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  1. Re: Le Labo Gaiac available in NY, LA, London and Online. Proceeds going to aid Japan

    all those expensive ingredients! ha ha ha. for Japan it's good though as long as it's all profits, cause you know all but about $5 is probably profit lol

    I still feel that Poivre just blows Gaiac...
  2. Re: Fragrance that smells the most like clove clove cigarettes

    kretek... isn't that nice a fragrance somehow ... it seemed to me when I got some and then sold it... so if it's any consolation for this nose it was kind of a bust even if there was a deliberate and...
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    Re: Egoiste and Tiffany for men

    they are miles apart and now tiffany no longer has oakmoss in mass quantities, who knows what it has now?

    has anyone compared what's been coming out on the market recently to what was being sold...
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    Re: Soapy scent with great projection?

    Gendarme smells like Woolite, not soap.
    Amoauge Gold is about as far from soapy as you can get, with a funky musk drydown that is probably the opposite of what you seek.

    CB I Hate Perfume White...
  5. Re: Summer Weather Is Hear And I Need Some Help!

    dior bois d'argent dior bois d'argentdior bois d'argent dior bois d'argentdior bois d'argent dior bois d'argentdior bois d'argent dior bois d'argentdior bois d'argent dior bois d'argentdior bois...
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    have only had good experiences with BE
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: May 2011

    Ajmal tabeer dehn al oudh, sarah
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    Re: Nag Champa incense fragrance?

    C&S 88 ? I don't think so! not exactly but similar I'd say is drydown of Cuir Mauresque Lutens
  9. Re: Musc ravageur - i think it smells like sex ?

    it smells like sex from 15-20 years ago to me, not like today's
  10. Poll: Re: Choose Several - What are your favorite Serge Lutens from the Export line?

    where is chergui
  11. Re: What is your single most treasured fragrance you own?

    88 vintage
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    Re: Your favourite Youtube reviewer

    good lord there is nobody to touch katie why the hell do they all have to start off, "hey, what's goin/ on youtube?" it's like so hard to give any creedance after that, and katie's the only cutepie...
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    Re: Amouage Silver Cologne & Silver Cristal

    the difference is a killer civet-like accord silver and crystal is, in a word, nasty! this nose doesn't find it in any way to resemble 88
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    Re: Amouage Silver man

    "cumin"? "not impressed"? - oh I think you guys need to try it again...

    exotic in the opening with a heavenly comforting drydown thing I feel very confident saying about it is that there's...
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    Re: Top 5 most overhyped.

    by killian pick any 5
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    Re: Today i bought : April 2011

    Ego Facto - Poo Poo Pidoo - whooooooo!
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    Re: Dark, moody - almost evil

    NormaKamali Incense
    Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade - think Le Labo patchouli 24 plus Goutal Sables
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    Re: New Niche Line EgoFacto

    I got my Poo Poo Pidou today and I have to say it's the most gourmandise fragrance I know because of its specific likeness to ... well, some breakfast cereal, I'm not absolutely sure it's Fruit...
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    Re: New Niche Line EgoFacto

    I tried pink sugar today cause I'd read a criticism of Poo Poo Pidou that it was like Pink Sugar. I don't think it is. I've been wanting to purchase PPDD for some time and expect to do it on the...
  20. Re: I suppose it's generally accepted that the sexiest fragrance is

    Somehow my post seems to be missing, I said I have no problem giving MR "Sexiest" title. In fact personally I don't think it's terribly appropriate for non sexy occasions.

    And I'd add that in...
  21. Re: I suppose it's generally accepted that the sexiest fragrance is

    I am fine with MR being "sexiest"
  22. sympathy for L'Artisan D'Hueur Massacrante?

    It figured I would find this stuff really beautiful given the inspiration and the unavailability. Cause, it is only available in a little half ounce size right?

    Is there anything that is similar I...
  23. Re: How often do you meet a fellow "fraghead"? - An enthusiast

    well from time to time I meet middleeastern men and they often are a bit more serious about fragrances. I think I told the story here already somewhere that I became acquainted with a friend who at...
  24. Re: After a long battle..... (Sycomore vs. Encre Noire)

    if you prefer sycomore what about profumum fumidus? you get more of an experience, drydowns are almost the same but the opening is relatively psychedelic by comparison
  25. Re: Chergui or Pure Coffee(new haarlem) - for prom help

    you'll never regret chergui maybe in the opening you might find it a little . .. offputting but when it settles down it's irresistible
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    Re: Arso by Profumum

    as stated in other thread ... I can only freak out over similarity to Olibanum which I'm so fonda, that.. this seems like an adulteration thereof... maybe I could get to like it better but give me...
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    Re: The Niche Version of lacoste Booster?

    I think lacoste booster is a lot like Amouage Silver Cologne with green added. the amouage is a killer so I suggest you check it out without fail.

    connection between booster and geranium pour...
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    Re: Tihota by Indult

    agree with those sayin it's an overprice joke. the only FK fragrance I would wear is pour le soir cologne
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    Re: Le Labo to try...

    Poivre if you can get ahold of it is head and shoulders above ... everything practically not only le labo!
  30. Thread: Dubai

    by fumes4ever

    Re: Going to Dubai! where to go?

    looks like you can do better to buy amouage from the US, but try Ajmal cause here you really can't smell any of their things... and... there are low to high end fragrances there something to please...
  31. Poll: Re: YOU choose my next 2 classics (or even 3)! Updated

    personally the entire list leaves me cold: classics schmassics! for the price of 3 you could have something really great . . . these are all boring. or even at the same price point there are things...
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    Re: Silver Mountain Water - Love the smell BUT

    I thought pretty much all creeds had awful longevity. I used to carry an atomizer when I wore SMw which is a truly brilliant fragrance no two ways about it, but I began to find it not so wearable......
  33. Re: Amouage Tribute Attar is an amped up version of Chanel Antaeus (100 x) + tobacco

    I'm an Homage man myself.
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    Re: A Question About Roll-On Decant Bottles

    roll on decants give a very intense application of a scent, the good news. the bad news it that even at 10 ml the appearance of the liquid becomes truly revolting. this is true of the little 10-15 ml...
  35. Re: So i'm watching "anchorman" for the first time tonight...

  36. Re: Amouage Tribute Attar is an amped up version of Chanel Antaeus (100 x) + tobacco

    There's a soft but un Amouagelike bitter accord in Tribute from start to finish. Isn't this the same element cranked up to nose splitting levels in the drydown of Anteus, eclipsing anything else, if...
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    Re: Gucci Envy For Men

    the one other fragrance I think of in connection with Envy is Jaipur, and I do have a little bottle of Jaipur, a kind of love token of how much I enjoy it on other people it's exactly that which...
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    Re: Gucci Envy For Men

    I have to say that the comment about it being cloying is understandable and in fact true. I should have given a more detailed and qualified "you can't go wrong". In fact I still don't own envy, but...
  39. Re: Amouage Tribute Attar is an amped up version of Chanel Antaeus (100 x) + tobacco

    Tribute is the only Amouage that makes concessions to the tradition of Anteus. There is a relationship between them. Anteus, however, stinks to high heaven lol Tribute isn't that bad really!
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    Re: Gucci Envy For Men

    once bought a bottle decided I didnt like it got rid of it. thereafter, every time I smell it on someone I'm swooning over it. it's I think the very best designer mass market fragrance it makes a...
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    Re: Santa Maria Novella

    I think you should consider that old... saw so to speak from the management side of the potential to turn any gaffe into a gold mine... I mean... if you endearingly complain maybe you could get a...
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    Re: Impulse Buy - Creed - What do you think?

    oh my I see trying to find them again that I lucked out. now I should probably try to sell mine since I never wear and it never will... but I originally found it on it was one of those...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Serge Lutens - Jeux de Peau

    mon petit, yes I agree also felt like how can people wax so passionate about something they haven't even sniffed yet such opinions before the experience... well that's fanaticism for you...
  44. Re: New Fragrances: Profumum Arso and Battito d’ali

    I have to disagree with Tonyprice as to what Arso smells like. What it really smells most like in the opening is profumum olibanum! it's almost identical. then a wee bit of pine and whatever else is...
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    Re: Monsters of longevity and sillage

    Histoires de Parfums 1740 what's a drag about it is that it's very hard to get it off the next day when you are ready for something else.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Serge Lutens - Jeux de Peau

    I didn't think of buttered toast what I did think of very much indeed was Kettle Corn - sweetish/saltyish popcorn. It's nice. I think I prefer Ego Facto PooPooPiDoo which is similar but more unique...
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    Re: Impulse Buy - Creed - What do you think?

    The cypres musc is available from various sources really cheap for 75 ml like testers so I'd return that one. actually after excitedly purchasing cypres musc because I felt it smelled like a men's...
  48. Re: What is your highest number of bottles for a single fragrance?

    4 'vintage' amouage silver cologne
  49. Re: Your Three Perfect Ten Out Of Ten Fragrances

    C&S 88 vintage
    amouage dia new formulation
    chergui serge lutens
    marescialla santa maria novella
  50. Re: Name 2 that best describe your personality !

    Casanova Cumming
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    Re: Maculine labdanum fragrance

    a lot of these suggestions have way too much else going on for you to be able to know what you're smelling L-wise, the more basic the better I forget now whether le labo's smells like labdanum or...
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    Re: The most over priced house !

    Xerjoff, and what really makes it egregious is that they are so w e a k eau de eau
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    Re: Frag that you most liked unexpectedly:

    well unforgivable is a creed clone isn't it? what's the deal with longevity? as far as I'm concerned an exclusive fragrance is somewhat tainted after being copied, though. I mean... there are 2 I...
  54. The Mystery of Cotswold and a possible BN/Cotswold connection?

    It's beguiling alright, why is that Cotswold Perfumery is so focused on classic"" type scents when the perfumer is the same as He who created C&S 88 (vintage) and Cuba?

    Recently discovered the...
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    Re: Jasmine Cologne

    Amouage Jasmine attar, one of the cheap ones, available at les senteurs, who give amazing samples, incidentally. I enjoy it very much and it's fun to apply such a strong scent with a little wand from...
  56. Re: What other fragrance does Reflection Man Smell Like???

    Rub some moth balls on your skin to get an idea.
  57. Re: Histoires de Parfums 1969 Parfum de Revolte

    Thumbs down from this corner for 1969 which is sickeningly sweet and has more than a bit of the "old lady" thing going on.
  58. Re: My wifes take on A* Men. Funniest thing I ever heard

    pithy :vrolijk_26:
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    Re: A good pine scent?

    Kriegler "Good Fir" coniferous wood piney but not so much as to evoke pine sol. Gorgeous.
  60. Re: What do you do with all your fragrances that you don't really enjoy?

    what the "monthly swaps" on youtube?
  61. Re: Best online site to buy a full bottle of Amouage?

    and I've had great luck HERE as well, especially with the attars. finally I'd recommend les scenteurs, london, for the lower priced attars. great service, tons of samples from them, and you will be...
  62. Re: Best online site to buy a full bottle of Amouage?

    ebay. I've never paid anywhere even close to half retail for any of the EDPs and I've never had a problem.
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    Re: Frederic Malle Enthusiasts

    I don't know if you still can but it used to be you could get a free sample from FM if you don't live too near a store carrying it. visit the website...
  64. Poll: Re: Based on your current use, how long would your wardrobe last if you stopped buying today?

    I have stopped buying, well, pretty much. And I never get bored with what I have either. And I voted for my grandkids being taken care of.
  65. Re: Let's make up some SILLY PERFUME THREAD TITLES here!

  66. Re: New Fragrances: Profumum Arso and Battito d’ali

    it's so funny, I've been missing my CdG Spicy Cocoa which is an orange chocolate neccowafer type fragrance I sold half a bottle... especially after wearing Armani Prive Cuir Amytheste and enjoying it...
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    Re: Just got my first full bottle of niche!!!

    If it's l'artisan it won't last forever, but so what...
  68. Re: What is the official fragrance of a young professional?

    (I'm strictly amateur!)
  69. Re: What is the official fragrance of a young professional?

    rive gauche, which is why I never wear it
  70. Re: How unisex would you consider Chanel No5 to be ?

    not much but Jean Cocteau wore it
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    Re: your TOP summer scents for REAL HOT WEATHER

    dior bois d'argent, no matter how badly john galliano behaves
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    Poll: Re: Best Chanel Fragrance For Men

    I vote for bois des iles really hate the men's chanels but sycomore would be another for sure. if you like terre d'hermes forget about chanel!
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    Re: Fragrances that smell like the Sun

    I don't know but there's pierre de lune for the moon!
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    Re: Any Experience with The Fragrance Shop?

    in fact this site doesn't even purport to sell authentic Creed their stock in trade appears to be "our version of"'s
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    Re: Any Experience with The Fragrance Shop?

    yeah are you sure you didn't buy from one of the many and various other fragranceshoppes? cause the replication for 60 bucks sounds awfully and unpleasantly familiar doesn't it?
  76. Re: Is it just me, or is TF Amber Absolute more of an incense frag than an amber?

    Amber is I'd say the "identity" element.
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    Re: Daim Blond - Good for Blonde Dames

    Oh boy, now it's "let's bash Daim Blonde" is nothing sacré?
  78. Thread: Tom Ford

    by fumes4ever

    Re: Tom Ford

    Best, schmest! The line is so vast you should try em all somehow and see what you like.

    Black orchid has not & will never strike me as "mainstream" and for heaven's sake don't go for "safest"...
  79. Re: Amouage Silver cologne & silver cologne new

    gold yes, but even some of the old bottles are more like the new, I discovered to my chagrin.

    dia most definitely. I love the new version!

    silver I've been afraid to find out. I have 3 bottles...
  80. frankly this is why I've always LOATHED kenneth...

    frankly this is why I've always LOATHED kenneth cole ever since he published a list of "out" celebrities not invited to the opening of his new store on sunset blvd, years and years ago. tacky...
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    Re: Bassem al Qassem

    Does anyone know of perfume hotspots in Turkey/Istanbul? Sorry to see that Ajmal has no presence there.
  82. Re: What defines your daily choice of fragrance?

    The weather has to be considered. it used to be that I'd usually wear something I was in love with that I'd just bought till about half the bottle was gone (in a couple of weeks? cause I'd overboard...
  83. A drawback to being considered to have good taste in fragrances. . .

    is one I've suffered a lot lately: I contact someone about buying something the person has for sale, and all of a sudden...what I wanted to buy is "unfortunately" no longer for sale!!!

    Maybe I...
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    Re: "Churchy" smell fragrance

    ANDY WARHOL SILVER FACTORY - a church, default setting - incense settled into the wood along with tears/various oozings of the faithful.

    AVIGNON - a church in which frankincense is being burnt...
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    Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV

    10 and I Get many compliments!
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    Diptyque POMANDER - sublime cinnamon

    can be worn as a cologne but it's a room spray. it's not quite the knock out that the diptyque clove room spray is, but it's very very nice... straight ahead cinnamon
  87. Re: If Amouage Reflection is too sweet and heavy for me - will I like the other Amouage scents?

    Oops how could I have forgotten the ineffable Jubliation (men)? Top of its class and not sweet.
  88. Replies

    Re: 1725 Casanova by Histoire de Parfums

    It's a wonderful but not terribly strong fragrance. What I've found is not that it goes away, but it's not something I'd wear on a summer day if I had a lot of running around to do cause I've found I...
  89. Re: Sampling Patchouli Leaves and now not sure what patchouli smells like

    These days I can't smell patchouli without imagining I smell chocolate along with it.
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    Re: Czech & Speake Frankincense & Myrrh

    Personally I couldn't tell the difference between the 2 latest versions of this fragrance. The drydown, to this nose, is mainly lavender.
  91. sounds specious, expensive lol

    sounds specious, expensive lol
  92. Re: If Amouage Reflection is too sweet and heavy for me - will I like the other Amouage scents?

    Stick with me kid, fastest nose in the west!

    They are all on the sweet side. You'd hate gold for sure. Dia... you might like, but again it's rather sweet, not as much as Dior and yet it's really...
  93. Re: If Amouage Reflection is too sweet and heavy for me - will I like the other Amouage scents?

    I love many of the Amouage scents but can't stand Reflection which smells of mothballs to me.
  94. which vintage enough for Bois des Iles?

    Just wondered whether "vintage from the 90s" is vintage enough for a perfume that's been around this long... all I know is that the "vintage" is said to be better than what you can get now.
  95. Re: If you can only have one Amouage attar, what would it be?

    6 ml of one of these will last you a long long long time

    and the reason they are so expensive, really, is so you won't smell every other guy wearing it. that's the only real justification. and so...
  96. Re: If you can only have one Amouage attar, what would it be?

    Homage, but .... I find the drydown of molook (malook?) to smell like the opening of Homage while the drydown of Homage is a little on the forgettable side so I tend to wear them together but...
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    Re: Where Can I Buy Atomizers?!

    if I remember right, accessories"" is expensive. the best buy out there has to go be enormous selection. only trouble is they dont' even use USPS so I don't know how shipping will go.
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    Re: Amouage v Serge Lutens... which is best?

    and now the most useful answer: you need some of both lines to be fully equipped.
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    Re: The "Panty Dropper"

    what about that stuff new to the database today called HARDON ? haven't tried it but . ..
  100. Re: Collectors: What's the Crown Jewel of Your Collection?

    my 100 ml bottle of CARON POIVRE
    my 50 ml ltd edition bottle of HUSSEIN CHALAYAN THREE AS FOUR (only 2-300 made)
    my 2 bottles of the incomparable CZECH AND SPEAKE #88 (vintage)
    and how could I...
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