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  1. Re: BN meetup in 2014, possible dates and places

    I'll attend if it's in Boston or NYC (not sure if that one was mentioned), but obviously, don't base this on me.
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    Re: Free to a good home

    I'm sorry, I cannot tell, did someone already claim these from you? If not, I would very much enjoy trying them. Just let me know if they are still available!

    Thank you,

    - RM
  3. Takasago? Which Fragrances Do They Make?

    Hi, All:

    Does anyone know which fragrances Takasago makes or created? I couldn't find this information on their website or anywhere else that I looked. Even if you only know of one or two, if you...
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    Re: What has been your Best Blind Buy?

    I think the worst blind buy I bought was Tommy Girl - not because it's a bad fragrance, but because it disappears on me as soon as I apply it. If I'd had the chance to try a sample first, I wouldn't...
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    Re: What has been your Best Blind Buy?

    I buy decants only, so my investments tend to be relatively small, which makes the fact that I have to buy most scents blind a bit easier for me to deal with. But the best one so far is definately...
  6. Re: Affordable (less than $50) fall/winter cologne for a male smoker.

    I agree that anything that smells fresh or citrus-y would not work on a smoker. Doesn't mix well with the stale smoke smell. I'd also suggest that you go easy with the fragrance. As others have said,...
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