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  1. Re: Chanel Exclusifs in EDP from 2017; no more EDT production after Sep 2016

    I have been merrily using up my 200ml EDT of Sycomore, planning on popping down to the local Chanel boutique to pick up a replacement when it ran out, and now find out that it no longer exists. I'll...
  2. Re: A Gentleman's After Shave by Chanel..

    Chanel used to sell what is now known as Pour Monsieur under that name. My neighbour had a bottle of it, until it was stolen.
  3. Re: Which of these Fragrances are best for everyday University/College class?

    Welcome to the exciting world of fragrance. :vrolijk_26:
    Of the ones you've listed, Joop and One Million are sweeter fragrances more suited for night-time. I'm honestly not that familiar with La...
  4. Re: Is it possible to...Save my wardrobe into some type of meaningful text file?

    That would be great. My Wardrobe on basenotes is the only proper list I've ever kept of the perfumes in my collection.
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    Re: Parfum d`Empire - Tabac Tabou

    Just got this today, wearing it now. It's quite lovely, somewhere in the same territory as Dzing! and Cuir de Russie. I wouldn't want it to be stronger than it is. It's branded as en extrait. I'll...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, November 3, 2014

    Montana Parfum d'Homme
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    Re: Country matching fragrance choice ?

    Well, the French colonized Vietnam, so it seems entirely appropriate. A lot of Vietnamese cuisine, the banh mi (baguette sandwich) for example, was influenced by the French. You ought to have worn...
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    Re: What to get - Assistance needed

    I second Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille.
    You didn't mention tonka, (from which coumarin is derived which smells of tobacco) but a lot of warm comforting autumnal fragrances use tonka/coumarin in...
  9. Thanks for the excellent write-up of this event....

    Thanks for the excellent write-up of this event. Fascinating.
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    Re: Best vetiver

    I love vetiver. Each one brings out different facets of this complex material. I recently picked up Etro Vetiver, and though a bit short in longevity, really pushes the rubber note in vetiver....
  11. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    No idea. It's not the same as pi, however. Phi is the Greek letter on the bottle. That seems to be the naming convention he's using. I've always liked Tauer's bottles. I have an original Lonestar...
  12. Re: Comme Des Garcons Monocle Scent 03 - Sugi: A GEM!

    I need this.
  13. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Just nasty. It obscures even the impression that it is a bottle of perfume. Hidden behind this incomprehensible, impenetrable maze of multi-coloured plastic is something so fragile it needs to be...
  14. Re: PUREDISTANCE BLACK... anyone else tried it?

    I actually appreciate this pricing strategy a lot. The small size is $11.14/ml, the medium size is $5.50/ml and the large size is $5.95/ml. The medium size is the best deal, which is kind of perfect....
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    Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    It's really not a very good vetiver if it doesn't smell anything like vetiver. Why waste your time when there are so many other wonderful vetivers out there? Try Guerlain, Carven, Chantecaille,...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite lavender?

    I like Caldey Island Lavender very much, and often spray it on before bed. It's not really something I wear out. Lavender is very calming for me, and it's one of those scents I prefer mostly on it's...
  17. Re: Article: Lagerfeld leaves Coty, moves to Inter Parfums

    People die. Brands live forever.
  18. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    Ungaro III. I bought it blind a while ago. Sprayed some last night and found it has that Cool Water/Polo Blue/, generic masculine body-wash/shaving cream/moisturizer note in the drydown that won't go...
  19. Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (in progress)

    Thanks for posting all this incredible information! I don't mean to be rude, but I suggest a copy edit of the first post. I agree that it's confusing to read as it is currently formatted, and it...
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    Re: Bubblegum

    Thanks for the replies. David, you're spot on with that description.

    I found a blog which gives a bit more information. It seems bubblegum flavor contains flavors from orange oil, wintergreen...
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    What is bubblegum fragrance? I keep coming across fragrances which have what I would call a bubble gum note, and I assume it's a combination of several different fragrances. I'm talking about classic...
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    Re: Recommendations for "semi"gourmands

    Body Kouros, Lolita Lempicka au Masculin and the discontinued Yohji Homme share a roasted licorice coffee accord which to me captures the very place at which Food meets Wood. Licorice of course being...
  23. Re: negative connotation to the word "cologne"

    The replies to the original post have diverged in two directions: those who think the question is about whether they have negative associations with the word, and those who think the question is...
  24. Not if you are buying perfume. I think it's...

    Not if you are buying perfume. I think it's totally fine to ask for samples before buying, without buying anything, or after you purchase something. They are meant to be given away. That's why they...
  25. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    Great collection! A lot of my favorites are in there. If I have to pick five, they would be:

    Cuir de Russie
    Monocle Scent One: Hinoki
    Un Jardin en Méditerranée
    Douce Amère

    My least...
  26. Re: Lets guess the next brands doing its first OUD

  27. Re: So if my 5 absolute favourite fragrances are...

    We have similar taste, it seems. You like many natural wood, spice, herbal, incense and citrus scents.

    Potion (same vein as Lolita Lempicka PH and Body Kouros, sweet peppery wood with licorice and...
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    Re: Weirdest note EVER listed

    I got a different result with Google Chrome's automatic translator. What Google rightly translates as "wormwood", MS Translator calls "people living with HIV grass." I sincerely hope the Chinese...
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    Re: Synchronized Fridays 2012

    Any by Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and of course the new Lady Gaga Fame. This is in no way an endorsement of any of their music or perfumes bearing their names, but each of...
  30. Re: Which to buy, Vintage Monsieur de Givenchy or the newer Mythique version

    I'm with hednic. I own both the Mythique and twenty-plus year old MdG. Both are equally good, almost indistinguishable. Get either or both, doesn't matter in this instance. Being a citrus...
  31. Re: Mythical version of Monsieur de Givenchy?

    I have full bottles of both the vintage and Les Parfums Mythiques Monsieur de Givenchy. The vintage looks like it might be twenty or more years old, with a style of sprayer and cap I never see on new...
  32. Re: Basenotes Outing: September 1st, Vancouver, Canada

    I had a lovely time. Sugandaraja has summarized the highlights. We had intended to hit Shifeon (designer, more expensive than most online retailers, but they have more selection than many other...
  33. Re: Photos of Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluide (the notes are quit interesting)

    It smells almost exactly like those strawberry marshmallow candies, and nothing else. There is no excuse for a boring fragrance.

    Redneck Perfumisto makes a good point. The investors are calling...
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    It should be aluminum. I was told it's a better...

    It should be aluminum. I was told it's a better material for perfume bottles than glass, as it is lightfast. I would be worried if it's plastic.
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    Very nice prints!

    Very nice prints!
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    Re: Whats good from Givenchy?

    Question for Canadians: does anyone know where I can get the Mythiques Vetyver, or any of the Mythiques line for that matter? I almost never see them up here in Canada. I got Monsieur de Givenchy on...
  37. Re: Whats an inexpensive good first oud?

    Montale perfumes are not exactly inexpensive, but for the quality of the materials and powerful oudiness, you get a lot of value for what you spend. My introduction was Oud Lime, which I still love....
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    Re: Iris: Have I Missed Anything?

    The perfect one is out there somewhere. I mean, how many irises can their really be?

    An addition to your list would be Arsene Lupin Dandy by Guerlain. It's marketed as a men's fragrance. I don't...
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    Re: Most Recent Purchase: LIDGE

    What the hell is LIDGE? If it's an acronym, I'm upset. I've noticed a disturbing trend on this and other forums of over-reliance (in my opinion) on acronyms in posts. Is it some kind of attempt at an...
  40. Re: Hey Guys.. Newbie Collector Here. Would like some advise.

    Cacio's tips are great. He has listed a very nice survey of the more accessible entry points to the garden of niche fragrance. Luckyscent has all of those. I would add Comme des Garçons to that list....
  41. Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Wear Perfume to Bed?

    By this I mean, do you specifically apply perfume/cologne/fragrance before bed, for sleeping? If so, which one/s?

    Do you do this when alone or when sleeping with a partner or both?

  42. Re: Which fragrance for taking a shower?

    I bought a gift set of Sisley Eau de Campagne body wash and Eau de Toilette before Christmas. It's a treat to use a bit of the wash in the shower and then finish with the scent after. There's a...
  43. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    To be honest I find the idea of gendered perfume rather limiting. The idea of giving a gender to something which has none seems bizarre. My understanding is that perfume was not originally sold as a...
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    Poll: Re: What should be next A*Men pure..... ?

    Pure Spring Water - now that's a profit margin the accountants are really gonna love.
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    Poll: Re: What should be next A*Men pure..... ?

    +1 Or Pure Poivre or Pure Menthe Poivré.

    Next year it'll me A*manity, mark my words you young'uns.
  46. Re: Okay all you B'Note veterans that praise Guerlain's Derby............

    I just bought a bottle at the Guerlain boutique at the Palazzo in Vegas. Good times. Its closest relative in my wardrobe is Knize Ten, another old-fashioned floral leather. But oh, the balance of the...
  47. Re: Which Masculine Scent has the following?

    If you open the door to citrus, that pretty much lets in masculines generally, excluding only specifically floral (of which there are only a few masculines), gourmands, overly sweet and booze and...
  48. Pure Poivre. Or Pure Menthe Poivré. If they're...

    Pure Poivre. Or Pure Menthe Poivré. If they're continuing with the theme, it'll coax the lavender-mint note from A*Men into the limelight. It'll be interesting to see how far they go. It's a...
  49. Re: Which Masculine Scent has the following?

    Yes to Gucci Pour Homme. Encre Noire would be another great choice. Marc Jacobs Bang is a peppery dry wood scent, but the longevity isn't too great. Comme des Garcons Wonderwood is great, but might...
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    Re: If you lived in Hell...

    Why has no one mentioned any citrus scents? To me they are the most refreshing in hot weather. Sephora (at least the location in Las Vegas last time I was there) had started to carry some Hermés....
  51. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Miss Lollypop by Avon, 1960s. I rather like this. Kinda reminds me of Teletubbies or Shmoo.
  52. Re: New Fragrance: Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee

    The name means "foolish vanilla," which just seems kind of silly. No reference to incense, "encens" in French. Givenchy Insensé used the same word, referring to a state of crazy or foolish...
  53. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Thanks, I'm glad to meet you too! I'm rather fond of hot pink myself. The pastel kind I can live without. I'm really liking the direction this thread is taking. Gender and perfume are my obsessions....
  54. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Excellent points! I had a fantastic vintage bottle of an Avon perfume in the shape of a blobby pink girl wearing a white plastic hat with a yellow and red polka-dot ribbon around it at one time, that...
  55. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and the abundance of illustrative material to this discussion! Kumquat, you seem to have a real knack for finding this stuff. The "bird" with the Cleopatra eyes...
  56. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    @kumquat Those are great! It's always nice to have a slave bracelet on your perfume, to remind you of who's really in charge. As for Kathy Hilton's Secret, I wasn't aware the Hiltons kept any...
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    Re: Ugliest Cologne/Perfume Bottle?

    Stop hurting me with your stopper.
  58. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Thanks, firehorse, I'll check it out. It's raining cats and dogs outside, I could use a laugh.
  59. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Sorry, it's already happened. Here she is with the bath and shower gel:
  60. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Case in point:
    "It aims at women between the early teens and early thirties." Early thirties? Notes include pink sugar and "blonde woods." I'm not making this up. I'm dating myself, but I'm still...
  61. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    "Is that a vagina in your lap or are you just happy to see me?" So unsubtle it hurts. Thanks for finding this.
  62. Re: Mindless Alphabet Frag Naming Game ~ PART 4

    A is for Arpège.
  63. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Here's hoping. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your comment, I couldn't agree more. There's something creepy about the whole lacy baby thing.
  64. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Now that's a great bottle. Who doesn't love bees? I've got Eau de Cologne Imperial in a bee spray bottle. Clear glass embossed with bees, so chic.
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    Re: French pronunciation, great new site

    Merci beaucoup for this great resource, Bela! We need to know how to say the names of the perfumes we already own much much more than we need more new bottles. French is my second language and I'm...
  66. Re: "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind - anyone read it?

    Read the book, loved it. The movie is wonderfully atmospheric and evocative until the scenes with Dustin Hoffman. I mean really, Dustin Hoffman as an 18th Century Italian perfumer? He's a great...
  67. Re: Thanksgiving Fragrance - Not Just for the USA

    Diptyque L'Eau.
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    Re: Feminine Incense?

    Tam Dao by Diptyque, because it is beautiful.
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    Re: Vintage finds

    I stumbled upon this thread by accident. I have become very interested in vintage perfumes, and always check antique stores for bottles whenever I'm out treasure-hunting. I picked up a 7.5 gram spray...
  70. Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    I'm not a woman, but I imagine if I were, I would get pretty sick of girly, frilly, flowery, pink and otherwise stereotypical feminine packaging for perfume. Yes, I understand some people love this...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Sisley - Eau d'Ikar

    Odysseusm, I was wondering if you got it at Holt Renfrew? I picked up a Christmas gift set (for myself :)) of Eau de Campagne (100 ml edt and 250 ml phytogel) at Holt's here in Vancouver which I've...
  72. Re: What is the best male fragrance ever made?

    Chanel Egoiste only thinks it is the best male fragrance ever made. The best male fragrance is the one made by the male you love the best. :smiley:
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    Re: I need an insane jasmine

    I don't know where you can get really high quality jasmine essential oil, but I think jasmine works well on its own, and wouldn't cost nearly as much as many of the suggestions above. An oil-based...
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    Re: CdG Incense Series,any others?

    I'll fourth Hinoki. Please let them never stop making it or all hell will break loose. Great suggestions, all. Getting cozy for the shift into autumnal, cool-weather scents, I'll toss Serge Lutens'...
  75. Re: Where are all the Vintage Creed bottles?

    I couldn't help noticing that fully a third of your wardrobe are Creeds, and you're not biased? I guess you like them. I don't, nor do I like bullies or BS, the odor of which I've smelled strongly in...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, August 22, 2011

    Arpege extrait (my first extrait!)

    I picked up 7.5 ml boxed sealed in cellophane at an antique store for $6 the other day. I'm quite pleased with myself.
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    Re: Angel Men Health Concerns

    These nut-jobs would have us label our shit after it comes out in case someone accidentally smells it. "May contain peanuts." But seriously, I believe labeling changes have come into effect in Canada...
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    Re: Fragrance for Landscape architect

    She sounds like a lovely girl! I like her already. I like that she hasn't worn perfume, and that from your battery of tests, she sounds like she knows what she doesn't like. Better that than that she...
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    Re: Caron Third Man (review by Sanchez)

    I've just read it. I haven't smelled the perfume, but was considering doing a blind buy with this one, based on the review, and considering that I'm becoming very curious about floral masculines...
  80. Re: Help me understand the hype about Millesime Imperial

    Well put. I think that's what makes it so popular, actually. It's completely average and indistinct and safe, which attracts those who don't like unusual things and don't wish to stand out in any...
  81. Re: Why all the hate for Unforgivable by Sean John?

    Why all the love for Millesime Imperial and Green Irish Tweed? I can't stand either of them and certainly don't believe a word of Creed's particular brand of made-up dead celebrity endorsement....
  82. Re: Are there any scents that are considered universally repugnant and vile?

    The smells of feces, decay, vomit and the strong sulfurous smell of rotten eggs have strong cross-cultural negative associations for obvious hygienic reasons, and I'm sure even each of these has its...
  83. Re: Where are all the Vintage Creed bottles?

    I wouldn't pay that much today for most of the Creed perfumes I've smelled, let alone the equivalent of $8.95 in 1970s dollars. From what I can glean, it seems representing Creed as a perfume...
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    The Perfume Shoppe in Sinclair Centre carries this line, but were sold out of that fragrance last time I went in a few weeks ago. I was also specifically looking for New York as well.
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Sephora has a location in Pacific Centre Mall downtown.

    Holt Renfrew carries some of the Diptyque line in both 50 ml and 100 ml sizes. They used to have a stand-alone Frederic Malle area, the...
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Chanel update: I'm pretty sure the stand-alone Chanel boutique has closed. I found Les Exclusifs full line at the Chanel counter in Holt Renfrew. I made some inquiries and I think that's the only...
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    Re: maison martin margiela untitled

    I did a blind mail-order buy from Collette, being a big MMM fan. On first impression I was disappointed, had my hopes up pretty high for something really unusual, see my review. The whole project...
  88. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel and my frustration

    This is an interesting thread. I think most people have experienced intimidation at entering an expensive store. I used to be terrified of anywhere I couldn't afford to shop, and bought most of my...
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    Re: What Scent Would James Bond Wear?

    Being a martini man, I wonder if Mr. Bond would appreciate the juniper note in Cerruti 1881? It comes across rather gentlemanly, while still being somewhat of a bastard. If I were to pick something...
  90. Which fragrance best conjures up the idea of "Forest" for you and what type of forest is conjured?

    I'm curious about what the idea means to other members. Outdoorsy scents are often associated with men's fragrances, but I'm not limiting this inquiry to the men's fragrance discussion, as everyone...
  91. Re: Amusing comment at work while posting a thread on basenotes

    I totally agree with your comment. I've wrestled with this quite a bit. You're right, it has become a general pejorative, and every time I hear it used that way, I find myself saying, "No, they don't...
  92. Re: Amusing comment at work while posting a thread on basenotes

    Every guy on basenotes is probably wincing as they read this. Yup, tried it... once.
  93. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is...

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, should it sue the forest for damages arising from an unsafe forest environment?
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    Re: What smells like a man's sweat???

    Thanks for the link to a very fascinating article, coming from someone who's clearly done their research. I'm off to get me some Kingdom now.
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    Re: Buying Fragrance on Vacation

    Maybe it's tacky, but I like to buy fragrances at Duty-Free stores at the airports where I travel. I was in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding in July (don't ask) two years ago and have never...
  97. Re: Looking for a signature scent for winter. (College aged male)

    Hey, fellow Canadian here. I've been getting into perfume over the last couple years with a particular interest in classic men's fragrances. You're right, you might be overthinking things. I tend to...
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    Re: Fake Creed GIT - Comparison Pics

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I noticed an additional detail in photograph two, the close-up of the box text. In the fake on the left, the spacing of the letters seems to be off, and there's a couple...
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