. Silver Mountain Water: A Detailed Comparison

    It's funny, because I think the metallic/cheap notes you made about Silver apply to Silver Mountain Water. I guess Silver would be even more utter garbage to me.
  37. Re: Best men scent with a burnt marshmellow or vanilla basenotes that are unmistakablely manly ?

    Patchouli 24 is a bit like occult s'mores. It's amazing.
  38. Re: Any weak fragrance that literally smells close to nothing?

    The lightest fragrance I've ever smelled was De Bachmakov by the Different Company. It does project an aroma, but it smells a bit like vapor coming from dry ice.
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    Re: What is the classic American scent?

    Old Spice is the one.
  40. Re: If you completely stopped buying fragrances...

    Many, many lifetimes.
  41. Re: HELP is this Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male REAL or FAKE?

    You should toss it in the trash just in case it actually is the real thing.
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    Re: Meeting Erwin Creed Today in Amsterdam

    How much makeup is he wearing?!
  43. Re: List 5 outstanding under the radar fragrances.

    1. Caswell-Massey Tricorn(and Jockey Club, for that matter)
    2. Avon Persian Wood (only the original formula before they threw their quality in the trash)
    3. Givenchy Eau de Givenchy
    4. Salvador...
  44. Re: If you could build a collection, choosing ONLY...

    Chanel - Cuir de Russie
    Dior - Diorissimo
    Yves Saint Laurent - M7
    Givenchy - Eau de Givenchy
    Guerlain - Habit Rouge (this one breaks my heart - there are so many I love!)
    Tom Ford - Arabian Wood...
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    Re: Tom Ford Noir

    Yeah, I think it's basically a modernized version of Habit Rouge. It's very close to an EDT version of Habit Rouge L'Extrait.
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Creed Royal Oud

    Not even vaguely similar to me.
  47. Re: With the colder months upon us, What will you be wearing?

    Almost my entire collection opens up when it's cold outside. I'm so excited!
  48. Re: The Definitive Chanel Eau de Cologne Thread

    There's no way Chanel's EDC is better than Eau de Guerlain.
  49. Re: Want to find a good vanille based scent.

    Shalimar EDP, of course!
  50. Re: "Hi Haters" - Your guilty pleasure scent that you have no shame in sharing!!

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    Re: if you had to pick..... CREED

    Royal English Leather
  52. Re: The most unique smelling frag in your collection?

    Yatagan or Cuir de Russie. Both intensely unique to me.
  53. Re: Le Male VS The best masculine Lush fragrance

    This is my opinion as well. Breath of God is the only fragrance with a big dose of calone in it that I love.
  54. Re: L'instant de Guerlain Extreme EDP Question

    L'Instant has no real comparisons. It's a very well-made fragrance.
  55. Re: What is your favorite Niche perfume house?

    Guerlain, of course!
  56. Re: I purchased a 400 ml of 4711 Original Eau De Cologne today

    I bought a 400ml bottle in an attempt to substitute my extremely expensive habit of spraying everything with Eau de Cologne Imperiale before bedtime.

    I haven't touched the 4711 since. :P

  57. Re: What's the most bottles of any one fragrance you own?


    1/4 oz parfum - 1
    1/8 oz parfum - 1
    3 oz EDC - 1
    45ml EDC - 1
    75ml EDC - 1
    30ml EDT - 1
    75ml EDP - 1
  58. Re: Which moisturiser to extend fragrance life?

    I'm another fan of Aveeno. :D
  59. Re: A scent for keywords: Old, Poetic, Forgotten,Slower paced, Silent, Serious ?

    I'm responding before reading any of the other suggestions.

    The only thing that really reminds me of all of those things is Iris, so I would have to say

    28 La Pausa, Iris Silver Mist, Bois...
  60. Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV - weak projection and poor longevity?

    The sample I got is very strong with excellent longevity.
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    Re: Dirty scent

    Moustache really is up there. I love it!
  62. Re: A Question for Gay, Straight and Bisexual Men

    Nothing makes me feel sexier than Caron Pour un Homme.
  63. Re: am i the only one who prefers dior homme to dior homme intense?

    I, too, prefer the EDT. DHI is far too sweet for me, and I don't really get along with chocolate. It's the same reason I can't really do L'instant de Guerlain EDP.
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    Re: A stronger Dior Homme/DHI

    If you like tuberose(I do), I know this will be the one. It's just simply gorgeous.
  65. Replies

    Re: A stronger Dior Homme/DHI

    I actually know just what you're looking for:

    Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse

    It's gorgeous. It's the top and base notes of vintage Dior Homme but it lasts much longer, projects...
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    Re: Sephora!!!! Round 2

    Go for Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum IMO.

    Fahrenheit is also wonderful.
  67. Re: Answer These Personality Questions and I'll Recommend a Fragrance for You

    Part 1:

    1. How old are you? 23
    2. Male or female? Male
    3. Are you an introvert (enjoy time alone) or an extrovert (outgoing and social)? Extrovert most of the time.
    4. Do you like to be...
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    Re: Best for each decade

    Especially when you widen the gap, haha!
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    Re: Caswell Massey's Jockey Club

    Jockey Club reminds me a bit of Nuit de Noel. Spicy florals on a deep moss-musk base. It's great stuff.
  70. Replies

    Re: Best for each decade

    Hooray! This will make me think. :) It will be too hard to select from all fragrances, so I'll stick to ones marketed to men.

    1880s: Guerlain Jicky
    1890s: Guerlain Eau du Coq
    1900s: Guerlain...
  71. Poll: Re: Rochas Man vs. New Haarlem: A Detailed Comparison

    So maybe I'm completely retarded, but I have never been able to get the coffee note in Rochas Man. I love coffee, too, but I just don't smell it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The main impression I get...
  72. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    From HowardUK's Wardrobe:

    1. Habit Rouge
    2. Egoiste
    3. Jaipur Homme
    4. L'Instant Pour Homme EDP
    5. Opium Pour Homme
  73. Re: What is it about amber perfumes that people find offputting?

    I'm really into Amber-centric fragrances. My favorites are CBIHP Ambrosius, which adds black pepper and more labdanum, and Caswell-Massey Tricorn, which adds a good amount of sandalwood to attenuate...
  74. Replies

    Poll: Re: Bal a Versailles or Habanita?

    I love both, but Bal a Versailles is one of the best ever in my opinion. I have it in all concentrations and across several vintages, and all of the very different versions of it are wonderful. I...
  75. Re: Failures/Duds from your favorite houses

    L'Instant Pour Femme - Guerlain
    Allure - Chanel
    Pour Une Femme - Caron
    Ange Ou Demon - Givenchy
    Miss Dior Cherie - Dior
    Pleasures - Estee Lauder
    1Million (female) - Paco Rabanne
  76. Replies

    Re: Bond - Andy Warhol Parting Ways

    I hope Bond crashes and burns.
  77. Replies

    Re: Top 5 Vintage Masculine

    1. Habit Rouge
    2. Mouchoir de Monsieur
    3. Knize Ten
    4. Yatagan
    5. Pour Un Homme
  78. Poll: Re: Guerlain's Derby or Sous Le Vent: Which do you prefer?

    I just slightly prefer Sous le Vent. Derby is wonderful, but its drydown isn't as inspiring as Sous le Vent to me.

    Derby is wonderful, though.
  79. Replies

    Re: Have I bought the correct fragrance?

    Honestly, I have no idea what you've got there. I've never seen any Guerlain Homme bottle like that.

    I've heard rumors (!) that Guerlain Homme is being faked these days.
  80. Re: Is shalimar edp really unisex or pushing the line?

    The most recent Shalimar EDP is totally unisex. It's never been the height of femininity, but these days the EDP is a dark, resinous incense and vanilla fragrance that totally works.

    I'm a...
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    Re: Hurricane Fragrance for Nawlins'

    I rocked some Aramis here in FL yesterday.
  82. Re: Ever had a negative comment from a friend/stranger on a fragrance you've worn that...

    Oh my, yes! I have had soooooo many negative comments about my most favorite scents, haha! I still wear them. I've had very negative reactions from people to just about every chypre I've ever worn...
  83. Re: Ombré de Hyacinth....what the hell Tom Ford?

    Oh my god, I love Hyacinth. It's definitely my favorite real flower.
  84. Replies

    Re: Best "Bang" for your buck

    Definitely this, but I'll also add Salvador Dali Pour Homme.
  85. Re: Please help me identify the note that's ruining everything for me :(

    Is this the stuff that ruins almost all men's designer fragrances for me? I'm speaking of Dirty English, Ralph Lauren Romance Silver, and Gucci Pour Homme I. I know there are others, but this scent...
  86. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    It's an excellent fragrance.
  87. Re: Does anyone have any proper distinctions between niche and designer?

    It's amazing how many people there are in this thread that are clearly unable to pop open a dictionary.
  88. Re: Ombré de Hyacinth....what the hell Tom Ford?

    I really want to try this. I've been searching for a realistic Hyacinth frag forever.
  89. Re: What is the most sexy, masculine, awesome fragrance you can think of?

    Those three adjectives made me think Yatagan immediately.
  90. Replies

    Re: Major ebay defrag: is it one of us?

    There's some stuff in that Givenchy lot that I want, but nothing really other than that. He has the entire catalog of basenotes hype frags.
  91. Replies

    Re: Abandoned buildings

    Yatagan, Dali Pour Homme, or Rochas Moustache. They all have a neat resemblance to abandoned buildings.
  92. Re: MEN'S Fragrance with a lot of CARDAMOM (Suggestions)

    Gucci Envy is cardamom sitting atop a woody incense base.
  93. Re: weird, I sprayed kouros and it smells fresh, citrusy, chalky, clean and r

    It's definitely been destroyed. It lacks personality in the same way that the reformulated Opium does.
  94. Re: Fragrances that you will continually replace/never be without

    My top 10, for sure. They're the ones I wear the most and will have to likely replace the most. I've already got backups of most of them, haha!
  95. Re: What are your partner's favorite scent(s) on you?

    My girlfriend loves Idole by Lubin. She practically rolls around in me when I'm wearing it.
  96. Re: Your favourite mainstream Oriental/Gourmand... Ever

  97. Replies

    Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree sucks!

    The Canadian site lists it, but I can't seem to purchase it directly from them.

    Chanel doesn't want Americans to live in Luxury. :( We're doomed to Bleu and Allure.
  98. Re: First post with unsolicited compliment story

    Awesome! I seem to only get compliments when I'm wearing Shalimar and Sous le Vent. They flow in when I'm wearing those, but no one seems to say anything with any other fragrances.
  99. Replies

    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree sucks!

    I've run out of my mini of Chanel Pour Monsieur (the original w/ greenish juice). Thinking it would be no arduous task to obtain a full bottle, I started looking for one last month. Well, I'm still...
  100. Re: If you could only pick 3 designer scents to use for the rest of your life what would you pick?

    Really kind of baffled why there's so much Caron and Guerlain being mentioned in this thread. ...What is it that Caron designs, exactly? Do we count Guerlain's recent foray into cosmetics as being...
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