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  1. I smelled all three of these at Les Senteurs...

    I smelled all three of these at Les Senteurs today, and they are exquisite!
  2. Re: Article: Spanish Cedar is latest fragrance by Czech & Speake

    Looks good, smells amazing... I want to spend a few more days with my sample before I write a review, but rest assured it's going to be positive.
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    Re: Penhaligon's to launch "Tralala" in April

    I have to wonder at the kind of idiot who truly believes that Penhaligons are promoting violence against women by naming this perfume "Tralala".
  4. Poll: Re: End Perfume Sexism - Should Basenotes Merge the Male and Female Sub-Forums?

    I wholeheartedly support the idea of this site (and any other relevant communication medium) helping to put an end to the immature, stoopid notion that any fragrance is somehow inherently "masculine"...
  5. Re: Article: Free sample pack of Dueto Parfums : Offer closed

    Finally got my samples today—thanks very much to Dueto Parfums! The standout to me is City Love; I can definitely see a full bottle (or at least a large decant) of this in my future. The opening...
  6. Re: The Secret of Nick-less Wet Shaving Appears to be...............

    If the oil is working out well for you, that's cool, but you should maybe also consider upgrading your razor (depending on your budget of course). I also started out with a lower-end razor, and I...
  7. Re: Share your favorite Geo F. Trumper shaving cream

    My favourite Trumper's soap and cream is definitely violet. Some guys have an issue with what they perceive to be a "girly" smell, but I love the stuff. FYI, it would be very worth your while to...
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    Re: What kind of razor do you use??

    '68 Gillette Slim, although I've got my eye on the Muhle R89 these days.
  9. Re: The Secret of Nick-less Wet Shaving Appears to be...............

    I haven't had a serious nick with any razor since I was about 12 (not trying to brag; Mediterranean boys get whiskers early on :grin:), but the real secret to nick-less wet shaving is... NO PRESSURE....
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    Re: Alternatives to Terre d'Hermes

    Penhaligon's Zizonia is one that doesn't seem to get enough love and attention. Similar vibe to TdH, but superior on all levels IMHO.
  11. Re: What smells do you have an obsession with that aren't perfumes?

    Mmm.... nail polish!
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    Re: Would like a fragrance that smells of...

    ... unleaded smells different from regular? Who knew?
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    Re: pronunciation of abbreviation "frag"

    The Oxford says "fragrance" is pronounced "ˈfreɪgr(ə)ns" (i.e. the first part sounds like "fray"). It sounds like a lot of people are pronouncing it to rhyme with "drag-rinse", but this is obviously...
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    Re: Dior Homme - Anise?

    Ha ha, I guess in retrospect my question is maybe not completely logical. It's just weird to me that I'm smelling something that nobody else seems to get... All of the notes you've mentioned I...
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    Re: Dior Homme - Anise?

    Any idea what it could be that I'm misinterpreting as anise? I'm not entirely clear on what iris smells like (far as I know, the scent is derived from the roots of the plant and not from the...
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    Re: Store testing etiquette

    I've fortunately never had anything like that happen to me... yet. I don't really see the point of having somebody hover over you while you're testing perfume—it's not like they can decide for you...
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    Dior Homme - Anise?

    Hi all,

    I've just sprayed some of this from a sample vial (the regular EDT), and the principle note that I get is a fairly pleasant anise/liquorice scent. It's well into the dry-down now, and I'm...
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    Re: Ash's take on Basenotes.

    Pretty sound advice... but I expect to see that cat's head scotch-taped onto its body in a future video.
  19. Re: Santalum Album: Is It All (Mostly) the Same Stuff?

    Thanks very much to both of you, this is good info!
  20. Re: Santalum Album: Is It All (Mostly) the Same Stuff?

    Thanks for the reply!

    I guess what I'm trying to find out here is: if it says "santalum album" on the bottle, is it a fair bet that it's decent juice? Or should I just avoid taking a gamble and...
  21. Santalum Album: Is It All (Mostly) the Same Stuff?

    Hello to everyone :smiley:

    A gent on another forum made a recommendation for 5ml of pure sandalwood oil from an on-line shop based in India. According to him, it's pure, lovely Mysore...
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    Re: Please Help me to Contact Montale!

    No need to get riled up, I was not taking a personal dig at this guy, I was just joking (I'll edit the post if you like. BTW, I assume it's pronounced "shah-di" or something similar?).
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    Re: Please Help me to Contact Montale!

    Thanks again everyone. The thread linked here seems to indicate that the guy in the UAE is selling legitimate stuff, but I'll probably just hold out until the 1st of June. The shop in question is...
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    Re: Please Help me to Contact Montale!

    Thanks very much! My wife found a new number somewhere on-line (don't ask me how), and I got in touch yesterday with a lady called Hiba. She says that the new Paris store will be fully operational...
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    Please Help me to Contact Montale!

    Hi everyone, I've recently decided to take the plunge on a couple of Montales (more specifically, I've convinced my wife to get them for me for our anniversary...). In any case, the e-mail address on...
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