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  1. Re: Somewhat of a newbie - looking to start dating soon

    Very good plan with sampling. Also try the new Dior Sauvage.
  2. Re: Lilu Bermuda, good value compared to what's readily available here in the U.S.?

    Thank you for the thorough and very informative response!
  3. Lilu Bermuda, good value compared to what's readily available here in the U.S.?

    Hello all,

    Looking forward to spring and summer, I'm very tempted to order Lili Bermuda's Fresh Water and South Water from their web site (the only place available to purchase).
    But I'm...
  4. Re: Shocking move by Guerlain/LVMH - closure of Monsieur Guerlain website

    Mr. G. truly was an ambassador for the brand.
    Guerlain didn't just change yesterday. Remember when they attacked Octavian when he pointed out the stark resemblance of the bottle design for Insolence...
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    Re: Layering question

    I agree. Layering can work beautifully. It's just trial and error and nothing wrong with that.
    I've successfully layered scents with a dominant note, like citrus or sandalwood, with others that...
  6. Re: Do you pack away certain frags until spring?

    I used to separate mine according to the seasons but not anymore. I've been making my wardrobe smaller and smaller and n fact I seem to enjoy orientals in hot weather very much nowadays.
  7. Re: Balenciaga pour homme and Ho Hang Club

    I've never tested Balenciaga Pour Homme.
    Is an oud note really discernible in it? Vintage or otherwise?
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    Re: Empty fragrance bottle diy

    It is possible. Use a long nose pair of pliers. After prying and lifting up the crimped edges very carefully, start pulling off pieces with the pliers. If you work very slowly and carefully, with a...
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    Re: Dior SAUVAGE. A constructive discussion

    Even the newer Eau Sauvage caps are magnetic.
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    Re: Good deep spice scent?

    It does to me. But unfortunately the specific blend of cinnamon and sweet tobacco is slightly nauseating to me. I get that from other similar compositions too.

    To the OP, I suggest Comme des...
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    Re: New here

    Hello and welcome!
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    Re: emoe down

    So sorry to hear this. Vicky thank you for letting us know. David and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    My best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    Re: Help Needed with Caron Pour un Homme

    I would personally go for the current version just for the reason of freshness. I've tried older bottles where the lavender top notes had deteriorated and I didn't like that. Also, if you're aware of...
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    Re: free sample

    Guys it says "Sold out" already.
  15. Re: What gives Aventus such beastly sillage?

    Apparently, you're the only one who interpreted the question like that. Your interpretation is like saying that OP stated sillage means popularity. OP didn't ask why it is popular.
    I think most...
  16. Re: What gives Aventus such beastly sillage?

    LOL now you know that sillage = popularity according to a certain dictionary.
  17. Re: FYI: Counterfeit Tom Ford Extreme EDT pics

    There was no batch number at all on the bottom of the box.
  18. Re: A fragrance that encapsulates a spring/autumn drive in a sports car in rural UK?

    Aramis Devin
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    Re: Fragrantica Reviews....

    Still, you can pick and choose. I agree with L'eulita. IMO nothing wrong with having a rich resource and plenty of information available.
    Each site has its good and bad. Nothing is perfect.
  20. Re: Something like Versace Man Eau Fraiche but stronger

    I agree. They don't smell similar at all.
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    Re: L'ORIENTAL by Estelle Ewen

    Can anyone elaborate on the difference of scents between the Original and the White Edition?
  22. Re: Dolce Vita age/formulation/packaging question

    Pathological? No LOL you're a bona fide BN member!
  23. Re: fragrances with massive projection and longevity that arent sweet??

    Earlier version of Lalique Encre Noire. Current version is substantially toned down.
    For that matter Iso E content will usually do it if combined with the right notes.
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    Re: I profumi di firenze

    Fresco di Vetiver. Lemony fresh vetiver. So lovely. Wish they were a little less expensive.
    I also really like Ambra del Nepal. A comfort scent.
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    Re: Energizing summer ginger fragrance?

    +1 100%. When I think ginger that's fresh and uplifting it's along these lines or the Cartier not something warming like lutens or T4T.
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    Re: L'Artisan Web Orders - Awful!

    Glad you finally received your refund. Just a question, is there no way for you guys to leave bad reviews or negative feedback on their Facebook or other sites? I've never had to order anything from...
  27. Re: cologne recommendation for 18yr old boy!

    If you're 18 and say "too old" and "negative connotations" in the same post as CAHS, I would stay away from the entire house of Penhaligon and AdP.
    Go for Invictus.
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    Re: agarwood from the tropics

    Sounds like a scam and an attempt to sell some later. A bait.
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    Re: I don't like comparisons, but....

    Yes, RV even better IMO
  30. Re: Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine Eau de Parfum Intense

    I'd love to sample this. It looks very interesting.
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    Re: Acqua di gio formula??

    The DIY board might be more helpful. There are many knowledgeable members there including professionals who might have that exact information.
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    Re: Coconut based fragrances.

    So far I only have:
    Mage D'Orient by CSP (thank you hednic for the rec!). This starts a little fruity with coconut and lime and dries down to a mildly generic woody but very pleasant masculine scent...
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    Re: I hate summer.

    I'd opt for citrus and vetiver based scents. No aquatics for me.
    Just curious, what part/neighborhood of L.A. are you in that seems to be so bad? Are you in school or working in L.A. temporarily?
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    Re: Joop homme

    I love it and in fact like it better in warmer weather same with 1 Million.
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    Re: CdG fans

    Original EDP
    Are the ones I decided to stick with but there are so many good ones from this house.
    The incense series and the two "Odeur"s are excellent too and representative of the...
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    Re: l'oriental by estelle ewen

    Thanks for the info. Can I ask where you're able to buy this?
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    Re: Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

    Congrats! Hope you enjoy.
    I had Minotaure from early on when it came out and went through several bottles. I don't perceive it as very sweet and it's a great scent for warm weather IMO. Then again...
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    Re: Best Al Rehab's?

    Thank you for this review. Do you happen to know if this is also available in EDP/EDT spray and not just oil?
  39. Re: Anyone ever finish a 200ml/6.8oz bottle?

    Splashed liberally. I didn't use the sprayer at all.
  40. Re: Anyone ever finish a 200ml/6.8oz bottle?

    Yes, Hermes Eau D'Orange Vert in about one month.
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    Re: Tried 1 Million Cologne (new flanker)

    As much as I was looking forward to this, I don't like it.
    I've tried it a few times and for some reason, to me it has no resemblance to the original at all. I don't know what note causes it but to...
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    Re: 1 Million Vs CH Men.

    I agree with hednic. CH Men did nothing for me.
    1 Million is a far more complex and superior composition. Whether one likes it or not just because of its popularity is a different matter--but that...
  43. Re: I can't find the perfume I want. (Similar to Kenzo Tokyo, Azzaro Visit or Marc Jacobs Bang)

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    You can find the Kenzo and the Azarro easily on line. For pepper and spice along with some incense you could also try:
    Zirh Ikon
    Mauboussin M Generation
    Also pepper, mint,...
  44. Re: CH Men bottle redesigned - it's about freakin' time!

    Then it was probably reformulated (again) too?
  45. Re: What's good at Macy's to buy ? Thoughts ?

    Best advice re: Aramis and Boucheron.
    Also if they carry it, CK Gold Euphoria.
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    Re: Something to layer over Pulp

    I would recommend a light application of Pulp layered with a musk or an amber.
  47. Re: FYI: Counterfeit Tom Ford Extreme EDT pics

    I described the scent in my original post. It has nothing to do wth TFE. Also this isn't about the style of the presentation box. Yes there was a different box available at one time (split like the...
  48. Re: FYI: Counterfeit Tom Ford Extreme EDT pics

    I'm not asking that question. I just thought this might be good information for some people just as I've learned valuable information from other similar threads.
    Just public service!
  49. Re: FYI: Counterfeit Tom Ford Extreme EDT pics

    I think I've see other genuine bottles that are "Made in USA."
  50. FYI: Counterfeit Tom Ford Extreme EDT pics

    I thought I share these pictures with my fellow Basenoters. Although many of you are very knowledgeable about these things, I still think it's an interesting experience to share.

    I don't...
  51. Re: Bonjd no. 9 FIRE ISLAND: Reformulated?

    ALL fragrances are reformulated periodically. Classic, new, old. Both for IFRA reasons and production expenses, etc.
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    Re: NEW! Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne

    Will definitely try this although the marine note worries me a little. I love the original.
    The presentation is great!
  53. Re: I'm almost certain that Amen has been reformulated

    This is nothing new. ALL fragrances are reformulated periodically.
  54. Thread: Str8

    by Renaissance_Man

    Re: Str8

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    I don't know about this fragrance line but just curious, how did you come to learn about it? Is it possible to refer to that source?
    Can you tell us a little more about what...
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    Re: Vintage Yves Rocher Eryo

    Wow sounds promising. Thanks for the info.
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    Re: Vintage Yves Rocher Eryo

    Can you describe what it smells like please?
    I know YR has very good values for their products.
  57. Re: How often do you wear the 'cheap' fragrances in your wardrobe?

    For me it's not related to the price. Just as long as I'm in the mood for the scent. Like any other.
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    Re: There's a hair in my...

    Kudos to the retailer and shame on X.
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    Re: Old Spice Burley

    I remember this one. It was great! Do I remember correctly that it's sweeter and woody? Kind of an oriental?
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    Re: Alcohol % on packaging?

    It refers to the purity of the alcohol content only. Like Isopropyl 91%, etc. (the rest is water).
    It does not refer to the volume of the alcohol compared to the fragrant oils and other water...
  61. Re: Joop! Homme nothing like Aspen or Cool Water.

    Sorry you were misinformed. You must have come across some very bad reviews. Unless it was another selection by Joop.
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    Re: Do you keep smelling notes?

    I admire your level of commitment and enthusiasm. Although I've been a lifelong sniffaholic I mainly rely on my mental notes.
    I don't buy that much anymore but when I did I knew which ones to go...
  63. Re: Where to buy the Dominant Pineapple Creed Aventus?

    "Aventus Batch Numbers" thread might be a good resource. Not only to identify the particular batch but also where to buy. Members who participate there are really into that information.
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    Re: It's a real challenge...

    I felt this way for a long time but learned to let go and to move on. I sold those that I kept only for sentimental reasons or pure market value.
    I'm reducing the numbers even further by not...
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    Re: Cannabis Santal

    Definitely agree with the A*Men connection. Nice scent.
  66. Re: anyone familiar with the brand YVES DE SISTELLE?

    Yes this is the same house that produces Thallium.
    Thallium also smells very Arabian to me. I like it but just a tad bit too much cumin and musk in it. I'd love to find something just as (or more)...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    Absolutely yes, same standards. No, not because she is a woman.

    I completely agree.
  68. Re: Montale fans - shop opening (back) on May 15 in Paris

    Very nice location! Good news indeed for all Montale fans.
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    Re: Strangest Gift With Purchase?

    Yes "Made to Order" refers to high end tailored clothing...think sartorial items.
    At least that's my understanding.
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    Re: Summer Fragrances

    I like to mix it up too but I am looking forward to more frequent wearing of citrus and vetiver scents:
    Eau Sauvage
    YSL Pour Homme
    CdG Vettiveru
    Guerlain Vetiver (vintage, semi-retired for me)
  71. Re: Thoughts on Sharif Laroche aka Agarscents Bazzaar attars

    I tried several of their oils once. None of the attars you mention though. From what I've read and in comparison to other Middle Eastern type sites, they seem to be more reasonably priced but also...
  72. Re: How Come People Don't Start New Threads?

    I've noticed that sometimes starting a new thread is criticized by some members, urging people to "search" the topic first (which is a useless function here). I agree with this only for very recent...
  73. Re: Jacomo For Men (the 2007 release / yellow juice)

    I think this is a wonderful scent. It was a blind buy for me and I just finished my bottle.
    I really don't think you have to worry about black pepper. Personally I got no black pepper there.
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    Re: There's a hair in my...

    "Meet them halfway?" I guess this is an unfortunate part of the situation with today's overall culture that you're not supposed to pay for your own mistakes. A manufacturing defect directly or...
  75. Replies

    Re: There's a hair in my...

    100% wirh NeoXerxes. I don't agree with those who want to give THIS company the benefit of the doubt and "their way of doing business and vocabulary". Expectations are high here for the image and...
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    Re: Hi I'm Alex

    Wait! There's a Gold Extreme by Jay Z?
    Welcome aboard Alex! You got a great list there. Enjoy your visits here and hope to see you post on the boards.
  77. Replies

    Re: There's a hair in my...

    LOL "haters?"
    You just repeated what those haters have been saying.
  78. Replies

    Re: Reducing my collection

    I agree with hednic. I looked at your wardrobe and it seems like it's not up to date with 50 items but for example if your Eden is still there, I'd keep it. Opium, Light Blue, etc. one of each genre...
  79. Re: Your successes with layering male fragrances

    No "need" just having fun being creative.
  80. Replies

    Re: Best Al Rehab's?

    Thanks for all these reviews! I wonder if anyone can help with this question. I've been looking for something with mixed fresh fruit notes especially red apple, banana, coconut, tropical-ish by an...
  81. Re: Your successes with layering male fragrances

    I mentioned this in another thread, my recent discovery has been layering C&S No. 88 with Norma Kamali Incense.
    I was ready to finish my bottle of No. 88 and move on but now I don't know...
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    Re: There's a hair in my...

    I'm only joining this thread as I'm surprised the story is still going on...Really?

    I agree that they should have readily replaced your bottle or offered a refund and should pay for the return...
  83. Re: Old favourites: what happens when you get over them?

    Personally I've been trying to reduce the number of my bottles for sometime and I want to save space also. I had saved some unusual and unique bottles and some backups...all of those I am currently...
  84. Re: A thought on picking fragrances based on weather and seasons...

    I agree and often wear orientals in warm weather. So many new facets come out that way.
  85. Re: Just purchased RASASI Faqat Lil Rjal - WOW very nice mans scent - oud,oud and more oud

    Thanks for sharing. Is this in oil or spray EDP? Does it have any other notes?
  86. Re: Dior Boutique at the Palazzo just sent me a grey market DHI

    This is true. "Grey market" isn't about the Arabic writing.
  87. Re: Ever heard of Eyotichane by Yo De Baa?

    Any "deep thoughts" about fragrances without even learning/knowing the proper names...?

    Just to suggest that he might want to research the names of the fragrances he's reviewing. That's all....
  88. Re: There is only so much of this I can hoard ....

    Thank you for sharing.
    Is this really very similar to the original as the reviews suggest? "darker and deeper?"
  89. Re: Which scent have you worn the longest on a CONSISTENT basis?

    I don't wear any scent consistently and on a very regular basis. But Shiseido Basala and YSL Pour Homme are as close as it gets to that and I still have them in my wardrobe.
  90. Replies

    Re: Aramis 900

    I don't think it's only that. Even if companies do realize their customers care, there's only so much they can do in the face of the regulations and economics of it. EL happens to be a company that...
  91. Replies

    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    I never smelled the vintage but the juice in my bottle is pretty strong (ca. 2006?). I get a little bit of skank along with the Rose and the "Indian" type incense. Probably from the tropical...
  92. Re: Ever heard of Eyotichane by Yo De Baa?

    I cringe at this. Don't any of his "fans" tell him about this problem? Or is everyone secretly laughing at him?
  93. Replies

    Re: Egoiste concentree $649 on eBay

    I cant' help but agree with DMA. Think about it, there's another group looking at this site and saying "What can you possibly have to say about colonge so much?" and "I can't imagine spending that...
  94. Re: What is the most complex smelling designer fragrance out there...?

    Zino Davidoff
    Caron 3rd Man
    Basala Shiseido
  95. Re: Caron - Pour un Homme Millésime 2014

    Wow so nice to see this. Thanks for sharing.
    I bet it'll be good quality. And the price isn't bad considering.
  96. Re: Quite hard to find a "sexy" summer citrus fragrance...

    Good old Dior Eau Sauvage IMHO
  97. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    Wow I see nothing but negative comments about this one. Why would TF put out something like this?
  98. Replies

    Re: The Haystack: Woody/Spicy Genre

    How about Chanel Egoiste?

    I really like the way you summarized your thoughts here. Thank you for a good list.
    Obviously, a matter of personal taste as I think Carven Homme is too weak and a bit...
  99. Re: What was the last bottle you completely finished???

    Jacomo for men (aka silver)
  100. Replies

    Re: LIDGE distinctive note recreation

    Welcome to Basenotes hithere1234!
    Interesting question and you might want to post it on the DIY board. There are many knowledgeable members there who might be able to answer it.
    Enjoy your visits...
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