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    full bottles where to buy

    can anyone recommend the best place to pick up some full bottles of frag? i have tried the perfume court but it seems that they only decant samples. not to many full new bottles.

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    Re: I'm not here to start no trouble.....

    first of all let me start by saying that i am latin. second i think latins and black people are more open about talking and commenting with strangers or complimenting strangers.. I find black women...
  3. Re: Compliments where the person recognises the fragrance

    man..that has happend to me with buberry london and creed millesime imperial.

    kid at work asked me if i was wearing burberry london .. i was damn it this scent is getting to mainstream. sad...
  4. Re: Only 4 colognes is that enough? - all comments welcome! Cheers!

    i am also new here and i have been sampling many niche fragrances lately.

    if i were you i would start safe and try the Creed line: millesime imperial is great one of my favorites, tabarome, Green...
  5. Re: Do you always give even the bad ones a chance in "the field"?

    if i dont like it i wont wear it. especially not in public. i usually try out a scent around the house first. see how it changes. then if it gets the seal of approval it can go out into the world...
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    nasomatto duro

    i am impressed with this scent. it is kind of on the sweet warm side for me but it is really nice. initially when i put it on i thought it was not going to evolve well. but after about 15 minutes it...
  7. Re: Which one would you prefer? Chanel Egoiste Platinium or Narciso R. for Him?

    narciso rodriguez is a softer more rounded scent. (smooth maybe) it seems to blend itself more into your skins smell.

    platinum is a sharp lets you know its there scent. you will definately smell...
  8. Re: newbie tries some niche scents recomendations welcome

    frags i did not like :
    i will write a full review with my thoughts soon.. but just to give you a heads up on what i have tested so far that i did not like .. see below...

    Tauer's L'Air du...
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    Re: SotD - Wednesday 09 Jan 08

    for testing:

    nassamoto duro on left arm

    divine home sage on the other

    creed imperial on my neck and body cause im crazy like that!!!
  10. Re: newbie tries some niche scents recomendations welcome

    original santal. was ok .. it was definately masculine .. but i think it was to sweet. some thing about it i did not like i dont think i will wear it. my brother gave me a bottle 3 days ago and i am...
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    Re: Custom Creed fragrance?

    i wish oliver creed would spend some less time searching out quality products and dedicate some R&D to actually making the fragrances last as long as a 200 dollar /bottle fragrance should last. for...
  12. Re: newbie tries some niche scents recomendations welcome

    i ordered the musc kublai kahn from perfume court. although i dont think they sell it in large quantities just small decant. i cant wait to smell this one. i have high hopes based on positive...
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    Re: Custom Creed fragrance?

    thats pretty stupid. i think i might show up and just see what he recomends .but no way i am purchasing more of the same frags i already have. 160 dollars for a atomizer. i think i can get a good...
  14. Re: newbie tries some niche scents recomendations welcome

    thanks for the compliments.!!!

    tere de hermes , tom ford, L'artisan Tea for Two, and Mechant Loup and Serge Lutens Chergui ,,,i have ordered all these fragrances and they should be here tommorrow...
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    Custom Creed fragrance?

    my brother and i were at neiman marcus about 2 weeks ago. we purchased about 2 grand of creed fragrances and some other scents. the salesman was so happy with the sale said.. that he invited us to...
  16. Thread: Ghetto Frag

    by marcovgv

    Hugo Man

    HUGO MAN all the way. this fragrance reminds me of the ghetto..
  17. newbie tries some niche scents recomendations welcome

    Well first let me start off by saying hello to all of you. You have been a great help in putting together a big list of scents to try ..

    i have seen in a couple of posts that...
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    Re: Black and Blue Jeans by Versace thoughts

    the best versace i have smelled was the versace jeans metal. its discontinued but i just buoght a bottle on ebay. i have heard that benetton pure sport smells like it but i have not tried it yet. i...
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