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  1. Re: For the love of god man... 07 Tanoke...

    A slight thread bump, but I got a bottle of this as a gift the other day - it's one of the first things I've ever smelled that blew me away at first smell. Fantastic scent, although I will say that...
  2. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    New Update --

    Boss Bottled. Say what you about it being entry level, but I started wearing it again and it's fantastic for cold winter days!
  3. They can't all be zingers. :-/

    They can't all be zingers. :-/
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    Re: Against your better judgment

    I did that once, and honestly, I wore it once or twice then never wore it again. :-/
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    Re: Best time for 1 Million

    The only time it should be worn (IMO) when going out to a party or club in the winter time. It also shouldn't be worn by anyone over the age 25.

    I do however think the scent is great, and if I...
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    Re: Do you have a signature scent?

    No signature scent, but there are some that I frequent ...

    Work Scent -- Bond No. 9 Wall St., Terre D'Hermes, Grey Vetiver
    Club Scent -- Pure Malt
    Doing Nothing Special Scent -- Chanel Allure...
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    Re: Tips for young starter?

    At 17, don't go rushing out and buying bottles. Get your hands on lots of samples and see what you like. It took me about six months to even figure out what I liked and didn't like.
  8. Re: Recomendation on a "evening/date/special occasions" scent

    Seconding this. Girls love it and it's an outstanding reasonably priced scent.
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    Re: Lady Gaga Concert

    ^ this

    Also keep in mind that the average age of people at the show is probably going to be 16 with their parents chaperoning them.

    Either way, she puts on a fantastic show! :-)
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    Re: A few Mugler questions

    Seconding this, Mugler has outstanding customer service. Great packing on their fragrances too.

    As for Pure Malt, you're going to love it. It's one of the few fragrances I encourage blind...
  11. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I rarely get compliments, I don't actively seek them, but I got one on Pure Malt a few months back. A very (VERY) pretty girl told me that I smelled nice. :-)
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    Re: What to wear on an upcoming date?

    Of the ones listed, Bleu de Chanel.

    Also consider Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme if you're looking for something new that fits the bill.
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    Re: Cologne for work - need suggestions

    One more vote for Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. I do agree with the projection comments, but I think it's lack of superior projection is what makes it so workplace safe.

    If you're over 25 and a bit...
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    Re: Pure Malt or Pure Havane?

    Pure Malt -- would highly (HIGHLY) suggest snagging a bottle. If you're not into it, it's an easy one to find someone to take off your hands.
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    Re: For Those Who Wear Cologn Frequently

    I try to wear things that unoffensive. Anything daring or something I would wear with the intention of getting noticed is not good for the office. Also, light application. Rarely should you have...
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    Re: Top 5 Year Round scents???

    Joining the crowd with another vote for Green Irish Tweed.
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    An update.

    After having it sprayed on my arm from some hours, the dry down really (REALLY) reminds me of Cooper Square by Bond No. 9 with the heavy juniper berry note.

    There's zero of the...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    Just got it and spritzed my arm.

    Quick Thought --
    It's good. Not sweet. Not overpowering like Pure Malt, Pure Havanne. You can use this for casual wear and maybe even in the office. Not...
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    Re: Bleu De Chenal.

    I have it and like it. Wasn't too crazy about it at first. After I got it, wore it a couple times, forgot about it for about a year, then woke up one day and liked it. It can be safely worn to...
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    Re: Designer fragrance for the summer?

    My summer staple ...

    Chanel - Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    YSL - De Homme

    John Varvatos - Artisan
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    Just ordered knowing little to nothing about it. Mugler is probably the only house that I'll blind buy from.
  22. Re: I need help choosing a cologne that my girlfriend will like, that I want to wear.

    Yves Saint Laurent - La Nuit De Homme.

    One to consider. Can be found in Sephora and girls seem to LOVE it!
  23. Re: Top Designer Spring/Summer scents for 2012

    Allure Homme Sport is an OUTSTANDING scent. One of my favorites!

    It smells nothing like the Allure or Allure Edition Blanch. I wear Edition Blanch and Sport fairly frequently in warm weather. ...
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    Re: Le Male or 1 million?

    Le Male.

    But ... although I think it's a great scent, I'll go as far as saying maybe even a classic, it's a terrible scent to wear in retail.
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    Re: Help with Tom Fords

    Joining the crowd, Black Orchid and/or Grey Vetiver.

    As an aside, a manly guy can pull off Black Orchid easily (IMO).
  26. Same here. Only the Brave is what the one that...

    Same here. Only the Brave is what the one that made me get into the hobby.
  27. Re: Another office scent for men topic…..would need advice

    Another one, if you're looking to get a bit niche -- Bond No. 9's Wall St. Very unoffensive aquatic with lots of cucumber.
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    Re: Ugliest Cologne/Perfume Bottle?

    Grrr ... this is actually one of my favorites. ;-)
  29. Re: Another office scent for men topic…..would need advice

    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver
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    Re: Everyday winter fragrence?

    My winter daily wear go-to's are ...

    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver
    Hermes - Terres D'Hermes
    Creed - Green Irish Tweed (I just can't get away from this one)
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    Re: I liked Dirty English, what is similar to it?

    Agreed. I love the scent, but hate the opening (the first 10 minutes or so kill my senses, but I love it after that). I can never smell it after I applied it, but ...

    This is one of the few...
  32. Re: Collection is growing... (looking for a vetiver fragrance)

    My two choices would be ...

    Prada - Infusion de Vetiver
    Lots of people say this is a vetiver for people that don't like vetiver. I agree 100%. This is the scent that got me into vetiver. It's...
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    Re: Best Citrus and Woody Cologne?

    John Varvatos -- Artisan

    A great reasonably priced woody citrus that's criminally underrated, IMO.
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    Re: A*Men for highschool ??

    A*Man is terrible for a high schooler (especially in a school setting). It's a very strong scent that projects. If over applied, he will forever be remembered as the dude who wore cologne.

  35. Re: Best Yves Saint Laurent for "night out"?

    If you're motive is girls, La Nuit D'Homme.
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    Re: What's a great price for CREED?

    I know the feeling. Picking a sample is almost like picking a favorite child.

    If you can get a 4.0 ounce bottle for about $150 USD, you're getting a good deal. Honestly, if it was under $100...
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    Re: Best Romantic/Attractive Cologne?

    Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret. She'll love it (along with everyone else) and may already be familiar with it!
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    Re: Blind buy success rate

    Although I don't recommend blind buys, I go against my advice and love to blind buy. All my favorites have been blind buys.

    I'll never buy completely blind, I'll always make sure I know what I'm...
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    Re: Budget

    Seconding this.
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    Re: Looking for a sillage monster!

    One more for Pure Malt. Pure Havane as well.
  41. Re: Cheapest site or store to buy bottles of frag?

    My personal favorite is Fragrancenet mixed with eBates coupons -- never had a problem.

    But do be careful when shopping for the cheapest price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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    Re: What makes a scent youthful?

    When I think young and youthful scents, I think something that's sweet and has mass appeal.

    I think of it like kids and vegetables. There's not a whole lot of appeal to eating broccoli to a...
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    Re: Guide to storage?

    I keep mine in the original boxes in a dark and cool closet. Never had a problem. Although, that picture of the wine fridge is giving me some ideas. ;-)
  44. Re: Any great work fragrances you guys would recommend?

    Designer --
    Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver (very unoffensive and a great young and modern vetiver).

    Nitch --
    Bond No 9 Wall Street. A very unoffensive aquatic (great if you like cucumbers).
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    Re: The Best Knock Off?

    Juicy Couture's Dirty English is a far (FAR) superior version of Gucci Pour Homme (IMO).
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    Re: Bond No. 9 online service.

    It's not uncommon for not small, but not quite mid-sized retail companies (like Bond) to have software to respond to emails. Email auto responders are quite sophisticated and everyone in this thread...
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    Re: Favorite spring fragrance?

    In the designer area for the $50 or so price range, my suggestion would be YSL L'Homme.
  48. Re: Suggestions for some new frags please!

    A not pricey underrated gem, in my opinion, is Very Sexy for Men by Victoria's Secret.

    Yes, it's a men's fragrance put out by Victoria Secret, but its very clean and versatile (and a HUGE...
  49. Re: So I went out and smelled Dior Fahrenheit a while back...

    +1 with I really should get a bottle of this.
  50. Re: Where do I go from here and how do I learn more?

    I would suggest just stick with your local Sephora and/or department store of choice. Smell them all, find what you like, and buy a bottle here and there.

    One big suggestion. Try to limit...
  51. Poll: Re: Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane vs. YSL Body Kouros

    Pure Havane and Pure Malt are two of the only fragrances that I would highly recommend blind buying. If you know what you're getting into, you'll be pleasantly surprised. :-)
  52. Re: Need Recommendations for a formal scent for wedding..

    My suggestion would be ...

    Chanel Pour Homme Edition Blanche

    You can pick them up at most department stores for about $50 USD. It's a very classy scent that you will not draw attention...
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    Re: Terre DHermes sprayer

    Firmly attached (ordered from Fragrancenet).
  54. Re: Need Recommendations for a formal scent for wedding..

    My suggestion would be ...

    Chanel Pour Homme Edition Blanche

    You can pick them up at most department stores for about $50 USD. It's a very classy scent that you will not draw attention...
  55. Re: Could a teen get away with wearing creed?!?

    Yes, Virgin Island Water comes to mind as something a teen could pull off in the summer.

    At the same time, Creed is super pricey for teens and there's much better things to spend money on than...
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    Re: Suggest a Creed

    Just noticed you went with GIT -- good choice. :-)
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    Re: Suggest a Creed

    Green Irish Tweed -- I thought it was understood at this point that GIT should be everyone's first Creed, although mine was Virgin Island Water. ;-)
  58. Re: Something to take me out of the dreary and cold weather vibe

    Creed - Virgin Island Water

    I used to keep a sample vile by my desk to help bring me out of the dreary cold (especially when the snow melted and turned into that disgusting gray slush). ;-)
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: December 2011

    Found myself in Sephora yesterday and picked up Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. I've been big on vetivers lately and think this one is outstanding!
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    Re: Yves Saint Laurent

    It's a toss up between L'Homme and L'Homme La'Nuit for me. Depending upon when you ask me, I'll give you a different answer.

    Worth noting, I L'Homme Libre yesterday for the first time. I didn't...
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed from Fragrancenet

    Echoing the it got better with age.

    I bought my first bottle of GIT from Fragrancenet. I had a sample vile that I would smell from time to time and gave in and got the 4oz they had a very good...
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    Re: Buying from Sephora - Which Cologne

    I was in there the other day and they have sampler packs for $50. It's a bunch of a sample viles and a coupon for a full size of whatever your favorite is. If you're unsure, and not into blind...
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    Re: Bond No. 9 good price?

    Seconding this ( along with coupons). I came into this thread to post the same thing.

    It's still not cheap, but I bought mine at Fragrancenet with an eBates coupon and got close...
  64. Re: Multi-Cologne users: what size cologne do you purchase?

    Probably the only time I'll ever buy something bigger than 1.7 is if I can get a VERY steep discount on a larger bottle or if it only comes in a larger size.

    According to this post your an get...
  65. Re: Creed resellers : How they can sell at suck low price?

    It's not just creed -- most of the discount websites on the internet (, scent monkey, etc.) are selling dead-stock. High-end retailers can only sell a fragrance for so long before...
  66. Re: Best aquatic fragrance for job interview

    Although a bit pricey, and maybe not one for someone just starting out, Bond No 9's Wall Street is my hands down favorite aquatic / good-for-the-office scent.
  67. Re: I'm about to blind buy Pure Havane Lol

    Although I rarely recommend blind buying anything pricey -- this is one of the few fragrances I would suggest blind buying if you like what you hear about it.
  68. Re: is chergui by serge lutens a good blind buy?

    I would almost always agree with this. The one exception I can think of is Pure Malt. If you like gourmands, a blind buy is HIGHLY recommended. ;-)
  69. Re: Louis Vuitton is Working on its First Fragrance

    Considering that Louis Voitton is owned by the same folks who own Sephora (and Fendi, and Marc Jacobs, and Kenzo, and Bulgari, and Dior Perfumes, and Guerlain, etc.), I don't find this the least bit...
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    Re: Sephora is killing the NICHE market?

    I think Sephora is great for the nitch market.

    I'll be the first to admit it, if it weren't for Sephora stores, I probably wouldn't have gotten as heavily into fragrances as I have. When I first...
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    Re: CK One Shock compared to Pure Havane

    Just smelled CK One Shock for the first time today. Granted, it was just me picking up a bottle on display and giving it a sniff, my initial impression is not bad at all. Going to give it a proper...
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    Re: I need a new, versatile cologne!

    My two votes are ...

    Diesel -- Only the Brave
    Victoria Secret -- Very Sexy for Him

    Don't let the makers of scents be deceptive, they're outstanding scents (especially with the ladies)! ;-)
  73. Re: Daily wear fragrances; Missing anything?

    Although I'm long out of college, if I was there knowing what I know now my daily / signature scents would be ...

    Victoria Secret -- Very Sexy for Him
    Yves Saint Laurent -- L'Homme
    Yves Saint...
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    Re: Newbie in search need help

    Another suggestion, try out these two by Yves Saint Laurent Laurent

    La Nuit De L'Homme

    Both are great non-offensive scents that leave that great trail of a scent in both closed offices...
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    Re: Do you pack a frag for the gym?

    Sometimes. This is where my shameless love for the cheapie Paris Hilton scents comes in.

    If I smell bad before I go to the gym, and I know it, I'll give myself a spritz of a cheapie. The Paris...
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    Re: Newbie in search need help

    After a while, your nose will get used to the scent and you won't be able to smell it. Even though you can smell it, other people can.

    As for the fragrances, stay away from Le Male. I think it's...
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    Re: Scent for a young lawyer

    In times of doubt ...

    Green Irish Tweed
  78. Re: Do you like crab meat or immitation crab meat?

    In my opinion, if one goes out of their way to try to give an impression that they're leading a more luxurious life than their leading by routinely flaunting fake items (and trying to pass them off...
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    Re: 2 different frags in a day?

    I wouldn't advise it. I'd go with something that you can wear in both day and night and then reapply it before you go out. I'm sure people can have some success at it, but I never had much interest...
  80. Re: Had Basenotes changes your taste in fragrance?

    Yes -- if it weren't for Basenotes, I probably wouldn't give a fragrance that I didn't care for after an initial smell much of a chance after that. If I didn't like it at first, that was it. That...
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    Re: Your top 5 vetiver scents as of 2011

    Not exactly a Top 5 list, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it in a public forum that Prada Infusion de Vetiver is a VERY underrated vetiver.
  82. Re: Do you like crab meat or immitation crab meat?

    My take on it has always been, yes, the real thing is far more pricey than the knockoff. The knockoff may even be good. But in the bigger picture of things, a year or so from now, you're not going...
  83. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Agreed. My top compliment getters in recent times are ...

    - YSL La Nuit De l'homme
    - Victoria Secret Very Sexy
    - Pure Malt
    - Green Irish Tweed
  84. Re: Thierry Mugler - Complete disregard for non-US customers

    Not sure about shipping to the UK, but it's stocked in Sephora's in France.

    I'm now kicking myself for not going into that...
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    Re: How many EDT's do you own?...

    Around 50. My finance has just as many (we're at about 100 between the two of us). Speaking for myself, I've figured out what my taste is and I don't buy as frequently as I did when I was starting...
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    Re: Same Cologne every day?

    You can't get wrong with either of those Chanel's (Allure Homme and Allure Homme Sport). If you're going to be wearing almost every day, I think those are excellent choices.

    My personal...
  87. Re: Does anyone else use scent at bedtime?

    I do from time to time, especially when I get something new to familiarize myself with the scent (or if it's something that I love and can rarely wear in public). But only if the finance isn't...
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    Re: Wearing scents to a coffee shop...

    If it's a cold day out (I did notice that you have a packers icon), and you're a fan, it sounds like a job for a Mugler (Pure Malt, etc).
  89. Re: Business meeting tomorrow with young KNOCKOUT !!!


    For when she goes out with, pull out Pure Malt and Tuscan Leather.
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    Re: GIT - A3211NO1 - Disappointing.

    That's about what experience with Green Irish Tweed is when on hot and sweaty days. Try it out on a cooler day (or at night) and you may have a lot more success with it.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense or Chanel Bleu

    I would go with Dior -- even though I personally like Bleu better, I had to stop wearing Bleu because it's gotten so popular (I feel like I smell it every other day).
  92. Re: Recommendation for a woody, spicy winter scent?

    Burberry London and YSL La Nuit De L'Homme are in HEAVY rotation in the winter for me.
  93. Replies

    Re: Good Office Wear

    Although a bit pricey, my favorite office scent is Bond No. 9's Wall St. It's a very unoffensive aquatic with lots of cucumber notes. Another favorite is YSL L'Homme.
  94. Re: good fragrance for high-school homecoming and other dances

    Diesel -- Only the Brave

    Don't let the bottle fool you, it's an outstanding scent for teens that's not overly pricey. If I was in high school I'd be wearing this daily.
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed Potency?

    From my experience with it, weather plays a big role with Green Irish Tweed. More so than with most scents. I wore the other day when it was abnormally hot outside (almost 100F) and you really...
  96. Poll: Re: My Next Blind Buy [ Dreamer-1 Million-Black XS-Very Irresistible-A*men]


    It's one of the few fragrances I would recommend blind buying without sampling (especially the special editions Pure Malt, Pure Havanne, etc.).
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    How do you rotate your fragrances?

    Just curious how everyone goes about rotating their fragrances?

    For instance, do you make it a point to wear a different one every day? Every few days days? A different one every week? Pick a...
  98. Re: BlackBerry to team up with Aramis/EL division on a fragrance?

    I've always liked the smell of just out of the plastic electronics. Something tells me this isn't going to smell anything like that, though. ;-)
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    Re: What's your favorite Pepper Fragrance

    Burberry -- The Beat

    I wasn't too crazy when I first tried it out, which I remember was near the end of the summer months. Something came over me and I gave it a try on a cold snowy day, and I...
  100. Re: Looking for new daytime and evening mens EDT

    My go to day to evening scent, for going from the office going out is Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret. Worth checking out.
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