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  1. [USA] Re: Histoires De Parfums 1725 and Pure Malt

    Bump, prices lowered and new item added.
  2. [USA] Histoires De Parfums 1725 and Pure Malt

    Krigler Established Cognac 100ml 70% full no box. $245 Shipped.

    Histoires De Parfums 1725 Casanova 4oz with box and mini Travel Spray. About 95%+ full. 120 Shipped.

    Angel Men Pure Malt 99%...
  3. [USA] Dior Privee Eau Noire, HDP 1725, Parfums De Marly Herod, Oajan, Amouage Memoir Man Price Drop!!

    -Histoires De Parfums - 1725 Casanova 4oz 98% full with box and 5ml Travel atomizer. $150 shipped.

    -Christian Dior Privee - Eau Noire 4.25oz 97%full with box. SOLD

    Accepting offers. Payment...
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    Re: 1725 Histoires de Parfums for men

    Hello. I realize this post is almost a year old. But i am selling a bottle of your still looking.
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    Re: Dior Homme Vintage authentic or fake?

    My bottle is about the same with longevity and projection as my reform. I have a small reform bottle The only difference i notice is the slight differences in the smell which is to be expected....
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    Re: Dior Homme Vintage authentic or fake?

    Hi, just fyi, I know this is an old post but I have a bottle of the same batch (9x02) and it smells fine. It also is missing the dior on the stem. Only thing I can think is that it was probably just...
  7. Re: Vintage Guerlain S. Double Vanille, HELMUT LANG EDP - Worldwide

    Please let me know if the Spiritueuse Double Vanille is still available!
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille- How do you wear it?

    I use a little roller bottle. Allows me to put a small amount on both wrists and both sides of neck to its not too much.
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    Re: subsitution for pure malt? anyone?

    Michael Jordan Legend is not like PM at all. It is however very very similar to rochas man.
  10. Re: I wear curve and get compliments. Please recommend something better.

    +1 to Allure Homme Sport
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    Re: help with dior homme intense pleaze.

    I have tested both at the same time on each hand. I notice small differences. The older formula is a little richer as previously stated. But they are almost the same. I think people are kind of over...
  12. Re: Wearing winter/fall fragrances during warmer months..

    I'll wear em. I live in Los Angeles so is summer/spring weather more than 75% of the year. But i may not wear em in the daytime when its really hot. But nightime. Dont matter, Any fragrance i feel...
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    Re: Became a laughing stock

    I've been there. Everyone living in my household and freinds tells me i have wayy too much fragrances. Which is only about 20 bottles and some samples/decants (that i never really use unless...
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    Re: Rich smelling cologne?

    DIOR HOMME. I may not be the Biggest fan of this frag. But when you wear this you smell like a millionaire. Deefffinitely
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    Re: L'instant de Guerlain Extreme for $40???

    Question. I live in cali also and considering buying off ebay from uk. Are you getting charged any customs fee's or anything like that? if so how much.

    And in response to the thread. You may get...
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