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  1. Re: Tom Ford Oud Fleur, AVENTUS

    Heperd is a class act as usual! Will continue to future splits, super professional and speedy! Thanks again!
  2. Re: Tom Ford Oud Fleur, Plum Japonais, AVENTUS

    I had asked to be added to the Aventus split; Received a confirmation email today from Heperd that the split was full and to send payment. Payment sent today for 50ML.
  3. Re: AVENTUS, MDCI Chypre Palatin & Ambre Topkapi

    Received my Aventus today. I would never hesitate to do another split or send money to Heperd. This was so easy and took such little time and great communication. Thanks again and looking forward to...
  4. Re: Creed Bois du Portugal, MDCI Chypre Palatin & Ambre Topkapi

    I just sent my funds! Thanks!
  5. Re: Creed AVENTUS

    Just sent you an email on this :)
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    Re: GIT Interest Thread

    I am very interested in 50ML split!
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