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  1. Re: Which discontinued fragrance is number one on your list?

    Caron's Tabac Blond! It still is in production, but not the original formulation. I want the original.
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    Re: Looking for scent suggestions

    I am shocked and frankly upset the a sales associate should say something like that about a product they sell. She shouldn't be in sales. I have worn Hypnotic Poison and LOVED it and I am nowhere...
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    Re: If You Could Choose

    L'Heure Bleue! One of my great Guerlain loves - next to Mitsouko!
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    Re: Thinking about sandalwood fragrances

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions!
    A friend of mine has suggested Jacomo's Art Collection #8. She says it smells like chai tea. Sounds delicious; I'm going to check it out!
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    Thinking about sandalwood fragrances

    Hi, all. I haven't been on basenotes for a while. I've been in writing mode.
    Anyway, again I need help from all you fragrance fanatics here at BN. I will be attending A Steampunk Convention...
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    Re: Top long lasting fragrances

    Soir de Paris (or Evening in Paris, if you will) is powdery and long-lasting. It is sort of an old fashioned frag, but that's part of it's appeal for me.
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    Re: Violet and Anise Go for a Ride

    Your stories made me chuckle out loud with delight! Please do keep writing lovely stories like these; they are so fun to read!
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    Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    I think it's wonderful to embrace new things. I've just started my exploration of newer perfume houses and niche fragrances. It's great fun. But also I still have a little in my bottle of...
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    Re: Soft, fresh-cut dewy rose / rose jam

    dewy rose - Guerlain's Nahema (an out and out gorgeous rose)
    jammy rose - By Kilian's Liaisons Dangereuses (sweet and lovely)
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    Re: Which scents smell like no other?

    I submit Bulgari's Black. I have never smelled any perfume like it, an auto shop maybe, but no other perfume.
  11. Re: I am looking for a long lasting summer scent for my mom

    I not a fan of white florals or orange scents, but I do have a couple of fresh fragrances I like for summer.
    Missoni(new) - entrancing tropical flowers with a cocoa kick. Great lasting power....
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    Re: Best Chypre

    I hate to be a copy cat, but I must agree with everyone who replied Mitsouko. It is my all time favorite fragrance and the standard to which I hold every other chypre.
  13. Re: What Scent Evokes the Strongest Memories For You?

    Chanel No. 5 evokes the strongest memories for me too, because it brings my mother back to me. It was one of her most favorite perfumes. Too bad I can't wear it, just does smell the same on me as...
  14. Re: Which Fragrance Would You Like Santa To Bring You?

    Sorry about your partner's layoff. Sucks especially at this time of year. While I don't believe Santa will bring me much but coal. I've been a BAD girl this year! I still would wish for Chanel's...
  15. Re: What is You Favorite Fragrance From The House of Guerlain?

    Being a Guerlainiphile myself, my faves are:
    Mitsouko (absolutely my most favorite perfume ever!)
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    Violets for spring

    Hello my fellow Basnoters,
    Again I want to pick your brains. I love having access to so many of you that have such a wealth of perfume knowledge. I am already thinking to springtime and I want a...
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    Cheap Thrills

    Hello Everyone!
    I find myself having to pull in a little tightly on my purse strings lately. Having been too free with my cash reserves last month. So I was thinking about inexpensive frags. I...
  18. Re: Your favorite discoveries of 2012 ? Ones that impressed or disappointed you?

    My best discovery of 2012 has been the house of Etat Libre d'Orange. Well, at least the two of their frags that I have sampled:
    Rien and Rossy de Palma
    These two scents are way far away from my...
  19. Re: Is Hypnotic Poison a fragrance that men can really pass off?

    Dear senore01,

    I don't know if there is anything "so" masculine about Hypnotic Poison. However, I've always thought it could be a unisex frag. There is a certain bit of dryness about the scent,...
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    Re: Exploring leather & incense frags...

    I don't have a favorite incense frag. But as for leather, it's Chanel's Cuir de Russie hands down! The leather in it is refined and soft and is blended so skillfully with the floral notes.
  21. Re: I am in the mood for exploring new frags!

    Mumsy, I'm glad to hear there's at least TWO of us Soir de Paris fans! Thanks for the suggestions, too!
  22. Re: I am in the mood for exploring new frags!

    Thank you all for your suggestions! It makes me all the more excited to explore new perfume avenues! Please keep the suggestions coming!
  23. Re: I am in the mood for exploring new frags!

    My number one floral scent is violet, but I also like rose. I'm a BIG chypre fan, so I love oakmoss. Vanilla and amber are also wonderful. Easy on the jasmine and patchouli, I only like them in...
  24. I am in the mood for exploring new frags!

    I feel I have become too set in my ways. I have always been one for the classics. Most of my favorite frags are considered "old school". Mitsouko, my most favorite, is absolutely wonderful. But...
  25. Re: Girls and Women i need your help (i am a man )

    It sounds to me as if your lady likes sweet scents and some rose. So I would suggest:

    Tocade from Rochas - lovely rose and vanilla
    Drole de Rose from L'Artisan - violet and rose with a sweet and...
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    Re: Feminine/Masculine Changlings

    Dear Duke, I've never sampled Dior Homme, now I must!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks all for your posts. You've all named some "changeling" masculines that I have never sampled. This is why I...
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    Feminine/Masculine Changlings

    Many years ago a friend of mine was wearing a lovely fresh and very green scent. I asked her what it was and she said "Eau Sauvage" by Dior. I was very surprised she was wearing what I knew to be a...
  28. Re: Love a fragrance, but almost apologise for wearing it?

    Andria, welcome to basenotes. I completely agree with you. Ones fragrance choices should totally be what appeals to the individual and not what is "fashionable". I myself wear several fragrances...
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    Thoughts on Courtesan by Worth

    Hello, all you basenoters! I'm dying to know what any of you think of the frag Courtesan by Worth. I'm sending away for a sample as it can't be found anywhere around my little corner of the Pacific...
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    Re: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

    Many thanks to all you basenoters that have answered my thread. You have given me many wonderful suggestions to explore!:smiley:
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    A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

    All you rose-loving Basenoters -
    I am in need of some expert inspiration! Please tell me your favorite large, lush and totally gorgeous rose fragrance. I have tried Tocade, Drole de Rose and...
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    Fragrances for Steampunks?

    I have recently entered the Steampunk community. It's a perfect group for me since I've always been retro and futuristic at the same time. I love a good anacronism!

    My question for all you...
  33. Re: When a frag takes hold and just won't let you go

    When i got my first bottle of Mitsouko at age eighteen (I believe), I wore it every day for entire year (maybe even longer). It was a large bottle of edt and lasted me a while. Mitsouko still...
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    Re: Most worn in July?

    It was Lauders' Pleasures ALL the month of July long!
  35. Thread: Diorella

    by Red Theodora

    Re: Diorella

    I envy you, LiliB. I haven't yet smell the vintage Diorella, only the current version, which I agree is putrid.
  36. Re: What perfume has given you most compliments?

    I've got the most compliments on Cuir De Russie and Mauboussin.
  37. Re: What are the all time greats, name your favourite five or so women's fragrances

    Even though it's not a fragrance I wear, Chanel No. 5 will head my list. Just because it such an amazing scent ( and I so wish I could wear it)!

    Chanel No. 5
    Mitsouko (the love of my life)...
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    Re: Katy Perry Purr

    Oh, dear Lord, sounds like another attack of the celebrity clone scents! Even though I'm a cat lover and collector of all things catlike, I think I'll give this one a miss.:(
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    Re: Favourite Dior Poison perfume ?

    I like Hypnotic Poison. The scent of candy - yummy!
  40. Re: My cat doesn't love me anymore. Is it my newly found perfume mania?

    If your cat is in his adolescent period, it might just be a case of the kitty "terrible twos" and nothing at all to do with fragrance.

    Luckily for me my cat is now so old (nineteen years!) that...
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    Re: Best Leather perfumes

    Cuir de Russie and Miss Balmian get my vote!
  42. Re: Which fragrance has been in your 'drobe for the longest time?

    There has been a bottle of Mitsouko sitting on my shelf (not the same bottle, mind you!) since 1977. My devotion is absolute!
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    Re: Most worn in May?

    My May scent was "Liz" by Liz Claiborne (not the 1980's "Liz Claiborne", but the 2005 frag - the good citrus/pink peppercorn one!).
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    Re: On My Mother's Dresser

    Although my mother was devoted to Guerlain fragrances, she too had the sturdy little bottle of No.5 on her dresser. Nothing beats the vintage stuff!
  45. Re: Mitsouko, reformulated, but still a delight

    LiliB, welcome to the army of Mitsouko lovers! Yes, it's been reformulated (a few times), but it's still lovely!
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    Re: Most worn in April?

    I pick one perfume to wear each month. Sort of my own "perfume of the month" club. April was Mauboussin, which I usually consider a cold weather scent. But then it was a very cold April this year.
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel Parfums Online

    I have the extrait of Cuir de Russie. What a rare and wonderfully beautiful thing it is!
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    Re: L'Heure Bleue, a new love affair

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Guerlain fragrance! My mother was a devotee and I now follow. I wore my LHB this mother's day in her honor.
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    Re: Men Who Wear Women's Scent

    I, being female, have worn Eau Sauvage on occasion and loved the way it smelled on me. So why shouldn't a man wear Fracas or any other "feminine" scent that takes his fancy?!
  50. Re: 25 new Guerlain lipsticks given legendary perfume names! fun!

    Lipsticks with perfume names! I think it's clever (and good marketing).
  51. Re: Azurée (Estée Lauder) vs. Mitsouko (Guerlain)

    When I first read your thread, I was almost offended. As Mitsouko is my most favorite perfume in all the world and I find Azuree abomidable. I have always been a chypre lover and I smell no oakmoss...
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