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  1. Re: Some fantastic scents from UK houses ? Suggestions ?

    Sartorial (Penhaligons) and Sandalwood Cologne (Trumper) are two I own and enjoy a lot!
  2. Re: scents like Drakkar Noir, passion for men by Elizabeth Taylor, and Vintage Black?

    The Drakkar Noir ones are like 'green fougeres' to me.
  3. Re: scents like Drakkar Noir, passion for men by Elizabeth Taylor, and Vintage Black?

    Very similar to Drakkar Noir:

    - Lomani pour homme for a little more fresher, less complicated take but still very similar and very cheap as well!
    - Caesars Man for a more heavier and darker take...
  4. Re: Why does the current version of Davidoff Zino smell like an emergency room?

    +1 This for me as well..................The current version smells pretty different (do a side by side and you will notice) and does not last at all (2-3 hrs tops).
  5. Re: Help me choose: Polo (classic) or Esencia Loewe.

    +1 Well chosen!
  6. Re: LATTAFA - 58 Releases in 2014 - General Discussion thread

    This is the one being similar to 24 Gold by Scentstory and imo Raghba is better as it's better blended and smelling and less creamier.
    Really good stuff for little money!
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    Re: Targeted Purchases for 2015

    Highest ones on my wish list are:

    - Acqua di Parma Leather Concentree
    - New York Intense
    - Amouage Epic
  8. Re: Help me choose: Polo (classic) or Esencia Loewe.

    Esencia is imo way better than (current formulation of) Polo. Green sophistication of a real gentleman!
    It is nothing like Quorum or Polo which both have a 'dated' smell to me (for whatever that...
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    Re: Axe and their originals

    Dark Temptation is imo more like Armani Diamonds with a hint of a Animale Animale/Play Intense/A-men kind of smell.
    To me Axe Excite is more like Rochas Man (with hints of Paco Rabanne Black XS).
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    Re: Davidoff Leather Blend - new fragrance

    You're welcome!
    I hope you guys can test/smell/buy this fragrance also as soon as possible! Again, the fact that this is easily available now in Germany proves that it is not for Middle East market...
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    Re: Davidoff Leather Blend - new fragrance

    After more wearings I wrote the following (short) review about my findings so far:

    An amazing just slightly sweet leather that is imo way more masculine than feminine. The blend is perfect and...
  12. Re: A Fake Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Italy Version?

    Yes, testers are hardly if ever faked...............(only with Alien as far as I know)
    How does it smell?
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    Re: How do I clean my plastic atomizer?

    +2, never had any problems either.
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    Re: similar to terre d' Hermes?

    Not that well known here but La Martina Bayres Hombre is very very similar to Terre d'Hermes and even more to the Pure Parfum version but with a nice leather note addded which makes it more mature...
  15. Re: A Fake Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Italy Version?

    It is for sure real as it is a 40ml bottle which were/are not faked.
    Could be a transtional bottle when they moved to the Made in Germany version at the end of 2008/beginning 2009 but first changed...
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    Re: Match some aftershaves

    I own multiple aftershave bottles of Floid ('Vigoroso' and the 'Suave' version) and to me they match/layer with all kind of fresh scents like Cool Water, Chrome, Paco XS, Miyake etc. but only at...
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    Re: Modern Egoiste vs. Vintage Egoiste


    The vintage is so much more deeper, natural, rich and lasting compared to the (almost flat in comparison) current formulation which is only good when never used the vintage imo.
  18. Re: Any modern designer fragrances dominated with rose?

    Comme une Evidence Homme by Yves Rocher for a light, good smelling woody-spicy-rose scent that lasts about 4 hrs.
  19. Re: How to distinguish a bottle of 'vinatge' Paco Rabanne

    No clue actually, but I know some bottle shapes (and so maybe colors?!) looked different from the usual back then (like with Givenchy Gentleman).
  20. Re: How to distinguish a bottle of 'vinatge' Paco Rabanne

    As far as I know the silver 'PR'-logo embossed as a silver label on front of the bottle can only be first juice formulation (1973-1981 or something like that).
    I own the one shown on...
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    Re: Davidoff Leather Blend - new fragrance

    Thanks, I am not an oud specialist but I read that some do recognize some oud as well in this fragrance while it is not on the note list.
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    Re: What is your holiday present to yourself?

    Davidoff Leather Blend
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    Re: Top Ten Winter Fragrances

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour homme
    - Santal Noble
    - Pal Zileri Cuoio
    - Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    - La Martina Bayres Hombre
    - Baldessarini Strictly Private
    - Opium pour homme edp
    - Bogart pour...
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    Re: Middle East Frags (Raghba by Lattafa)

    I also own this and can only concur to the fact that this is a gem, especially looking at the cheap price!
    It is a very nice mix of agarwood (oud), musk, vanilla, sugar, sandalwood and incense. ...
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    Re: Davidoff Leather Blend - new fragrance

    Just bought this here in Germany while visiting the Christmas markets over here! They sell this fragrance in the big 'Kaufhof' (a department store they have in all bigger cities)!
    First impression...
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    Re: Wow, the base of vintage Azzaro PH

    IMO yes, as my vintage Intense is at least 3x stronger than the normal vintage I own (black & white labeled edt bottle).
    (just 1 tiny spray of that stuff already lasts 6 hrs!)
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    Re: Your first love...

    In the early 80's I really loved the smell of Tabac (edc or aftershave).
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    Re: Most worn November 2014

    Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage) and Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme.
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    Re: Your top 3 niche and top 3 Designer

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour homme
    - Paco Rabanne pour homme
    - Kouros Fraicheur

    - Santal Noble
    - Ambre Sultan
    - Cuoio by Pal Zileri
  30. Re: What are your thoughts on Amouage Lyric Man?

    +1 for me as well
  31. Poll: Re: The Almighty Battle: Aventus vs. Jubilation XXV

    Jubilation XXV for me.
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    Re: Davidoff Leather Blend - new fragrance

    Anyone tried this already? I saw on Fragrantica a few very postive reviews and wondered if anyone here smelled it already?!
    It is certainly not for the Arabian Market only as in Germany you can get...
  33. Re: Most potent in-production designer fragrance?

    Really? This stuff has hardly any projection and doesn't last longer than 8 hrs. Is very weak (IMHO) compared to these below:

    - Bogarts
    - Joop!
    - Amen
    - Opium edp
    - Lapidus
    - Eau Sauvage...
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    Re: I need all the best sandalwood frags

    - Santal Noble
    - Egoiste
    - Tam Dao
    - Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood Cologne
  35. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Watch out for the 125ml packages in cellophane (vintage logo on front) as there are many many fakes of those (at least over here). They sell those for €15 here, lol. All my Itally bottles are...
  36. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Yes, I agree, I owned GoodLife once and really did not like it and it was nothing like D&G ph at all............
  37. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Interesting! Even the bottle looks the same!
    I also read Shamu's review on his blog and he said it is pretty similar to Davidoff GoodLife without the melon note.
    Unfortunately this bottle is not to...
  38. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Yes, I also was suprised by the tonka bean remark by Anton and hope it has been left out as already so much recently released fragrances have this note and because it can be pretty dominant in the...
  39. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Yes, been to Italy multiple times myself and cannot agree more (though Spain is my fav.)
    Must have been a skin chemistry issue regarding The Dreamer but I am happy I still have 40ml of the vintage!...
  40. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    And I agree with you on all this and have a few minor things to add (it's better when we talk this way, ah? lol)

    I think indeed the German reformulation was a mix of modernizing it and making it...
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    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    Just bought 6x 250ml of Gillette Cool Wave showergel for only €10 as being a fan of the regular also cheap aftershave which is also excellent imo!
    The showergel smells exactly as the aftershave and...
  42. Re: Samba Skin is an exceptional tobacco frag for the money...

    - Hommage a l'Homme +1
    - Hanae Mori Him +1

    - Vermeil for men (soapy and loud but good!)
    - Moods by Krizia (smooth golden tobacco flower)
  43. Re: What is the best smelling fragrance from Ralph Lauren's "Polo" line?

    Modern Reserve to me as well.
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    Re: Habit Rouge edt sillage/projection?

    I own the pre-current formulation of the edt (which is imo the same as current only different package) and the red leather jacket covered bottle of the edp version.
    The edt is imo pretty loud and...
  45. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    To me this wasn't anymore about being a flanker or not at all but to the way (quite rude) I was responded to my post #72 and #74, not even having read correctly what I wrote down. That should not be...
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver

    It's a masterpiece and the flagship of all vetivers! (imo)
    To me it's indeed fresh and not dated at all (but 'dated' is a perception/association that is different for everyone!).
    If you really like...
  47. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau. Someone tried it?

    Imo the L'Eau which I own is somewhat similar to the original with the difference of having way less cumin and cardamom and way more pink grapefruit on a weaker woody (cedar) base.
    Therefor this one...
  48. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    You really feel attacked?? Lmao..............We can shake hands then! Did you reread your post #74? You Always talk to people like that?
    I guess you never look into a mirror, don't you? A little...
  49. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    I know all this but I asked in the first place as the bottle is the same and it is called pour homme (of which I know it means 'for man' and not! 'for men' as Dolce says as otherwise it would have...
  50. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    I never said it 100% was (I said 'imo', something you should add in your phrases as well!)........................but that wasn't anymore what this discussion was about DolceThaDon.

    You always...
  51. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    If there is one having a problem and started being hostile it is you DolceThaDon.........

    I responded only with some confronting facts and a funny meant sarcastic comment to your pretty hostile,...
  52. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Plz do not take me for a fool trying to teach me any French, lol, thanks a lot!

    I was sarcastic in my reply regarding the bottles etc. (hence my 'lol'!!) as you stated earlier the irrelevant and...
  53. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    First of all I see you feel yourself at liberty to speak for everybody and not only yourself.
    Second I see you never even read my post (#32) as I never mentioned The One (yes I know you finally read...
  54. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    No clue why you keep saying there are no flankers of D&G least three imo (see post #32)

    I hope this one is NOT the same as the vintage as they ruined it already twice with the...
  55. Re: Most unique greens. I'm talking greens that leave you speechless!

    - Yerbamate
    - Esencia Loewe
    - Chanel No. 19
    - Miyake Bleue
    - Grey Flannel (vintage)
    - Paco Rabanne pour homme (vintage)
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    Re: Carolina Herrera: Best of?

    This is their absolute (IMO) best but it's for women (love it on mine!) They do not make them anymore like this:
  57. Thread: Axe Peace

    by Slayerized

    Re: Axe Peace

    You can get Axe Musk here everywhere (The Netherlands)
  58. Re: something that smells like azzaro pour home?

    Roger and Gallet L'Homme (vintage brown bottle) is imo 'closer' than Rive Gauche but both are pretty different still...........
  59. Re: something that smells like azzaro pour home?

    Look for those old vintage 7ml mini's!
  60. Re: something that smells like azzaro pour home?

    It is not as the vintage Intense is (IMO) way stronger than the vintage edt (silver label). I own both already for years and did many side by sides and normal full wearings and the Intense is at...
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    Re: I wish I hadn't just witnessed this...

    In the big departments stores I really see this happening all the time I am matter it's over here, in Belgium, Germany or Spain for that matter.
    People grabbing a bottle, looking...
  62. Re: What is the most niche feeling fragrance to you?

    Jubilation XXV
  63. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Isn't Light Blue pour homme a flanker (and in that case 'Light Blue Discover Vulcano' pour homme and 'Living Stromboli')?
    They also sell here 'Homme Sport' which looks very real but is actually...
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    Re: that 1 show stopper cologne

    Interlude +1
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    Re: Encre noire weight

    I own the first version and can even see the juice at clear day light from 1 meter distance. No light needed but with a light u really can't miss it!
    Is the reformulation bottle opaque (like van...
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    Re: Top 5 most respected from your collection

    - Fahrenheit (vintage) Unique smell, game changer in a good way
    - Kouros (vintage) A statue (if you love this, it's a pleasure to own!)
    - Santal Noble (vintage) Gentlemanly warmth and comfort at...
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    Re: What are your favourite ginger scents?

    - Declaration Cologne
    - Dior Homme Sport (2008)
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport EDT

    Besides Versace pour homme being similar (especially in the opening), there is also a cheaper alternative in Thallium Sport, which is also pretty similar but a little sweeter, less complex and with...
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    Re: top 5 must have all year round

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage)
    - Terre d'Hermes
    - Paco Rabanne pour homme (vintage)
    - Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    - Guerlain Vetiver


    (- Caron pour un homme
    - Cool Water...
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    Re: fresh green vetiver?

    - Vetiver Hombre +1 (never smelled a fresher one yet)
    - Guerlain Vetiver Sport (I guess for you this smells way less dated than the original but this one is hard to get)
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    Re: fresh green vetiver?

    - Vetiver Hombre +1 (never smelled a fresher one yet)
    - Guerlain Vetiver Sport (I guess for you this smells way less dated than the original but this one is hard to get)
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    Poll: Re: FWOTD (frag war of the day)

    Fahrenheit for me but only in vintage (pre-2010) formulation!
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    Re: Pick my fragrance to wear tonight...

    Not a weak scent I would say because of the beer and wine smells hanging around, so I'd go for Tobacco Vanille or Bentley Intense.
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    Re: Chanel Antaeus Spray vs Deodrant Stick

    If this one is just as good as the Chanel Egoiste deodorant stick (lasts all day and smells awesome), I must consider buying this one as well!
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    Re: Your thoughts on Penhaligons Sartorial?

    Own and love it as well!
    Old barbershop vibe in a new modern jacket but very sophisticated nonetheless!
  76. Replies

    Re: Thee Holy Grail!

    +1 (Dolce & Gabbana pour homme vintage) but many are coming close to that one and are considered Grails, so to speak, without the 'Holy':laugh:!
  77. Replies

    Re: Guerlain vetiver and Extreme

    I own the Guerlain Vetiver ribbed frosted glass 125ml bottle and Vetiver extreme in 'Habit Rouge' shaped bottle and they are different enough to own both.
    The difference between the normal Guerlain...
  78. Re: Making room in my collection for ONE more designer scent - Which one ?

    Loewe Esencia fits your criteria imo! (niche worthy, not dated smelling, one of the best drydowns, longlasting, projection average, garners compliments, unique in smell, almost noone wears it...
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    Re: Savile Row by Richard James

    Anyone tried this reissue yet?
  80. Re: I want to start from scratch. What would you choose?

    +1 This one (Bergamotto Marino) is imo even blind buy worthy! It lasts twice as long as Mugler Cologne on me and smells more expensive! Edt strength it has!
    Also a good (and fun to have) fragrance...
  81. Re: What is your Top 3 Male Fragrance of the 2014 ?

    - Dior Homme Parfum
    - Hermes ETF
    - Declaration L'Eau
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    Re: Best vetiver

    Noone mentioned L.T. Piver Vetiver yet?
    I just bought a 100ml that was 50% discounted and this stuff is really wonderful! It's fresh (apple accord in the opening), smoky and earthy at the same time...
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    Re: Best Work Scent?

    Among many already mentioned I think L'Essence de Cerruti is a good one for the office as well as Terre d'Hermes Pure Parfum , Prada Amber pour homme and for a little more old school Guerlain...
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    Re: Strong Citrus Fragrance?

    - Terre d'Hermes Eau tres Fraiche
    - Cartier Declaration L'Eau

    Both last way above average on me for a citrus dominant fragrance and smell very good and fresh!
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    Re: Boss Bottled or Cartier Declaration

    Both smell good, but Declaration is far more superior and interesting!
  86. Re: What top 3 fragrances are you about to run out of and are you going to replace them again or not

    My top 3 is Dolce & Gabbana pour homme, Paco Rabanne pour homme and Kouros (Fraîcheur) all in vintage formulations and I have enough for life of those.
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    Re: Fragrance to Match my Watch?

    Is this serious?
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    Re: chanel pour monsieur successor

  89. Replies

    Re: Bowling Green Alternative?

    I read once in a review that Jordache, while smelling very good, does not last at all and has very weak staying power........
  90. Replies

    Re: Terre d'hermes Parfum - weak projection

    The Pure Parfum is very close to the skin imo and does not last as long as a pure parfum should (8 hrs on me).
    Perfect for work though!
    I sometimes layer the edt with the edp for better projection!
  91. Re: Am I the only one that LOVES the tar in A*Men?

    Like the fragrance as a whole. I own the vintage and light application is key!
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    Re: Best deal you've ever gotten?

    Out of many many extremely good deals I guess the following:

    5x 100ml full Amouages (Jubilation XXV, Lyric Man, Memoir Man, Silver and Gold for men) altogether for €100!
    Sold 4 of them for lots...
  93. Re: Fragrances you were originally dead wrong about?

    Had to get used to Guerlain Vetiver for almost a year, years ago. Love the stuff now and one of my favs and top 10! Got through a 125ml in 4 years with a 200 frag rotation!
    Same for The Dreamer but...
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    Re: Amouage Interlude's EPIC longevity!!!

    After using almost 2x 2ml samples, ordered 6 more which will last me long time as two little sprays will do indeed!
    Stuff smells and performs incredible as of 30 mins!
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    Re: NEW: Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey

    XS or Black XS?
  96. Re: Monster tonka bean fragrance wanted help please?

    Jacques Bogart pour homme (2004) is a very good smelling and longlasting tonka bean bomb!
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    Re: Allure Sport Eau Extreme, CH Men, ...

    Try the mighty Jacques Bogart pour homme (2004), also a tonka bean loaded fragrance, and in a way similar to Chanel Eau Extreme but (imo) way better smelling and performing than most mentioned above!
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    Re: Best modern fresh fragrances?

    +1 Also indeed try Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche and I also agree to Chrome Legend being not soft at all!

    - Chrome
    - Bergamotto Marino
    - Bvlgari Aqva (Marine)
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    Re: Is DHI to strong for anyone else?

    It's not strong but it lasts quite a while.........
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    Re: Sartorial doesn't perform on my skin

    I use 2 neck, 1 chest and 2 wrist sprays making 5 total.
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