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  1. Re: WTB: testers of- Creed Imperial Millesime, Silver Mountain Water Le Labo Santal 33 and mo

    i'm looking to sell 4oz creed testers of EROLFA (90% full)
    Silver Mountain Water (~85% full)

    *no caps*
  2. Bond no.9 CREED L'Occitane For Sale CONUS only

    Bond no.9 WALL STREET
    1.7 oz No Box, With Cap
    Exactly 80% full, as I have decanted 10ML from the initial 50ML
    $80 shipped

    CREED Green Irish Tweed (~95% full) 4oz with cap and box
  3. Re: Seeking 1 ml - 1.5 ml sample of Creed Ambre Cannelle

    I have some Ambre Cannelle in my collection. The smallest atomizers I have are 2.5ml.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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    Re: Creed Green Irish Tweed

    I have a 4 oz of GIT. About 95% full, with cap. I can check for the box and send pics if you'd like. Let me know. Thanks
  5. Re: Virgin Island Water

    I have what you're looking for. I think it's about 80% full, and I will check if I still have the box. Let me know if you're interested, and I will send pics.
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    Re: Something Like Norne but Lighter?

    Good question......
    Simple answer:
    POLO (original green formula)!
  7. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Clinique Happy
  8. Re: I blind purchased KOUROS. What can I expect when it arrives?

    I admire your courage.
    Blind-Buying Kouros is a ballsy move.

    If you like Insence, Honey, and Groin-sweat, then you'll have found a good match.
  9. Re: pleaz halp - CREED fakes are getting BRILLIANT

    It is real.
    Logic and experience dictate that there is NO REASON to EVER counterfeit ANY 2.5oz Creed...Let alone Royal Delight.....because it's a waste of TIME/MONEY/Potential Arrest to make a fake...
  10. Poll: Re: Which from the Comme des Garcons PLAY series is the most appealing?

    I have tried them all, and I own the Original and the Green.
    While the Green is far superior to the other two in the 'series,' the Original Play from 2007 is far superior to anything in the...
  11. I am very anxious for news on a US release.

    I am very anxious for news on a US release.
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    Re: Diesel Green Masculine Special Edition?

    I tried this accidentally about 8 years ago. I was trying to purchase a bottle of Green Masculine at TJ Mxaxx for about $12 (to which I was already fond of and familiar with).
    I dismissed the term...
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    diesel green (SPECIAL EDITION) masculine

    Very different from diesel green masculine.
  14. Re: No Email notification of new Private Messages

    Yes, me too.
    I am a new supporting member (as of about a week ago). Therefor, I thought that maybe this was "just how it is". Good, now I know better. Well- what's the next step?
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    Re: Is this total BS, or what??

    Well, I own 9 bottles of 100ML bond9's. 3 of them were NIB as purchased; maybe 3 were 'unused' testers. And the remaining few were purchased as 'partials'. In the BRAND NEW/UNUSED TESTERS- all were...
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