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    Re: Iris Silver Mist

    Was ever offered in anything other than bell jars ? I've never seen a picture of it anywhere in the regular rectangular bottles.
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    Re: Serge Lutens Arabie

    Divisive indeed ; It's always been my feeling that if any frag in the line symbolizes the qualities that people complain about who aren't fans of Lutens, Arabie is probably the poster child when it...
  3. Re: What ml size counts as collection vs. sample?

    The way I see it is that factory samples are usually under 3 ml. They are something that, at least in the old days, a person could be given as a gift at the store.

    Whereas a person usually has...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Week

    We got down to the 30's last night, so I guess it's officially Serge season !

    Which I usually start with that Girl in the Needles. :)
  5. Thread: Best amber?

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Best amber?

    Well there's amber, and then amber with a lot of extra stuff added to it. For some really wonderful fairly straight-up amber, my own choice was HDP 114.

    Then again, there are people who can't...
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    Re: Red flakes floating in fragrance. Very odd

    As was mentioned above, it sounds like some kind of compound that was part of the frag to begin with, but then crystalized out of solution. Heat it up, then it dissolves back into solution again.
  7. Thread: Portland, OR

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Portland, OR

    Here I am shamelessly pimping The Perfume House again. It had been a while since I dropped in, but was there a couple of days ago, and things remain wonderful as usual. I was interested to see...
  8. Thread: Lush

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Lush

    I'm one of those who loves BOG, although it remains controversial even to this day.

    Worth a try, if only to see which camp you are in.
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    Re: Montale chocolate greedy

    This was my impression too. Not dark rich chocolate at all, but more like chocolate milk with too much milk, and quite realistic to boot.

    But novel for sure, and good if the idea appeals to...
  10. Re: Got a message from another Ebay seller threatening to report me for decants

    If E-bay depends primarily on it's viewers to rat out various sellers for policy violations, then I can certainly see where the inconsistency comes from. As well as setting the stage for a general...
  11. Re: Would you buy a fragrance you loved that had poor projection?

    I'd have trouble buying something with close to zero projection I'll admit.

    "If only I can smell it myself"…I could easily go with that, but if that means projection of only 1/2 inch or so, soon...
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    Re: Chocolate smelling perfume

    While I can't claim to be familiar with all of the chocolate fragrances mentioned above, I can certainly endorse LIDGE as a great place to start.

    Chocolate Greedy…it's probably going to be way...
  13. Re: Why do men's fragrances smell better than women's fragrances?

    I suppose one could contend that women's fragrances are confined to "girly scents" and as such the range of ground they cover is more limited than what's marketed to men.

    Men, who as we all...
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    Re: I plan to wear habit rouge when I'm 60.

    I keep thinking of things that will supposedly suit me better when I'm "older", but despite the passing years, and the fact that I clearly have made it there now, I still don't feel ready for them...
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    Re: Today I bought...September 2015

    After reading so many wonderful things about it, I ordered a 20ml bottle of Kalemat Amber oil from a seller in Kuwait. For my sister for Christmas.
  16. Re: eBay just perma-suspended me on selling. I'm livid.

    Yet another case of "Too big to be fair ( or consistent )" I'm afraid. :sad:
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    Re: Top 500 Modern Perfumes : The Data

    Interesting to see that Indie perfumers made up as much or as little of the pie as they did. :)
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    Re: What exactly is a "beginner's fragrance"?

    My personal experience with "beginner fragrances" was that they were all the carded samples that the women at the fragrance counter were willing to give me when I asked them what they had. Which...
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    Re: Today I bought...September 2015

    A 10ml decant of Kalemat , to be shipped from Kuwait. We'll see if it makes it here, I guess. :)
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    Re: Prada Olfactories - 10 new fragrances

    I'm trying to bite my tongue, as far as my excitement over the "lots of really expensive frags, and all at once" trend goes. I suspect it's a trend will not run dry until every house has jumped on...
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    Re: More reformulations coming...

    Thanks for the heads up about where the vast majority of it is (or may be?) used.

    If the bulk of many of these restricted chemicals are used in what might be called "industrial" applications, one...
  22. Re: Why commercial perfumery is more interesting than niche

    "Why commercial perfumery is more interesting than niche."

    I suspect what the author means with his own edgy title is not so much that the finished commercial perfumes themselves are more...
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    Re: Is This Hobby 'Overrated' ?

    This hobby has a lot to do with curiosity for me, and to my mind at least, curiosity is a quality which is rarely over-rated.
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    Re: More reformulations coming...

    Gosh, this means I have to stop spraying it on earthworms ?

    Honestly though, I can see where it might be a concern if everyone was using quarts of it, like some other substances I could name.
  25. Re: BASENOTES TOP 500 ("Greatest Modern Perfumes"): How's it reflect upon your experience thus far?

    Up to page 4, and finally one I own !

    #440 Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée.

    I'm enjoying this exercise I must admit.
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    Re: Atomizers & Spritzers help please :)

    I'm no expert on the guts of pump mechanisms, but as far as leaks are concerned, it really does seems that mechanisms can be quite variable in their ability to resist problems with pressure...
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    Re: Most worn August 2015

    Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée.
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    Re: For the shooting range?

    Sova or Ore ?

    Plenty of people would not even identify them as perfume.
  29. Re: Hey guys I'm back after a long hiatus. What is/are the new hip fragrance(s)?

    You'd be surprised at all of old "Basenote Darlings" which are being scorned now.

    Them frag-hounds are such a fickle crowd ! :wink:
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    Re: Guerlain Homme Eau Boisée cap

    It seems that this stuff initially came with a fake wooden cap. I recently got mine through BeautyEncounter, and the cap looks like wood but is molded plastic. Kind of cheesy looking I'm afraid,...
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    Re: Fragrance Sales Trends - 2015

    My sense is that the spike in EDP sales has more to do with the idea that men are more willing to buy something which is actually labeled "Perfume" than they were in the past.

    Not so much that...
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    Re: Last fragrance that blew you away

    Histoires de Parfums: Ambre 114.

    I guess it's no secret that this is good stuff, and it's been around for a while. But not having experienced it myself before, it's really been the one that's...
  33. Re: Prada Infusion d'Iris 2015... Reformulation?

    Given the sweeping nature of the seemingly never-ending rounds of IFRA regulations, it's difficult to imagine that there's a single frag on the market these days that has not been fiddled with in one...
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    Re: L'Artisan Web Orders - Awful!

    Good that you sent this, because I do like their line. I'll be interested in hearing what they say, should they decide to respond..
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    Re: L'Artisan Web Orders - Awful!

    One has to wonder what the story is behind all of this. Given the sheer number of e-mails I get from them advertising their line, and the various specials they have, it's hard to imagine them...
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    Re: Smelling fragrances on others?

    Where I live, it's like birdwatching in a place with no birds.
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    Re: Frederic Malle Discussion Thread

    The Heaver (as my sister calls it) may just be too soft and oddball for some people ? But a real comfort frag, to my mind.

    Oddly enough, French Lover, which could not be more different, is my...
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    Re: The Perfume House

    I actually ran into Andy at the Perfume House once. He was not there on a promotion but was just hanging out, checking the place out, like any other frag head would. My sense is that after he got a...
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    Re: Chandler Burr Untitled Series

    This link provides the names of those from the first two seasons:
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    Re: Serge Lutens Arabie

    It's gotta be the thickest and most syrupy of all of the Lutens things to my mind, and probably the very last thing I'd think to turn to in the heat.

    God knows we're having dry heat here in the...
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    Re: Frederic Malle Discussion Thread

    Although we'll not likely get much agreement from others here, this is my personal favorite of the line, and the only one I've sprung for a bottle of. Best for winter I'd say, and a real "comfort...
  42. I must say, the media (or the fragrance industry)...

    I must say, the media (or the fragrance industry) has done a shamefully effective job of concealing the many fragrance disasters and disfigurements which clearly must have been happening on a sadly...
  43. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    My sense has always been that leaking vials tend to leak when subjected to changes in pressure or temperature which can happen during shipping.

    But liquids don't expand and contract when...
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    Re: New Slumberhouse Fragrance: Kiste

    Even sniffed blind, one would know this was from Slumberhouse ! :smiley: :smiley:
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    Taureville - A new line by Andy Taure

    I just came across this today. Sold in smaller batches and at reasonable prices. i.e. 10ml roll on for $31, and no frills 30 ml spray bottle for $63.

    Personally, I like the idea of frags...
  46. Re: Is it illegal or prohibited to use 100% pure and natural deer musk oil in making perfume ?

    I'd be thinking of the disadvantage for the deer.
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    Re: My next purchase options.

    I'm not sure what your feelings are about amber, but it's one of the fragrance types worth being familiar with.

    I'd sample Ambre 114 in this regard.
  48. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    It will be encouraging if it's nice, and comes out at the price of their other releases. If they try and gouge people with the price, in light of the company being sold, I suspect that will...
  49. Re: ELdO: Rien Intens Intense, is a limited edition, yet?

    It must come in a lead-lined bottle ?
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    Re: Muscs Koublaï Khän - discontinued???

    Probably the best way to figure it out is to check around and see which online stores have it for sale. Since Lutens is so popular, generally well-stocked stores will have everything that is...
  51. Re: Is it just me or not many people wear fragrances?

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, everyone is into being so pure and natural and "local" that almost no one ever wears fragrance.

    Every once in a while I'll be at the market, and think I smell a...
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    Poll: Re: Only Frederic Malle you would buy

    L'Eau D'Hiver is the only one I've actually sprung for. If I were to get another, it would be French Lover.

    Two different ends of the spectrum it seems.
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    Re: How should Sauvage smell?

    Hard to say, but it could have something to do with age. I had an older sample of this which I wore yesterday, and the nature of the citrus felt quite dark and bitter in the dry down, in a way that...
  54. Re: What is the best/your favourite high end/luxury/niche green fragrance...

    When I think of green fragrances, Malle's French Lover always comes to mind for me.
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    Re: What else do you collect apart from perfumes?

    Early classic American First day Covers.

    Nice shirts.

    "Rainflower stones" from the rivers of China. ( Yuhua shi )

    I hybridize herbaceous peonies, so I have a large collection of peonies...
  56. Re: New releases from The House of Matriarch - DISCO EDITION

    Given our current day and age, not anywhere excessive, or beyond the boundaries of good taste I'm sure. :)
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    Re: 6 new scents from Bvlgari - La Gemme

    Big surprise : 100ml bottles start at $381.

    Another outfit jumps on the "exclusive" bandwagon.
  58. Re: Histoires de Parfums Opera line 1831, 1875, 1890, 1904, 1926

    Here's another thought I had about lines coming out with ultra-high priced new frags.

    Say a lower end house suddenly came out with a new line of high-priced fragrances. Say they cost 2-3 times...
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    Re: Roja Dove appreciation thread

    I'm not sure this is the case though. It would seem that high prices are frequently used in attempts to imply something about the fragrance.

    Wine enthusiasts clearly understand this, and as a...
  60. Re: What was your first VINTAGE fragrance and where bought you it?

    A unopened Bel Ami tester, in the cocktail shaker bottle. Off of e-bay for around $80.
  61. Re: Top 40 Most Reviewed Fragrances on Basenotes with Overall Ratings

    I suspect math folks are the same as others, as far as wanting to keep the details of their formulations close to their chest. It's where the creativity is, and I think all of us can appreciate...
  62. Re: Niche Brands to Bring into our Perfume Store

    Chain store niche. This seems to be the wet dream marketing evolution of all luxury producers these days.
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    Re: This hobby is so niche

    That wasn't what I thought. I've always done specialty horticulture, where those in the know are knowledgeable about all the various named varieties of things, and the names of the different people...
  64. Re: New house Zoologist Perfumes launches Panda, Beaver and Rhinoceros

    It's reassuring to see that their website includes a page of "Safety Tips".

    I guess we're now firmly ensconced in a joy-killing era where it's mandatory for us to view every product...
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    Re: L'Artisan - Bertrand Duchaufour

    Good point.

    L'Artisan is a brand I like too, but I suspect my opinion is based on my initial impressions formed during the pre-reformulation days. Hearing the opinions of newer individuals, who...
  66. Re: Histoires de Parfums Opera line 1831, 1875, 1890, 1904, 1926

    This pretty well sums it up for me. These days I don't think anyone with any knowledge understands these prices to mean that these new introductions are that many times better than what the same...
  67. Re: L`Artisan Parfumeur - Tea for Two - surprise !!!

    Hope it comes in some kind of new bottle, so the back up I have remains worth something extra.
  68. Re: L`Artisan Parfumeur - Tea for Two - surprise !!!

    I could not locate this on the American version of their site.
  69. Re: Do you find Borneo 1834 unwearable? Then try Mechant Loup.

    I find Borneo unfindable. I picked up a bottle on e-bay several years ago, and thank God that I did.

    It's basically vanished here in the US now, and heaven knows what it will smell like once...
  70. Oh well.

    Oh well.
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    Poll: Re: L'air du Desert Marocain vs Ambre Sultan

    I'm going with Andy. I made a point of getting one of his original bottles.
  72. Replies

    Re: Bottega veneta pour homme

    Everyone smells things differently of course, but with such a mixed lot of reviews, one does wonder how this became Basenotes Best Men's Fragrance of the Year for 2014.

    Can everything else that...
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    Re: Two picks from Serge Lutens

    These would be my picks too, with the edge to 1834, but unavailable in the US now, darn it.
  74. Remember, entrants have to pay a big fee to be a...

    Remember, entrants have to pay a big fee to be a part of the process. Only frags which are entered by manufacturers who are willing to pay the fee are in the running, so basically it's a celebration...
  75. L'Artisan Parfumeur - Safran Troublant Discontinued

    And apparently several others in the line, according to Tracy at The Perfume House in Portland.

    She said she was able to order a couple of more bottles, but after that, that's it.

  76. Re: I feel like Borneo 1834 is not getting the praise it deserves on here..

    It's always going to be a matter of taste, but I have quite a few Lutens, and this one has to be my favorite. It's still made and sold in Europe, but no longer available in the States, and when it...
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    Re: spraying on clothing

    Like Hedonist implied, our skin seems to actively break down perfumes, whereas fabric has little reactivity. The down side is that certain frags can be awfully persistent on fabric. If you spray...
  78. Re: Which perfume house overall has the most interesting and creative concept?

    As a concept, I like Josh at Slumberhouse. He makes an interesting and quality product, makes sure that samples get to people who are interested in perfume, and then lets the buzz build itself.
  79. Replies

    Re: Amour Nocturne - l'Artisan Parfumeur

    Had the chance to try all three of these at The Perfume House in Portland. I didn't take notes, but felt that all of them were quite interesting, and well worth sniffing for those who follow this...
  80. Re: Article: Sandalwood Dreams, Part 8: Uses and Markets + Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

    A very interesting set of articles ! I imagine that TFS is anxious to get on with their harvest, as 14 years is a long time to wait. In time, perhaps they will be growing even older trees ?

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    Re: Advice about vintage purchase gone bad

    An unfortunate situation, as it sounds like the seller was trying to make a good-faith effort to make sure the vintage bottle would not leak juice all over, but they didn't know enough to take the...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    I have an old "silver Sharpie" bottle of Sana, and will be interested in seeing what's been done with it now. The stuff I have is quite a bit different than his other things : less persistent and...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite tea?

    People seem to like GPH II a lot. All I have is a mini of the stuff I must admit, but my impression's been that Tea for Two has considerably more punch to it, spray for spray.
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    Re: NEW ELdO - The End of the World

    With this one, I suspect no one will have reason to complain if it doesn't have much longevity.
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    Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    Had a chance to quickly go through this line with my sister today, and we both felt this was the most interesting of the lot, at least for this time of the year. I certainly liked it.
  86. Poll: Re: POLL : Best/Favorite Amber based fragrance based on overall scent/projection/longevity/complimen

    Just had the chance to sample this recently. More than 24 hours later, and after two showers, my sister could still smell this on me when I walked into the room. Two days later it was still quite...
  87. Re: New launch from Comme des Garcons: Comme des Garcons Black

    Had a chance to try this several days ago, and I can agree with the "salty licorice" thing, for sure. This is the non-sweet salty Euro-type licorice, rather than what you get in Lolita Limpika.
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    Re: GQ's Vetiver recs

    I'm not sure I'd say that about Chandler. My belief is that he's simply an experienced frag-sniffer with some very particular tastes of his own....pretty much like the rest of us.
  89. Re: I have 38 x Niche Decants and only 6 are 'Bottle Worthy' for my tastes

    While I agree that you might find more to like in these at a later date, personally I'd say that six out of 38 is a pretty enviable hit rate for any given group of samples.
  90. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Slumberhouse

    LOL, I have a sample of the original formulation, and wrote a review saying it was what the bad-guys from the Mad Max movies might wear when they wanted to get dressy. The original version would burn...
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    Re: Versace Eros - Extremely Disappointed

    While people claim to value individualism, in the real world I'm afraid this is not really the case. They smell something within a situation that holds a positive feeling for them, make a mental...
  92. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Given the way Josh has operated in the past, I suspect this is the explanation. Perhaps not remade with higher quality materials, but old ideas revisited, and brought closer to their original...
  93. Re: My fragrance journey has come to and end. My last bottle.

    Our passions are what remind us that we are alive, but there is also a place within those passions for ease and moderation.

    Cudos to you for seeking that balance. That's a part of a well-lived...
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    Re: Use by dates on fragrances

    That would be my assumption as well.
  95. Replies

    Re: Has Black Afghano been reformulated?

    "Oh how the Mighty have fallen."
  96. Re: Curious newcomer wants in on the fragrance goodness

    It sounds to me like you are off to a great start by purchasing the samples. Sample, sample, sample !

    As you may be beginning to tell, it's possible to get all wrapped up in the fragrance hobby :...
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    Re: Your rarest fragrance

    I have a mini of "Silver Label" aftershave splash that was distributed by the Fuller Brush company, apparently somewhere around the end of the Korean War.
  98. Re: Is there any word about Serge Lutens Exclusives being released to the general population for 201

    It does seem interesting that (aside from Chergui ) the frags from that line that many people cherish the most are the ones that they *aren't* sending over here.
  99. Replies

    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    Part of it may be that there's just so many darned frags being introduced that people have thrown up their hands in despair of keeping up with them all.
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    Re: Crystal Flacon - Password issues.

    Yes, I've checked my junk mail, and checked to see if Flacon is on my "block sender" list.

    It just seems like their password retrieval function is no longer working, as it keeps claiming it's...
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