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  1. Re: - New e-commerce site launched as of 11/11/2011

    Ok! Didn't mean to start any spats but where go opinions... Anyway, thank you for all feedback, but especially "socalwoman". I will be adopting this method before shopping any new sites. I tried the...
  2. - New e-commerce site launched as of 11/11/2011

    I Googled a fragrance and the *only* retailer that had it online was I know there are some crap e-retailers out there that sell under several website names. However, this doesn't appear...
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    Re: Parfums Raffy

    I've been getting a message lately from my security (Kaspersky) that their website security is not up to date and that I am warned not to visit their site. Does anyone else have this issue when...
  4. Thread: Rei Rien?

    by Astrid_Vue

    Re: Rei Rien?

    I have a Rei Rien order hanging in limbo and it has been since January 17th! The P.O. says it was given a tracking number and notified electronically but has no other information. I've emailed a...
  5. Re: Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Eau des Artes - Notes?

    Thanks, kewart! That sounds about right from what I remember.
  6. Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Eau des Artes - Notes?

    This is a long discontinue fragrance that is a favorite of mine. I had the published notes in this perfume written down somewhere and can't find them now! The only one I remember, for some reason, is...
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