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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    For me Pluriel doesn't come off too strong, but lasts ages. Compliment-getter for me too.

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    Re: Eau de Cologne du 68 Guerlain ?

    Like this one very much. Agree that it's hard to pin down exactly but I do know that it smells fantastic. Unisex and wearable on most scenarios I can think of. Recommended.

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    Re: Looking for smooth barbershop scent

    For my part, I'd put Invasion Barbare, 1725, Pluriel and Sartorial right near the top of my barbershop faves list. In that order.

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  4. Re: Is "Savile Row Richard James" worthy to buy?

    Yes, love. Ok for all occasions I think but especially when dressing things up a bit.

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  5. Re: Bois du Portugal without the Creed base?


    Lovely stuff in its own right

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  6. Re: Name a fragrance you prefer the EDT over the EDP !


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    Re: LIDGE: Don't get the hype

    Count me for "love" on this one. Not for everyone though, it definitely has a personality.

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  8. Re: Seeking recommendations for boutique daily office frag

    Strong seconds on Pluriel and Colonia, although for all-day wearability I'd recommend the Colonia Essenza flanker.

    Sartorial by Penhaligons would be a nice alternative as well.

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    Re: Freshest

    Aqua Fahrenheit from your list. Cedrat Envirant otherwise.

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  10. Re: What are your "MASTERPIECE" fragrances but DISCONTINUED ?

    Is this confirmed? I was in Paris in July and shopped Dior. No Vetiver or Eau Noire in sight with the rest of the Privee collection. I would've loved to have picked more up.

    Is there a...
  11. Re: Which Amouage Opus Do you Like The Best?

    IV followed by VI for me. Pretty much all the others I've tried have been interesting but not purchase-worthy.

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    Re: Sartorial and Reflection Man

    Not similar to me. Enjoy both a lot, but Sartorial gets bonus points for ease of wearability.

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    Re: Your Top Classy Designer Fragrances

    I only rate 2 bottles out of my entire collection 10/10. Dior Homme is the one that fits the bill for classy designer for me.

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  14. Re: If you could only have one in a mixed climate

    In my head, I immediately thought of Bleu de Chanel, as it's my usual "fire and forget" frag. Some other really good choices mentioned though:

    TdH, Aventus, Tom Ford Men, Oud Royal would all...
  15. Poll: Re: Creed's Silver Mountain Water vs Royal Mayfair vs Original Sandal vs Original Vetiver

    Own and enjoy each of these. Royal Mayfair is the best of this bunch, IMO.
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    Re: Bad Experience with Fragrancenet

    Disappointing to hear. I buy pretty regularly from FragranceNet and have never had a similar experience. I could almost chalk it up to a mistake, except that bit about TF's not shipping in...
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    Poll: Re: Best Leather Based Fragrance Ever


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  18. Re: Tobacco Vanille vs Musc Ravageur vs New Haarlem


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    Re: Fragrances That "Woe" You Recently ?

    Penhaligon's Opus 1870. Good note list. Can barely smell any of them. Or any others.

    Pathetic performance. It doesn't smell good or bad, since I can't smell it. So it lucks out and gets the most...
  20. Re: L'Artisan Dzongkha vs Serge Lutens Chergui

    Not similar, but I'd choose Chergui. I do enjoy both though, and would say both are FB worthy.

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  21. Re: What to Wear When You Don't Know What to Wear

    QFT. Auto-smell-good, just fire and forget.

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  22. Re: Something classic, something Italian.......

    This, all day.

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  23. Re: Frank No. 2 vs. Michael Kors Michael for Men

    Own both, like both, but Frank is clearly superior to my nose. Neither are particularly easy-wearing and have a bit of wise-guy ambience to them. I like that, but not everyone will. Aquatic-lovers,...
  24. Re: A-Men Ultra Zest thoughts—Has anyone else tried this?

    Agree 100% with everything stated here. However, I have to note that it has been a super-strong compliment magnet every wearing. I like it fine. Maybe it smells better a couple of feet away though, I...
  25. Poll: Re: On average, how many sprays do you usually use?

    3 or 4 for most frags.

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  26. Re: Vintage Fragrance Must Haves For Collection?

    This list isn't complete without Rive Gauche

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    Re: Oud - unique takes on/with it?

    My faves already mentioned, but my vote for non-typical Ouds have to be:
    AdP Colonia Oud
    M7 Fresh
    Oud Immortel

    Love each one!

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  28. Poll: Re: Right now, what's your favoritre fragrance from Le Labo?

    Rose 31 or Bergamotte 22, both brilliant.

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    So you find Tom Fords wallet ........

    Brilliant, hardly anyone restyles the 70s masculines like this house.

    Put me down for a flacon if this ever happens.

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  30. Re: [INTL] Creed Royal Mayfair/Stephane Humbert Lucas 777/Dior Privee/Frederic Malle/Roja Dove/+++

    Not asking for it special, but yeah, if TF London were to be a split, I'd commit for 10ml too.

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  31. Re: Stop lying bro, you wear fragrances for women

    Guilty, and a couple of them are in my top few favorites too :)

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    Re: Most used fragrance!

    Killed a bottle of CK Eternity back in the 90s. Since then, I've never polished off a whole bottle, but Bleu de Chanel has the most usage.

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  33. Re: I say fresh, versatile and unique, you say

    Excellent suggestion, based on OP's criteria.

    I'd add Sicilian Limes, by Shay & Blue.

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    Re: Floris and Penhaligon

    Yeah, Sartorial is a viable candidate for a signature. Invasion Barbare may be just a bit more refined. However Sartorial is very nice and about half the price, which may factor in for a scent being...
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    Re: Looking for a sweet woody fragrance

    Gaiac by M. Micallef defines sweet-woody for me.

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    Re: NEW: Habit Rouge Dress Code

    Bought Dress Code yesterday at Neiman's. So much better than L'Homne Ideal. Only one good wearing so far, but it gets 2 thumbs up from me.

    Definitely still Habit Rouge, but those concerned about...
  37. Re: Your favourite (or least loathed) SPORT flanker

    Another for Dior Homme Sport, original formulation particularly. I go out of my way to wear it.

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  38. Re: What is your favorite fragrance bottle cap/bottle top?

    Yeah, Nasomatto for sure. So much personality with their overly-large size and unique materials for each fragrance.

    Xerjoff Shooting Stars right after. Very classy and dramatic.

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  39. Re: Fahrenheit Absolute - Let the raving begin...

    Like the his one enough that I bought a backup bottle, which is a rarity. Agree that it's superior - although clearly related in character - to Fahrenheit Parfum.

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    Re: Modern Masculine? NOT REVIVAL

    Pluriel Masculin by MFK

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    Re: Xerjoff Kobe...uh oh

    Never had this particular issue with Kobe. However, I personally prefer both Nio and Uden to it.
  42. Re: MFK APOM Pour Homme vs Amyris Pour homme

    APOM for me, but also enjoy Amryis quite a bit. MFK is quality across the whole line, always at least "good", and sometimes rising to "masterful".
  43. Re: What are the best soft/fresh fragrances?

    Adding Heeley Iris de Nuit.

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    Tom Ford for Men or Guerlain L'Instant

    Agree they are somewhat similar. Prefer Tom Ford's smell, but LIDG outperforms it by a mile and smells quite good to me itself. For the money, LIDG is the better buy.

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    Re: Best Dior fragrance?

    So many good options in the Dior house. Vintage DH for me.

    Vetiver, Fahrenheit, Oud Ispahan and Ambre Nuit would have to be in the discussion for close a 2nd.

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    Re: need a light cologne

    +1 Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale. Beautiful and very light.

    Second choice would be Chanel's Eau de Cologne.

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  47. Re: if you went with 2 houses for life, what 2 would you pick ?

    Dior and Guerlain.

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  48. Re: Richard James - Savile Row, anyone else a fan?

    Fan here. Have a bottle of the new juice and enjoy it on dressier occasions, where it really works for me.

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    Poll: Re: Best from the Dior Homme line

    DH all day for me, but love this line.

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  50. Re: Opinions Wanted on Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme

    Have a FB but not much of a fan of Extreme. Original is more my preference personally. Something about this flanker comes across as just not great smelling, maybe too herbal, although normally I'm ok...
  51. Thread: Rant

    by JourneymanDave

    Re: Rant

    Actually I would consider this to be self-evident. So yes, I agree, by default :)

    I think most conversations around this point fall into the "I never realized what I was missing..." category.

  52. Thread: Rant

    by JourneymanDave

    Re: Rant

    Yep, apart from The One, which is very marginal, D&G are totally forgettable for me too.

    Agree on the quality part of the discussion. You often get what you pay for.

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  53. Re: What is the best acqua di parma for summer?

    Original Colonia for day or Essenza for warm evenings.

    The whole line is full of winners though, there's almost no wrong answer to this question for Summer.

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  54. Re: Fahrenheit Absolute - anything similar?

    Also like this one a lot in the cooler months. Have found nothing else particularly close to it, bought a backup bottle to make sure I had it on hand for a while.

    Agree that if you wish to have a...
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    Re: ADP Assoluta or the original?

    Colonia over Assoluta. However, Essenza over both of those. All are worthy though, hard to go too wrong with anything from this house.

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    Re: NEW Acqua di Parma Colonia Club

    Love most everything from ADP. The house has built enough credibility with me that I will go out of my way to try this new one.

    The notes seem like a departure for ADP, but then so was Colonia...
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    Re: fresh fragrance for the office?

    Bam! Winner...

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    Re: M7 Oud Absolu

    Agree with the above. Have a bottle of vintage M7 and I find it quite good. However, having tested the contemporary juice as well, I would've been fine with picking my that up.

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    Re: just finished my DH collection

    Seconded. Taken as a whole, easily my favorite men's line.

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    Re: Dior Homme

    My absolute fave, desert island fragrance if I could only have one. Automagically works for every occasion, oozes class.

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    Re: Which one among these Ambers?

    Have both and love, love, love them. If pressed I'd narrowly prefer Amber Absolute.

    Ambre Sultan is less safe, but more unique. So kind of depends on how risk averse you are. Neither are totally...
  62. Re: Important announcement regarding Marketplace, Blogs and News

    Thanks Grant, job well done I have to say, and taking "me" time is certainly a reasonable pursuit.

    I'm sure the Marketplace will sort itself out, and things like this always tends to do. If...
  63. Re: What's good at Macy's to buy ? Thoughts ?

    FWIW, I really like Gentleman Only Intense myself, FSU. Didn't care one wit about the original, but found this one FB worthy for myself. Definitely designer, but office/GF friendly while still...
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    Re: new Dior for men this fall

    If he is... I literally will not buy it, regardless. And that, coming from a hard-core Dior fanboy.
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    Re: Bel Ami Vetiver - Where's the love?

    Count me in the love group. Bought this on first sniff from our local Hermes boutique. Have not regretted it yet, and this one works its way into my weekly rotation fairly regularly. Only a...
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    Best MFK fragrance for Summer ?

    Oh yeah, dur, you specifically said Summer. I'd vote APLM then.

    I don't wear LNpH in the Houston heat either.

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    Re: Parfums de Marly at Nordstroms

    Woot! Thx for this heads up!

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    Re: Best MFK fragrance for Summer ?

    Thirded again... LNpH is the pinnacle of the MFK's very respectable line, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Re: Summer Leather?

    This all day, for me.

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  70. Re: NEW: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Ambra (Ingredient collection)

    Agree with others, got a split of this one and while good, not in the same league for me as Oud or Leather.

    Love, love, love the first 2. Ambra I could take or leave. Very similar in character to...
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    Re: Best MFK fragrance for Summer ?

    Thirded... Or whatever :)

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    Re: Pluriel vs Invasion Barbare

    Pluriel because it's a bit more refined. Really enjoy both of these though.

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    Re: Dior Homme Sport Real or Fake

    It's fine. And Dior sprayers are like a hose, they spritz a ton of juice.

    Relax and enjoy it.

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  74. Poll: Re: Dior Ambre Nuit vs MFK APOM Pour Homme

    Hardly alike at all, and I love both. Heads-up though, I'd choose Ambre Nuit.

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    Re: Your current 'wishlist top 5'

    Confirmed, although immediately after the first batch shipped, L'Artisan apparently had some issues delivering any more Tea for Two stock. A bunch of orders were placed but chaos ensued.

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    Re: Oud scents that actually smell good -


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  77. Re: Any idea when Creed Windsor is being rereleased?

    Can't be soon enough for my part...

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  78. Re: Digging Bond Great Jones, should I get vintage Paco Rabanne, current PR, or buy GJ?

    Own Great Jones and like it. However, I don't find it that similar to the way I remember Paco vintage juice smelling.

    I'd just get Great Jones if you really enjoy it. I find it gets tired one to...
  79. Re: L'homme Ideal - the best masculine scent of last five years

    Respectfully disagree. L'homme Ideal was a FB purchase for me, and the major disappointment of the year. I would also submit that BdC, while similar in concept on Chanel's part, is far superior in...
  80. Re: How many sprays of Amouage Reflection Man do you use and where?

    3 tops, usually 2 to the chest under my shirt, and maybe a third to one wrist.

    It's pretty powerful so you have to moderate. A very good one though.

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    Re: Best of the 90's?

    DK Fuel
    ...and yes, Havana
  82. Re: I'm looking for a VERY good aquatic / summer scent (HELP)

    Aqua di Gio Essenza. The EDP flanker, not the original.

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  83. Re: What would the characters in Goodfellas (1990) wear?

    Bois du Portugal, it just oozes wise guy aura.

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    Re: bleu de chanel or versace pour homme?

    Both quite good. BdC EDT would be my ultimate choice.

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    Re: Bergamote 22 vs... Versace Eau Fraiche

    Yeah not so comparable to me. Eau Fraiche is very synthetic grapefruit. Bergamote 22 is much more natural and lemony. B22 evolves a bit.

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    Re: Best niche line and why?

    Dior Privee for my taste. Across the board, consistently high quality, with a lot of variety. Always wearable - Leather Oud the one exception - but plenty with adventurous spunk.
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    Re: Dried, dark fruits.

    Seconded, I think Serge is the man for this genre.

    As another designer option, I'd add Chanel Allure Homme to the list as sniff-worthy.
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    Re: Aqua di parma oud

    If you want certainty and it's important, since I've never seen any posts from employees of Aqua di Parma here on Basenotes, the best advice I could give is to email them directly. Otherwise, 100%...
  89. Re: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud v's Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud

    Since this one has a half-life like deuterium, 18oz should last you a few lifetimes.

    So jelly. ;)
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    Re: Looking for a frag that does NOT last

    Bang on, I was going to say the same. 30 mins is pushing it with this one, although it does smell nice for that brief time.

    Next suggestion would be YSL L'Homme Gingembre. Another that's fresh...
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    Re: What is your opinion on YSL M7 Fresh?

    Strong like for me. Quite different from typically citrus and fruity Summer scents, it has a personality of its own. If you find a bottle, get it. Chances are you may like it, but the opportunity to...
  92. Re: Questions about the Chanel Allure/Bleu travel sprays

    Have Bleu in a travel spray. Best. Thing. Ever.

    This stays in my laptop bag and goes with me every day. There have been zero issues in over a year and a half of hauling it around like this, it...
  93. Re: Your going to Paris from America for one day....

    Funny, I'm going in July and have only a week there for vacation.

    I'm trying to prioritize my shopping right now. Want to get a few frags that aren't easily attainable in the US.

    Lutens and...
  94. Re: Ever have a Fragrance that was forgotten but came on BN and renewed your interest again? Which

    Yep, my interest is piqued pretty regularly because I see something on a thread that I like to wear, but it just hasn't been in the rotation lately.
  95. Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? January / February / March 2015

    Remik's running a split right now for Sel Marin:
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    Re: To purchase or not, Rose d'Arabie

    Word for word. Rose Anonyme, which I own, is good. Had I smelled Rose d'Arabie first though, I would've gone that way instead. Very smooth and oozing quality.

    Price could be a consideration...
  97. Re: Which one do you recommend to buy first from AdP: Ginepro di Sardegna or Colonia Essenza

    Essenza. It's a very solid all-arounder for me and gets regular wear.
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    Re: Which Vetiver Scents?

    Gray Vetiver followed closely by Vetiver Extraordinaire, at least from you original list.
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    Re: Nio or Vetiver

    Yeah, the vetivers.

    If I were picking "best of breed" though, I'd do VE and Nio. Just sayin'
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    Re: M7 a must have?

    Own a FB of the vintage. Good but not a must have. There are plenty equal or better options.
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