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  1. Re: Bottles-Where to buy economical and lovely ones?

    if you want a sleek, simple atomizer so you can take your frags when you dont want to take a whole bottle or are going to travel, sephora and the body shop both do small travel atomizers into which...
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    Re: 10 Masterpieces - Your List

    for men:
    10. yves saint laurent kouros
    9. bvlgari aqva
    8. frederic malle carnal flower (i know this is technically a woman's fragrance, but it smells so good on a guy... if you have the cojones to...
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    Re: looking to broaden my horizons

    if you go to luckyscent .com then you can get all the perfumes online as 3mL samples.

    sephora also does a fragrance gift package thing where you can order samples with a gift card that can be used...
  4. Re: Any designer sensual evening scent recommends?

    opium by yves saint laurent. the parfum extrait is the best, but even the EDT has powerful sillage (although its a bit sharper). other scents in that vein... shalimar by guerlain...

    others that...
  5. Re: Are niche fragrances always more expensive than designer?

    thanks for the article it was very informative :) but the main purpose of judging a perfume is also for enjoyment and recreation, no?
  6. Re: in search for the best floral scent for men?

    lalique is quite gorgeous on a man. but yes kingdom is quite awesome...
    kingdom is a kinky, dirty in-you-face sexy masculine floral... i think its the cumin that works for me in some strange strange...
  7. Re: Hello Ladies

    on someone under 25: calvin klein crave (*sniff* it was discontinued :'( ), davidoff cool water deep, giorgio armani armani mania, kenneth cole black, ralph lauren polo blue, kenzo l'eauparkenzo,...
  8. Re: Looking for help finding a peppery? fragrance

    if you want peppery:
    demeter fragrance library black pepper
    the body shop poivre rose
    fresh index - geranium pepper
    caron poivre
    l'artisan parfumeur poivre piquant, piment brulant
    the different...
  9. Re: in search for the best floral scent for men?

    carnal flower? not for the faint hearted, definitely. i think it can be worn by both men and women, if you think you got the stuff to pull off the perfume... something animalistic about this floral....
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    Re: gourmand for the beginner?

    comptoir sud pacifique does a line of foody scents. vanille peche, abricot and anana is all quite... foody. i dont do foody so well; it turns sickly sweet on my skin.

    comme des garcons has a few...
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    Re: Animalic, please!!!

    i second the musc ravageur. it is very animalic. i find narcisco rodriguez musc can also be very animalic (in a new york city bungalow 8 kind of way, lol), and if you're looking for a scandalous,...
  12. Re: Are niche fragrances always more expensive than designer?

    haha im a coco mlle wearer, and at least where i am, its not very popular... but regardless of who weares coco mlle and who doesn't, i think that is the wrong attitude to take about fragrances, as...
  13. Re: in search for the best floral scent for men?

    second on the kenneth cole black.

    there are two fragrances that most straight men would be like, "isnt that a woman's fragrance?" but i find surprisingly masculine (yet floral).

    the first is...
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    Re: Best Marc Jacobs Splash?

    rain and cotton. love the cleaness.
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    Re: Citrusy Orange Fragrance?

    this is a general list of citrus fragrances... but theyre all lovely if you like zesty orange

    l'artisan parfumeur mandarine tout simplement
    calypso christiane celle the
    il profumo mandarine...
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    Re: Your most addictive fragrance?

    my signature is coco mademoiselle by chanel. i love that stuff... people keep wanting to smell me, and my boyfriend associates it as "my" smell. coco mlle. is the scent that i love to smell on...
  17. Re: Looking for a perfume for a friend, she says she wants something light and cheerful.

    angel by thierry mugler... an intriguing scent with a lot of sillage. it has to be worn by the "right" person... but i wouldnt consider it a fruity floral, even though it is a very sweet scent. i...
  18. Re: Looking for a perfume for a friend, she says she wants something light and cheerful.

    if she is below 20 these are what i recommend:

    body shop cassis rose
    yves saint laurent baby doll
    gucci envy me
    jennifer lopez love at first glow
    clarins par amour toujours
    clinique happy or...
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    Re: Two Nebraskans Do Banana Republic

    loved alabaster. not too sure about the other two. the name and packaging is also something that i would love... clean, understated and unadorned.

    congrats on finding each other... siniffing with...
  20. Re: Suggestions for "Clean, Fresh, and Barely Perceptible" Women's Fragrance

    oh and i forgot - the softer florals of l'artisan are also very suitable. ignore the more intriguing scents like fou d'absinthe and go for something like chasse d'papillons (i think thats what its...
  21. Re: Suggestions for "Clean, Fresh, and Barely Perceptible" Women's Fragrance

    flower by kenzo (original, not the pafum version or the new flower orientale) has a really nice powdery, close-to-the-skin scent. envy me by gucci also fades into a fresh floral that is a skin scent....
  22. Re: How many fragrance bottles do you own at this very moment?

    five "official" bottles, as you say, that i rotate among.

    my signature is coco mademoiselle by chanel, it smells fresh but not in a obviously citrusy "i-poured-my-kitchen-cleaner-on-myself" kind...
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