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    Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home 2019

    I received my package from Trilby Lark as well. I don't have many niche fragrances and none of these smell like anything I have. Cafe tuberosa is bold, of obvious quality and it really does smell...
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    Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home 2019

    I'll take them if they're still available!
  3. Re: List And Rate The Menís Issey Miyake Fragrance Line!

    Love the original. Have only smelled new formulations of it. Recieved the Fraiche flanker in the mail the other day and love it too. Spicier but simpler, long lasting, its kinda like an intense...
  4. Re: Best citrus note for summer - your preference

    The same thing happened to me with the regular TDH. I've had the ETF flanker for a couple months now and it still smells great to me though.
  5. Re: Guerlain L'Eau Boisee - anyone love the scent but hate the performance?

    I mentioned in another thread that it reminds me a little of lime green popsicles I ate summertime as a kid. That with the grassy and woody notes It's almost a nostalgic scent for me. Kinda like...
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    Re: Goodwill/Thrift store finds!

    Lucky. My brother is a thrifter and he's found tokyomilk bulletproof for a dollar and more recently a bottle of Carthusia Io capri for a couple bucks. I've told him to keep an eye out for old bottles...
  7. Thread: Mix

    by hermeslyre

    Re: Mix

    I've noticed some of my free sample atomizers from macys/sephora have been evaporating so I dumped a couple regular invictus, a single invictus aqua and couple more of Intense into a single larger...
  8. Re: Guerlain L'Eau Boisee - anyone love the scent but hate the performance?

    Wood cap. When I first bought I tested it with 4 sprays on the back off my hand (2, wait, 2 again) and I could still smell it as a skin scent the next day. Happy with that.
  9. Re: Best citrus note for summer - your preference

    The Eau Tres Fraiche flanker of TDH has a much more realistic orange note. It's fresher and a little bitter like the rind. Only downside is the performance suffers next to the edt. L'eau boisee lime...
  10. Re: Which one? Fahrehnheit EDT, Absolute or Parfum ?

    Absolute smelled like a coffin to me. The EDT is marvelous and I haven't gotten my nose on Parfum, unfortunately.
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    Re: Layerer's Lounge

    Not very inspired but I've been putting a single spray of L'aventure (aventus clone) down and a couple sprays of one of my citrus fragrances on top of that. TDH ETF, L'eau Boisee, DHC, etc. Orangey...
  12. Re: Settled on Dior Homme Cologne, But What About..

    I spray a couple on my chest under shirt and it lasts longer. So fabric helps fix it in place and the top notes dont fade as fast. This is basically the only spot I spray now as I can smell lighter...
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    Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    I have a 2014 batch bottle which is, if you listen to some folks here, the most terrible vanilla-molested formula of fahrenheit you can own. It smells great to me. It reminds me of summer days as a...
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    Re: Recommendations on a Cartier men's fragrance?

    It reminds me of my bottle of Obenaufs LP that I use on my boots and wood handled tools after work. A much better smelling version of course. That association is probably why I don't see it as pretty...
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    Re: Eros Versace o Aqua Di Gio Profumo?

    I own a bottle of eros and I think I'd prefer a bottle of ADGP, myself.
  16. Re: With all of the reformulations...what classic fragrances are still worth picking up?

    I never smelled the original but my new bottle smells great.

    Gonna have to back up Fahrenheit too. I'm wearing it today.
  17. Re: Lime is such a beautiful scent.Why are there so few lime fragrances these days?

    As mentioned here several times, Guerlain L'Eau Boisťe is a great lime fragrance.

    I was smoking a pork butt a couple months ago and I always end up smelling like smoke afterwards, but I was...
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    Re: Fahrenheit - 2018 batches?

    My 4z01 (Dec. 2014) bottle has the newer black border box but the previous 04777/a formula code.
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    Re: Fahrenheit - 2018 batches?

    I haven't smelled the 2018 batch.

    My 2014 smells like a lawn mower running over a bed of flowers. I don't get any vanilla. I've tried the 2017 batches and I do think it's a slightly sharper...
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    Re: Garage Sale Fragrances.

    Found Tokyo Milk Bulletproof ~70% full for a buck last summer at a yard sale. It was baking in the sun, the adhesive on the bottom sticker was goo-ified, but I cleaned it up and it smells perfectly...
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    Re: Current Fragrance How Many Sprays?

    Versace eau fraiche 7 sprays
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    Re: Izzy wizzy, your favourite Issey?

    The OG issey is still awesome. My summer flanker 2015 literally smells just like the original but a Fraiche version. Lighter everything. Nuit edt smells smokey and nice and fresh at the same time,...
  23. Re: Your favourite clean "white linen shirt" scents?

    +1 DHC

    Burberry Touch
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    Re: Time for a blind buy chance. Any insights?

    The OG OP smells a tad like YSL L'homme without the ginger and bergamot replaced with vanilla and apple. To me. It's not my favorite but I think it's worth $8 for an 100ml. That's nothin'.
  25. Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home - Men's Giveaway Thread 2017 - 2018

    Received the Agua De Loewe and it smells good. A bit like issey miyake. Thanks LiveJazz.
  26. Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home - Men's Giveaway Thread 2017 - 2018

    Is Agua de Loewe still available? Sounds good to me.
  27. Re: After almost 10 years...I'm back!! (and dismayed)--The sad state of the fragrances industry toda

    Oily skin doesn't come problem free. I've also got a '15 or '16 batch of TDH that performs wonderfully though.

    Nose or maybe the skin itself. My brother has dry skin and I've personally...
  28. Re: Frags simialr to Terre D'Hermes: Citrus/Woody/Sharp/Dirty?

    +1 Guerlain L'eau Boisee.

    I love both, but on a hot day Boisee is my pick.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I noticed that too. Fragnet had malt for $50 a week or too ago and notino $45. They were defintely more expensive in the previous months, I was keeping an eye on them.
  30. Re: Do You Get Mad (or even a little irked) When Someone Disparages Your Favorites?

    "I don't care really, but ya it depends on how they say it."

    Absolutely. It definitely bothers me. I tend to think of people who use strong negative terms "garbage" "shit" as purists blinding by...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage was hit today.

    I haven't tried the old metal cap version but my plastic cap bottle is great and lasts a good 7ish hours on me. 3 thumbs up!
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    Re: $2.50 per Ounce and Great Reviews?

    Was looking for a musky smell, and two I tried were Narciso Rodriguez EDP Intense and the much cheaper ~$5/.oz Burberry Touch. Oh my god Touch smells so much better. Like creamy soapy slightly spicy...
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    Re: Casual winter fragrance for office

    I just bought Burberry Touch on ebay for cheapies last night, so I'm gonna recommend that.
  34. Re: What would you consider the most masculine summer scent?

    Aqua Fahrenheit.Grapefruit and leather and mint and a little of that famous fahrenheit exhaust note.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit - your experiences?

    I get a little "sweetness" in both my 2014 bottle and the samples I have of the 2016. It doesn't smell much like vanilla to me, in either case.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit - your experiences?

    As mentioned here a couple times, I don't get any vanilla from my Dec. 2014 batch either. Bought it about a month ago. Was hoping for the newer batch. It has the black borders but the "formula" code...
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    Re: Fahrenheit Flanker Thread

    I have a 200ml bottle of Fahrenheit and 125ml aqua. I've sampled 32. All good stuff.

    Aqua has better longevity and projection than my Dec. 2014 batch of Fahrenheit.
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