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  1. Re: Best online places to buy Tom Ford Private Blends?

    eBay! I've purchased 4 from the Private Blend collection from eBay and saved an average of $60 per bottle compared to retail. All are most certainly legitimate and it makes the price more tolerable...
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    Re: New fragrance from Andy Tauer: Lys de Desert

    While I honestly did not find the opening to be very special, I ended up liking it a lot, particularly during the drydown. I think it is something more versatile and suitable for daily wear than...
  3. Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    It really depends on how one defines those terms. I own mostly stuff that isn't quite as "mass market" compared with other stuff. I personally consider mainline dept. store stuff as being...
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    Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    Keeping in mind that the designation of "male" versus "female" is an arbitrary designation, I don't think Coromandel has many characteristics one would typically consider as hyper-feminine except...
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    Re: Dzongkha, Dzing! or Timbuktu?

    If you're looking for something in the line of L'Air Du Desert Marocain (which I love), I would not recommend Dzing!. For me Dzing! was very, very sweet and not much more. I know others get a lot...
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    Re: SOTD:Thursday, January,10

    Mona di Orio - Cuir
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I own many expensive niche scents at this point, but the one that has drawn the most compliments is Terre d'Hermes EDT.
  8. Re: What fragrance was so bad you HAD to wash it off?

    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan - it's the only scent I've ever been completely and utterly repulsed by. The opening quite literally triggered my gag reflex.
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